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Re: WIWA: World International Wrestling Alliance

JR: Ladies and gentleman welcome to the New Haven Colliseum here in New Haven, Connecticut. A huge show for you tonight including the start of a tournament were 8 men will face off one on one, four men will advance and four men will be eliminated, and its for the right to face Eddie Guerrero at ROR! The competitors facing off tonight are newest WIWA signing from the WWE- Kurt Angle vs Randy Orton and Chris Benoit vs Ultimate Warrior.

King: Its gonna be a wild ride and can you hear me over this defeaning crowd here in New haven JR?

JR: Just barely King, just barely. Coming up now is 8-Ball vs Ken Shamrock.

Match 1: No DQ Singles Match
Participants: 8-Ball vs Ken Shamrock

8-Ball gets a nice pop. Shamrock gets some major heat. 8-Ball brawls with Shamrock on the rampway and suplexes him on the ramp. Shamrock holds his back in agony. 8-Ball picks a trash can from under the ring and the crowd errupts. 8-Ball cracks it on Shamrocks head putting a major dent in the bin. Shamrock is bleeding and is thrown back in the ring and covered for 2. 8-Ball whips Shamrock to the ropes but Shamrock comes back and chops out 8-Balls leg. Shamrock controls the leg for about 10 minutes! but cannot put 8-Ball away. This frustrates Shamrock who waves to the back and out comes Buff Bagwell, and the wrestling returns of the Big Bossman and Test! They all mug 8-Ball until the old DOA( Disciples of Apocalypse ) music hits and out come Chainz, Skull and Crush on motorbikes, armed with lead pipes. They enter the ring and clean house. 8-Ball and Chainz deliver a double DDT on Shamrock as Skull and Crush watch to make sure no one hops back in to interfere. 8-Ball covers 1-2-3!

Match Time: 13m 52s
WINNER: 8-Ball

JR: Unbelievable King, the DOA are back!

King: Yeah JR but so are Test and the Big Bossman!

JR: I am told now that Roger Walker is now standing by with Chris Jericho.


Roger- Jericho how do feel being entered in the WIWA Heavyweight Tournament, but you still hold the International title? Whats going on?

Y2J- Well you see Rog, Y2J is going to become the first ever dual champion in our buisness, and all the Jerichoholics will be behind Y2J all the way!

Crowd errupts

Y2J walks off

Match 2: Singles Match in the WIWA Heavyweight Championship Tournament
Participants: Randy Orton vs Kurt Angle

Orton gets a huge pop, Angle gets some major heat and the usual you suck chants as well. Both men lock it up and Orton gets the advantage and takes down Angle with an armbar. Couple of armdrags then back to the armbar. Orton flips up and Angle rolls out of the ring. Angle looks in disbelief as Orton tanuts and the crowd goes wild. Angle comes at Orton from behind but Orton has it scouted and whacks Angle with a clothesline. 1-2- Angle gets the shoulders up. Orton hits a german suplex on Angle, then a second, then a third with a bridge, it almost gets the 3! Orton then does a suplex and then a belly to belly and Angle rolls out of the ring again holding his back and staring at Orton in disbelief! Orton taunts Angle to come get him some and Angle says NO and starts to walk up the ramp. The ref counts to 10 and Orton wins via count out. As Orton climbs the buckle and taunts Angle comes back down with a steel chair and viciously assaults the leg of Orton, crushing it with another chair, then putting on the angelock before giving Orton the Olympic Slam! Angle walks up the ramp with an evil smile on his face as the EMT's come down to attend to bloodied and bruised Orton.

Match Time: 3m 18s
WINNER: Randy Orton via countout

Orton is put on a stretcher and taken backstage for further treatment. The crowd is dead silenced and give Orton a standing ovation as he is stretchered off.

JR: I cant believe that Kurt Angle, just because someone out wrestles you at the start of a match dosent give you the right to do what he did to Orton, Orton may not make it Friday in his condition!

King: I'll agree with you there JR, but why did Angle get counted out in the first place, he had a chance to win that match and advance.

JR: Its just poor sportsmanship and the lack of goodness inside that man.

Match 3: 8 Man Tag
Participants: Road Dogg, Syxx Pac, Billy Gunn & Konnan vs Dudley Boyz, Maven & Christian

DX2000 gets a massive pop, Christian and Maven get heat, Dudleyz get no reaction. Syxx starts things off with Maven. Both men trade chops and right hands then Syxx unleashes his kick combo and that knocks Maven down. Maven tags in D-Von. Syxx kicks away and buckles D-Von's leg. D-Von egts up and takes Syxx down and stomps away. D-Von slams Syxx then tags in Chrisitan. Christian gets a wheel kick and Christian tags in Bubba. Syxx is taking everyone down. Bubba overpowers Syxx. Bubba gives Syxx a clothesline, powerslam, back body drop, flapjack, elbow smash and a sideslam and pins Syxx but Gunn interferes to break up what would have been a 3 count. Syxx gets dominated for about 8 minutes.
Maven blocks a kick by Syxx but Syxx counters into a dragonwhip, which has both men down.Crowd claps for Syxx to make a tag which he does to Billy Gunn.
Billy comes in and cleans house throing clotheslines everywhere. He sends Christian over to the outside and powerslams Bubba. Then he gives D-Von the Fameasser. Maven attacks Billy from behind but Billy hoists Maven up in a military press and throws Maven out onto Christian. Bubba gives Billy the Bubba Bomb and the brawl breaks out all over the arena. Maven and Christian seem to be in control but from under the ring the Hardy Boyz put out with ladders! The Hardyz then clean out Mavens team leaving Road Dogg to pumphandleslam D-Von and got the 3!

