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Re: Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem

Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem
Tuesday Night Turbo – May 4th, 2010
Reno, Las Vegas – Lawlor Events Centre

“Pump It (Remix)” by Joe Budden hits on the speaker system at the packed Lawlor Events Centre in Reno, Las Vegas, as Tuesday Night Turbo is set to get underway. A video package featuring the wrestlers of Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem plays on the Titan Tron. Pyro and explosion erupt in the Turbo Zone. Cameras show the Lawlor Events Centre from the outside before panning in on some fan signs, such as “Turbo is AWESOME” and “Styles is simply PHENOMENAL”. The cameras go ringside before hitting the handsome men at the announce table.

Josh Mathews: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem's Tuesday Night Turbo! I am your announce table host, Josh Mathews, and sitting alongside me is my announce table colleague, “The Coach” Jonathan Coachman.

Jonathan Coachman: Thanks for the intro Josh, and boy do we have a show for you tonight, as Tuesday Night Turbo debuts here on ESPN! Tonight will be etched in history as one of the greatest days ever in professional wrestling.

Josh Mathews: A great day in wrestling history indeed. With huge announcements expected tonight from co-owners Paul Heyman and Tod Gordon, this is a show not to miss.

Jonathan Coachman: And I'm sure some of these announcements are concerning the prestigious UWM Championships. Who will start the dawn of a new era in professional wrestling? I just can't wait.

Josh Mathews: Yes indeed, and speaking of Heyman and Gordon, here they come!

“Mental” hits, as a Paul Heyman's video package displays on the Titan Tron, while Paul Heyman and Tod Gordon make their way to the ring to a thunderous pop from the fans. A microphone is handed to Heyman, who has a large grin on his face. Another microphone is handed to Gordon, who seems to have an equally large grin on his face. And here we go!

Paul Heyman: Well...well...well.

The fans are unbearably loud, which keeps Heyman from continuing. A huge “THANK YOU” chant is goes on for a little while before some silence.

Paul Heyman: Boy, is it great to be back.


Paul Heyman: And boy are we back with the newest face of professional wrestling, ULTIMATE WRESTLING MAYHEM!

Huge pop.

Tod Gordon: It wasn't easy, but Heyman and I worked hard for what we believe in. We worked hard to change professional wrestling forever. We worked hard for THIS, for U...W...M. But most importantly, we worked hard for you...for all those watching...for all those in attendance...for all those who still have faith in us...for the FANS!

Thunderous pop.

Tod Gordon: All of this could not have been possible without you. Give yourselves a round of applause.

Loud “thank you” chants erupt in the Turbo Zone.

Paul Heyman: Gordon and I would also like to thank the Lawlor Events Centre...the new home of Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem.


Paul Heyman: Thanks also goes out to ESPN for hosting us every Tuesday from 10-11PM.


Paul Heyman: Of course thanks goes out to the wrestlers, the referees, the workers, and everyone involved with UWM. But like Gordon said, this could not have happened without you, so THANK YOU.

Huge pop.

Tod Gordon: I think it's about time we make the announcement you've all been waiting for.

Paul Heyman: That's right Tod. It's time to announce the championship that every wrestler is going to be gunning for. The championship that sets you apart from the rest. The championship that puts you in the history books. That championship is the UWM World Heavyweight Championship.

Pop, as the lovely and beautiful Joy Giovanni brings the golden championship to the ring.

Tod Gordon: There is nothing greater than the world championship. And boy, is it a sight for sore eyes.

Paul Heyman: The question on everyone's mind, however, is how Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem will crown its first ever world champion. Well, here at Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem, we have the best wrestlers in the world. And it's only fitting that the best of the best should duke it out for the world title in an epic eight man tournament.

Thunderous pop.

Paul Heyman: You're now probably wondering which eight men will participate in this tournament. Well wait no longer, here is the brackets the Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem World Heavyweight Championship tournament!

