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Re: WWE: The Platinum Era

February 17th, 2006 | The Scope; Norfolk, Virginia

We open the show with a replay of last week’s happenings, with a particular emphasis being put on Michael Cole’s comments on how big the show is because the scheduled World Heavyweight Title contest between the champion, Batista, and the challenger, Mark Henry. We cut from that to see both men in the ring, the referee raising the title in the head, before we see scenes of the two men slugging it out, with highlights of Henry’s offense coming first, namely the pounce, avalanche splash and World’s Strongest Splash, before we see Batista make a comeback with the diving shoulder tackle from the top rope, diving clothesline and counter into the Spinebuster, leaving the screen to go black as we hear the referee’s count only reaching two. Batista is shown in a state of disbelief as he looks to follow up, clotheslining Henry over the top rope, with a short brawl eventually leading into Henry dismantling the announce table, then going after Batista and getting SMASHED IN THE HEAD WITH A STEEL CHAIR! The referee calls for the bell, DESPITE THE BLOW NOT TAKING HENRY DOWN, as Batista then starts to brawl with the big man, taking him down as staff rush out to ringside. This is followed with SmackDown! General Manager, Theodore Long coming out and announcing that the two will face off one more time with the title on the line in a Street Fight at No Way Out, with a special guest referee who reveals himself to be Randy Orton! The last thing we see is the smug smile of the 2006 Royal Rumble winner, leaving us to fade away from the video package.

And we now get the mandatory opening montage that features the SmackDown! superstars, before we cut to ringside and see pyro explode all over the stage. We pan around the arena, seeing the crowd go wild, holding up signs and acting crazy, before settling down on our SmackDown! announce duo of Michael Cole & Tazz.

Michael Cole: An air of excitement runs through the arena tonight as we are just two nights away from our final Pay Per View stop on the road to WrestleMania 22. Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Friday Night SmackDown!, I’m Michael Cole, joined here at ringside by my partner Tazz, and partner, could there be a bigger feel to tonight’s SmackDown! with just two days remaining until No Way Out then there is here tonight in the sold out Scope?

Tazz: I dunno’, Cole. This place is off the chain! These people are here, and they’re excited to see some SmackDown!, and heck, who can blame ‘em? I’m excited to see some myself, especially with just two nights to go until No Way Out.

Michael Cole: Well at No Way Out we know that for one final time, our main event will be Batista, defending his World Heavyweight Title against ‘The World’s Strongest Man’, Mark Henry. But as we learnt last week, that’s not all these is to it. Not only is that match a Street Fight, but it also has a special guest referee, the winner of the 2006 Royal Rumble, and the man who will challenge the winner of the No Way Out main event in the main event of WrestleMania 22 for the World Heavyweight Title, ‘The Legend Killer’ Randy Orton!

Tazz: That’s gonna’ to be crazy, there ain’t no doubtin’ that, Cole. But what about tonight’s main event? The two men Batista and Mark Henry will be on opposite sides of the ring, along with possible No Way Out opponents, as Batista teams with his good friend Rey Mysterio, to take on Mark Henry, and Mr. Kennedy!

Michael Cole: That match is set to have implications on No Way Out for sure, in more ways than one. But we can’t forget that last week Rey Mysterio challenged Mr. Kennedy to a match at No Way Out. What will Kennedy’s answer be? We’ll have to hear from him tonight at some stage to find out.


The crowd ERUPTS into a huge ovation as the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista storms out onto the stage, not overly dressed tonight, instead wearing a pair of jeans and a merchandise shirt, with the World Heavyweight Title over his shoulder. Having played to the fans on both sides of the stage, Batista moves to the centre of the stage, then begins to walk down the ramp, before stopping to set off his pyro.

Michael Cole: In two days time, this man Batista has possibly his biggest challenge in facing ‘The World’s Strongest Man’ Mark Henry in a Street Fight, an environment which you would think would suit the violent challenger, but perhaps Batista’s biggest worry, perhaps the man who is taking most of Batista’s attention is the special guest referee for that match, Randy Orton.

