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Re: Be the Booker Showcase Thread

Wrote this portion of a PPV a few months back for a former BTB I was in but never got around to posting this, which I think it was actually pretty OK, although never finished entirely. :P


We cut to the ring where Tony Chimel is standing by as the bell tolls.

Tony Chimel: Ladies and gentlemen … the following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the Women’s Championship!

“Glamazon” hits the speakers as ‘The Glamazon’ Beth Phoenix steps out onto the stage to a small amount of booing. Phoenix taunts and then heads down towards the ring.

Tony Chimel: Introducing first … from Buffalo, New York … she is the challenger … ‘The Glamazon’ Beth Phoenix!!!

Phoenix grabs the bottom rope and pulls herself onto the ring apron before taunting and then entering the ring. She circles the ring, awaiting the Women’s Champion. “Paparazzi” hits and the crowd begin cheering as the Women’s Champion, along with the numerous paparazzi photographers, steps out onto the stage.

Tony Chimel: And her opponent … from Los Angeles, California … she is the WWE Women’s Champion … Melina!!!

Melina continues to make her way down towards the ring, adoring the fans cheering and the photographers, taunting with her Women’s Championship as Phoenix looks on. Melina reaches the ringside area, makes her way up the steel steps, and onto the ring apron. She turns her back towards Phoenix as she taunts for the paparazzi one last time before she does her signature split but PHOENIX RUNS TOWARDS MELINA AND FORCEFULLY THROWS HER OFF THE APRON~!!

The crowd’s excitement turns into boos as Melina falls face first onto the arena floor as Phoenix hurriedly exits the ring. Phoenix stomps down on Melina repetitively as the little kids at ringside scream at Phoenix while the paparazzi people run away. Phoenix lifts Melina up and crashes her into the fan barricade, with her ribs taking the damage. Phoenix continues to stomp away at Melina as the referee tries to intervene and stop the brutal attack as he screams for her to get in the ring and start the match.

Phoenix forces Melina to her feet by pulling her hair. She throws Melina right into the steel ring post on the outside before pulling her by the hair over towards the announce tables. Phoenix rams Melina’s head into the RAW announce table and then shoves her into the ring. The referee has no choice but to call for the bell.

Match Three
Women’s Championship
Melina © vs. Beth Phoenix
Phoenix enters the ring and we are finally underway. Melina is still lying on the ring mat, with her extra entrance fur jacket still on, recovering from Phoenix’s brutal pre-match attack. Phoenix stands above Melina, taunting her, and proceeds to literally rip her fur jacket off of her. Phoenix then grabs hold of the Women’s Championship and gazes at it before laying it in the ring corner.

Phoenix lifts Melina up and shoves her into the nearby ring corner. Phoenix proceeds to ram Melina’s ribs into the ring post over and over until the referee warns her to back off. Phoenix backs away from Melina but Melina just falls to the ring mat. Phoenix gets out of the ring, grabs a microphone, and then re-enters the ring. She stands over Melina and raises the microphone to her lips…

Beth Phoenix: Is this what you wanted, Melina!? I gave you a warning two weeks ago to not cross my bad side! And last week, I gave you one more chance but you decided to attack me! And tonight Melina, I’m gonna make you pay for it!

Phoenix throws the microphone on the mat and then goes for the pin. 1 … … 2 … … Melina actually kicked out!! Phoenix cannot believe it! Phoenix lifts Melina up and locks her into the overhead Gutwrench backbreaker rack! Melina is screaming out in pain as loud as she ever has! Phoenix finally let’s go of Melina and throws her down to the mat. Phoenix has a twisted look in her eye and then proceeds to ram her foot right into Melina’s ribs, the force of the kick flipped Melina over onto her belly! The referee gets in Phoenix’s way and tells her to back away, the referee checks on Melina and then quickly gets to his feet and yells for medics.