The brackets appears on the Titan Tron. The matches are as follows:

AJ Styles vs. Jay Lethal

Charlie Haas vs. Ken Doane

Christopher Daniels vs. Gregory Helms

Petey Williams vs. Shelton Benjamin
Paul Heyman: That's not only announcement. No...no...no, as a matter of fact, the finals of this tournament will take place at our first ever pay-per-view. THE MASSACRE!


Tod Gordon: And for your viewing pleasure, tonight on our two hour special debut, two quarterfinal matches will take place.


Paul Heyman: Believe me, tonight will change the history of professional wrestling forever. We won't leave you wanting more, and getting less. We'll give you all we got because we bring you ULTIMATE WRESTLING MAYHEM!

“Ain't No Stopping Me” suddenly hits, as Shelton Benjamin makes his way out. Paul Heyman has the greatest look of surprise on his face, as Shelton Benjamin with a mic in hand begins to speak...

Shelton Benjamin: This is Shelton Benjamin...the gold standard of Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem.


Shelton Benjamin: I am the only one deserving of the world title, and it's about time the fans and you know it. There should be no tournament to crown a new world champion, but rather a ceremony to crown me the WORLD CHAMPION.


Paul Heyman: Your telling me that I should just hand you the world championship?

Heyman begins to laugh a little.

Shelton Benjamin: Did you not hear me? There is no athlete, no talent, no superstar and definitely no wrestler better or more precious than me. I am THE gold standard.


Paul Heyman: You have got to be kidding me. Can you believe this guy Tod?

Tod Gordon: Nope...

Paul Heyman: You cannot just come out here demanding to be champion. And really? All this coming from someone who has never held a world championship before? Benjamin, you may think you deserve the world title, but you gotta earn it.

Benjamin's looks a little irritated, as Heyman takes a pause to catch his breath.

Paul Heyman: And Benjamin, your journey to the title starts tonight against The Canadian Destroyer, The Maple Leaf Muscle, the one and only Petey Williams.


Shelton Benjamin: Then so be it , I shall begin my journey to become world champion tonight, but make no mistake Heyman...there ain't no stopping me.

Major heat, as “Ain't No Stopping Me” hits. Shelton Benjamin makes his way to the back. Then Paul Heyman makes his way to the back, while Tod Gordon joins the announce table.

** Commercial Break **

Cameras zoom right in to the announce table with Josh Mathews, Jonathan Coachman and the co-owner joining them for the night, Tod Gordon!

Josh Mathews: Welcome back to Tuesday Night Turbo. The Coach and I are now joined by co-owner of Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem, Tod Gordon!

Tod Gordon: I appreciate it. It's good to be here.

Jonathan Coachman: The fans are I alike are probably wondering the same thing Gordon, and that is...how did you and Heyman come together to create Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem?

Tod Gordon: That's a long story Coach, but to make a long story short, we came together reminiscing about the past before joining each other for the future of professional wrestling.

Josh Mathews: Of course, everyone here at UWM and even the fans are grateful for what you've done. The major announcement that just happened just minutes ago here on ESPN was an eight man tournament for the UWM World Heavyweight Championship. We saw the brackets...so who do you think will come out on top?

Tod Gordon: UWM is lucky to be graced by phenomenal athletes. Eight of whom are in this tournament. The champion can be anyone from AJ Styles to the man who rudely interrupted our announcement, Shelton Benjamin. These men are all so gifted, it's hard to tell who'll be champion.

Jonathan Coachman: If I were a betting man, I'd put money on The Gold Standard, Shelton Benjamin. He seems to have a determination like no other. And like he said, there ain't no stopping him.

Josh Mathews: Well the tournament kicks off right now, as the first quarterfinal match and first ever match on Tuesday Night Turbo is now!

“I Am” hits, as the phenomenal AJ Styles makes his way out to the ring to an enormous pop from the fans. He does his phenomenal pose at the stage before slapping hands with some fans, and sliding into the ring. After some poses on the turnbuckle, “Static” hits, and Jay Lethal make his way to the ring to a pop from the fans. Both are in the ring ready for action, as the first ever Tuesday Night Turbo match gets underway...

