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Re: Be the Booker Showcase Thread

Backstory: This promo is from a WWE BTB I started working on out of boredom that never made it to anything past a document on my computer. The story is WWE merged with TNA in 2008, building to a stacked Wrestlemania 25 card. The Royal Rumble winner, Samoa Joe, had defeated the mega heel World Champion Triple H at Wrestlemania, even after being roughed up at the beginning of the show by Triple H's new Evolution crew, CM Punk and Chris Masters. "The Legend Killer" Randy Orton lived up to his moniker by beating "The Icon" Sting in his first Wrestlemania appearance. The TNA head booker at the time of the merger, Paul Heyman, is the General Manager of Raw.

Joe: Last night… (He pauses to soak in his big accomplishment as he talks about it) last night was the single greatest night of my career.

(Pop; small Joe chant break out, which Joe lets die down before he continues)

Joe: Last night, I got the opportunity to do what I love to do on the grandest, most extravagant stage in this business. I got to headline Wrestlemania!


Joe: Not only that, but I got to show all the doubters, all the naysayer, that I can win the big one. I climbed the mountain, and I pulled out all the stops to become your new World Heavyweight Champion.

(More cheers as Joe proudly holds his newly won title over his head)

Joe: And when I won this title, when I pinned Triple H right in the middle of the ring, I started a new era here on Monday night Raw. No longer will you have a champion who relies on gang assaults and underhanded tactics. No longer will you have a champion who has his boys wear down his challengers for him. No longer will you have a champion who uses his family connections to keep the title around his waist!


Joe: As long as I am WWE Champion, this title will be defended with the honor and dignity that a true champion should have!

(Big Pop)

Joe: Triple H was not a champion; Triple H was nothing more than a man with a belt.


Joe: See it’s high time for guys like Triple H, guys who work harder backstage than they do in the ring, to MOVE OUT OF THE SPOTLIGHT!IT'S TIME FOR YOUNG, HUNGRY GUYS TO TAKE CENTER STAGE!

(Yet another huge pope)

Joe: Triple H, like it or not, you got beat fair and square.


Joe: The cheating didn’t work, the corner-cutting didn’t work, Punk and Masters trying to take me out DIDN'T WORK!

(Pop; the fans are loving this guy!)

Joe: You did every dirty trick in the book, but in the end, when the dust settled and the smoke cleared…you lost.

(More big cheers)

Joe: But Triple H, I’m not out here to rub it in your face. No no no. I’m out here to put you and the entire Raw locker room on notice. I showed what I can do last night against Triple H. I showed what I can do when I scratched and clawed my way through 29 other men at the Royal Rumble, I showed that I AM THE REAL DEAL!

(Yet another huge pop)

Joe: And for Triple H, or any other guy in the back who thinks he can take this title from me –


The so-called viper Randy Orton strolls down to the ring with Rhodes and DiBiase close behind. All are in their Legacy t-shirts and wrestling trunks as they arrogantly stroll down the ramp to massive boos from the live audience. Joe, clearly not pleased with being interrupted watches the trio get in the ring, and their legend killing leader take a mic.

Orton: Joe… (Pauses for the audience’s heat to die down) I was watching backstage and I thought I heard you say something about putting the locker room on notice.

Joe:(Clearly wondering the meaning of this interruption) Yeah…

Orton: I thought that’s what I heard, and you were about to say something about the guys in the back who think they can take your title.

Joe: Look Orton, we don’t have all night. Get to the point.

Orton: But Joe, that is my point. You were out here talking about guys who want to take your WWE Title, so I thought I’d come out here and get a front row seat for whatever it is you had to say because I want my shot!


Orton: Whether you'd like to admit it or not, you and all these people know that there is no one in that locker room who deserves it more than I do! I don’t know if saw what I did to the so-called "Icon” Sting last night, but it wasn’t pretty.


Orton: Not only did I beat Sting in his first, and maybe only, Wrestlemania appearance, but I punted his skull in!


Orton: I killed the legend of Sting, and I sent Steve Borden home with a concussion that he may never recover from!

