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Re: Being The Booker

RAW Feedback

Starting the show off with the Bisch, reminding us what tonight is all about is a good way to start things off. The commentators also did a pretty nice job of shilling the show and the concept, while we also got to see the normal Coach awesomeness.

Just a small thing here, but shouldnít the wheel be backstage so the segments where the wheel is spun can be pretaped, and actually rigged so that what you would want would be forced to come up. I know having the wheel out there adds an exciting aspect, but from a booking perspective, itís kind of unrealistic.

Kicking the show off with Cena vs. Angle? Damn, thatís got to be close to the biggest possible opener that you could have. The First Blood stip is one I like, because itís rarely used, is effective in a heated rivalry like this, while it certainly isnít a feud closer, as it usually leads to a bigger and more brutal gimmick match (Last Man Standing most of the time). To have two intense guys like Cena and Angle going at it makes it even better. Really nice brawl to kick the show off here. Liked how you altered both menís offense and didnít make this at all a wrestling match, instead making it a brawl with some cool spots, especially with the announce table. Dirty win for Kurt is good, because that, along with the post-match brawl, guarantees this feud is set to continue on.

Ugh, poor Regal. Guy has been getting a bit of a raw deal since he beat Marella, and this really epitomises it. Smart choice of a match for Cody here though, as it does allow for his albeit strange storyline with Goldust to continue (although I guess any angle involving Goldust is going to be strange). @ Regal ordering Scotty to not do The Worm. Goldust distracting Cody and ultimately costing him the match with his idiotic coaching keeps this sidestory going, while at least Regal got to pick up a win here, even if saddled with Scotty.

Awesome intensity between Cena and Angle by keeping their brawl going. Good to see you really keeping the heat in the feud up.

Nice promo from Teddy, hyping up how hard The Brotherhood has had to fight for this chance, and how good Shelton is, along of course with the main event very well. Long was consistent throughout, and I especially liked Christian being the ďgreat white hypeĒ while Shelton is the ďgreat black hopeĒ. Clever line, capping off a good promo.

Ugh, poor Tomko is stuck in a major rut here, looking like a major jobber. Nice use of the falls count anywhere stipulation with the match, and while itís good to see Hardy getting some wins to avoid just jobbing to the stars, I still think he needs direction, and hopefully a solid showing in King of the Ring provides that. Tomko, on the other hand, needs to stop jobbing, because heís far too awesome for that.

Marellaís last chance? Surprised youíre seemingly killing off a comedy character when youíve got the Goldust/Cody thing happening elsewhere. Still, Santino is probably best served not taking up air time that could be better used on others actually worth the time, so him being kicked on out probably isnít a bad thing, assuming he loses to Rey.

Mike Knox is another really talented guy, but by the no entrance, Iím assuming heís further down the food chain than Tomko. @ Coach saying Blindfold matches suck. Very true. Normally, I wouldnít be overjoyed at seeing one, but this obviously served the purpose of allowing Umaga to attack Michaels again. The assaults have been nice, as Iíve said, but I still also think this needs to progress with a promo from Shawn Michaels, calling Umaga out so they can have a real face to face confrontation. Maybe next week? Fingers crossed.

Not sure how I feel about Tripper being here, because as Iíve said, weíre still yet to get a McMahon free night since they were overturned at Backlash. Nice to see Tripper really putting Christian over as having what it takes and being the better man who deserved to be champion, especially by saying Christian had done something to Tripper that had never been done before. Also a very good way to explain why Tripper is taking some time off, and almost turning him face in the process by admitting he hasnít been the best and he has had to cheat, which he didnít want to need to do. The way he talked up his possible return was pretty good too, although Iím a little surprised by Lesnar being the motivation for the return. I mean, with him on SmackDown! now and Triple H seemingly headed for a face turn, I donít see another match happening between the two. Still, some good, high intensity stuff from Tripper.

Kennedy not even waiting for Trips to have walked all of the way up the ramp? Seems like he has been interrupting Trips and Steph a hell of a lot lately, and that canít just be coincidental. Kennedy completely running down Tripper was pretty good here, the character being pretty much spot on, and again, making it seem like theyíre destined to feud in the future. Quite like the attitude weíve got from Kennedy with him wanting to get his mic time as quickly as possible, wanting the ball now. Calling out Bischoff and demanding the number one contender spot? Good to see him getting some real direction, rather than just being the guy who wants the ball. Kennedyís attitude with calling it his show was nice, and his rant on why he is deserving was good too. Exchange between Bischoff and Kennedy was nice, with KK making his intentions clear by not accepting a spot in the King of the Ring. The Beat the Clock Challenge has never been done in this thread? Surprising with how long it has been around. Leaving it at that with Kennedy getting what he wanted was a smart way to end what was a pretty good promo, especially on KKís part. If I had to make a guess, Iíd actually be betting on Kennedy to win this Beat the Clock Challenge, since all of RAWís other headline stars seem to be occupied. Maybe weíll even see some Tripper interference at Vengeance against KK.

Nice little rundown of the happenings from the commentary team, keeping it all fresh in our mind.

Good way to show Laree snapping, which had to happen so the storyline could progress further and Beth could get involved. Nice little match, achieving its aim of allowing Laree to go absolutely crazy and push Melina to revealing her secret.

Small promo from Melina, but it promises us the big part of this storyline, which should be good. A promo to really look forward to next week.

Tables Match between Mysterio and Santino? There had to be one on the card since itís the type of gimmick match that suits this show. Santino looked basically squashed here ... until Rhyno interfered? Damn, he hasnít been around since Iíve been reading. A feud with Mysterio places him in a pretty good spot on the card too. Surprised you had Marella win, as it seemed like he was certainly gone, although Rhyno returning is interesting. Not entirely sure about the finish, as the rules have always been you have to be put through the table by your opponent, who Rhyno obviously wasnít, but still thatís not the big thing here.

A Ladder Match? What a surprise.

X-Pac and Tomko? Well, at least this means Tomko is sticking around, but I seriously canít see anything happening should these two join up. They look like theyíll be very low on the totem pole of RAW.

I like the idea of kicking The Brotherhood out from ringside before the match even begins, because for Shelton to get a real rub with Christian, a clean match with no interference is going to be best. I wonít say much on this match, other than that it was a very nice spotfest, with Benjamin landing on the ropes on his feet being probably the highlight, even if very difficult for him to do. Liked that Benjamin got a lot of offense in, making him look like a star who can go at the top level and is destined to do just that one day, while Christian gets a good title defence under his belt. Good way to end the show.

A very enjoyable show which I found to be better than last weekís in more ways than one. Obviously, it had the exciting feel of RAW Roulette, but what I found a lot more important here is that weíve gotten some real feud progression from this show, and some things to really go on with from last week. The midcard on RAW looks to be getting stronger and stronger, with the return of Rhyno now adding to it, and the main event scene, while not at full strength, looks to be good with Cena and Angle feuding, and possibly Kennedy going for the title. As I said, good show, and Iím glad to see things moving along strongly.

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