UWM World Heavyweight Championship Quarterfinal Match
AJ Styles vs. Jay Lethal

Summary: AJ Styles and Jay Lethal go through an all out war with each other. They put on a spectacular Turbo debut match, as both men wrestle their heart out in order to continue in the tournament. Finish to the match comes when Jay Lethal hits an inverted suplex lifted and flipped into a sitout wheelbarrow facebuster. Lethal climbs to the top rope, and looks to hit a diving elbow drop, but Styles rolls out of the way. Both men are slow to their feet, but both come out at the same time and begin to trade blows. Lethal gets the best of the confrontation and gives Styles a kick to the sternum. Lethal flips Styles' arm over his head, and seems to be going for the Lethal Combination, but Styles elbows Lethal in the head twice before rolling him up. 1...2...NO! Both men are quick up to their feet. Styles gives Lethal a kick to the groin region before hitting the Styles Clash! Unfortunately for Styles, he is too fatigued, and doesn't pin right away. Styles heads to the top rope, and hits the Spiral Tap. Styles hooks the leg. 1...2...3!

Winner & Advancing in the UWM World Heavyweight Championship Tournament – AJ Styles
“I Am” hits on the P.A. system. AJ Styles shows signs of weakness as he tends to his right arm while celebrating. While celebrating, Styles' opponent Lethal manages to get up to his feet. After posing for the crowd, Styles turns around to see a distraught Lethal. Styles extends his hand in a sign of respect. Lethal hesitates before shaking Styles hand back. Both men show true respect and honour for each other, as Lethal lifts Styles' hand up. Cameras go to the announce table now.

Josh Mathews: A true sign of respect from these two amazing athletes.

Jonathan Coachman: Styles was simply phenomenal to say the least, as he advances in the UWM World Heavyweight Championship tournament.

Tod Gordon: Both men showed what Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem is all about. Outstanding wrestling and respect for each other.

Josh Mathews: Yes indeed. Styles advances in the tournament and could possibly be in the finals at UWM first ever pay-per-view The Massacre!

Tod Gordon: We are less than five weeks away from this historic event. We know Styles advances in this tournament, but my question is will Shelton Benjamin advance, as he faces Petey Williams later tonight.

Jonathan Coachman: Well he certainly think he will, and why not? He is the most gifted athlete in professional wrestling.

Josh Mathews: Speaking of tournament competitors, we head to the back with our backstage correspondent Leticia Cline, and her guest, Gregory Helms!

Cameras pan to the back with the lovely Leticia Cline and Gregory Helms.

Leticia Cline: I'm Leticia Cline, and I'm here with UWM World Heavyweight Championship tournament competitor Gregory Helms. Helms, how do you think you will do against the Fallen Angel, Christopher Daniels, in your quarterfinal match?

Gregory Helms: If Christopher Daniels is the Fallen Angel, then I am death and I WILL slay him.

Major heat.

Gregory Helms: Daniels is no match for me, and next week on Turbo, I will prove it to everyone and easily advance to the semifinals. I'm going to be world champion and I guarantee that no one is going to stand in my way.

Helms pauses, as boos can be heard.

Gregory Helms: I don't care if you think your phenomenal, Canadian, a former male cheerleader or your a gold standard. And I really don't care if your a fallen angel. Believe me, I can beat anybody on this roster.

Heat. Christopher Daniels walks into the picture and confronts Helms.

Christopher Daniels: Did I just hear that your going to slay me?

Helms looks irritated by Daniels, as Daniels looks distraught from Helms' previous comments.

Christopher Daniels: Let me tell you something Helms. After I joined Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem. I forgot about the past, and looked to the future. And in this future, I want change. I've been wanting to be better...to be the best...to be world champion.


Christopher Daniels: You Helms are in my path to become world champion. So next week, you may actually have to slay me because I won't give up and I won't let down.


Christopher Daniels: ...and that's the gospel...

Before Christopher Daniels can finish, Gregory Helms attacks Daniels with a flurry of punches. Daniels drops to his knees, and Helms lays him out with a Shining Wizard! Cameras zoom in on a fallen Christopher Daniels, as we black out into commercial break.

