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Re: Be the Booker Showcase Thread

2nd Match - Trios Tag Team Match
Jushin Liger, Akira Raijin, & CIMA w/Masa Chono Vs. Ultimo Dragon, Dragon Kid, & Tiger Mask IV
Jushin Liger informs his team that he'll be initiating the bout, while Dragon Kid jumps into the ring and prepares himself for the forthcoming encounter with the legend that is Liger. A stalemate occurs, with both men encircling one another, seeking a vulnerable spot. Assessing the situation, Liger remains stoic while anticipating a slip-up from Dragon Kid. The Kid, firm and balanced, attempts a lock up with the legend, but Liger counters and wrenches his arm, twisting it as Kid jumps about in a frantic bid to rid himself of the hold. He performs a front flip with ease and attempts to trip Liger off his feet, but the legend jumps and proceeds to trip Kid instead. Evading, the lil' dragon backflips and is able to escape his opponent's grasp, but the two attempt to one-up each other with a lightning-quick succession of leg trips and pinfalls. The failure of each attempt does nothing to deter either man, however. Dragon Kid rushes forth once more in a final effort to lead the momentum for his team, but Liger catches him off guard with a swift takedown! The Kid stumbles onto the mat, allowing Liger the chance to go for a more methodical approach. A kick to the shin precedes a more potent submission - the indian deathlock.

Keeping Dragon Kid off his feet and on his back - where he's more susceptible to punishment - is the name of the game, as Liger keeps the legs of Dragon Kid in a contorted and uncomfortable position while pulling on them ever so. The legend himself eggs Dragon Kid on, pounding on the mat to encourage him to endure, all the while keeping the hold intact. It's none the more strange, but within moments, he relieves Kid of the anguish. The fans clap as he shows some middling respect, extending his hand for Dragon Kid to grasp. The moment Kid does, however, Liger kicks him in the midsection for good measure and locks his arms around the kid's waist, lifting him up for a gutwrench suplex onto the mat! Such nature compels the audience to boo as Liger keeps his wits about him while Kid rolls out of the ring in humiliation, leaving the spot open for one of his allies. On the outside, Chono shouts in japanese and instructs Liger to keep cool once Tiger Mask IV rushes into the ring. It's quite clear that their prior engagements have not taught Tiger Mask well, for the moment he charges towards Liger, the legend lifts him and pivots him some degrees, slamming his opponent's back onto his knee in a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker!

Chono smirks on the outside, knowing full well Liger has hindered Team Ultimo Dragon's momentum single-handed. Mr. Black Jack instructs Liger to take Tiger Mask apart, and Liger does so without a hint of hesitation, unleashing a rear naked choke on the fourth incarnation of Tiger Mask. Unforgiving, Liger applies pressure while Tiger Mask gasps for some air. Desperate, he rolls Liger over and reaches for the ropes, but Liger attempts to roll him back. Such a futile attempt does not deter Tiger Mask's spirit, and in time, he does indeed grab a hold of the ropes, in which case the referee implores Liger to stop the submission. Having no choice in the matter, Liger heeds the referee's words, but before leaving Tiger Mask alone, he stomps on his head several times, receiving even more boos for such lack of sportsmanship. Backing up, Liger exchanges glances with Ultimo Dragon, and mocks the Dragon for being so idle. He motions for his rival to strike him from his position on the apron, but the Dragon ignores him. Such refusal causes the temperamental Liger to nail him with a right hand, forcing Dragon to take a stand and enter the ring!

