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Re: WWE: The Platinum Era

Nige’s No Way Out Feedback

No pressure or anything, but I’m expecting a quality show!

I’m not a believer in opening videos for pay-per-views. They don’t really do anything for me, but I would say that I was glad you mentioned the all important upcoming WrestleMania in there. Obviously a lot is riding on several outcomes tonight and we’ll see the WrestleMania card come together somewhat. That’s also something to look forward to. The video was very clear and formatted well so we knew what was being said and what we were supposed to see. That particular format as good as I have seen for any similar video package.

The intro was good, and I think you did the right thing in spending most time hyping up Randy Orton’s role in the main event. I don’t think I’ve seen a WrestleMania challenger referee a No Way Out title match, and there’s a lot of intrigue in to how he interacts with Batista. The only problem is, the outcome of the match is all too predictable, so that takes some of the excitement away as we all know Orton’s not going to screw him out of the title.

Damn, I should’ve known the tag title match would open the show. I think I went with Benoit/Jordan in my predictions, and that was a bad move, just like picking Essendon last weekend against the Eagles in my accumulator. Bad times! Anyway, the hype from Cole about Matt & Moore’s history and comparing their bond to MNM’s was a good idea to talk up their chances. I thought the early going was good booking in terms of getting Moore over and make him look good despite the crowd’s pleas for Matt, as well as getting MNM even angrier by slapping them both. That was a good move to get some serious heat in to the match right off the bat. Moore’s early offence was good for him but it made Hardy look a bit stupid when Nitro quickly took away his momentum. It was a good momentum changer though as it captured Nitro’s anger well and allowed him to stomp the holy hell out of Matt, and then choking him to get that point across. I was surprised that Moore was put on a stretcher so early in to the match, but it was a decent idea to put a lot of heat on MNM and help the crowd really get behind Matt in the hope of a major upset. As we got to the closing stages, Matt’s comeback was good and realistic, and Nitro’s super kick to bring it to a halt just when it looked like the upset was on the cards was the ultimate moment killer. It was a great way to turn it back round in favour of the champions and to ultimately win them the match. It was a decent opener, and even though you did a good job with Matt sucking it up and looking in with a shot at the end, the inevitability of MNM retaining became all too obvious when Moore was stretchered out. I was waiting for him to tough it out and come back to make a contest of it, but that obviously didn’t happen.

Nice little teaser by showing Orton arrive in the arena. Getting everyone thinking about him and what he could do so early in the show is a smart move.

Kid Kash’s interview was very good and did a good job of getting his reaction to the possibility of him losing the title on a count out or DQ. I liked the comment about Teddy Long having his buddies as it certainly showed that Kash isn’t worried about mincing his words. In the first line from Matthews, “Kid Kash, after last month attacking Juventud and putting him on the sidelines with a concussion, you’re finally forced to face him one on one in a match where if you get counted out or disqualified, you will lose your Cruiserweight Title to Juventud.” I don’t think you needed to say the last couple of words as you already mentioned Juve and it didn’t sound right. Anyway, Kash came over really well and the history being brought up definitely helped us see the heat between the two men.

Wow, I can honestly say I never expected Albright to make Boogeyman tap and win within minutes. Putting aside the fact Albright was made to look awesome here, it was something that I wouldn’t want to see on a pay-per-view. It was kind of a cop out, and if I was watching this having ordered it, I wouldn’t be too happy. It was great for Albright against a big guy like Boogeyman, no doubt about that, but I don’t think this would have been popular in real life.

Finlay’s interview was really good. He came over as being very focused and incredibly determined, really selling his rivalry with Lashley. His character was great and matched Finlay when he was at his best. Having him not just address Lashley but Londrick was important as it was all about him & Lashley, and with the Bluebloods not talking, it would just reinforce the question as to why they & Londrick are even in the match. Good hype for the match and a damn good interview from Finlay.

Saturday Night’s Main Event getting some hype is always good. The main event between two champs is big, but we’ve seen the WWE go down the same road and make the show look like a waste. Make sure you don’t put on a show just for the sake of it.

I was sceptical as you know about the decision to make the six man tag team match, and I have to say that I didn’t like Finlay backing away from starting the match with Lashley. It’s something you would associate with a cowardly heel, certainly not Finlay, and even more so when you think back to his interview moments ago where he was describing what he was going to do Lashley. Getting Lashley off to a strong start was important as the match in essence was all about him, and when it did come to a halt, it was a nice resourceful and effective counter from Burchill. The flow of the match worked well, but I was amazed at the ending. I honestly didn’t see Lashley winning this by beating Finlay. I thought we’d have to wait a while and that you’d make it a big deal in a singles match. Given the fact he pinned Finlay clean, it surprises me even more that this wasn’t a singles match.