Match Time 13m 46s
WINNERS: Road Dogg, Syxx Pac, Billy Gunn & Konnan

JR: What a great match King, the Hardyz getting some revenge from the other week when their triangle ladder match was interrupted. They destroyed all of DX's opponents with their ladders leaving Road Dogg with an easy pinfall to make!

King: Yes JR but the Hardyz shouldnt have gotten involved, they arent on the card tonight. I expect both the Dudleyz and Maven & Christian to retaliate will full force though!

A video package is shown of how Benoit made Ultimate Warrior tap out at our first ever PPV in the 10 Man Gauntlet match for the WIWA Heavyweight Championship, later won by Eddie Guerrero.

Match 4: Singles Match in the WIWA Heavyweight Championship Tournament
Participants: Ultimate Warrior vs Chris Benoit

Benoits music hits and the crowd errupts, Warriors music hits and you could hear the ovation from the other side of the world! Crowd are confused who to cheer for. Both men shake hands at the start of the match, which is much appreciated by the fans. Benoit immediatley goes to work on Warriors left arm. Benoit smacks it against the turnbuckle and then does a jumping armbreaker from the top rope. Right after this he locks in an armbar and then drives some knees into Warriors arm.
Warrior fights out and is now overpowering Benoit. Warrior goes for the body press but his left arm gives way and Benoit puts in the Crossface on Warrior. Warrior screams and yells in pain and manages to reach the ropes. Benoit breaks but immediatley tries to latch the Crossface on, only to have Warrior elbow Benoit on the jaw. Benoit is bleeding from his lips. Benoit goes for the Crossface again but Warrior uses his power and thrusts Benoit to the outside. Warrior gets some recovery time and when Benoit gets back on the apron Warrior suplexes Benoit back into the ring. Warrior pins and gets a 2 before Benoit kicks out. Warrior goes for the body press again but Benoit takes Warrior down by the arm and locks in the fujiwara armbar. Somehow Warrior gets up and gives Benoit a sideslam. Warrior gets up holding the arm and starts slamming Benoit repeatedly, this includes a wheelbarrow suplex at the end of about 7 scoopslams. Benoit kicks out at 2. Warrior gets Benoit up but Benoit fights out and chops away at Warrior before Warrior clotheslines Benoit down.
Both men have pummeled each other for over 10 minutes now and fatigue is setting in.
Benoit goes for the sharpshooter but Warrior rolls Benoit up and almost gets the 3. Benoit looks at the ref and realizes he was almost gone from the tournament. Benoit knocks down Warrior with repeated attacks then goes for the Crossface but Warrior counters into a chokeslam! Warrior puts an arm over Benoit but Benoit just kicks out. Warrior cannot believe it. Warrior nails the body splash and covers Benoit but again Benoit kicks out. Warrior looks at Benoit in disbelief and then goes for another body splash, but this time Benoit gets his kness up and blocks it. Warrior is holding his ribs as Benoit hits the triple german suplex combo and signals for the diving headbutt. Benoit gets up and glides through the air, crashing his head onto Warriors weakened left arm. Benoit covers but Warrior kicks out and the crowd errupts.
Benoit cannot believe it. Benoit wants to put the sharpshooter on again but Warrior pushes Benoit through the ropes to the outside with his tremendous leg strength. Both men are down. 22 minutes and running. A classic matchup here.
Warrior is up and Benoit chops out the knee and puts the sharpshooter in. Warrior has taken over a minute in the sharpshooter before he grabs the bottom rope. Benoit breaks and looks for the Crossface only to have it countered into another sideslam. Warrior then powerbombs Benoit and looks like Warrior has it done. Cover. 1----2---- Benoit raises the shoulder off the canvas! Warrior slaps the ring repeatedly and shows the ref how to count to 3. The ref said he got 2. Warrior gets Benoit up for the body press and he gets it. Then Warrior gets him up for another body press but Benoit pokes Warrior in the eyes and locks in the Crossface again! Warrior withstands almost 3 minutes in the Crossface before he finally taps out. The New Haven Colliseum errupts. Chris Benoit will advance in the tournament. Both men get to their feet clearly fatigued and injured, both are bleeding also. Warrior extends his hand to Benoit and Benoit shakes it then they hug.What a moment. The crowd claps them as they both taunt in the ring together. Moments like these are priceless in wrestling.

Match Time: 31m 44s
WINNER: Chris Benoit via submission

JR: That is without a doubt one of the greatest matches of all time, in any wrestling company period!

King: Absolutley unbelievable JR, thats an instant classic and a definate match of the year contender for us

JR: No doubt King, we'll see you next week for Explosion folks
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