The fans cheer as Liger backs up in some false sense of fear as Dragon motions to Liger to come and get some. Shaking his head, the legend rolls out of the ring, allowing CIMA to jump into the ring with great fervor and tussle with the Ultimo Dragon, one-on-one. Fresh and fired up for some action, he performs a superkick out of left field, but is caught within the Dragon's serpentine grasp. Clutching CIMA's leg parellel to the mat, Dragon spins and twists CIMA's captured leg in a dragon screw, causing the former Dragon Gate ace to fall off balance onto the mat. Once his opponent has fallen, Dragon locks in an inverted facelock while hooking his abled arm around CIMA's, pulling back on the neck with a patented dragon sleeper. Again, much like Liger did with Dragon Kid, Ultimo Dragon's wiles compel him to keep CIMA off his feet, as that is where he is most dangerous. Ensnared within the veteran's cold clutches, CIMA endeavors in escaping the hold; he pushes his legs forward and through this position, is curled up atop Ultimo Dragon while the hold is still applied. However, his feet are not aligned with the ropes, so it is to no avail... until Chono rushes over and aids in pulling CIMA's feet towards the ropes. As a result of Ultimo Dragon's elbows being on the mat, the referee sees this as a pinfall, but Dragon Kid comes in and interrupts, breaking up both the hold and the pin.

CIMA rolls out of the ring, his neck suffering from considerable pain. Chono alleviates his suffering with some reassuring, but Dragon Kid richochets off the springboard and lands on both men with a suicide dive, taking them both out! The pace quickens and chaos ensues as Akira Raijin gives it a go and upon entering the ring, releases an asian mist onto Ultimo Dragon's face! The fans jeer as the Dragon is blindsided, his sight obstructed. Laughing, Raijin mongolian chops his opponent in the back of the shoulders and the side of the neck, sending him falling down to a kneeling position. With such an opportune moment presenting itself, the protege of the Great Muta runs towards the opposite ropes and upon rebounding, he nails the Dragon with a high speed roundhouse kick to the side of the head! You'd think the Dragon was given a concussion, as he slumps onto the mat, lifeless and unmoving. Raijin takes advantage and hooks the legs - just a two-count! The fans cheer as Dragon shows an intense determination to see this match through, but Raijin lifts him up and irishwhips him towards the ropes, giving him no time to rest whatsoever. Upon the Dragon's return, Raijin wraps his arms around his torso and lifts him up, chucking him over his head with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex!

Merciless, Raijin continues his assault, unleashing a plethora of stiff kicks to the center of Dragon's spine. Such raw force causes him to retreat to the outside, whereupon Tiger Mask IV comes back into the foreground, refreshed and recharged. As the fourth incarnation of the legend encircles Raijin, the protege of the Great Muta brushes him off and turns his attention to Liger, motioning to tag him in. However, Liger shakes his head in refusal and alerts him to turn around - Raijin is clocked in the shin with a stiff kick from Tiger Mask upon returning his focus. A forearm to the back, a knee to the midsection, an elbow to the shoulder, and a final powerslam, with the head driven to the mat, silences Raijin's arrogance for the time being. A cover is made, but a two-count does not give Tiger Mask the response he wanted. A quick cut-throat gesture to the crowd gives them a signal of what's to come, and once Tiger Mask has lifted Raijin off the mat, he nails him with a pumphandle Tiger Suplex! Cheering can be heard as Raijin is bridged over for the pinfall attempt... Liger comes in and interrupts the pinfall! Booing can be discerned as Liger proceeds to throw Tiger Mask out of the ring via the tights. Leaning against the ropes, he points at the fallen Tiger Mask and shakes his head in disapproval, but is soon thwarted and done in. The perpetrator? Dragon Kid. Learning from his rather short encounter with Liger in the beginning stages of the match, he jumps up and wraps his legs around Liger's head, and with some effort, propels him off the ropes with a headscissors takedown.

