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Re: Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem

Tuesday Night Turbo Feedback

First comment in this thread, so Iíll just say to begin with that your roster looks pretty good, even if a bit lacking in the personality department, and I love the TNT acronym for your weekly show. Clever.

Starting off with the bosses? Seems like the most logical decision since they need to introduce your company to the fans and make a few big announcement for the first show. The hyping up of the company and the fans at the start was what you would expect to start it off, just the usual stuff. I must say right away, with Heyman and Gordon as partners, I find it odd that they donít refer to each other by their first names. It just seems a little forced by the surname, and robotic, I guess. Title announcement? Wow. youíre starting it off big here. I expected maybe just a show to introduce your talented, which I feel you still need to do on this show, but kicking your world title tournament off on your first show is by no means a bad thing. Pretty good brackets youíve got for your tournament there too. Some real talent to work with. The hyping of the night after that was good too Ö before the interruption from Shelton? Surprising, although looking at your roster, I guess he looks like heíll be one of your big time players. Not so sure on him instantly getting heat, as in a new company I feel that he would be cheered simply because some people like him, and thereís no way to know which alignment heíll be right away. I donít mind Benjamin coming out and demanding the title, as it really makes him look like a star, however, I feel like you could have maybe had Benjamin reel off a few of his accomplishments to back off his claim that he is the best wrestler in the company and that he should be world champ. A little surprised at the way Heyman reacted too. I mean, I think he should have reacted by yes, shutting Benjamin down, which he did, but also putting Shelton over big. After all, Heyman is the one who hired Benjamin, so rather than saying heís never held a world title, I thought he should have spoken of how talented Benjamin is, but that he still has to earn his keep. Still, alright finish to the promo, and a pretty good way to open things up.

Nice little way to give a little backstory to the company on the show with Gordon doing a little bit of talking on commentary there.

Nice to see you putting two guys out there to start the show off who show what your company is about in action, and from the sound of things, allowing them to put on a pretty good match. Styles going through is okay with me since he looks to be one of the bigger names on your roster, though I was also happy to see Lethal being competitive. The two shaking hands after the match is a good way to show them both as being faces too.

Oh man, Iím a huge Helms fan, so itís good to see him getting some promo time. I really feel like the guy has been so underutilized irl and in a lot of BTBs, so hopefully he gets a good go here. I thought that while the idea of the promo was good, and the line from Helms about being death and slaying Daniels was a clever one, the promo started very strongly. Just felt like it needed an introduction from Helms of himself to his new audience, and maybe a bit of arrogance to begin with to really heel it up. Still, Hems was alright, and Daniels too, interrupting him was okay. I thought that maybe you could have had Daniels say he doesnít care about peopleís pasts before talking about how in the future he wants to be champ, but still, this promo did its job. With the beatdown at the end, I canít help but feel this will be a feud with neither man making it past the semifinals of this tournament, and I canít say Iíd object.

In all honesty, I thought that this maybe could have waited until next week, because Generation Next needed a way to be introduced, as to most viewers, they would have no idea who these guys are, sans Sydal from a viewer perspective. Still, I canít complain about the tag titles getting featured already in the main event, which is definitely a good thing. Iíd certainly be very happy if you featured strong tag wrestling in UWM, because both WWE and TNA have really dropped the ball on the tag division in the past few years, which disappoints me. Heyman putting over the ability of Generation Next was good to see too, as I think that should have been how the opening promo was done, as I said before. Four way showcase match? Sounds good too. Pretty good little backstage segment here.

Damn, some good talent in this four way match. Donít mind the oddball pairing of Shark Boy and Delirious as a permanent thing, as Iíve always found Delirious pretty damn funny, and Shark Buy can be amusing. Pretty nice finish to the match too, continuing to make Generation Next look strong with Sydal here after their promo earlier.

Teasing of The Worldís Greatest Tag Team facing off? Canít say I would mind it, and with AJ and Benjamin on the same side of the draw, it may actually come to fruition since AJ would have to be the other favourite. Again, like I said in the opening promo, the use of Haas instead of Charlie here made it seem a little awkward, but an okay promo to introduce Haas on here, with a nice little tease for a possible future match.

Okay promo from London and Kendrick to hype the main event, but really, these guys need some character, I think thatís one of the things youíre going to have to look to give them over the next few weeks, especially if theyíre either champions or hanging around title contention. I hate to harp on it, but again, London calling his partner ďKendrickĒ instead of ďBrianĒ was there too. I know itís not big, but itís something that agitates me. Still, good to see you giving some time to the tag division here with both promos and the main event slot.

Surprised you would have a squash match in the world title tournament, but I guess youíre really trying to put Shelton over big. He would have to be favourite to become the first UWM World Heavyweight Champion at this stage, and if you can really nail his character and expand upon it, I guess it will work fine.

Good to see you really giving some time to the main event, especially with the tag division from the sound of things. A bit surprised you had Generation Next seemingly establish themselves as heels, but I donít mind it since heel champions always work well, and I feel that all three members are much better off as heels. Good way to finish the show off.

As you yourself said, this show did feel a little short for two hours. However, I will say that it was a pretty refreshing read. Different to most of the stuff you see out there in this section, and while you do have some bland characters that needed improving upon over time, I feel like you made a good fist of this show, especially with a thin roster. It looks as if you have some pretty good feuds starting up, and to me, the potential seems to be there for this to be a really good thread. Some improvements needed, but a solid start, and with one hour shows to follow which I think will probably suit your small roster a lot better the promise is there. Hopefully looking forward to seeing this thread continue well into the future.

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