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Re: Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem

Crazian's Turbo Feedback

Before anything, I'm not too fond of the font, I personally find it a bit hard to read but as long as the show's good, which I expect it will be, it won't matter so much.

Good promo from Heyman and Gordon, nothing too out of the ordinary as far as introducing a company is concerned, the UWM World Heavyweight Championship tournament looks good, at first glance I think Benjamn and Styles will end up in the final, especially as they're on the show banner and they'd have an awesome match together. Apart from that, the star power in the tournament isn't entirely overwhelming but I'm sure you can make some credible players out of them. Good news that Shelton is a heel in this thread, better than him being a face, and a match with Petey should be interesting. Overall, solid start to the show.

The Lethal/Styles match was very good, I've heard great things about your match-writing so it's a shame it was just a summary but it was still solid and AJ goes through which doesn't surprise me. The handshake after the match was a nice touch.

Helms interview was decent, got over the fact that he's a heel well enough although a bit overboard that he got major heat after his first sentence which was a bit too dramatic. Daniels coming in and confronting him is good build-up for their match next week, especially with Helms' beatdown on Daniels. Generation Next/Hooliganz for the titles will be one hell of a match by the sounds of it, I expect Aries and Strong to win and take the Tag Team Titles.

The fatal four-way showcase match was great and I wasn't surprised to see Sydal win especially after the last segment and hopefully you'll introduce a Cruiserweight/Light Heavyweight Championship sometime soon. Interesting to see a WGTT segment, I don't think they'll make it to the final though but I'd like to see a re-union between the two.

The Hooliganz interview was OK, a bit generic but their tag team never had much personality apart from being high-flyers so not much you can do unless you add some real character to them. Good build-up for the tag team match.

Good match between Benjamin and Williams, not surprised to see Shelton go through and a Styles/Shelton final is still on which I think will happen unless they face off in the semi-finals. Hopefully you do longer matches soon as I'd like to see if they're as good as I hear they are which I've seen hints of in these summaries.

Great main event for the Tag Team Titles, I would have liked to have seen a backstage segment of some sort in between this match and the Benjamin/Williams match instead of a commercial though. Generation Next win and I can see them having a nice, long title reign, I'd like to see them feud with WGTT if they become a team again.

Overall, good first show, Crazian, it was quite short like you said it was but good that you gave reasoning for it, and I'm looking forward to more shows from you. Like I said, I'd like a change of lay-out, like Verdana or something but it didn't take away from the quality of the show so good job and keep it up
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