Liger drops off the apron and lands head first onto the flooring outside of the ring, where Tiger Mask awaits. However, no amount of pain can keep him down, as he soon regains his footing and his composure. Alas, such recovery is a waste, as Dragon Kid, using the momentum of the ring ropes, slingshots off the top rope and corkscrews in the air, colliding with Liger on the outside with a corkscrew senton! The fans cheer as the Kid rolls off of Liger upon impact and stands back on his feet, unscathed. Raising his arms, he basks in the cheers of the crowd, but is knocked off his feet due to a shoulder block to the back from an irritated Masa Chono! In japanese, he lambasts and curses Dragon Kid before stomping on him with no hint of reservation. Tiger Mask sees this as a blatant cheap shot and takes no prisoners, clocking him with a stiff forearm smash, sending him down to the hard surface. Meanwhile, on the inside, CIMA and Ultimo Dragon become the legal men, squaring off once again. Seeing this as a chance to right his previous mistake against the Dragon, CIMA waits for him to strike instead of doing so himself. Such a method becomes clear to the Dragon, and thus he encircles his protege, ever confusing him with multiple 360 movements. Fortune, however, does not favor CIMA, as once the two lock horns in a collar-and-elbow tie up, the Dragon traps him in a side headlock.

CIMA attempts to break the hold, and does so in throwing his former mentor against the ropes, but the tried and true vigor within Dragon begins to swell; after he jumps and rolls over CIMA upon return, he shoot kicks him in the shin and follows up with a spinning heel kick to the side of the head. Once his former student has landed on the mat, he kips up, but CIMA imitates this and does so as well! In a stand still, the fans cheer for both men's lack of abandon. CIMA and Ultimo Dragon exchange glances with one another; an aura of mutual respect consumes the student as he stands across, reposed and idle, from his former master. The respect, however, soon dissipates in favor of contempt as CIMA charges, but his momentum backfires as Dragon evades, forcing CIMA to collide with the turnbuckle! Having impeded his former student, Ultimo Dragon stiff kicks him several times before lifting him atop the top turnbuckle. After doing so, he climbs the turnbuckle himself and stands behind CIMA before twisting around and drilling him to the mat with a Dragonsteiner! The fans cheer as neither man can stand after such an impact from the top rope. Dragon Kid and Tiger Mask IV encourage and clap for Ultimo Dragon from the apron and implore the audience to do the same, and indeed, the audience chants, "Let's go Dragon!"

Upon hearing such overwhelming support, Dragon closes in on CIMA and covers him... a kick out at two! Surprised and dumbfounded, he questions the referee's count, but instead of procastinating and complaining, he persists in keeping CIMA parellel to the mat, following up with a figure four necklock, again exasperating the damaged neck of his former student. From the apron, Liger urges CIMA to endure, and endure he does, even if the aggravation is overbearing. As Ultimo Dragon compresses the air flow in CIMA's neck, the former Dragon Gate ace attempts to fight it off, but can't seem to find the drive to do so. He doesn't capitulate, however, and instead grabs Dragon's legs and tries to keep them at a distance from his neck. With effort and patience, he relieves himself of the hold and counters with a submission of his own - an inverted cloverleaf! Shouting in japanese, CIMA applies pressure to the spine of the Dragon as he attempts to avenge his prior mishap. The hold, however, doesn't last long, as his victim finds solace in grasping the ropes, in which case the referee warns CIMA to halt his actions. The referee begins counting for a disqualification as the warning is disregarded in favor of pursuing more punishment. Once the count reaches three, CIMA releases the hold, which causes the Dragon to roll out of the ring in discomfort, giving Tiger Mask the chance to avenge him.

Upon entering the ring, the fourth incarnation of the legend bombards CIMA with stiff shoot kicks to the knees and follows up with a thrust kick to the torso with the sole of his foot. CIMA stumbles onto his knees, but is given no reprieve, as Tiger Mask succeeds with an immediate spinning heel kick to the head, sending his opponent down unto the canvas. A pinfall follows, but CIMA kicks out at two! The former Dragon Gate ace, through all the headshots, still has a bit of fight in him, but the Tiger prowls in the background, like a predator in wait. As CIMA comes to, the fourth incarnation of the legend places him right hand on CIMA's back and nails him with rapid fire kicks to the side of the head, each subsequent shot more potent than the last. With so much force behind the final kick, CIMA is sent rolling across the mat, his head throbbing and compulsing. Before Tiger Mask could finish the job, however, CIMA rolls out of the ring. Masa Chono, tired of remaining on the sidelines, climbs up on the apron and heckles Tiger Mask, which prompts the referee to deal with him. This distraction leaves Tiger Mask susceptible to a vicious running boot to the side of the head, thanks to Akira Raijin!