Numerous medics come running out from the backstage area as the referee screams for the timekeeper to ring the bell.
No Contest

Phoenix stares on with that twisted look still across her face as a few medics roll out a stretcher. A few noticeable road agents such as Arn Anderson, Dean Malenko, and Pat Patterson run out towards the ring and aid the medics by putting Melina onto the stretcher. The referee tells Phoenix to stay away from Melina as the medics strap Melina onto the stretcher. After a moment of all the medics and the road agents talking amongst themselves they begin rolling Melina up the ramp as the crowd applauds her.

Jim Ross: This is just wrong on all levels, folks. Melina could be seriously injured right now and Beth Phoenix doesn’t give a damn. She could have broken ribs for Gods sake.

Todd Grisham: Nobody said the WWE would be easy, J.R.-

Jim Ross: To hell with that, Todd, that woman is injured and Beth Phoenix had full responsibility.


We cut away as a video package begins.

We see footage of Zack Ryder knocking Yoshi Tatsu out with a punch.

Narrator: He has ran through the competition on ECW.

The footage continues with Ryder hitting the Zack Attack to William Regal.

Narrator: He has competed for the ECW Heavyweight Championship.

Clips of Christian Vs Ryder play. After which the screen turns black.

Narrator: Zack Ryder coming to RAW!

The scene opens with Ryder standing in front of a camera, the background still black.

Zack Ryder: You know it!


We return to Bragging Rights in Team SmackDown’s backstage locker room. Batista and Rey Mysterio are talking amongst themselves while Kane stands across from them, trying to be his usual menacing self. Suddenly, Big Show and Chris Jericho walk into the room and everything becomes silent as Mysterio, Kane, and Batista stare on at the Unified Tag Team Champions.

Chris Jericho: Gentlemen, tonight is the night. It’s the night that we’re going to prove that SmackDown is the superior brand within the WWE and the most dominate force in sports entertainment thanks to yours truly. I built this team from the ground over the last few weeks and I am proud to say that I have a team worthy of standing by my side. All of those degenerates and leach worms on Team RAW will know that we mean business when we beat them tonight. Let me just tell all of you one thing, if you get in my way tonight, you will pay. I am the best this team has to offer alongside ‘Show and we will be the ones to lead this team to victory.

Batista laughs to himself as Jericho turns his attention to him.

Chris Jericho: What are you laughing at?

Batista: You. I’ve been stuck listening to you say the same stuff week in and week out. Lemme tell ya’, ‘captain’, I really don’t give a damn if anybody on Team RAW eliminates you because they’ll be doing us a favor … but, if it needs to be, I’ll be the sole survivor tonight and I will lead this team to victory, and I’ll prove that SmackDown is better than RAW.

Jericho stares intently at ‘The Animal’ with a look of anger in his eyes until Kane steps in front of Batista and locks eyes with him.

Kane: You’re funny, Batista. There’s an old saying that I know … “actions speak louder than words”. And I don’t think you can do that because all of us know that I’m the most dominate force on SmackDown. I crush and demolish everything standing in my way … and if that includes you, so be it. You won’t be leading this team to victory … because I will.

Batista and Kane continue to stare at each other very closely, both men breathing hard due to their increasing anger. Rey Mysterio tries to get in between Batista and Kane and begins to speak…

Rey Mysterio: Dave, Kane, c’mon guys, no need to argue right now. We need ta’ be focused on ‘da match ta’ night because I’m gonna be ‘da one to beat Team RAW.

Kane, Mysterio, and Batista begin to argue, rather loudly, amongst one another as Jericho and Big Show look on, not knowing what to do. Total chaos erupts in the Team SmackDown locker room as Batista, Kane, and Mysterio continue to argue while Jericho screams at everybody and Big Show just stands there doing nothing. Suddenly, we hear the door leading to the arena hallway open and everyone becomes silent. All five men stare at something, or someone, out of the camera’s view. Suddenly, the person’s boots come into the camera’s view. It’s a basic black pair of wrestling boots, with “AD” in white text engraved in the side of the boots. The camera then focuses on the members of Team SmackDown as Jericho begins to speak…

Chris Jericho: Gentlemen, allow me to introduce to you the sixth member of Team SmackDown.