** Commercial Break **

Cameras zoom into Austin Aries, Matt Sydal and Roderick Strong (GENERATION NEXT!) who walk into Paul Heyman's office.

Austin Aries: HEYMAN!

Aries looks completely pissed off while Heyman is surprised by Generation Next's appearance.

Austin Aries: What's your reasoning by having the three of us...the future of professional wrestling...the best of the best here at Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem out of the tournament?

Sydal looks curiously at Heyman for the answer, while Roderick Strong seems to have the same old smirk he always does on his face.

Paul Heyman: Believe it or not gentlemen, I have big plans for you three. Before I was rudely interrupted earlier, I was going to make another announcement concerning the UWM World Tag Team Championships.


Paul Heyman: You see, I understand that Generation Next is one of the best tag teams in professional wrestling today...if not the BEST.


Paul Heyman: So tonight in our Tuesday Night Turbo MAIN EVENT, we will have Generation Next's Austin Aries...


Paul Heyman: ...and Roderick Strong...


Paul Heyman: ...against the Hooliganz's Brian Kendrick and Paul London!

Huge pop, as Aries, Strong and Sydal look satisfied at the announcement.

Roderick Strong: You touched a good point there Heyman. We are the best tag team, and later tonight we will be UWM's first ever tag team champions.


Austin Aries: That sounds all fine and dandy Heyman, but what about our boy Sydal here?

Paul Heyman: Well...I wasn't finished speaking, but your boy Sydal will be in our fatal four way showcase match coming up...NEXT!

Pop, as Generation Next looks quite satisfied at the announcement. Cameras pan out to the announce table.

Josh Mathews: Paul Heyman unleashes another huge announcement for us tonight, as Generation Next takes on The Hooliganz for the UWM World Tag Team titles!

Tod Gordon: Heyman was right though, Benjamin interrupted us earlier and we couldn't get the announcement out, but here it is. Both Generation Next and The Hooliganz have proven themselves in the past so both are deserving of the titles.

Jonathan Coachman: Obviously two well-known teams going at it to crown our first champions, and with Sydal coming up next in the fatal four way challenge, this is a night to behold.

Josh Mathews: Sure is, as we know that later tonight Shelton Benjamin takes on Petey Williams in a quarterfinal match for the UWM World Heavyweight Championship. Now that's a match you don't want to miss.

Tod Gordon: Plus you don't what other announcements we have up our sleeves...

Jonathan Coachman: And here he comes, Generation Next's Matt Sydal!

“Air Bourne” hits, as Matt Sydal comes out to a pop form the fans. He quickly runs and slides into the ring without slapping hands with fans. He looks determined and ready to go. “Eat Me” hits, as Shark Boy comes out to a thunderous pop from the fans. Shark Boy has always been a cult favourite, and he comes to the ring slapping hands with fans. “2 Z Top” hits, as Jamie Noble makes his way to the ring to a mixed reaction. Sporting his typical jean shorts, Noble slides into the ring ready for action. “Hybrid Stigmata” hits as the crazy Delirious makes his way to the ring to a pop from the fans. Delirious is looking delirious as usual!

Fatal Four Way Showcase Match
Delrious vs. Jamie Noble vs. Matt Sydal vs. Shark Boy

Summary: These four men basically put on a spectacle for the fans with their high-flying moves and hysterics. Delirious and Shark Boy provide most of the comedy, and manage to join together as a team for most of the match. Unlikely teammates? I think so. Finish comes when Delirious and Noble are knocked out of the ring leaving Sydal and Shark Boy. Shark Boy is on the top rope, as Sydal goes to strike him down, but Shark Boy kicks him in the face. Shark Boy grabs Sydal's head from behind, as he looks for the Dead Sea Drop! Shark Boy goes for it, but Sydal just throws Shark Boy onto his back. Sydal hops up to the top rope before hitting a devastating shooting star press! 1...2...3!