The red ghost's teeth seethe, his maniacal smile hinting no doubt as to his demented nature. The master has taught the student well. Wasting no time, he goes for the pinfall, but the Tiger kicks out at two! Without hesitation, the protege of the Great Muta lifts up the fourth incarnation of the legend and strikes him with a stiff forearm shot to the head, following up with an open palm chop, and another, until the Tiger becomes disillusioned and staggers to the side. In such a state, the Tiger is irishwhipped towards the ropes, but upon return, he is elevated and pummeled with a blunt chop to the head while descending! The fans make some noise as Tiger Mask crashes down onto the mat, but the red assailant continues to attack him, choking him with his thumbs pressed against his neck. A twisted delight consumes Raijin, his windows of vision ever widening and his mouth salivating as he deprives his victim of air. The referee attempts to break up the chokehold, but Raijin continues on, possessed. As a result, the referee begins counting to five, but a call from Liger compels the red ghost to stop the illegal maneuver and take a breather. The match reaches its climax here...

Finale: The brisk pace of the earlier engagements prove to be nothing more than warm-up for the finale. Yet again, as if due to divine intervention, both Liger and Dragon Kid are standing opposite each other. Liger slaps his shoulders and motions for Dragon Kid to bring it. Such provocation does not go unnoticed, for the Kid is eager to show this insidious legend a thing or two about respect. He rushes towards him in a frenetic bid to silence him, but Liger goes for a lariat! It's a no go, as the Kid ducks and rebounds off the opposite ropes, but Liger himself evades with a quick fall to the mat, which causes the Kid to jump over him and rebound again off the ropes, but upon return, he jumps on Liger, wrapping his legs around his neck in a headscissors position, but instead of one revolution, there are several, and on the final one, he somehow reaches over and maneuvers around Liger's head with his arms and plants him with a vicious tornado DDT onto the mat! The fans cheer as Liger's head connects with the mat, leaving Dragon Kid to afterwards roll and flip back up to a vertical base.

Such athleticism leaves the fans wanting more, but he soon comes undone as Akira Raijin enters the ring and dispatches him via an unexpecting running reverse STO, driving his face onto the mat! Booing ensues as Raijin hisses and stomps on his fallen opponent in aggression like a vehement viper, but the snake soon comes to fear the ferocious tiger, for the fourth incarnation of the legend sweeps into the ring, intent on cleaning house. Out of impulse, Raijin backs up against the turnbuckle, but out of nowhere comes CIMA for the rescue; he jumps off the springboard, looking to hit Tiger Mask with a leg lariat, but the resourceful tiger catches him in mid-air, latching onto his right leg and arm! In succession, he locks his left arm around CIMA's right arm in a chickenwing and wraps his right arm around CIMA's head and lifts him up, falling backwards in order to drill the top of his opponent's head onto the mat with a crossface chickenwing suplex, which garners a cheer from the crowd!

Following this hellacious maneuver, CIMA rolls out of the ring, incapacitated for the time being. Meanwhile, Raijin attempts a clothesline to take out Tiger Mask, but the tiger ducks and instead, dropkicks the protege of the Great Muta, which sends him over the ropes and out of the ring! Undeterred, Akira Raijin regains a degree of footing upon landing, but Tiger Mask is quick to action; with catlike reflexes, he slingshots off the ropes upon sensing Raijin's return to a vertical position, and collides on top of him with a slingshot somersault plancha! The fans pop as both men crash on the ringside floor. As the chaos subsides, one man enters the ring to combat Jushin Liger - his longtime rival, Ultimo Dragon. The planets align for this one moment, as this is the first time the two have crossed paths in the match since. Liger cracks his knuckles and encircles the awakened Dragon with patience and precision, calculating his movements down to each individual joint movement. The once sleeping Dragon, however, remains ever calm, cool, and collected; he is but still, himself attempting to find a vulnerable spot in Liger's movements.

