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Re: Being The Booker

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Hey Wolfy, long time reader, first time reviewer. Now I love the lead in to the the show, I love the fact that Coach is on commentary because he has always been one of my favorites. Other than that, I am really suprised that you actually chose to open the show with Cena and Angle, as it would of probably gone better in the second half of the show if you ask me!

First blood, good decision and I just want to say, I love the way that you have used Kurt Angle in this thread, seems a lot of people like to use the intense Angle and I love it. Now onto the match!

The actual match was great, even if it lacked a bit of description in it but it is only a weekly match so who cares. This match did what it was supposed to do and that is to continue the rivalry between Cena and Angle. This was a straight up brawl and that was really nice to see because you don't see many of them in this day of Be the Booker. The great thing about this match was that it was there to progress the feud, and increase the animosity, which it certainly did... even if it didn't need it.

Wow, this is just weird. I love the mentor thing with the match, but as you said it is basically just a filler match! Goldust yelling out and distracting Cody made for this match to actually mean something, I am looking forward to the King of the Ring stuff!

I really like this group and the Black Diamond for Shelton is excellent. You use Theodore Long as the mouthpiece really well and as much as I would like to see Shelton win the World Championship, it is pretty obvious that he won't. Push him more plz.

The match in itself was good and you used the situation well but the main thing that is on my mind, is what you will be doing now with Tyson Tomko. It looks like you are focusing on the losing streak aspect of the storyline and I hope that you can incorporate Matt Hardy some way into the storyline, I want him pushed so make it happen!

The Santino Marella promo was good and I like the way you portrayed Bischoff in this promo, I must say I chuckled.

Blindfold Match, really? It was pretty obvious what was going to happen eventually so yeah, Umaga interfering is a good thing, as I don't think I could of read another second . Anyway, the fact is, I like the way you have this feud going, but when are they actually going to face, I am getting antsy. Really glad you have Armando in your thread, always loved that character!

The Triple H promo was well, awesome, although, I did not really like how the promo ended, the running down of the happenings and the events really made me see that Hunter meant business and you really had me sucked in that he was going to retire. I reckon that you should of just left it at the game is not over. The Brock Lesnar bit could of been left out, because I think it would of been better as a suprise, still looking forward to what will happen with him though!

The Mister Kennedy promo is something that I loved, I am really liking the use of Bischoff and you know that a promo is good when you can just picture what is happening. No complaints on my end.

This match was good and it really progressed the storyline with Melina and Alexis Laree. I expecter her to lay down till the strap mach was announced and than you just knew something was up. Laree snapping should make for good continuance!

Nice Video Package, that is all!

Ooo, not much to comment on, but it does not matter. This should be interesting the way you handle this promo, good luck with it.

The match was awesome and I am glad to see that Santino got a contract because you could go somewhere really good with this if it dne right. I did not expect Rhino to come out, but he and Mysterio will be able to do some really good stuff which should be good. I like the idea of using the Tables Match to your advantage as well.

Ooo Ladder Match <3

Looks to me like you are setting up a massive push for Tomko and that will be good. Even though I am really sick of seeing Tomko in a team, I think you should be able to do something really good with these guys! Good Luck! I am really looking forward to this match!

This match was great, I loved the spotfest and the idea of sending the Brotherhood to the back really got Shelton over as a real threat for the title when it comes time for him to challenge. But you have made my job that much hard, now I don't know who I want to win the Beat the Clock Challenge. Kennedy or Shelton (if permitted).

Overall, I picked a great show to start reviewing your shows, this was great and even if I never read the entire way through, I always scan your thread for awesome bits of information. The roster is getting stronger, and even though you lost Triple H from the Main Event, you may have added to it with the possibility of adding in Shelton and Kennedy! I wasn't dissapointed with this showing, and I hope that you can bring something special to the table for the King of the Ring, I'll be reading.

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