Winner – Matt Sydal
“Air Bourne” hits, as Matt Sydal gets his hand lifted by the referee. Cameras pan to the announce table.

Josh Mathews: Generation Next's Matt Sydal wins the fatal four way showcase match, and boy what a match it was.

Tod Gordon: Delirious and Shark Boy proved to be a good team during the match, but in the end, only one man can be winner, and Matt Sydal proved himself worthy of that name by the end of it.

Jonathan Coachman: Sydal picked up the first win tonight for Generation Next, but can the rest of Generation Next come up with a victory later tonight for the world tag titles?

Tod Gordon: They've got a tough challenge as they take on The Hooliganz.

Josh Mathews: They sure do. We also still have another quarterfinal match on our hands as well. AJ Styles won earlier tonight over Jay Lethal to advance in the UWM World Heavyweight Championship Tournament, and after the break, Shelton Benjamin takes on Petey Williams!

Cameras pan to the back where Shelton Benjamin is warming up for his upcoming match. In walks...Charlie Haas!

Charlie Haas: Well look who it is...

Both men set eyes on each other before...shaking hands.

Shelton Benjamin: It's great to see you again Haas.

Charlie Haas: I never thought I'd see the other half of the World Greatest Tag Team again, but I see now, you are the gold standard of wrestling.

Shelton Benjamin: That I am, but really...I thought I've never see the Haas of Pain again.

Charlie Haas: That's right..that's right...and I see you and I both are in this tournament for the UWM World Heavyweight Championship, BUT...on opposite signs of the bracket.

Both men smile and smirk at each other. Kinda weird moment to be honest.

Shelton Benjamin: I guess we'll see other in the finals at The Massacre.

Huge pop.

Charlie Haas: I guess we will...good luck tonight.

Both men shake hands, as the television screen blacks out to...

** Commercial Break **

Cameras comes back to the backstage area with The Hooliganz, Brian Kendrick & Paul London, with the beautiful Leticia Cline!

Leticia Cline: I'm standing here with Brian Kendrick and Paul London who will take on Generation Next's Austin Aries and Roderick Strong for the UWM World Tag Team Championships later tonight. How do you guys feel about that?

Paul London: We feel honoured for the opportunity just to compete here at UWM, but to compete for the world tag team titles is on a whole other level.

Brian Kendrick: Yeah...we definitely feel blessed just for the chance to be crowned the first ever world tag team champions, and for the fans...we promise to do our best to make that happen.


Leticia Cline: Many consider you guys underdogs. But what do you think that and about your competition, Generation Next?

Brian Kendrick: Aries and Strong are the best of competitors, and one helluva tag team, but tonight the Hooliganz begin a dynasty and redefine tag team wrestling forever.

Paul London: We all have the respect in the world for them, but like Kendrick said, it's our time to shine! We've been in this situation before, and we're always considered underdogs. We were never the biggest nor the strongest, but we have heart, and we go out there every time and we SHOW it.

Pop, as cameras go to the announce table.

Josh Mathews: London and Kendrick sure look confident and determined for their match against Generation Next for the world tag team titles.

Jonathan Coachman: They sure do, but Generation Next are hungry for those titles, and if I were a betting man, I'd put money on them to win it.

Tod Gordon: Well whoever wins tonight will make it in the history books as the first ever tag team champions in UWM.

Josh Mathews: Most definitely, but this man looks to make history himself!

Jonathan Coachman: Ohhh...here he is...SHELTON BENJAMIN!

“Ain't No Stopping Me” hits, as the Gold Standard himself, Shelton Benjamin, makes his way out to the ring to a surprising mixed reaction from the fans. He refuses to slap hands with fans, but instead has a look of pure intensity. He's no joke folks! The Canadian National Anthem in an instrumental hits as the Canadian Destroyer Petey Williams comes out. He makes his way to the ring, and is set for action.

UWM World Heavyweight Championship Quarterfinal Match
Petey Williams vs. Shelton Benjamin

Summary: To be brutally honest, this was a competitive squash match. Shelton Benjamin never really looked out of control. Anytime Petey Williams begins to gain momentum, Shelton Benjamin shuts him down. Benjamin hits the T-Bone Suplex for the win.

