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Re: Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem

Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem
Tuesday Night Turbo – May 11th, 2010
Reno, Las Vegas – Lawlor Events Centre

Tuesday Night Turbo begins with a quick video recap of last week's Turbo episode. It features moments from Paul Heyman & Tod Gordon, as well as the UWM World Heavyweight Championship Tournament matches. Most importantly, it showcases the UWM World Tag Team Championship Match between Generation Next and The Hooliganz. The video ends with Generation Next's Austin Aries, Matt Sydal and Roderick Strong with their hands up and the tag team titles in tow.

Loud cheers from a packed Lawlor Events Centre in Reno, Las Vegas can be heard, as“Pump It (Remix)” by Joe Budden hits on the speaker system. A video package featuring the wrestlers of Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem plays on the Titan Tron. Pyro and explosion erupt in the Turbo Zone, as cameras show the Lawlor Events Centre from the outside before panning in on some fan signs, such as “TNT!!!” and “Shelton Benjamin – The Gold Standard!”. The cameras go ringside before hitting the handsome men at the announce table.

Josh Mathews: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to another action packed episode of Tuesday Night Turbo! I am your announce table host, Josh Mathews, and boy do we have a show for you tonight!

Jonathan Coachman: That we do Josh. We have a packed Turbo Zone here tonight in beautiful Reno, Las Vegas and tonight, the fans in attendance, as well as viewers watching Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem at home on their television sets are in for a show.

Josh Mathews: That's right. Tuesday Night Turbo broadcasts only on EPSN every Tuesday night at 10PM. And last week, Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem changed the history of professional wrestling with its special two hour debut! Paul Heyman and Tod Gordon made many vital announcements. The first of many concerned the UWM World Heavyweight Championship.

Jonathan Coachman: Mr. Heyman and Gordon announced an eight man tournament to crown the first ever UWM World Champion. Of these men, no one stood out more than the Gold Standard himself, Shelton Benjamin!

Josh Mathews: Shelton Benjamin sure made an impact, as he defeated Petey Williams to advance to the semi-finals. Another phenomenal wrestler advancing in the tournament was AJ Styles, who defeated Jay Lethal in the opening match of the night. These two match advanced in the tournament, and tonight, two more men will advance.

Jonathan Coachman: Tonight, Charlie Haas takes on Ken Doane and Christopher Daniels takes on Gregory Helms. Daniels and Helms sure clashed last week, and tonight should be nothing less than spectacular.

Josh Mathews: These two men were at each other throats last week, and should settle the score tonight. Also announced for last week's main event was the UWM World Tag Team Championship to crown the first ever tag team champions. Heyman and Gordon pitted Generation Next against the Hooliganz in an epic match like no other. Generation Next defeated the Hooliganz to become tag team champions on such a historic night!

Jonathan Coachman: Generation Next, in my opinion, are the best tag team in wrestling today and deserve to be called champions.

Josh Mathews: The match didn't end without controversy, however, as Matt Sydal interfered on his behalf of his teammates.

Jonathan Coachman: Sydal was just lending a helping hand, and speaking of our champions, here they are...

“Amazing” blasts on the P.A. system, as the UWM World Tag Team Champions come out to a mixed reaction from the fans. Austin Aries and Roderick Strong have their titles around their waist, while Matt Sydal just looks overly joyed. Sydal runs and slides into the ring, while Aries and Strong take their time and cockily walk to the ring. As they enter the ring, they are given microphones. No mic for Sydal, but here we go anyways...

Austin Aries: Welcome to the dawn of a new era...the era of GENERATION NEXT!

Mixed reaction from the fans.

Austin Aries: For those who don't know who we are, let me tell you. We're the FUTURE of professional wrestling. Heck, we're the PRESENT of professional wrestling as well.

Some heat from the fans.

Roderick Strong: Still don't know who we are?

Strong pauses and ponders at the fans. Strong nods his head.

Roderick Strong: In case your too dumb to tell...we are the best wrestlers in the WORLD.


Roderick Strong: Generation Next has beaten the best wrestlers all over the world...and do you know what that makes us? That makes us the BEST.

Heat. Sydal climbs up onto the top turnbuckle and cockily raises his arms before hopping back off.

Austin Aries: You gotta be kidding me now if you don't know who we are...

Slight pause from Aries who smirks at the crowd.

Austin Aries: You may be too blind to tell...so I'll show you.

Aries unstraps his tag title, and raises it up.

Austin Aries: We're Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem's World Tag Team Champions. And you better get used to it...cause there's nothing that can stop us.

Minor heat.

Austin Aries: So last week...Heyman and Gordon decided to throw the Hooliganz at us. The Hooliganz? Are you kidding me?


Austin Aries: What's so hooligan about you? Your masks? I'll go out and buy me a mask too. Then can I call myself a hooligan as well?

Heat. Strong and Sydal laugh at the not so funny comment.

Roderick Strong: Did you guys really think you could beat us? Did you really think you could stand a chance? Let me tell you something Hooliganz...if that's what you call yourselves...it doesn't matter how much heart you have cause only the STRONG survive.


Roderick Strong: So let the dominance begin...let the era of GEN-NER-RATION N...

“Rocker” hits, as right on cue, The Hooliganz come out to a pop from the fans. Unmasked, Brian Kendrick and Paul London stay around the stage, and with microphones in hand, they speak...

Paul London: Is it just me? Or is everyone else in here as sick of Generation Next as I am?


Paul London: I thought so. I got a question for you guys...if the strong survive, and you're the best wrestlers in the world, then why did you have to cheat to win?

Austin Aries: CHEAT? We don't CHEAT!

Brian Kendrick: Oh really? Roll the footage boys...

Footage plays of the UWM World Tag Team Championship Match with highlights of the spectacular match. Towards the end of the video match recap, it shows Matt Sydal hopping on the apron and distracting the referee, while Roderick Strong hits a devastating backbreaker. Sydal hops off the apron, and the referee gets back to the match where Strong has the pin. 1...2...3! The footage ends.

Brian Kendrick: Still don't think you cheated?

Austin Aries: That's not cheating...that's called being the smarter wrestler.

Roderick Strong and Matt Sydal nod in agreement.

Paul London: Well...we talked to Mr. Heyman, and he didn't see it as smart wrestling. Oh no...he saw it as being unjust and unfair.

Brian Kendrick: But he wouldn't strip you guys of the title...


Brian Kendrick: So congratulations on being the first ever tag team champions...

Roderick Strong: That's right!

Generation Next looks happier than ever...

Paul London: BUT...don't take the congrats too far...cause Heyman also said that at Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem's first ever pay-per-view, THE MASSACRE, it'll be YOU against US for the UWM World Tag Team Championship.

Huge pop, as G-Next's happiness goes to frustration.

Paul London: And if your boy Sydal tries and interferes this time then the the tag team titles automatically go to us.

Pop. Austin Aries shows his frustration, as he kicks the bottom ropes.

Brian Kendrick: So, we'll see you at The Massacre boys...

“Rocker” hits, as The Hooliganz, with huge grins on their face, leave the stage area. Then comes the dreadful...

** Commercial Break **

As we come back from commercial break, cameras pan to the handsome men at the announce table. Generation Next's Austin Aries and Roderick Strong are still in the ring, as they are scheduled for action. Matt Sydal is on the outside looking in.

Josh Mathews: Welcome back to Tuesday Night Turbo! Before the break, Brian Kendrick and Paul London, also known as the Hooliganz, dropped a bomb on us, as they announced that they will take on Generation Next for the UWM World Tag Team Championship at Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem's first ever pay-per-view, The Massacre!

Jonathan Coachman: It's the first of many matches to be named, and it sure is a good one. Generation Next beat the Hooliganz last week, and I'm sure they'll prevail once again at The Massacre.

Josh Mathews: Last week, Matt Sydal played a helping hand in Generation Next's tag title win, but at The Massacre, if Matt Sydal interferes, the tag titles automatically change hands, and the Hooliganz will be champions.

Jonathan Coachman: Generation Next has nothing to worry about. Once again, they are the best wrestlers in the world. And the best don't lose.

Josh Mathews: Well right now, Generation Next is scheduled to take on the newly formed team of Chris Harris and Lance Cade!

“Wanted” hits, as Wildcat Chris Harris, and Cowboy Lance Cade come out to a mixed reaction from the fans. In matching tights and cowboy hats, the two seemed to have formed an alliance with each other. The two slap hands with fans, as they make their way to the ring. The two slide into the ring, and get set for action.

Tag Team Match
Generation Next (Austin Aries & Roderick Strong) vs. Chris Harris & Lance Cade

Summary: A back and forth match in the early minutes, but as time dwindles on, Generation Next takes control of the match. Austin Aries and Roderick Strong look like a real tag team, while Harris and Cade's inexperience working with each other is evident. End of the match comes when Harris is taken out by one of Strong's many variations of a backbreaker, and Cade is left to face Aries. Aries hits a devastating brainbuster followed by a 450 splash to end the match.

Winners – Generation Next

“Amazing” hits, as Generation Next celebrates with tag titles in hand. The threesome leave the ring, as cameras pan the backstage area with the lovely Letica Cline and...Charlie Haas!

Leticia Cline: Hello everyone, I'm standing here with Charlie Haas!

Mixed reaction.

Leticia Cline: Charlie, coming up next, you're taking on Ken Doane. How do you think you'll do?

Charlie Haas: Kenny Doane is young and definitely an impressive wrestler, but let's be honest, I've got more talent and more experience than the kid. He's gonna have to go through a Haas (house) of pain before he can beat me.

Leticia Cline: How do you feel about the possible opportunity to face your friend and teammate, Shelton Benjamin?!

Mixed reaction.

Charlie Haas: Shelton and I have been friends for a long time, and we both know that if it comes to it, we'll both give it our all. He's a tremendous competitor, but everyone underestimates my ability. I will beat Kenny, and I'll advance in this tournament. And believe me, if I do face Shelton Benjamin at the Massacre for the world title...we'll be friends outside of the ring, but ENEMIES in the ring.

Leticia Cline: Well good luck on your match!

Haas leaves the backstage area, as cameras goes to a video promo by Christopher Daniels. Daniels is standing in the dark with dim lighting around him. He has his Fallen Angel attire on with a cover (of sorts) on his head.

Christopher Daniels: I've been to hell and back...

Flashes of Christopher Daniels bloody and fallen.

Christopher Daniels: Faced demons of all kind...

Flashes of Christopher Daniels hitting the Angel's Wings on some unfortunate wrestlers.

Christopher Daniels: Devoured souls of the helpless...

Flashes of Christopher Daniels hitting the Best Moonsault Ever.

Christopher Daniels: And tonight...

Flashes of a dark, red hell...

Christopher Daniels: Gregory Helms will join the fallen...

Flashes of Christopher Daniels roaring out in the ring...

Christopher Daniels: and vengeance will tear the heart...

Daniels flicks the cover on his head off, and looks directly into the camera.

Christopher Daniels: AND THAT IS THE PROPHECY...

Daniels draws his right hand in toward his chest with two fingers (index & middle) pointing upwards, and his thumb sticking out.


Cameras pan to...

** Commercial Break **

Cameras come back to the men's locker room with AJ Styles. Jay Lethal walks into the picture.

Jay Lethal: Good match last week AJ.

AJ Styles: Thanks man, I appreciate it.

Jay Lethal: I hope you win the tournament and become the first ever UWM World Heavyweight Champion.


AJ Styles: As do I Jay, but it's MUCH easier said than done.

Shelton Benjamin walks into the picture.

Shelton Benjamin: Well look who it is...A...J...STYLES...

Benjamin garners some heat with his cockiness and smirk.

Shelton Benjamin: I saw your match last week...there was nothing phenomenal about it.

Benjamin's brash comments slightly anger Styles.

Shelton Benjamin: I don't know if you saw my match, but I dominated like a true athlete. Like the TRUE phenomenal one.


Shelton Benjamin: My boy Charlie is going to win his quarterfinal match, and beat you in the semifinals.

Styles gets in Benjamin's face with Lethal slightly trying to hold Styles back.

Shelton Benjamin: Back up playa...cause if you do somehow manage to beat Haas, I'll be waiting for you in the finals at The Massacre. And believe me, there ain't no stopping me.

Shelton Benjamin lets out a cocky little laugh before leaving the locker room area.

Jay Lethal: I hate that guy.

AJ Styles: Yeah...you're telling me...

Cameras pan to the announce table.

Josh Mathews: It isn't even the finals yet, and Shelton Benjamin is already scouting his possible match ups. Shelton Benjamin didn't even get past the semifinals yet.

Jonathan Coachman: You heard him Josh, there ain't no stopping him. And if I were a betting man, I'd say the finals is a lock for him.

Josh Mathews: And before the break, Christopher Daniels, another tournament competitor, had some rather fierce words for Gregory Helms. Gregory Helms did attack him last week, and Daniels is surely looking to get some revenge tonight.

Jonathan Coachman: I'd be scared if I were Gregory Helms right now.

Josh Mathews: Oh for sure...I was scared just watching the video. Another man who isn't too scared about his competition, Charlie Haas, is coming out right now for his quarterfinal match!

“Pay the Price” hits, as Charlie Haas comes out to a mixed reaction from the fans. Haas hits his chest a couple of times before making his way to the ring. Haas ignores hands around ringside, before getting into the ring. “Incredible” hits, as Ken Doane makes his way out to the ring. Ken looks confident as his slaps hands with fans before sliding into the ring. And here we go!

UWM World Heavyweight Championship Quarterfinal Match
Charlie Haas vs. Ken Doane

Summary: A decent match between the two seemingly equal wrestlers. Haas shows more technical skills, while Doane shows more flash. End of the match comes after Ken Doane hits a swinging DDT, and then begins to climb to the top turnbuckle. Doane looks to hit his top rope leg drop to finish the match, but as he goes for it, Haas rolls out of the way. Doane gets up to his feet, and is greeted by a German suplex. After the suplex, Haas locks in the Haas of Pain. Doane has no choice, but to tap out.

Winner & Advancing in the UWM World Heavyweight Championship Tournament – Charlie Haas

“Pay the Price” hits, as Charlie Haas gets his arm raised by the referee. Haas drops down, and slides out of the ring before making his way to the back. Cameras go to the office of Paul Heyman.

Paul Heyman: Next week, the UWM World Heavyweight Championship Tournament will take a break...

Mixed reaction.

Paul Heyman: BUT...the competitors will be in tag team action!


Paul Heyman: Since Charlie Haas just won his match and will continue in the tournament, it'll be the self-proclaimed World's Greatest Tag Team, Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin against AJ Styles and the winner of Christopher Daniels versus Gregory Helms.

Huge pop.

Paul Heyman: In addition to that, the number one contenders for the tag team titles, The Hooliganz as they called themselves, will take on the team of Delirious and Shark Boy.


Paul Heyman: And finally...with Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem's first ever pay-per-view around a month away, Tod Gordon and myself have determined that we're not going anywhere...we're staying here in the TURBO ZONE. Right here in Reno, LAS VEGAS!

Huge pop, as cameras pan to Gregory Helms, who is making his way to the ring. Helms mutters to himself, “I am the best”, over and over again.

** Commercial Break **

Cameras come back to...the announce table! Yay!

Josh Mathews: Welcome back to Tuesday Night Turbo. Before the break, owner Paul Heyman laid down some big announcements for next week's show, as tag team contenders The Hooliganz take on Delirious and Shark Boy.

Jonathan Coachman: Last week Delirious and Shark Boy looked good working together in the showcase fatal four way match, but can they overcome the #1 contenders? I'm gonna highly doubt that.

Josh Mathews: Well, Mr. Heyman also announced another huge tag match. Since the UWM World Heavyweight Championship Tournament takes a break, the four finalists will still be in action, as they team up to face each other. It has been determined that the self-proclaimed World's Greatest Tag Team consisting of Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin will take on AJ Styles and the winner of the upcoming match between Christopher Daniels and Gregory Helms.

Jonathan Coachman: That's a huge match indeed. Each wrestler gets a first hand look at their semifinal competitor.

Josh Mathews: Yes...and right now, we're going to determine the last member of that match...

“Hurricane” hits, as Gregory Helms comes out to some heat from the fans. Helms refuses to slap hands with fans, and looks completely determined, as he gets into the ring. “Disposable Teens” hits, as the Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels makes his way out to a huge pop from the fans. Dressed in his fallen angel attire, Daniels comes down to ringside before hopping onto the apron. Daniels is about to unveil himself to the fans when Helms ATTACKS!

UWM World Heavyweight Championship Quarterfinal Match
Christopher Daniels vs. Gregory Helms

Summary: Right off the bat, Gregory Helms takes control of the match, as he attacks Daniels on the apron, and uses the steel steps to conflict as much damage as possible. Helms is in complete control throughout the whole match with Daniels getting in some offence at times. Finish of the match comes when Daniels is hit with a huge DDT. Helms waits for Daniels to get up to his knees. As Daniels gets to his knees, Helms goes for the Shining Wizard, but Daniels ducks it! Helms swings around, and Daniels rolls up him. 1...2...3!

Winner & Advancing in the UWM World Heavyweight Championship Tournament – Christopher Daniels
Daniels gets up and begins to celebrate, as Helms looks completely shocked. After the long, gruelling match, Helms was beaten by a roll up! Daniels gets his hand raised by the ref. Helms ATTACKS! Helms strikes Daniels from behind, and then hits a spinning headlock elbow drop, also known as Nightmare on Helms Street! Gregory Helms stands over the helpless body of Christopher Daniels, but is still completely pissed off. Helms rolls outside of the ring, and grabs a steel chair before sliding back in. Helms throws the chair in the middle of the ring, and grabs the helpless Daniels. Gregory Helms picks Daniels up, and hits the VERTEBREAKER! The audience is DEAD SILENT, as Daniels looks completely unconscious. Referees and security come down to ringside, and push Helms away, but the damage is done. Complete silence as the show comes to an end...

UWM Tuesday Night Turbo Quick Results
Tag Team Match – Austin Aries & Roderick Strong def. Chris Harris & Lance Cade
UWM World Heavyweight Championship Quarterfinal Match – Charlie Haas def. Lance Cade
UWM World Heavyweight Championship Quarterfinal Match – Christopher Daniels def. Gregory Helms

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