We cut away as another video package begins.

The screen is black. Suddenly, white italic text reading “Summerslam | 8.23.09” pops up before we see a clip of Jeff Hardy, the World Heavyweight Champion at the time, standing across from the challenger at that time CM Punk.

Narrator: Summerslam…

We fast-forward to the ending of the match where CM Punk is celebrating with his newly-won World Heavyweight Championship as his music blares in the background. Suddenly, we are taken back to that very moment as we see the lights cut off.

Narrator: ...It was the night…

We see a clip where the lights had cut back on to see THE UNDERTAKER lying in the spot that Jeff Hardy had been lying in as Punk stares on.

Narrator: …That he returned.

We see a clip of The Undertaker nailing a Chokeslam to the new World Heavyweight Champion. The screen returns to it’s black setting when italic white text pops up again, this time saying “SmackDown | 8.28.09”. We fast-forward and see clips of various hot moments during the Steel Cage Match between CM Punk and Jeff Hardy before we see a short clip of Hardy saying his ‘goodbye to the WWE Universe for now’.

Narrator: …It was … time … for the Demon of Death Valley … to reclaim the World Heavyweight Championship…

The screen is black once again as “Breaking Point | 9.13.09” pops up into view. We see a clip of CM Punk and The Undertaker standing across the ring from one another before we see fast-paced clips all throughout the match. Finally, we see Theodore Long come out onto the stage and declare the match to be restarted before we see what is now known as ‘The 2nd Screwjob’. We see Undertaker staring intently at the fleeing CM Punk as the screen fades to black again. We return with a clip of The Undertaker abducting Theodore Long on the SmackDown after Breaking Point before the screen fades to black again…

Narrator: He was ‘screwed’ out of the World Heavyweight Championship … but the Demon of Death Valley continued the pursue…

“Hell in a Cell | 10.4.09” pops up on the screen before we see a clip of The Undertaker taunting with the World Heavyweight Championship after his victory over CM Punk.

Narrator: At Hell in a Cell … The Phenom returned to his throne…

We then see various clips of the various ‘mind games’ The Undertaker played on the former champion in a fast-paced manner as a church-type production theme plays in the background.

Narrator: Tonight … it is all on the line. The Demon of Death Valley … The Straightedge Superstar … … … who will … walk out … champion.


We cut to the arena where we see RAW General Manager Eric Bischoff and SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long sitting at ringside. We see a trophy sitting in between them.

Jim Ross: It is finally time, folks! Both General Managers are sitting here at ringside to see which brand will have the ‘bragging rights’ once it’s all said and done! And as you can see, folks, a trophy will be given to the winning team as they leave with the ‘bragging rights’.

Jerry Lawler: No offense towards you J.R., but RAW is the A-show and Team RAW will prove it right now! And tonight, Theodore Long is gonna lose his job!

Jim Ross: It’s in your dreams, King; Team SmackDown is going home tonight victorious. Let’s take it to Howard Finkel for the introductions…

We cut to the ring where WWE Hall of Famer and former ring announcer Howard Finkel is standing in the center of the ring with a microphone in hand.

Howard Finkel: Ladies and gentlemen … it is now time for the first ever six on six RAW versus SmackDown Elimination Tag Team Match!!! Now in this match, it will continue until one team has been entirely eliminated and the winning team will leave tonight with the ‘bragging rights’! If Team SmackDown loses, General Manager Theodore Long will be fired!

“Break It Down” blasts through the PA system as the crowd hysterically jump to their feet and go wild!! Team RAW comes running out onto the stage, playing to the crowd and living up the moment, except for Jack Swagger, who has a sour look spread across his face. Kingston, MVP, and DX continue to play to the crowd while Swagger just walks down the ramp with the sour look still across his face.

