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Re: WWE: The Platinum Era

Smackdown Review

Similar to Raw, this is my first time really reading a SD! from you, so with that said, let’s get everything under way shall we?

Batista vs. Henry with Randy Orton as the ref, and pretty much the man to determine who he will face at Wrestlemania is great especially since the match is going to be a street fight. Should be one hell of a main event. The first few lines I seemed to stumble over a few words, however the sentence structure got much better as Batista explained his feud with Henry. It seems you have built up Henry good, however I’m still not buying he could be a great main eventer, or he could even win the championship for that matter. Henry saying his wording was good, because Batista got a bit sidetracked by Orton when he should really be focusing on Henry. Orton coming out I originally wanted to see some more craziness but then I realized this was o6’ Orton so the cockiness of Orton was placed perfectly. All the small little details of smirks, and such was good and added much more to his side of things. Just one thing you have Orton saying “Rey Mysterio & Batista vs. Mr. Kennedy & Rey Mysterio”. Just change that to the real main event.

Good little interaction right here by the two competitors for No Way Out. MNM vs. Hardy and Moore, is tough to call, however MNM to be seems to be the more legit team even though Hardy and Moore were able to counter the attack of MNM and gain some momentum for themselves.

Long and Kash: I did enjoy the little description of how we got to this point where now we have a match between Kash and Juventud. Anyway an interesting stipulation, to punish Kash a bit more I think instead you should have had Kash in a match. I feel that Juventud is getting punished by having a match. If Long doesn’t like Kash, wouldn’t he place the champ in action with two days to spare before a huge match?

I like the team you have assembled for the Bluebloods. I was a bit surprised that Lashley and Finlay didn’t get into any scuffle during the match but whatever. Anyway I like that Finlay seems pretty legit in this thread, and is going up against someone like Lashley, who I always loved in the E.

Kennedy promo was pretty good, and Kennedy seems to be on a tear as he defeated a former champion last week in Benoit, which is good to see. The stealing of the show remark by Kennedy was a bit odd to be, considering he called him a human highlight reel? Wouldn’t you call him something along the lines of a “Stealer of the Show.” I guess that is not much better but that was a bit odd to me, as for the rest Kennedy’s cockiness was on point.

Two promos, in a row…alright I guess. Orlando Jordan as the protégé of Booker T is something I like. The whole respect thing a two way street was a great analogy since these guys have been wrestling together for so long and such. Booker calling him a Punkass Bitch, was a bit strong, but I guess screw whatever the rating of the show is, but Booker was very strong, and then out comes Benoit. LOL at Benoit calling Sharmell manly and calling Booker SUCKA!! That was pretty golden right there. With Booker injured, I really like Orlando vs. Benoit and if Benoit wins he is next in line for the title. The only problem I seem to be having is so far tonight up to this point we have had three matches booked on the fly it seemed. This one, Kash vs. Juventud, and Kennedy vs. Mysterio. I just feel you’re leaving yourself no room for hype in these matches.

A third straight promo….really? I usually like promos stretched throughout. Maybe split up a match in here in between. Juventud maybe here? Anyway JBL promo was really on point, and I enjoyed it a lot. I’m not too familiar with The Cabinet, but I like how JBL makes a guarantee, they will be standing tall at No Way Out.

No surprise by the win by Juventud, as it was a good match. With the stare down, maybe would of liked to hear what Kash has to say since he is at the announce table with Cole and such, get to get his thoughts as both men are doing the stare down.

Mysterio promo was excellent, talking about how he has always been considered the underdog, and how size doesn’t matter. Really, it doesn’t have much to do with Kennedy since he doesn’t have the size of let’s say a Taker or Henry, but the way Kennedy has been on a tear as of late, I guess Mysterio is still considered a huge under-dog. I like Mysterio saying he is going to steal the spotlight this Sunday at No Way Out a nice way to close the interview up.

MNM Promo: Eh, maybe should have left this out. We didn’t even get to hear from the champs, but instead Melina the whole time. I felt you could have easily saved this little speech for NWO, to be honest. Nice little touch with partying with Paris and J’Lo lol.

I was very surprised by JBL and Brent picking up the win. Especially JBL pinning Taker was simply amazing. Three weeks now JBL has conquered Taker. One thing Jillian was taken from Boogeyman, wanted to at least know if Brent beatdown Boogey to get Jillian back unharmed as it seemed when all of them were walking back up the ramp. Otherwise a very flawless match, and a huge surprise. However I am expecting JBL’s luck to run out, as Taker has been getting owned as of late.

Punk to SD! Simply cannot wait.

Main Event: First you went to a commercial break, maybe signify it in the thing, with the way you usually place your commercial breaks. Anyway it was a very good main event, the ending kind of tripped me up a bit, how was Kennedy restraining Batista when he was on the ground from a right hand from Mysterio about a few seconds ago. Anyway besides that I really enjoyed Orton seeming to screw Batista. Henry and Kennedy both have all the momentum heading into NWO. I do like the stare down between Orton and Batista, and nothing other than that. This is good to show, Batista won’t let his hatred for Orton get the best of him, and this also makes us have no idea how Orton is going to call the match, because Orton could have just as easily RKO’d Batista during the stare down but I’m glad he didn’t.

Overall: Well like I said my first Smackdown, and with Henry as the top guy on SD! challenging Batista it is very unique, and it wasn’t bad. He looked strong, as a matter of fact the whole show in general was good. Anyway it was a good read, I wasn’t lost at all, as you gave great descriptions of stuff that was going on in the past. My only problem possibly was the promos, at one point three in a row. I felt there was a lot more talking than actual wrestling, but all in all it was good and I can’t wait for NWO.

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