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Re: WWE: The Platinum Era


World Heavyweight Championship; Street Fight; Special Guest Referee: Randy Orton:
Batista (c) vs. Mark Henry
For the obvious reason.

Rey Mysterio vs. Mr. Kennedy
So he can look strong heading into his MITB win.

The Undertaker vs. John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield
By DQ ofcourse, so that way he can request a WM rematch.

Cruiserweight Championship:
Kid Kash (c) vs. Juventud
Have him drop the championship @ WM imo.

Chris Benoit vs. Orlando Jordan
Set up for the Booker T-Benoit match.

WWE Tag Team Championships:
MNM (c) vs. Matt Hardy & Shannon Moore
Why have them lose to such a jobber team?

The Boogeyman vs. Brent Albright

Six Man Tag Team Match:
Bobby Lashley, Paul London & Brian Kendrick vs.
Finlay & The BluebloodsBluebloods pick up a suprise win meanwhilst Finlay & Lashley brawl the fuck out of each other.[/B]

Bonus Points:
What will be the match order? See above. The first match being the one at the bottom.
How many titles will change hands? None.
Who will take the fall in the six man tag match?
Will there be any surprise appearances? If yes, then by who? Paul London.
What will be the longest match? Kennedy & Mysterio.
What will be the shortest match? Undertaker & JBL
Will Randy Orton truly call the main event right down the middle? Yeeeee.
How many pinfalls/submissions/other finishes will there be? 7 Pinfalls, 0 Submissions, 1 DQ/other

Not Removing Until ….

· Randy Orton &/Or John Cena move to Smackdown!

· Drew ‘Crowd Killer’ McIntyre drops the Intercontinental Championship.

· Undertaker runs a program with Chris Jericho;

· CM Punk & Randy Orton both recapture a world championship!

· The Miz gets pushed to the Main Event.

· Kofi Kingston’s Jamaican-ness is dropped completely!

· I buy ‘The Adventures of Bobby Ray’ Album.

· I find out what really happens on LOST

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