Howard Finkel: Introducing first … making their way to the ring … representing Monday Night RAW … the team of D-Generation X, Kofi Kingston, ‘The All American American’ Jack Swagger, and M – V – P!!!

The members of Team RAW, except the bitter Jack Swagger, continue to head down the ramp, high-fiving fans at ringside before entering the ring.

Jerry Lawler: Look at Team RAW, Michael! The crappy team SmackDown put together doesn’t even measure up to ‘em!

D-Generation X’s music dies down but the crowd is still red hot! The crowd continues to chant “DX! DX! DX!” while Team RAW taunt. The crowd finally calms down as Triple H and Shawn Michaels both receive microphones.

Triple H: Pittsburgh … … are you ready?

The crowd pops for DX.

Triple H: I know you can do better than that, c’mon! Pittsburgh … … … I said ARE YOU RRRREEEEAAAADDDYYYYY!?!?!?

The crowd erupts into cheers while DX continue to play to the crowd.

Triple H: We are finally here! We are finally at Bragging Rights! I mean, this whole RAW versus SmackDown vendetta has been going on week in and week out … well … three weeks actually, but that’s not the point! We’ve seen Qualifying Matches, we’ve seen Chris Jericho talking trash every chance he gets, we’ve seen us get the upper hand, we’ve seen SmackDown get the upper hand, we’ve seen Kane and Batista forming an “I’m a big man hear me roar” alliance, we’ve seen Swagger be the All American Loser, we’ve seen brawls, we’ve seen fights, we’ve seen me getting powerbombed on top of a car, we’ve seen Shawn putting Jericho through a table, we’ve seen everything for the past three weeks! And it comes down to this match here tonight because we know it, you know it, ‘Vintage’ Michael Cole knows it … we are leaving tonight with the ‘bragging rights’!

The crowd pops for Team RAW. Hunter grins and then begins to speak again…

Triple H: Moving on … everybody has been asking us all the way up to now who our mystery partner is. They’ve asked who we have in store. Who could possibly be a part of Team RAW? Ladies and gentlemen … children of all ages … our partner is here tonight … and please allow me to introduce him to all of you. Ladies and gentlemen … the sixth member of Team RAW…


“Badass” by Shiftkit hits the PA system as the debuting Nigel McGuinness, wearing a leather coat and a pair of red trunks, heads out of the curtain and onto the stage to a small face reaction from the crowd. Nigel raises his left arm in the air as some form of taunt before heading down the ramp and into the ring. The music dies down as Nigel stands alongside the other members of Team RAW. Shawn walks over to him and gives him a microphone.

Nigel McGuinness: You may not know me yet but you shall soon. My name is Nigel McGuinness. Although you may not know this, I’ve worked all throughout the world for eleven years to make it to tha’ WWE. I worked in every promotion that was around. I’ve been a World Champion numerous times. I’ve held gold around my waist more than you can imagine. And it’s because I’m that damn good. You see; I’ve finally made it to tha’ WWE after years of being the best everywhere else. And tonight starts a new chapter in my life. Tonight starts my reign at the top of the industry. And my first step is to destroy the pukes that are on Team SmackDown. And after I accomplish that, it will only be a matter of time until I become the World Champion…

The crowd pops for McGuinness as he hands the microphone back to Shawn. Triple H smirks and then begins to speak…

Triple H: Well with that in mind, I think we should wrap this promo up … everybody get in position. Nigel, you don’t have to because you’re new around here.

Hunter, Shawn, Kingston, and MVP crouch down into position while McGuinness stares on. Swagger just stands there, doing nothing but sulking.

Triple H: Now … for the thousands in attendance … for the millions watching at home only on pay-per-view … and for Team SmackDown because, well, we’re about to kick their asses … … … LLLLEEEEETTTTTT’SSS GEEEETTT REAAADDDYYY TO SUCK ITTTTTTT!!!