(Huge heat)

Orton: And tonight you wanna come out here and talk about guys taking the limelight…well Joe…I’m here to take the limelight from you!

Joe: (Intensity building) You really want your shot Orton? Well…(starts unbuttoning his shirt) that can be QUICKLY ARRANGED!

Joe drops his title as Orton sheds his Legacy tee. The commentators ponder on whether or not we may see Joe’s first title defense right now. When all of a sudden –


The former WWE Champion Triple H, joined by his Evolution sidekicks, CM Punk and Chris Masters, appears on the ramp dressed in a suit and sarcastically applauding. The fans boo the top heel stable as Legacy and Joe look up to the ramp wondering what they want.

Triple H: Bravo Joe, bravo. You’ve said everything a new champion is supposed to say. The whole honor and dignity speech was something, it really was, but this is a competition. This is about being the best, and Joe, I am STILL the best.


Triple H: Yeah, you won the big one. You took my title. You got your moment to shine on the grandest stage of 'em all.

(Joe nods to Triple H as if to say "You're darned right I did")

Triple H: But do you honestly think everything’s gonna change just because you’re the champion?


Triple H: Joe, this is still MY show, and there’s nothing you, Orton, or any of these fans can do about it.

(Big Heat)

Triple H: The fact is Joe, this whole fantasy world you’re livin' in, this whole honor and dignity idea that’s in your head, it sounds nice, but it’s all crap!


Triple H: It’s a fairy tale Joe, and there will be no happy ending. Ya see, I’m getting my rematch Joe –

Orton: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Triple H, you can get in line because Joe just granted ME the first shot at the WWE Championship!

Triple H: (a smirk comes on his face as he shakes his head) Oh Randy, Randy, Randy…so naive. You honestly thought that I would walk into a World Championship match without my rematch clause?

(Big heat; Suddenly Punk, tired of the heat, grabs the mic from Triple H.

Punk: (To the fans) SHUT UP AND LET THE MAN TALK!

(Bigger heat as Triple H gives his Straight Edge comrade a funny look before continuing to speak)

Triple H: I WILL get my rematch Joe, and I WILL get my title back!


(Huge pop for the intense Joe as he dares Triple H to come into the ring.)

The audience is enthralled, wondering what will happen next. Suddenly Raw General Manager Paul Heyman appears on the Titantron screen. The audience dies down as he begins to speak.

Heyman: Joe, Triple H, Randy Orton…while I appreciate you guys and your fighting spirit, I think you all need to remember that I am the one in charge here.


Heyman: Now, Triple H has already approached me and said that he will invoke his rematch clause in 3 weeks at Backlash. So as of right now, the man next in line for a title shot is Triple H.

(Heat for the mention of Triple H as the former champion arrogantly grins from ear to ear while Orton looks angry in the ring.)

Heyman: However…Mr. Orton, since you were so eager to come out here and make your case known, and since you did defeat Sting, quite impressively I might add, last night at Wrestlemania, I won’t let you walk away empty handed.

All the superstars in the arena look at the screen anxiously; hanging on Heyman’s every word.

Heyman: So tonight, in that very ring, our main event will be…the former WWE Champion, Triple H…


Heyman: …against “The Legend Killer” Randy Orton!

(Some heat for the two involved, some pop for the match)

Heyman: But that’s not all! Not only will two of the top superstars in WWE go head to head here tonight, but there is a lot riding on this match. Ya see, if Triple H beats Randy Orton tonight, he will earn the right to choose the stipulation for his title match against Samoa Joe at Backlash. However, if Randy Orton wins, the title match at Backlash will become a Triple Threat Match!

(Pop from the crowd for the main event tonight)

Heyman: Gentlemen, have a great night, and good luck.

Heyman goes off the screen as Triple H and Orton have an intense staredown. Joe looks at both of his possible challengers as we fade to commercial.

All my unrealistic expectations of WWE and TNA are met...or I can actually get the ball rolling on a BTB project whichever comes first!
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