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Re: WWE: The Platinum Era

I've just read the buildup to No Way Out and No Way Out itself, it has to be said, the writing is absolutely fantastic. How long did it take you to write that?

MNM Vs. Moore and Matt Hardy: A good decision to MNM win and to go in to Wrestle Mania in my opinion, at any other time of the year I wouldn't have really been disappointed if Moore or Hardy won but with it being the buildup to WrestleMania I believe the best Tag Team on the roster should be going in to the event with the titles.

Brent vs The Boogeyman: It seems like an odd match to have on a Pay Per View but i'll put that more down to me not reading this from the beginning. It definitely had the right outcome and hopefully we will see a god push in the future.

Bobby Lashley, Brian Kendrick, and Paul London vs Finlay and the BlueBloods: A solid, entertaining match that put over the right people. Good booking in my opinion.

Chris Benoit vs Orlando Jordan : Only one outcome really which made me skim through this match instead of read it thoroughly. I don't have anything against Benoit winning though but hopefully he will face tougher opposition in the future.

Kid Kash vs Juventud: A very well written match and i'm glad Kid Kash came out as the winner, I wasn't happy with how he was booked in the WWE and i'm glad you're making a mends for this in your diary.

Mr. Kennedy Vs Rey Mysterio: The right outcome in my opinion for the time frame. Hopefully Mysterio will progress from this with some sort of momentum in a time period where he should be peaking.

JBL vs Undertaker: I think this was one of those matches where if it was a match at 'Mania I would have been pissed off with the outcome, but thankfully it wasn't and it sets up a good contest at WM.

Batista vs Mark Henry: Thank God Batista won, the thought of Henry - Orton at WrestleMania would have probably put me off the diary in the general. Looks like from a Smackdown perspective this is going to be one good WrestleMania.
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