The crowd goes wild and cheer along with Triple H. Hunter looks over at Swagger and points towards him. Swagger notices Hunter pointing at him and he doesn’t look happy. Shawn walks over to him and gives him the microphone. Team RAW waits but Swagger doesn’t do anything. Shawn walks back up to Swagger and whispers in his ear but Swagger tosses the microphone back into Shawn’s hand. Shawn shrugs and starts speaking…

Shawn Michaels: … And if you’re not down with that, we’ve got two words for ya’!!!

Right when the crowd gets their cue “Crank The Walls Down” interrupts them as it blasts through the PA system. The Unified Tag Team Champions Chris Jericho and Big Show head out onto the stage alongside Rey Mysterio, Batista, and Kane while Team RAW look on.

Howard Finkel: And their opponents … representing Friday Night SmackDown … the team of the WWE Unified Tag Team Champions Chris Jericho and the Big Show, Rey Mysterio, ‘The Animal’ Batista, and ‘The Big Red Monster’ Kane!!!

The members of Team SmackDown continue to make their way down the ramp before entering the ring and coming face to face with Team RAW as JeriShow’s music dies down.

Chris Jericho: You know what, DX!? I’m tired of this idiotic nonsense! Your entire team consists of hypocrites, degenerates, and leach worms! I’ve got two words of my own for ya’ … … RAW SUCKS!!!

The pro-RAW fans boo Jericho while all the members of Team RAW, except Jack Swagger, grin at Jericho’s words.

Chris Jericho: And ya’ know what else I have, DX, not only do I already have a team worthy of standing by my side but my mystery partner is a thousand times better than that little punk. My mystery partner is also a former World Champion, he holds gold wherever he goes, and maybe one day he’ll leave this ring with the legacy that yours truly holds. Now that I think about it, both Nigel and Shawn know this man very closely. So allow me to introduce the sixth member of Team SmackDown…


“Love and War” by Drowning Pool hits the speakers in the arena as the debuting Bryan Danielson, wearing the same boots as earlier with a more semi-colored pair of trunks, steps out through the curtain and onto the stage. The camera spots the other newcomer McGuinness staring directly at Danielson with a mere look of anger in his eyes but we cut away back to Danielson as he makes his way down the ramp.

Jim Ross: That—that’s Bryan Danielson … ‘The American Dragon’! That young man is one of the best in the world today!

Jerry Lawler: And if I’m correct J.R., he has battled Nigel McGuinness all over the world for the past few years! And Shawn Michaels trained him!

Jim Ross: I thought I would never say this, folks, but this match just went up another level! This match is even more personal! It’s gonna be trainer versus trainee, enemy versus enemy!

Jerry Lawler: It sure did, J.R., but Team RAW also has a sixth member and his name is Nigel McGuinness! Don’t think that he’s going to go down without a fight, J.R.!

Danielson high-fives some fans at ringside and then enters the ring and stands alongside Team SmackDown. Danielson and McGuinness lock eyes and both step face-to-face as the music dies down. Danielson and McGuinness trade words until both men’s team captains bring them towards their respective corners. Danielson and McGuinness continue to gaze at one another as they exit the ring and get on the outside.

Match Five
RAW Vs SmackDown – 6 Vs 6 Team RAW Vs Team SmackDown Elimination Tag Match
Team RAW (DX, Kofi Kingston, MVP, Jack Swagger, & Nigel McGuinness) Vs Team SmackDown (Chris Jericho, Big Show, Batista, Rey Mysterio, Kane, & Bryan Danielson)
The referee calls for the bell and we are underway! Chris Jericho is starting the match off for Team SmackDown while DX, and the rest of Team RAW, excluding Swagger and McGuinness, play rock-paper-scissors to decide who will start off the match. Kofi Kingston enters the ring and we are set!

Jericho and Kingston circle the ring and trade words, waiting for the other to make the first move. Kingston tries to dropkick Jericho but he ducks, Kingston falls to the mat and Jericho takes the advantage, throwing punch after punch to Kingston’s upper back and neck area. The referee warns Jericho and he proceeds to back away from Kingston. The referee argues with Jericho for a moment but Jericho ignores him and runs towards Kingston, ramming his foot straight into Kingston’s ribs.

