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making my storyline

this is my storyline from royal rumble till mania

on the smackdown right after royal rumble a mysterious man in a black leather coat waz shown walking threw the back stage at a smackdown show. the main event for this smackdown featured the winner of the royal rumble randy orton teaming with kurt angle to take on big show in a handicap match. earlier that show big show waz in the back complaining about how he is the largest athlete in the world and should be in the mania main event. during the middle of the match with randy orton and kurt angle dominating the match all of a sudden the lights go out. then 2 minutes later the lights come back on and big show is laying on top of angle and randy is on the outside of the ring completely knocked out. big show picks up the win. the next week on smackdown big show boasts to teddy long about how he beat the olympic medalist and the royal rumble winner at the same time. teddy long says that big show will have to wrestle them both in 2 seperate matches tonight, and if he wins both he would face jbl for the title at no way out. the first match would be show v angle and the second will be randy v show. big show picked up a victory over angle via dq b. c angle waz so pissed that he waz about to loose the match, he threw in a chair and knockd big show out. then big show waz battered and bloody for his next match against orton. so after a long fite orton finially hit the rko wen just then the lights dimmed again and wen they came back on big show as on top of a knocked out orton, and picked up the victory. at raw the next week a man waring the same leather coat as the man on smackdown waz shown leaving the raw show with a gym bag full of wrestling atair and got in a car and took off. on smackdown the next week teddy long waz convienced it waz a raw guy interfearing with smackdown matches so he told the masked man in the leather coat to be at the ring by the end of the night nd that teddy had a contract for him. just as the main event ended which waz randy orton and john cena fighting to a no-contest. the lights went out and the sound of triple h's music hit and out walked the multiple time raw champion hhh!! he told teddy that he knew exactly who the masked man waz and he knew him very well..so teddy assumed that he waz goin to sign the future hall of famer raw superstar to a contract to smackdown..teddy asked hhh to sign the contract. hhh laughed in his face and said that he waz way to good for smackdown but someone else on raw wanted to jump ship to smackdown..wen hhh told the leather jacket man to enter the ring out came...shawn micheals! micheals said that he could beat every man on smackdown in 1 year and he would prove that so he grabs the contract from long and signs it. randy orton climbs in the ring and says that micheals has cost him many matches over the past weeks so he would put his number 1 contenership on the line at no way out inside of a hell in the cell..........

at no way out the champion jbl lost his championship to the big show, show waz estatic b.c he waz finially champion and now everyone knew that he waz not only the biggest wrestler but he waz the best...
then in the main event inside the cell orton and micheals fought with crimson "paint" all over their bodies but just wen orton was about to rko another legend out came kurt angle! angle beat both men within inches of thier lives...both men passed out and could not answer the count of 10

over the next 3 weeks of smackdown angle, micheals, orton told the crowd that they were the greatest and they deserved the contendership. after 2 weeks of these 3 goin at it long makes a huge main event for smackdown...a triple threat match. angle v micheals v orton for the undisputed number 1 contendership..

at the end of the match all three men were beatin half to death but were still fighting when all of a sudden the lights dimmed and out ran a man in a leather coat, and a mask! he ran to the ring and ripped threw all three men. wen this new leather jacket man seemed unstoppable out came the champ big show and big show revealed that this waz the REAL man in the coat from before, and that he had jumped him before the night started. then angle, micheals, orton, and big show teamed up and removed the mask...it waz none other than hhh! then wen the mask waz revealed all 5 men continued to beat the hell out of each other...teddy long ran to the ring to stop the carnage and he announced the main event for mania...the first ever 5 man tlc match! big show(c) v randy orton v kurt angle v shawn micheals v hhh for the wwe smackdown championship............you can take it from there

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