Winner & Advancing in the UWM World Heavyweight Championship Tournament – Shelton Benjamin
The ref raises Shelton's hand, as “Ain't No Stopping Me” hits. Benjamin's got a smirk on his face, as he seems satisfied with his win. Back to the announce table.

Josh Mathews: Shelton Benjamin advances in the tournament, and boy did he look spectacular out there.

Jonathan Coachman: Spectacular isn't enough. Shelton dominated the whole way through before hitting that devastating T-Bone Suplex. I'm sure we're looking at our first ever world champion right now.

Tod Gordon: We still have two quarterfinal matches next week, and the rest of the tournament to go, but Shelton Benjamin did prove himself to be the better man tonight. I don't see anything, but good things from him.

Josh Mathews: Well right after the commercial break, we have the UWM World Tag Team Championship Match to crown the first ever world tag team champions!

Cameras go to a split screen of both tag team competitors on each side. On the right are Austin Aries and Roderick Strong making their way to the the stage area, while on the left side are Brian Kendrick and Paul London who are doing the exact same thing. Cameras black to...

** Commercial Break **

As soon as cameras come back, “Amazing” hits and out comes Austin Aries and Roderick Strong of Generation Next. Some boos from the fans, but mostly cheers. The two run into the ring, and get set for action. “Rocker” hits, as out come the masked Brian Kendrick and Paul London. The two pose for the crowd before running into the ring and sliding in. The two hit the turnbuckles before doing simultaneous backflips off. And here we go...

UWM World Tag Team Championship Match
Generation Next (Austin Aries & Roderick Strong) vs. The Hooliganz (Brian Kendrick & Paul London)

Summary: Believe it or not, these two tag teams put on a near five star match. Great back and forth action from both teams with Generation Next barely getting more advantage situations than The Hooliganz. The Hooliganz show true heart throughout the match. Ending comes when Aries and Kendrick are knocked out of the ring, and are incapable of anything really. London has Strong in the ring. Paul London hits a devastating legsweep DDT, before looking to the top turnbuckle. Paul London climbs to the top turnbuckle when MATT SYDAL makes his way to the ring. Sydal hops onto the apron, and distracts the referee and London. London hops off the turnbuckle and tends to Sydal. Sydal hops off the apron. London turns back into the ring where Strong is waiting for him. Strong gives hm a stiff kick to the sternum before hoisting London up on his shoulders in a fireman's carry. Strong throws London off his shoulders and onto his knees for the Death by Roderick! Strong goes for the pin. 1...2...3!

Winner & New UWM World Tag Team Champions – Generation Next (Austin Aries & Roderick Strong)
“Amazing” hits, as Joy Giovanni enters the ring with the tag team titles in hand. She hands one over to Roderick Strong and one over to Aries, who just slides into the ring. Sydal slides into the ring and raises both Aries and Strong's hands up. Generation Next show their true colors in this match. Here they are...Aries, Strong and Sydal standing tall with the world tag team titles in hand to finish off the show. Streamers begin to fall as the show comes to an end.

UWM Tuesday Night Turbo Quick Results
UWM World Heavyweight Championship Quarterfinal Match – AJ Styles def. Jay Lethal
Fatal Four Way Showcase Match – Matt Sydal def. Delirious, Jamie Noble & Shark Boy
UWM World Heavyweight Championship Quarterfinal Match – Shelton Benjamin def. Petey Williams
UWM World Tag Team Championship Match – Austin Aries & Roderick Strong def. Brian Kendrick & Paul London


Just noticed how tough it is writing with a bunch of pretty generic characters. I'll make it work though. The black and bold font seems a little bland and boring, but I think its easier to read and it's nice and tidy. Plus colors are a little distracting. Show seems short for a two hour debut, but keep in mind that the quarterfinal matches as well as the tag title match are meant to be length. Still getting back into be the booker form, but yah...here it is. Also, I'm a review for review type of guy so keep that in mind

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