Kingston sells the kick and rolls around the ring until Jericho goes for the pin, 1 … … 2 … … Kingston kicks out! Jericho screams at the referee before locking Kingston in a tight sleeper hold. Kingston’s eyes widen as he tries to break free from Jericho’s grip. Kingston jabs his elbow into Jericho, but too little effect. Kingston with another elbow, Jericho is forced to loosen some of his grip and Kingston is on his knees now. Kingston continues to jab at Jericho as the crowd, along with his teammates, excluding Swagger of course, cheers him on. Kingston with an elbow to Jericho’s face and he frees himself from the sleeper hold. Kingston runs to the ropes and runs back towards Jericho; he connects with a nice clothesline. Both men quickly get back to their feet and Kingston connects with yet another clothesline!

Kingston takes the opportunity and taunts for the crowd before connecting with the Boom Drop on Jericho! Jericho rolls towards the ropes and uses the ropes to pull himself up. Kingston comes running towards him and tosses him to the nearby ring corner, where neither mans team is located. Kingston jumps to the middle turnbuckle and proceeds to punch Jericho in the face repeatedly but Jericho finally reverses, slips out of Kingston’s reach, and Kingston’s face rams straight into the top turnbuckle! Jericho gets to his feet and spots Kingston recovering from his face’s run in with the turnbuckle. Jericho connects with the Codebreaker! He goes for the pin. 1 … … 2 … … 3!

Kofi Kingston Eliminated by Chris Jericho; 5 Vs 6

Jericho gets to his feet and taunts to the crowds dismay as MVP enters the ring to replace the eliminated Kingston. Jericho and MVP lock eyes whilst beginning to circle the ring. MVP and Jericho get face-to-face before talking some trash to each other. Jericho slaps MVP before taking him down with a vertical suplex! Jericho begins to stomp away at MVP until the referee warns him to stop. Jericho lifts MVP up and shoves him into the nearby ring corner. He proceeds to back away from MVP with a smirk across his face. Jericho runs towards MVP but MVP moves out of Jericho’s path, which sends Jericho into the turnbuckle!

MVP spins Jericho around and connects with a snap overhead belly-to-belly suplex! Jericho quickly gets to his feet and gets hit with a clothesline! MVP connects with another clothesline. MVP does the “Ballin’” taunt for the crowd before going for the Ballin’ Elbow but Jericho moves out the way just in time as MVP hits the mat!

Jericho quickly takes the advantage and goes for the pin. 1 … … 2 … … KICKOUT! Jericho yells at the referee before locking MVP in a headlock. The crowd, along with DX, begins cheering and rooting for MVP as Jericho continues to hold him in a headlock. MVP begins to show signs of life as he gets onto his left knee before throwing his elbow into Jericho’s ribs. Jericho screams out in pain before throwing MVP to the mat and letting go of the lock on him. Jericho gets to his feet and begins to stomp away at MVP again.

Jericho taunts, with a smirk across his face. Once again, he goes for a pin attempt. 1 … … 2 … … KICKOUT! Jericho’s eyes look like they’re about to bulge out of their sockets as he gets to his feet once again. He circles MVP for a moment whilst listening to the crowds boos. Jericho goes towards the ring ropes and goes for the Lionsault when MVP rolls himself out of Jericho’s path, sending Jericho slamming down onto the mat! Jericho screams out in pain as the crowd cheers.

The referee begins a ten count as both men remain still whilst lying on the mat. 1…2…3…4… MVP begins to show movement as he begins to crawl towards his teammates ring corner while Jericho remains still. 5…6…7… MVP continues to crawl over towards his teammates while Jericho begins to come back to reality. Jericho quickly crawls over to his teammates corner and tags in REY MYSTERIO as MVP tags in NIGEL MCGUINNESS at the same time!

Mysterio and McGuinness both enter the ring as the crowd goes wild! Mysterio runs towards McGuinness and connects with a hurricanrana! Mysterio and McGuinness both jump to their feet as Mysterio connects with another one! Mysterio jumps to the top rope as McGuinness gets to his feet. Mysterio jumps from the top rope and goes for a diving crossbody but McGuinness moves out of the way and Mysterio goes crashing to the ring mat! Mysterio screams out in pain as McGuinness takes the opportunity and locks in the London Dungeon! Mysterio continues to scream out in pain before tapping!

Rey Mysterio Eliminated by Nigel McGuinness; 5 Vs 5

McGuinness lets go of the hold as the referee helps Mysterio out of the ring. He taunts for a moment. Suddenly, Jericho runs up from behind him and hits him, but to no avail! Jericho stares eye-to-eye with McGuinness, with the latter not looking too happy. Jericho begins to back away from McGuinness but McGuinness continues to move towards him. Jericho tries to hit McGuinness again but McGuinness ducks before nailing a front powerslam to Jericho! The crowd cheers as Jericho takes in all of the carnage from McGuinness’ powerslam.

McGuinness stares down at Jericho for a moment before tagging in MVP as the crowd continues to cheer. MVP jumps into the ring and taunts for a few moments to the crowds delight. MVP does the “Ballin’” taunt before running towards the ropes, preparing for the Ballin’ Elbow, which he successfully connects with onto Jericho! Jericho scrambles to his feet as MVP shoves him into the nearby ring corner. MVP runs to the opposite side of the ring and goes for the Drive-By Kick but Jericho moves out of the way, sending MVP’s leg straight into the top turnbuckle! Jericho quickly heads behind MVP before spinning him around and connecting with a Codebreaker!! Jericho crawls over towards MVP and hooks the leg. 1 … … 2 … … 3!

MVP Eliminated by Chris Jericho; 4 Vs 5

The crowd boos as Jericho proceeds to get onto his knees and mock MVP’s “Ballin’” taunt with a cocky smirk spread across his face. A referee at ringside aids MVP out of the ring as Shawn Michaels enters! Jericho gets to his feet and stares across at Shawn Michaels before running towards Michaels. Michaels nails Jericho with an inverted atomic drop and proceeds to hit him with a backhand chop as the arena echoes with “Woooo!”. Michaels hits another backhand chop! Michaels hits Jericho with a back body drop to the crowd’s amusement before climbing onto the top turnbuckle on a ring corner nearby. Suddenly, Big Show, unbeknownst to the referee as he is attending to Jericho, knocks Michaels off of the top turnbuckle! Michaels crashes to the ring mat as the referee looks over at the fallen Michaels.

Jericho slowly, but surely, gets to his feet before grinning at what Big Show caused. Jericho cockily marches over to his teammates corner and tags in Batista! ‘The Animal’ proceeds to enter the ring but Kane grabs hold of his arm. Batista and Kane lock eyes intently as they begin to trade some words. Batista mouths “Watch this.” to Kane as he slowly heads towards the recovering Shawn Michaels when MICHAELS NAILS A SWEET CHIN MUSIC OUT OF NOWHERE~!! The crowd pops loudly as Michaels goes for the pin! 1 … … 2 … … 3!!!

Batista Eliminated by Shawn Michaels; 4 Vs 4

The crowd continues to cheer as Michaels flops around the ring while a referee begins to help Batista get out of the ring. Kane enters the ring with a grin across his face as he stares on at Batista, not paying attention to Michaels, who remains on the ring mat. Kane mockingly waves goodbye towards Batista. ‘The Animal’ shoves the referee to the arena floor and marches back down towards the ring. Batista enters the ring and begins throwing punches towards Kane! ‘The Animal’ nails a spinebuster to ‘The Big Red Monster’ as the crowd pops! Batista stares down at Kane before exiting the ring and heading backstage, high-fiving fans at ringside in the process.