Tazz: There ain’t no doubt that Orton has gotta’ be firmly implanted in Batista’s mind. I mean, these guys are old buddies from Evolution, they know each other well, and well, they don’t like each other! Batista is gonna’ think that he can’t trust Randy, and a lotta’ people would say that you can’t blame the champ for thinkin’ like that.

Batista now walks down the ramp pretty quickly and climbs up into the ring, holding his title up in the air before receiving a microphone.

Batista: Y’know, normally ... normally, comin’ out here, and I’d feel a lot different. I mean, last week, I had a match for MY World Heavyweight Championship ... and I walked out of that match, STILL World Heavyweight Champion.


Batista: Usually, a title defence, that has me pretty psyched, it has me excited. But this week, nah, I’m not feelin’ so good about that.

‘Tista pauses and takes a few steps around the ring, moving back and forth, before stopping back where he began.

Batista: Don’t get me wrong. Bein’ the World Heavyweight Champion, it means everything to me, it means the world to me. But that match last week? Nah, it’s just not cuttin’ it. I’m not feelin’ too good about it.

Pause from Big Dave.

Batista: These past few months, they’ve been tough. They’ve been REAL tough. Mark Henry ... he hasn’t made my life easy. Each and every time I’ve stepped into the ring for him, I’ve known I’ve been in for a battle, I’ve known I’ve been in for a war. But it’s more than just that. It’s more than just the fact that Mark Henry is one of the toughest men you will ever find, more than just that he’s ‘The World’s Strongest Man’. This thing between me and Mark ... it’s personal.

Batista pauses.

Batista: Every time I’m out here, every time, I’ve gotta’ watch my back. I’ve gotta’ have eyes in the back of my head, because Mark Henry will not miss a chance to hit me from behind, and try to take ... me ... out.

Another small pause.

Batista: And do ya’ know why he does this? According to him, it’s because I have somethin’ that he wants. He says he’s doin’ it all ... for this.

Batista raises his title into the air.

Batista: For days ... for weeks ... for MONTHS, Mark Henry has been jumpin’ me from behind, ASSAULTING me, doin’ everything he can to take me out ... all for this. Last week, I got a chance to end all of that. I got a chance to not just beat Mark Henry, but to see off his challenge last week ... for good. And y’know, I went out there, and I tried to do it, but just like it has always happened throughout my life, my emotions, they got the best of me. And like I said, I’m not happy about that. I’m not happy at all about that. That is NOT what I set out to do last week. But y’know, somethin’ else that happened last week does have me feelin’ a little better about things. Two words ... two, sweet, words ...

Batista pauses, a smile now coming across his face.


Big pop from the crowd.

Batista: My whole career ... no, my whole LIFE, the one thing that I’ve had problems with, the one thing I’ve struggled to do ... is keep ... my temper. The one thing I’ve been unable to do is control myself. To let things go. Last week, I showed that again. I let my emotions get the best of me, and it cost me the chance to get rid of Mark Henry for good. But each cloud has its own silver lining, and mine is that in two nights ... oh yeah, in two nights, I can LET my emotions take over. I can LET myself lose control. I can unleash ... ‘The Animal’.

Huge pop.

Batista: Mark, you’re big, and you’re bad, I’ll give you that much. But you’ve already shown your hand. You have already shown me EVERYTHING that you can do to me. You’ve thrown it all at me. And look at me, Mark, look at me. I’m still standin’ here. Everything that you’ve thrown at me, everything that you’ve done to me, I’ve stood through it all, and I’ve remained World ... Heavyweight ... Champion.

Another big pop.

Batista: So Mark, you’ve done all that you can, you’ve thrown everything you’ve got at me, and I’ve withstood it. But what happens when I do all that I can? What happens, when I show you what I’m truly capable of? What, happens, when I show you just how BIG and BAD I can be?

The crowd roars, loving the intensity of ‘Tista.

Batista: What will happen ... this Sunday?

Batista smiles and again begins to pace the ring.

Batista: I’ll tell you what’ll happen. I will walk IN ... to No Way Out, World Heavyweight Champion ... and I will walk OUT of No Way Out ... STILL ... World ... Heavyweight ... Champion!

Another very favourable reaction.

Batista: I will PROVE that I am the king of this jungle ... that is, if the man who is supposed to keep order this Sunday, Randy Orton, stays OUT of my way.

