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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

Mhm, it’s back. Now I understand it’s been awhile, and originally I planned on waiting a little longer to get a few more shows stockpiled, but after talking to a few people, I really got the urge to bring this back, so here it is. Hopefully this adds a little bit of activity to the section.

Now, moving on to business.

~ Prediction Results ~
GardsJr7529: 12/26
Nige: 14/26
TKOW: 13/26
RatedRKO31: 12/26
FlyinStyles: 13/26
Wolf Beast: 16/26
Cubstommy: 12/26
Melvisboy: 14/26
Stojy: 15/26
PatMan: 12/26
y2j__legend: 12/26
Shocker: 19/26
Alcoholic: 14/26
rvd97405: 13/26
amrocky25: 17/26
Rated-R Champ: 14/26
The Diesel: 11/26
Legend: 11/26
RandomX: 11/26

As you can see, first was Shocker, second amrocky25, third Wolfy, fourth Stoj and fifth a tie between Alco, Melvisboy and Nige, all of whom will be receiving credits.

~ News & Notes ~
~ The main event of WrestleMania 22 is now officially confirmed, with wwe.com listing the match between Randy Orton and Batista for the World Heavyweight Champion under their WrestleMania 22 section. This means that there will likely be no more title defences for Batista before WrestleMania, and that all of the energy of Batista will now be focussed towards Randy Orton. Their program was expected to kickstart at No Way Out, with Orton refereeing the match between Batista and Mark Henry, but with no sneak attack from Orton, it is thought that Orton will put some heat into the feud this Friday on SmackDown!.

~ Meanwhile, before WrestleMania, at Saturday Night’s Main Event, it is now official that Batista will meet the WWE Champion, Edge, in a clash of the champions match. No gold is set to be on the line.

~ Interestingly, there is one more match listed under the WrestleMania 22 section and that is the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. Now of course there are no competitors listed just yet, but there are eight black silhouettes, confirming the beliefs that WWE would add two more participants to the match this year and make it an inter-brand match. At this stage, the favourites to take out Money in the Bank appear to be out of Gregory Helms, who is receiving a strong push on RAW, Carlito, who has found himself in many main events in early 2006 on the red brand and looked competitive in all of them, Chris Masters, who has received the same treatment as Carlito and had a program with Shawn Michaels last year, Bobby Lashley, who is of course undefeated, Mr. Kennedy, despite losing his undefeated streak to Rey Mysterio at No Way Out, and Rey Mysterio himself, who has been pushed over the course of the past year, and now finds himself as someone who can compete in the heavyweight ranks in kayfabe terms following his victory over Kennedy. The dark horse at this stage may also be Ric Flair, who creative is said to want to give a seventeenth reign to.

~ The internet has been rife with speculation following Rob Van Dam costing The Undertaker his match against John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield at No Way Out. Early rumours indicated that RVD had joined JBL and turned heel, although we hear that is not the case. It is thought that RVD will remain face throughout his program with The Undertaker, which is of course set to feature a match at WrestleMania 22.

~ Another match that now looks set to take place is the final encounter between Booker T and Chris Benoit, following Benoit’s victory over Booker’s protégé Orlando Jordan at No Way Out. This feud has been going for about half a year, so it is thought that an appropriate ending would be on the grandest stage of them all. Jordan, meanwhile, may be headed to Money in the Bank.

~ JBL finds himself in an interesting position following his win over The Undertaker at No Way Out. JBL of course won’t be continuing his program with The Undertaker on to WrestleMania, as The Undertaker will be facing RVD. He also won’t be challenging for the World Heavyweight Championship or United States Championship, so it appears there are two avenues that could be taken here. JBL has had a long standing rivalry with Matt Hardy, and it is a possibility that the two will go one on one at WrestleMania. The other possibility is that Hardy will win the WWE Tag Team Titles before WrestleMania, or find a new partner to continue to pursue MNM, and JBL will join forces with his ‘Hired Gun’ Brent Albright to gun for the gold themselves. Either way, it appears that JBL will be involved with young talent this year at WrestleMania.

~ On the theme of Matt Hardy, we can now confirm that his partner Shannon Moore is set to head off to have surgery on a knee injury. It is thought that Moore injured his knee back in December, and his push that he has received has only been because WWE are using it to set up something with Matt Hardy. The Boogeyman, who also appeared to be injured following No Way Out, has apparently been sent off to Booker T’s wrestling school in Houston, Texas so he can learn the craft. At the current time The Boogeyman is one of the worst wrestlers in the world, and actually appears to be worse than all of the divas that the WWE have signed.

~ Surprisingly, at No Way Out Bobby Lashley pinned his rival Finlay, despite The Bluebloods also being in the match to take the fall. It is thought that London & Kendrick, along with The Bluebloods, were included in the match so that SmackDown!’s weak tag team division could gain some extra exposure, and that by not taking the pinfall the tag division is allowed to look strong. This also may be the conclusion to Lashley and Finlay’s little feud, which has allowed Finlay to be introduced to the WWE audience and also given Lashley a win over someone who looks like a legitimate threat to him.

~ The Cruiserweight Title situation is in an interesting spot. Not only did Kid Kash beat Juventud, who was long thought to be headed into a WrestleMania match with Kash as either champion or challenger, but he also decimated him in the end, making himself look strong as champion, but also completing his domination over the cruiserweight division. With Kash having no prospective opponents, it is thought that the Cruiserweight Title will not be defended at WrestleMania, with Kash either entering Money in the Bank, or just not featuring for awhile until new challengers are built.

~ Finally, in news on Rhino, who was thought to be possibly resigning with WWE when his TNA deal expires in June. We can now confirm that Rhino’s initial deal with TNA was indeed set to end in June, but since our last report, Rhino has resigned with TNA, ending any rumours of him heading back up north to New York.

Expect a RAW preview pretty soon.

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