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High Voltage Results

JR: The pyro goes off as we are live in the National Car Rental Center in beautiful Fort Lauderdale, Florida and this raucous crowd is going nuts. Tonight we find out if Randy Orton will be able to face Chris Benoit tonight or if Benoit has an automatic advance to Explosion. Sting is taking on Randy Savage and HBK takes on Hulk Hogan in the other quarterfinals of our WIWA Heavyweight Championship tournament.

King: Is that all JR, I thought you were never going to shut up. But yes it’s gonna be an awesome night and I cant wait.

Dropkick Murphy’s-Heroes From Our Past hits the arena as I walk down to the ring to make an announcement unheard of in wrestling history! SERIOUSLY!

JR: But it looks like the owner of the WIWA Adam is on his way down to the ring to make a "unheard of blockbuster matchup".

Me- Now it seems that over the course of the last 2 weeks we have had 8 men that just can’t get enough of each other. I’m talking about Razor Ramon, Diesel, Rhyno, Chavo Guerrero (all huge pops), Edge, Tatanka, Raven and Blitzkrieg (major heat). And since no type of match seems to extinguish their feuds then it may have to take a new type of matchup to settle this. As you are all aware that in 5 days the PPV Revolution of Retribution is going to take place and well with the title of the PPV must come some matches full of retribution. So what I am proposing is that these feuds finally come to an end in a 4 on 4 main event (fair pop). But no no no this won’t be any normal event. You see I spent about 3 hours last night trying to think of a way to finish the wars and in my dreams, I found the perfect type of match. A Revolution of Retribution Matchup! Now I know no-one here knows what I’m talking about, so I'll fill you in. 2 CAGES STACKED ON TOP OF EACH OTHER (massive pop). But not just 2 regular steel cages no no no. You see in the middle of the ring will be a pole with ladder rungs in it, allowing the superstars to climb to all two levels of the cage! (massive pop). Now as I said earlier that these wont be regular steel cages, and they aint.

1st Level- Doorless Hell In A Cell cage with all the hardcore weapons you can imagine under and around the ring! (massive pop)

2nd Level- Barbed Wire Steel Cage made completley out of barb wire, with a glass guitar room in the middle of this cage, with a door to excess the barbed wire! (sensational pop)

Now of course I mentioned that there is no door so when you either tap out or you are pinned, you cannot leave the 2 cages. You stick around and help out your teamates until all 4 memebers of one team have been eliminated! (massive pop).

Now if you havent already guessed it will be Razor Ramon, Diesel, Rhyno & Chavo Guerrero vs Edge, Tatanka, Raven & Blitzkrieg! (big pop). All of tonight I will be in my office waiting for you, and if any of you eight men have a pair of testicles, you will enter my office and sign the contract.

I exit as the crowd is going absolutely crazy.

Match 1: Singles Match for the Hardcore Title
Participants: Hardcore Holly (c) vs New Jack

Notes: Hardcore Holly struts down the ring and gets a huge cheer from this crowd. So to does New Jack who comes down armed with a 2x4. New Jack swings it at Holly but Holly ducks and dropkicks New Jack on the leg. New Jack holds his leg as Holly gets a couple of trash cans from under the ring.
Holly gets one of the trash cans and goes for New Jacks head but New Jack gives Holly a low blow. Jack then gets the trash can and whacks Holly on the head with it and pins him for 2. There is a huge dent in the can and Holly is bleeding. Jack looks inside the other trash can and pulls out a shovel. Jack hits Holly in the ribs then the back with the shovel. But before Jack can pin Holly out runs Tony Mamaluke, Cactus Jack, Tommy Dreamer and Perry Saturn who all start brawling with each other.
All 6 men are still brawling when Paul Heyman appears on the ramp with microphone in hand.

Heyman- Hey you 6 look up here now! All 6 men look up at Heyman. Apparently Adam has had enough of you six interfering in each others matches and at Revolution of Retribution you six will compete in a match for the Hardcore title! (massive pop). But no apparently it wont be any normal match, it will be a 6 man elimination (massive pop) TABLES MATCH! (huge pop).

All 6 men stare each other down as we cross over to Ortons doctor for his medical results. Orton wont be able to compete for at least 3 weeks (crowd boo's). But apparently when hes all better watch out Kurt Angle (big pop). So Benoit goes straight to Full Throttle.