Mixed reaction for Orton.

Batista: Don’t get me wrong. I understand why Teddy has appointed a special guest referee. I know, a Street Fight, with me and Mark Henry, yeah, that’s a dangerous environment. But Randy Orton? Teddy, the man is a cocky, conniving, SELFISH son of a bitch, and if you think that he’s gonna’ be out there lookin’ out for ANYONE other than himself ... well then I guess you just don’t know Randy well enough. I do, though. Everyone knows the story ... me and Randy ... together, in Evolution. Trust me, Teddy, I know Randy better than anyone else in the SmackDown! locker-room, and choosing him to keep control of a match? Choosing him to stay impartial? It’s a big mistake.

Mixed reaction.

Batista: So here’s ...


The crowd erupts into a huge heated reaction as the man who will challenge Batista this Sunday for the gold, Mark Henry marches out onto the stage in his wrestling gear with a look that could kill. Henry is quick to make his way down to the ring and receive a mic, standing right in front of his foe as he clutches it.

Mark Henry: Randy Orton? RANDY ORTON? Big man, Randy Orton is the least of your worries.

Heat as Mark stands down ‘Tista.

Mark Henry: You think I’ve given you all I got? You think that this Street Fight favours you? Do you need me to remind you what I did to you at the Royal Rumble? Do you need to be reminded that I broke you in half? Yeah, I got DQed, but this Sunday ... this Sunday that ain’t gonna’ happen, that can’t happen, so what makes you think I’m not gonna’ break you in half ... all over ... again?

Heat as Henry smirks.

Mark Henry: Y’know, I’m gonna’ give you some credit, big man. You’ve been tougher than I thought you’d be. I thought for sure that I’d already have that belt ‘round my waist. But that doesn’t matter, ‘cause this Sunday, I’m gonna’ fix that, and prove that I, not you, but I, ’The Silverback’ am the king ... of the SmackDown!, jungle.

Big heat as Henry smirks again.

Batista: Oh yeah? Is that right?

Mark Henry: That’s right.

Batista: Well let me tell you somethin’, Mark. I do remember what happened at the Royal Rumble. I do remember you crushing my body in amongst the rubble, the destruction that you caused. But y’know what? That doesn’t ... scare me. It motivates me.

Big pop.

Batista: I’m not scared of you, Mark. I’m not afraid. You try, you just try to do what you did to me at the Royal Rumble, but know this ... the ONLY way that you’re gonna’ take this title from me is if you take it from my COLD, DEAD HANDS!

Massive pop, as Henry steps forward and starts to get right into Batista’s face.

Mark Henry: Well maybe that’s what I’m goin’ to have to do. Maybe I should give you a preview of this Sunday.

Batista: ... Try me.

The two men continue to stare each other down, the animosity between them seemingly set to explode.


The disappointed crowd unload with big time heat as the winner of the 2006 Royal Rumble, Randy Orton walks out onto the stage, looking as cocky as ever, a microphone in hand ... and a referee shirt on. Wasting no time in talking, Orton begins as he walks down the ramp.

Randy Orton: Gentlemen, gentlemen. Calm down. Save yourselves ... for this Sunday.

Orton now climbs up into the ring and stands between the two men.

Batista: What do you want, Randy?

Randy Orton: What do I want? Dave, you misunderstand me. I’m not out here for myself. No, I’m out here for the two of you. I’m out here ... to maintain order.

Orton smiles as the crowd boos his arrogance.

Randy Orton: I mean, let’s face it. The two of, you need me out here. You can’t control yourselves. Just last week you were tryin’ to tear each other’s heads off. What kind of a referee ... what kind of a person would I be, if just two days away from your match, just two days away from No Way Out ... what kind of a person would I be if I let you two go at it now?


Randy Orton: I’m not out here to annoy you, Dave, nor am I out here to annoy Mark. I’m out here because I care. I’m out here because without me, the two of you wouldn’t make it ... to No ... Way ... Out. So think of me as your saviour, think of me as your guiding light, because I fully intend to guide the two of you and maintain control over you this Sunday at No Way Out.

A pause from Orton, as he looks at both Henry, and then with more intensity, at Batista.

