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Re: WWE: The Platinum Era

Melvisboy's No Way Out Feedback

Hey man. Sorry I'm late with this, I've just been so overloaded with work atm.

A good video package to start. Nothing special, but it addressed all the ongoing situations and hyped it all up that little bit more.

A very enjoyable opener, I thought. MNM winning was entirely the right decision, imo, but you certainly did a good job of making Hardy look very strong by lasting so long on his own. The Moore spot with the Superkick to the back of the head was just sick, I love it. I wish I could have seen it in real life, tbh, it was brutal to read, amazing to see, no doubt. Plus, you had MNM retain by basically flat out cheating with Nitro's Superkick, which really gets them over as the cheating bastards which they played so well. I would say that I thought your ALL-CAPS were a bit weird in places, tbh - I think you had 'Hardy THROWS some punches', or something to that effect. Just a bit strange to have that capitalised. I had no real qualms with the match content other than the plethora of eager pinfalls Nitro had to kick out of at the beginning. I get the feeling that Moore would really want to pay back Nitro for the hell he's put him through, and winning the match might have moved to the back of his mind a bit more, tbh. Other than that, the match itself would have been an entertaining watch. There were a few minor spelling errors, and a couple of long-winded sentences, but nothing that we haven't all done in the past. A strong start...

Josh Matthews:
Kid Kash, after last month attacking Juventud and putting him on the sidelines with a concussion, you’re finally forced to face him one on one in a match where if you get counted out or disqualified, you will lose your Cruiserweight Title to Juventud. Your thoughts?
Wasn't particularly necessary to add that bit, but tbh, I doubt it was intentional. I re-read through my Armageddon the other day, and I'd made dozens of similar mistakes. I was surprised no-one picked up on them, tbh. This segment was beautifully written, excellent characterization of the cocky Kid Kash. I love it. Especially loved the line about the 'dictatorship' on SD, nice touch. Great promo.

The Bottomless Pit? I'm going there on holiday this year. I hear it's nice. I felt we could have used a bit of description on the crowd reaction for Boogeyman, if I'm honest, so I could get a feel for just how the crowd is reacting to him. Frankly, I don't envy you one bit for the writing of this match. It's not an easy one to write, tbh.

Oh yes. Oh fuck yes. I love it. Albright SQUASHES the Boogeyman. I damn love it. Brilliant booking. Really gets Albright over as a total badass, and writes Boogey so far out of action, you never have to use him again if you don't want to. Really makes Brent's Crowbar looks like a beast, too. Well done.

I'm not high on Finlay physically admitting that he lost, especially as it didn't really lead anywhere. Being the tough heel he is, I kinda feel he shouldn't be admitting he was ever beaten in combat, it takes away from his badassness.

The only difference between all of those other times an’ tonight is that tonight, he’s bringin’ two of his little friends to the party, an’ this time, I’m not just shootin’ to knock the kid out ... I’m shootin’ to win.
I think you're looking for 'playing to win', tbh, unless you do it differently in Australia. If that's the case, apologies, I've never been there. Other than that, a decent promo, nothing mind-blowing, but it served its purpose with hyping the feud up. Fair enough.

Haha, oops. I thought it was a 'Mania ad, it was SNME. Dear me. Anyway, that should be a good'un. Batista vs Edge should be good. Henry vs Edge seems somewhat unlikely, I think.

Cole running through Lashley was helpful. Thanks. A fair few people use him in their threads, I get mixed up. Lashley eliminating Show and Kane was pretty beastly, no two ways about it. Certainly interesting that Finlay would decide not to fight Lashley after the previous interview, but it does show how wily he is, waiting for the right moment to try to capitalise and do one over on Lashley again. Nice to see you acknowledge Regal's striking power with that left arm, it goes without saying he's got some real power in it. Shame he wasn't in for longer, tbh, but again, it shows how much Finlay is a heel by the fact he's only ready to fight on his terms, which is a nice touch on your part. Very nice to see you following the usual tag team formula, with a bit of entertaining offence at the beginning for the faces, prior to the inevitable isolation. I'm glad you followed that. It would have been nice to have a bit of description about the referee admonishing the men who came in illegally, because he would have done that, surely. Certainly a crowd-pleasing finish, with Finlay getting his comeuppance, not just for trying to use the shillelagh, but for how he's been playing Lashley about, too. Makes me think you have different plans for both men heading into Mania. Ooh, I'm imaging Lashley with a very shiny briefcase, but he seems a bit above that. Hm. Time will tell. Good match, btw, I enjoyed reading it.

Well, it's taken me forever to get back to it, but it's time to get going again. Massive apologies for my huge lateness. Sorry! Anyway, let's get back to business. Punk vignette was pretty good, should be good to see him on SmackDown. Looking forward to it.

JBL's promo was short, but it's fair to say it got the point across, about how he's really quite cocky and relaxed regarding his match - the fact that he can be so relaxed when he has to face Taker himself later speaks volumes for his character, so nice job there. Might have been nice for him to talk a bit about how he's done Undertaker a treat a lot recently, just to get over just how much JBL's been on top, and to get over a bit more that JBL's a real cocky bastard. Still, served its purpose, and the massages were a nice touch.

See, I know you've said I don't have to finish this, but I feel that I really should, plus the fact that it's an enjoyable read. So tough. I'm finishing it. It's about time I repayed the numerous reviews you've given me.

The Benoit-Booker video package did a terrific job of getting across to me what's happened so far in the rivalry. Good stuff.

You showed some great knowledge of the likely in-ring psychology at the beginning of the match here with the submission attempts - you showed how Benoit was almost taking OJ lightly cause of the previous victories, plus having OJ quite wary of them, because he doesn't want to suffer the same fate as the last three times. Very nicely done here to play on their history. The rest of the match was also good, especially the Booker-ference, which felt very smooth and I could see it happening. OJ's struggle in the Crossface was fantastic to read - the emotion in it was brilliant. You made OJ seriously credible here by getting across his will and desire to not tap out to Benoit again, and it really stood out. Nice one.

*sigh* Taking it one match at a time. I'll get there. And btw, can't believe I got beaten by Stoj in the predo's. I demand a recount, tbh, this isn't possible.
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