Match 2: Sting vs Randy Savage

Great ovation for both men, a handshake follows and the crowd cheers. They lock it up center of the ring and Savage spins into a headlock. Sting sends him to the ropes but Savage comes back with a shoulder block. Savage covers and Sting is up right away. Savage and Sting trade right hands and chops then Sting goes down to the leg with repeated kicks then a dropkick and Savage buckles down. Sting woirks the leg driving repeated elbows and knees into it. Savage wont be able to do much with his left leg for a while. Sting goes for the sharpshooter but Savage scurries to the ropes. Sting goes for it again but Savage rolls him up for 2.
Both men lock it up again but this time Savage boots Sting in the gut, followed by a spinning clothesline. Savage pummels away as Sting tries to block some of the shots, to no avail. Savage then picks Sting up and gives him a suplex and covers him for 2. Savage latches a headlock on Sting and wears him down.
Sting gets back to his feet and nails a back suplex. Both men down
Savage up first but Sting chops out the leg and puts the sharpshooter on. Savage winces and yells in opain and finally gets to the ropes. Sting then drags Savage back into the center of the ring and locks in the sharpshooter again. Savage again gets to the ropes. Sting is getting frustrated and Savage takes advantage of this and gives Sting for scoopslams, then signals for the elbow drop. Savage flies through the air and drives the elbow into the heart of Sting. Savage crawls over and the ref counts 1----2---- Sting kicks out! Savage cant believe and tries to bargain with the ref. Savage took his eye off Sting and when he turned around, Sting puts him in the sharpshooter again. Savage tries to get to the ropes but Sting keeps bringing him back into the center of the ring. Savage finally taps!

Match Time: 10m 36s
WINNER: Sting via submission

JR: What a great match but I still cant believe the matchup at Revolution of Retribution we are going to have. A Revolution of Retribution matchup, unheard of in Professional wrestling!

King: Damn right but we just saw Sting go through to either face HBK or Hogan later on.


Roger Walker is standing by with his mystery guest for the evening. The guest was The Rock. (massive pop).

Rog- Rock you requested this interview

Rock- What? You damn right the Rock requested this interview otherwise you wouldnt be talking to me dammit, excuse the Rock one second...... FINALLY, THE ROCK HAS COME BACK TO FORT LAUDERDALE! (massive pop). Now the Rock has been making mives, Be Cool, The Rundown, Scorpion King, Walking Tall yes the Rocks done em all but the Rock came back to what brought him. Hell no the Rock didnt come back for you, the Rock didnt come back for Adam or the WIWA, the Rock certainetly did not come back for the ECW dropout Paul Heyman, the Rock came back to wrestling because of one thing.......THE PEOPLE! (massive pop) And as god as the Rocks witness everyone in the back get ready, say your prayers, take your vitiman C because the Rock is gonna whip all your CANDY ASSES! (massive pop)


The Rock walks off

JR: O my god King I cant believe it the Rock is now in the WIWA!

King: Yes Jr the greatest name in wrestling has returned.

JR: This just in from the owner Adams office, Y2J will face Benoit on Explosion to make up for Orton or Angle missing out, what a huge main event, and also all 8 men challenged in the ROR matchup have signed the contract. Also the HBK vs Hulk Hogan matchup has been cancelled :angry: due to Hulk Hogan puncturing some ribs getting into a brawl backstage with Randy Savage. (massive boos)

We are now in Paul Heymans office and he is talking on the phone. Heyman hangs up and in rushes Kurt Angle

Heyman- What are you doing? You dont just barge in on someone, who knows what I could of been doing.

Angle- Sorry Paul but I really think because Orton wont be able to compete that I should get the matchup against Benoit on Explosion.

Heyman- Ha hahah Kurt you dont deserve it and I just got off the phone with a certain someone who I already have booked in this match, making it a triple threat matchup. (massive pop).

Angle- C'mon Paul Im sure that I am better then whoever you have signed in the triple threat, let me take his place.

Heyman- Hmmmmmmm.........NO!

Angle- What?

Heyman- You heard me, I said no and I have the authority around here. Too bad Kurt because you could have actually wrestled Orton and beat him, advancing without all this crap shoved in my face.

Angle- I wish that punk was right here now I'd give him a thing or 2 about how I feel.

Heyman- Well Kurt be careful what you wish for.

Angle- What?

Heyman in a silent whisper- Turn around!

Angle turns around and there standing behind him is HHH! (massive pop)

HHH- Hello Kurt.

Angle- Hunter, thats my spot in the triple threat and I will do anything to get it, believe me.

HHH- Dont worry Kurt, Im sure Paulie can make it a Fatal-4-Way! (massive pop).

Heyman- I guess, its done!

HHH- So Kurt, drink some milk, walk down the ring to thousands of boos and jeers, step in that ring and have your as beaten down by 3 top stars and then I will cover you 1-2-3! O its true, its true (crowd laughs)

Angle- Watch it Hunter, dont make me snap your leg in half on Friday.

HHH- You wont have to Kurt, because I will win that match and go on to face Sting on Full Throttle, and if you aint down with that Ive got 2 words for you, SUCK IT! (massive pop)

HHH walks off.

Angle looks angry and intense as he walks out, slamming the door.

Show ends

feedback from anyone who reads this would be great, I would like to know what is good and what isnt
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