Randy Orton: And y’know, Dave, I heard you ... I heard what you said earlier. I heard that for some reason ... for some, unknown reason ... you think I’m going to screw you this Sunday.

Heat as Orton again pauses.

Randy Orton: Now, I have no idea where you would get these ideas from, but Dave, let me tell you, I will not screw you this Sunday, nor will I screw you, Mark. I have no reason to. All I want to see is a good, fair contest, and I fully intend on making it that, I fully intend on calling that match right ... down ... the middle.

Mixed reaction.

Randy Orton: Now, as far as that preview goes that were talkin’ about just before, Mark, y’know, I agree. That’s right, I agree, I think we should have a preview for this Sunday, and that’s exactly what Teddy Long has let me have, because in tonight’s main event it will be Batista & Rey Mysterio vs. Mr. Kennedy & Mark Henry.


Batista: We already ...

Randy Orton: Uh, Dave, did I ... did I say I was finished? Was I done?

Orton smirks.

Randy Orton: That’s better.

Orton pauses, his eyes gleaming.

Randy Orton: Tonight it will be Rey Mysterio & Batista vs. Mr. Kennedy & Rey Mysterio ... and the special guest referee will be me ... Randy, Orton!

Big mixed reaction as Orton smiles.

Randy Orton: Gentlemen ... good luck, and I’ll see the two of you ... later tonight.


Orton continues to smirk, dropping his microphone with a thud before backing out of the ring, leaving both Henry and Batista to look on at him as we head off to a commercial break.

*Commercial Break*

We return from the break at ringside with our esteemed commentating crew.

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Friday Night SmackDown!, live here from the beautiful Norfolk, Virginia, and what a start to the night we have seen partner! Not only will Randy Orton be refereeing the Street Fight for the World Heavyweight Title between Batista and Mark Henry this Sunday, but tonight he will have his very own warm-up as a referee in the match between the team of Rey Mysterio & Batista and Mark Henry & Mr. Kennedy.

Tazz: An’ y’know, I think it’s a good call from Teddy Long. Randy Orton is a changed man, you heard him say it himself, an’ tonight, he gets a chance to prove that, not just to all the fans, but to Batista and Mark Henry ahead of this Sunday.


The crowd gives a decent pop as The Mexicools make their way out on their Juan Deeres, represented here tonight in tag team action by Super Crazy & Psychosis. The two ride down to the ring and do a quick lap of the ringside area, slapping hands with Tazz on the way through.

Michael Cole: Later tonight the third member of The Mexicools, Juventud will wrestle his first match in over a month when he faces Jamie Noble, but Tazz, a big test for Shannon Moore & Matt Hardy right here as they team for the first time in over two years to face the established team of Super Crazy & Psychosis.

Tazz: A big test is right, Cole. These two guys work together as good as anyone, and you don’t wanna’ be caught in first gear against these guys, because they’ll take advantage of it with their speed and quickness.

Tony Chimel: The following contest is a tag team match, and it is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, weighing a combined weight of 435 lbs, Super Crazy & Psychosis, The Mexicools!



The crowd now gives a very positive response as Matt Hardy & Shannon Moore energetically make their way out to the top of the ramp, Hardy flashing the V1 sign, while Moore just plays it up to the fans at ringside. The duo make their way down to the ring with the same energy, slapping hands with the fans before climbing up into the ring and continuing to play to them.

Michael Cole: These two men grew up together, going to the same school in their hometown of Cameron, North Carolina. Tonight, for the first time in over two years, they team up just two days ahead of their shot at the WWE Team Champions, MNM. Tazz, how crucial is this match in the landscape of things for Matt Hardy & Shannon Moore?

Tazz: This is a big match for Moore & Hardy. Usually, it takes two guys awhile to get on the same page as each other, and these guys have gotta’ do it in just two days. The good news for them is that they knew each other well, but tonight should be a measure of how far that’s gonna’ get them this Sunday.

Tony Chimel: Their opponents, from Cameron, North Carolina, weighing a combined weight of 440 lbs, Matt Hardy & Shannon Moore!

The two teams look set to face off until ...


The crowd gives some very nice heat as the red carpet is rolled out and the WWE Tag Team Champions, MNM parade out onto the stage, surrounded by the paparazzi. The trio swagger their way down the ramp, before stopping and looking up into the ring at the four men who stare right back at them.