After some deliberation, the two lock up in a collar-and-elbow tie-up, but Liger outmaneuvers the Dragon and wraps his arms around his opponent's torso. With some momentum, he pushes the Dragon towards the ropes, but as he attempts to roll him up, his rival grabs onto the ropes, leaving Liger to stumble, but not for long. The ultimate Dragon rebounds off the ropes, but Liger falls to his stomach, allowing Dragon to jump over him and once again rebound off the opposite ropes. Upon return, however, Liger grabs a hold of his arms and lifts him up with his legs, resulting in a sunset flip. The Dragon is propelled into the air and rolls over Liger, but lands on his feet! Both men continue to have their hands clutched together, however, and both men are bent backwards with their spines parellel to the mat, neither supine. In such an awkward position, both men proceed to stand up, still within each other's grasp. Once the rivals are in a vertical position, the hold is released! Liger makes the first move, nailing Ultimo Dragon with a chop across the chest, following up with a subsequent irishwhip towards the ropes.

Their encounter quickens pace as the Dragon makes a surprising backflip leap off the springboard and connects with an inverted facelock upon reaching Liger, driving his head back-first down onto the unforgiving mat with a modified Asai DDT! Such precision garners a roaring cheer from the crowd! Not a moment too soon, he hooks Liger's legs for the pinfall, but obtains just a two-count as a result of interference from Akira Raijin! The crowd boos as Raijin lifts the Dragon up, locks in a standing armbar and finishes with a lariat takedown for good measure! The referee tries to control the situation, but Raijin just shakes his head and smiles in a demented fashion. Not all hope is lost, however, for Dragon Kid enters and takes justice into his own hands, running towards Raijin and jumping forth, locking in a headscissors before taking him down with an armdrag! Rolling out of the ring, the protege of the Great Muta does not escape Dragon Kid's advances, as the Kid launches himself off the top rope and lands on Raijin with a moonsault!

The crowd eats up the action as Jushin Liger recuperates and takes notice on a fallen Ultimo Dragon. Ever encroaching, he signals a quick cut-throat gesture, receiving a mixed reaction from the fans. He places his rival between his legs, lifts him up high, and slams his back hard upon the mat with a patented Liger Bomb, or a sitout powerbomb! The Dragon is pinned!

1............................ 2............................ NO!

Through a stroke of luck or perhaps karma, Ultimo Dragon kicks out! Stunned, Liger pounds on the mat like a spoiled child in anger and frustration. The crowd cheers and chants "Let's go Dragon," as Liger's penultimate rival, with painful effort, crawls towards redemption. Meanwhile, on the other hand, Liger wallows in disbelief as he attempts to ascertain the meaning behind this foul-up. Shaking his head, he rushes towards the Dragon in a blind rage, but is subdued with a unsuspecting small package!

1............................ 2............................ Liger uses Dragon's own momentum against him and rolls him over for his own roll-up!

1............................ 2............................ 3! Liger and his team steals it!

Winners: Jushin Liger, Akira Raijin, & CIMA @21:41

Author's Note: IMO, this tops what I've done thus far. I applied what I know of puro and lucha libre, and meshed it together for this match. I had fun writing it, and I hope it's well received. It's the first full match I've written in quite some time. You'll have noticed some homages and allusions to past puro matches involving the combatants in the match, so I hope no accusations of "OMG plagiarism" come up because it's intentional. Hope it was a good match - I tried to make it as meaningful as I could without too much reliance on spots, but I did want it fast paced throughout with little slow moments. Could that have hurt the match's structure? Sure, but I like it how it is.
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