CM Punk coming to Smackdown is going to be huge, I feel it. It looks like you’re going down the usual route of The ‘Straight Edge’ Superstar for his debut and competition is his only addiction. It’s a good gimmick and I’m very much looking forward to seeing his debut, and to seeing if he will be a face or a heel.

JBL’s promo was very short but the point was made. I thought maybe you could’ve included Albright in this to make it longer and justify it a bit more, or have JBL talk about how he’s dominated Taker as of late because that’s a big deal going in to this. It was something different to just another interview like TNA do and some bookers do though.

The video package for the Benoit/Jordan match was again very clear, and you included all the right things. You didn’t overdo it and put a lot in to it like you could have, and it hyped the match up well. I have to ask why Jordan came out to Booker’s music, especially considering Booker & Sharmell weren’t there. I don’t understand why Booker wouldn’t be there either as there’s a hell of a lot riding on it, and Jordan is his protégé. I loved that you teased a quick win for Benoit again, but with Albright already getting one earlier, this was never an option. It was still funny though! Benoit’s fight back was intense, and you could really feel each chop. That was the best way to bring him back in to it. I never thought that I’d get in to this match, but I did. Jordan looked like a legit threat, and no more so than when he hung in the cross face at the end for ages. Before that, I thought the ref bump was well done in its execution and purpose. Some bumps are overdone, but this allowed Booker & Sharmell to get involved. It all led to a nervy and exciting finish, and gave Benoit the chance to take the world record for most german suplexes ever done by one man in one match. Seriously, there were loads of them! I began to question whether Benoit would win, and I liked that you used pretty much everything you could in the crutch and the belt, and it helped as Benoit defied them all to come out victorious. It was a great fighting display from him, and Jordan too. Jordan came a long way in this match, but Benoit’s win was the most important thing before, after and during. I also liked the show of respect afterwards too, and bring on Benoit/Jordan at Mania. This was by far the best match of the night so far.

Again, some good little segments backstage to hype their respective matches.

The Kash/Juventud promo also did a good job like it did on Smackdown to highlight their feud, and again it was very clear and easy to follow.

It was a good way to start the match off with Juventud letting everyone know just how angry he is, and it also showed us that Kash was taken by surprise. It gave him something to think about too, and you made the match a must see even before the bell started. I also thought it was good that you put Kash in that situation from him being so confident as we knew it was going to be tough for him with Super Crazy & Psychosis at ringside too. Kash’s quick reaction to take advantage was good and made it a real contest with them then battering the shit out of each other. The elbow and then the Air Juvi was a great spot too. I really liked that. Kash’s aggression throughout when he had the initiative was good, none more so than he was slapping the hell out of Juve and battered his head in to the turnbuckle, and the description was well detailed too. When Kash was dictating the match for so long, I felt he could maybe have been a tad more frustrated than he was. I always enjoy it when you think the face is about to turn it round, and the tilt-a-whirl backbreaker from Kash sure as hell had a lot of impact. When Juve did get back in to it with the sit out facebuster, it was a shame that they were both down for so long as I would have liked Juve to come back flying and put Kash on the back foot. The fight you had Juve put up was amazing at times. The german to the back of his head was sickening and I was expecting lights out for not just the challenger to the match there and then, and that created even more tension, making it an exciting finish when Kash missed the double jump moonsault. The super kick out of nowhere came as a shock, as did the fact Kash stayed on his feet, but it was a great set up for the Liger Bomb. I thought that might well of been that, but I’m glad you had Juve take that extra risk like he surely would, only to crash and burn. I think maybe you went over the top with the finish from Kash despite it fitting his sadistic character. Juve was dead to the world anyway and Kash had it wrapped up without having to resort to the drastic measures that he did. Another good match, but I think the Benoit/Jordan one had the edge.

Kennedy’s promo before the match set the tone well, and the “former midget champion” was funny. The start of the match was the classic Rey scenario, take some shit and catch his opponent half guard. There’s nothing wrong with that as it shows you straight away that you can’t underestimate Mysterio. The flow of the match was good throughout with Kennedy pretty much dictating and Rey hanging on. Kennedy dominated for longer than I thought, and when Rey got back in to it, it wasn’t for all that long. The step up enziguri was a good move to put in there, and the counter from the tornado DDT to put Kennedy back in charge and generate heat was clever. The build up to the finish was fast and furious, very entertaining to read, and Kennedy showed the frustration that I thought Kash should have when he told Rey to stop being a hero. The counter to the West Coast Pop was really good, and I thought that you could’ve wrapped it up there and then with The Mic Check instead of a roundhouse kick. I didn’t expect a few more of the momentum changes, and I definitely didn’t see the finish coming. I’m amazed Rey pulled it off, but if anyone could, it was Rey. He pulled off the underdog gimmick perfectly here, but I can’t help but wonder how Kennedy is going to react to this. They surely can’t have a rematch at Mania. Also, a near 30 minute match that isn’t a main event on a show where there are eight matches is a bit much. Still, a good match that really kicked in to life in the closing stages and a jaw dropping finish.

I think you had to include some sort of promo to get Orton’s thoughts about his role in the main event as that’s the main talking point of the night. It was clever in the sense that he didn’t rule anything out but implied that he would leave it to destiny. “I have a feeling that tonight, regardless of whether or not I do my job, destiny, will do its.” I don’t know why the “its” was in there at the end?

Where the other matches started fairly quickly, this didn’t, and with the way JBL’s been getting over on Taker, I’d have expected the dead man not to be so patient. I did have a chuckle at the feigned right hand and JBL hitting the mat. That was funny and got the reaction you would expect from JBL, and that finally got the match going. It was typical of JBL and believable that he would go for the Clothesline From Hell so early when he got the chance, but he was never going to hit it and rightfully so. I thought the counter to the old school was very effective in that it allowed him to take charge of the match from there. The viciousness of JBL where he drew blood from Taker seemed a bit random being that it came quite late in the match and had no real relevance. To be fair, the match then went on longer than I expected. There were some great counters, and the stand out was the running DDT from the dead man. You’ve clearly got a good imagination when it comes to the counters. The ref bump was fine, and I don’t particularly mind seeing a couple in one night as they’re an effective tool. Any more than two is overkill, but two’s fine. I have to say this is why I both love and hate being unfamiliar with threads as I have no idea why RVD screwed The Undertaker. I can’t wait to find out though, which is the good thing as I have no idea what to expect. What a brave man Mr. Van Dam is. Taker/RVD at Mania sounds good to me. Nice touch with the quick Teddy Long interview too. Offering him the spot on Smackdown to explain is sensible and announcing it now already makes us want to see Smackdown so much.

Like most of the matches, I loved the fast and ferocious start. With the rivalry that I’ve seen between Henry & Batista, and given what’s at stake, it makes sense for them to go at it before the bell. That immediately made everyone sit up and take note as well as making the point that Batista is in for one hell of a fight, just in case they somehow forgot about that. Henry really was dominant for a long time, and that made Batista’s comeback all the more impressive and exciting for the crowd. With the table looming, it was vital and more effective when he managed to avoid it. The brutality definitely helped the match and it sure as hell helped Batista get back in to it, and the steel steps in particular. When Henry took control again and got the two count after the shot with the chain, I was glad that you had him & Orton have an exchange to tease the possibility that it wouldn’t just be one sided between Orton & Batista. The spinebuster as a counter through the announce table was a great spot too, and sure would get the crowd going. HOLY HELL! The chair shot on Orton was awesome and I didn’t see that coming. By having Batista knock Orton out with the chair, you brilliantly teased the possibility further of Orton screwing him over. When Henry only got a two count later and told Orton to do his job, you’d have expected more of a reaction from Orton. The ending came out of nowhere but it was brilliant. You found a way to have Batista hit the Batista Bomb without having to lift Henry, which he wouldn’t have been able to do had Henry not been on the ropes. It was a great finish, although the aftermath was a bit of a let down. With Batista in such a bad way, Orton had the perfect chance to hit the RKO and send him a defiant message, even after they fought over the title.

Overall, the show was written very well. The format was clear and very easy to read, especially the recaps. I thought the show only got going from the Benoit/Jordan match, although I'm less bothered now than I was last night about Moore’s presence or lack of it in the opener. The Albright/Boogeyman match was something I just wouldn’t expect or want to see on a PPV. The ending to the six man tag team match further confused me as to why it wasn’t just Finlay & Lashley one on one. I’m not bothered as some may be with Rey beating Kennedy as it gives you the chance to book an angry and now undefeated Kennedy. I’m not all that fussed by the ref bumps either. Benoit/Jordan was the highlight for me as it wasn’t just a damn good match, it surprised me and made Jordan look very credible. The RVD run in also stands out as something that is going to be big heading in to Mania. With Taker/RVD, Batista/Orton & Benoit/Booker all pretty much nailed on, it looks like being one hell of a show. Judging by the quality of the writing of this show, I think you’re going to blow people away with Mania. Great job my man.

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