Match One ~ Tag Team Match: The Mexicools vs. Matt Hardy & Shannon Moore

With two face teams involved in this match, we see a mutual sign of respect from the two starting competitors, Shannon Moore and Super Crazy, as they shake hands. The two men then go at it for the first few moments in a fast-paced manner, using their cruiserweight stylings to counter one another, before, after a series of quick pin attempts, both men nod at each other, then tag in their respective partners. Much like Crazy and Moore at the start of the match, Matt and Psychosis shake hands, before engaging in battle, with Hardy gaining the initial control due to his superior size. Psychosis, knowing he can’t win if he allows the match to continue in this way, begins to speed things up, catching Hardy with a few arm drags, only for Hardy to show how nimble he is by hitting some arm drags of his own and taking control for his team.

This allows Hardy & Moore to show their abilities as a team, as they tag in and out in the early going and use tag team moves, reminiscent of The Hardy Boyz, until Psychosis is able to change the momentum by scoring on a running Moore with a leg lariat, after Moore took his time to exchange insults with MNM at ringside. Despite being faces, The Mexicools work more of a heel game here, staying on top to build sympathy for the face. However, the luchadors refuse to cheat and Super Crazy actually wards Melina off at one stage, buying an unknowing Moore a slight reprieve as he fires off rights to the midsection of Crazy, before running off the ropes, only to be met with a dropkick. Despite taking all of this punishment, Moore still shows the will to fight, and he looks to eek out a win when he rolls through with the force of a crossbody block from Psychosis, gaining a two count. Both men then get back to their feet with Psychosis immediately going for a clothesline, only for Moore to duck and run up the corner ... THEN CONNECT WITH THE HALO!

The crowd clap both men on as they struggle towards their corners, looking to enter their fresh partners into the match ... which they both do successfully! Hardy, the fresher and more frustrated of the two, charges out of the blocks, immediately scoring with a succession of clotheslines, then lifts Crazy up, and whips him off into the ropes and scoring with an elbow on the return that knocks Crazy down to the mat for a two count. Immediately looking to follow up on that move, Hardy kicks the rising Crazy in the midsection and this time sends him to the corner, leading into him charging in after his foe, and scoring with a corner clothesline! However, instead of going for the bulldog, Hardy hears the shouts from across the ring of Shannon Moore, prompting him to drop to his knees as Moore runs across the ring ... AND THEN CONNECTS WITH THE POETRY IN MOTION! Super Crazy is on jelly legs, and Hardy takes advantage, now scoring with a bulldog. Super Crazy springs right up, holding his face in pain, but Hardy is ready and quickly hits the side effect! He now signals for the end, waiting for Super Crazy to pull himself up one last time ... as Psychosis looks to enter the ring ... BUT MOORE SENDS HIM TO THE FLOOR FROM THE APRON WITH A RUNNING DROPKICK ... AND HARDY NAILS THE TWIST OF FATE ON SUPER CRAZY! Hardy makes the cover ... and gets the three!

Winners: Matt Hardy & Shannon Moore via pinfall @ 5:43


Tony Chimel:
Here are your winners, Matt Hardy & Shannon Moore!

The crowd gives a good pop as Hardy & Moore get back to their feet and have their hands raised into the air ... BEFORE THEY ARE SUDDENLY SENT DOWN TO THEIR HANDS AND KNEES AS THEY ARE HIT FROM BEHIND BY MERCURY & NITRO! The tag team champions stomp away on their challengers for this Sunday for several moments, before Melina climbs up on the apron and tells them that it’s time for the Snapshot.

The duo smile as Nitro goes after Moore, lifts him back up and throws him through the ropes, although Moore does not land on the floor, instead landing on the apron! Nitro, however, does not notice this, turning back to the centre of the ring and waiting alongside his partner as Matt Hardy struggles to his feet. Slowly but surely, Matt starts to get there, and the two members of MNM ready themselves ... MERCURY LIFTS HARDY ... BUT MOORE SPRINGS OUT OF NOWHERE AND TAKES NITRO DOWN WITH A BIG CROSSBODY BLOCK! