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Re: General Gaming Discussion

Originally Posted by FearLess View Post
Ok, I decided to be the guinea pig for once and I went out and got Nier.

So far, it buries every other game Cavia has brought out. It's fairly good. I wouldn't recommend it as a must-buy, but it's still a good bit of fun. The boss fights so far have been spectacularly fun, and the combat while fairly shallow still provides a good kick here and there. The magic attacks are a riot though. Seeing a doppelganger of Nier tear through your enemies leaving a blood trail behind them is just brilliant to watch.

The environments aren't nearly has bland as people said either. And the graphics aren't as bad as I expected. My only complaint is that the fishing is a fucking pain in the ass.

The voice acting is also superb. I'd play this game even if it was a shitfest just for the voice acting of the Grimoire Weiss character. It's truly, truly fantastic. Probably some of the most entertaining voice acting I've heard in the past 2 years.

I'd say this would be a good buy when it reduces in price.
So are you not going to buy Red Dead Redemption, Alan Wake, or Super Mario Galaxy 2? I mean, why waste the money on Nier full priced then? If money isn't a problem for you then nm. But IF money isn't a problem for you, I could recommend 100 better games to buy off eBay for the same price that you can't find in stores anymore.

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