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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

FIP Evening the Odds 2005

Picked this up when ROH was trying to give away as many FIP DVDs as they could so I figured it would be a fun watch and that the show wouldn't be too long.

Pelle Primeau vs. Erick Stevens

Good 5 minute Big Man vs. Little Man match. Stevens was never in much danger of losing but Pelle out up and admirable fight. Not bad at all.

Seth Delay vs. Derrick Dempsey

First time seeing Derrick Dempsey and it was weird. I spent a lot of time convincing myself that it wasn't a slimmed down Bobby Dempsey. Match itself was nothing spectacular but all the moves they hit were pretty good looking though. No story or psychology to the match at all though and it was a little tough to stay focused.

Kory Chavis w/Heartbreak Express and So Cal Val vs. Davey Andrews

Pretty solid stuff, Val is a good heel manager and was pretty funny at ringside. I enjoyed the power stuff that they did too. Nothing to get excited over but an ok match for what it was.

Phil Davis w/Sean Davis and So Cal Val vs. Sal Rinauro

Good stuff with Sal battling the odds against Davis, Val and Chavis all at ringside. Once again not a noteworthy match or anything but it was pretty well worked.

Sean Waltman vs. Shane Hagaorn w/Dave Prazak

So a big brawl broke out with the DP associates and Strong and his team and this match started as the 3 people left in the ring were Hagadorn, a ref, and Waltman. Match was pretty quick but they made Hagadorn look like he could hand with someone like Waltman for a few minutes. Nothing special, seemed like a fairly typical match you could see on TV 4 nights a week.

Steve Madison vs. Jarrelle Clark

Best match of the night so far, which isn't saying much. They had time to start the match kind of slow and let things start to pick up near the end. Good and very enjoyable match.

LaDuke Jakes vs. Jaison Moore and Evan Starsmore

It was a big black man against two little white guys. It was a squash but it was kind of fun to watch Moore and Starsmoore get beat up.

Black Market vs. Altar Boy Luke and Masked Flipper #6

I have to admit that I did laugh when Dave Prazak blamed the laziness of the Masked Flippers for FIP DVDs taking so long to be released. The match itself was pretty much generic tag match #2, heels isolate a face until he makes a hot tag. Only this time the hot tag to the Masked Flipper ended the match a few seconds later. Weird ending that came out of nowhere but everything else was worked well enough I guess.

Elimination Match:

DP Associates of Austin Aries, Bryan Danielson, Samoa Joe, Jimmy Rave, and Adam Pearce w/Dave Prazak and Mr. Milo Beasley vs. Roderick Strong, Sean Waltman, Tony Mamaluke, Sal Rinuaro, and Jerrelle Clark

I loved this one. Very old school style they worked and I think it came across very well. No crazy spots or anything just a consistent pace throughout and it was a really easy match to watch for the 45 minutes or so that it lasted. I loved what they did as it was just so different from a lot of the stuff that we see today. Well worth a watch.

Yeah this was a one match card but the show was a little over 2 hours and about an hour was devoted to the main event. Many of the matches involved Team Strong trying to recruit more people for their team as it started out with just Strong and Mamaluke when the night started. Considering this was show #1 on a FIP DVD that I either spent $2.50 on or $3.00 so it looks like I will be getting my money's worth.


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