Kane grabs hold of the middle ring rope and uses it to pull himself up as he stares grimly at Batista as he heads backstage. Suddenly, we see Shawn Michaels tag in TRIPLE H~! ‘The Game’ grins as he stands behind ‘The Big Red Monster’, waiting for him to turn around. After a moment, Kane turns around and gets nailed with a devastating Pedigree~! Triple H goes for the pinfall! 1 … … 2 … … 3!

Kane Eliminated by Triple H; 4 Vs 3

The crowd goes nuts as ‘The Game’ jumps to his feet. Kane gets to his feet and begins throwing punches at ‘The Game’! Kane nails a sick looking Chokeslam to Triple H! The crowd boos as Kane gets out of the ring and begins to attack the referees as he makes his way backstage.

Suddenly, BRYAN DANIELSON enters the ring and stares at the fallen Triple H before hooking the leg! 1 … … 2 … … 3! DANIELSON HAS PINNED TRIPLE H~!

Triple H Eliminated by Bryan Danielson; 3 Vs 3

Danielson jumps to his feet and taunts as the crowd gives him a mixed reaction. ‘The Game’ slowly sits up as the camera focuses in on him, showing the extremely shocked, yet confusing, look spread across his face. Suddenly, Jack Swagger runs into the ring and takes Danielson down to the mat with a sick-looking clothesline! Swagger goes for a quick rollup on Danielson as Triple H heads backstage finally. 1 … … 2 … … KICKOUT! Swagger looks over towards the ref for a moment before going for yet another pinfall! 1 ... … KICKOUT!

Swagger gets to his feet and lifts Danielson up, only to send him crashing into the nearby ring corner! Swagger backs away from Danielson and comes flying towards him before nailing a Running Knee Lift! Danielson falls to the mat as Swagger taunts. Swagger lifts Danielson up again but gets nailed with a snap suplex! Danielson jumps to his feet, as does Swagger. Danielson collides with Swagger and connects with a Running Big Boot!

Danielson taunts for the crowd before jumping to the nearby top turnbuckle as an unsteady Swagger makes his way back onto his feet. Swagger finally gets back onto his feet and turns towards Danielson’s direction and gets nailed with a Springboard suicide senton!! Both men crash into the mat as the crowd cheers with excitement! After a few moments, Danielson begins to come back to his senses and begins to crawl towards his teammate’s corner and he finally tags in BIG SHOW!

Big Show enters the ring and stares down at the fallen Swagger before stepping onto Swagger’s back! Big Show lifts Swagger to his feet and sends him into the ring corner. He walks towards Swagger but Swagger immediately slaps him across the face as the crowd “OOOH’s” Swagger’s action. Big Show stares intently at Swagger before hitting with a few punches from The All-American American. Swagger continues to punch away at Big Show to little effect. Suddenly, Big Show nails Swagger with a sick head-butt which sends Swagger to the mat!

Big Show circles Swagger for a moment while Shawn Michaels and Nigel McGuinness edge for the tag. Big Show walks towards Team RAW’s corner and begins to trash talk to Michaels before going back over to Swagger when Michaels enters the ring unbeknownst to Big Show! Shawn Michaels goes for Sweet Chin Music when suddenly Big Show moves out of the way! Michaels accidentally nails Sweet Chin Music to the referee! Michaels stares down at the referee, finally realizing what he’s done, when Big Show nails a Chokeslam to Michaels!

Big Show smirks whilst staring down at the fallen Michaels. Suddenly, we see Jack Swagger, who is back onto his feet with a steel chair in hand, and he’s behind Big Show! Big Show slowly turns around towards Swagger and gets nailed in the gut with the steel chair by Swagger! Swagger tosses the chair onto the mat and lifts Big Show up! Swagger nails a devastating Gutwrench Powerbomb onto the steel chair! He hooks the leg as the referee suddenly comes back to his senses. 1 … … 2 … … 3!

Big Show Eliminated by Jack Swagger; 3 Vs 2

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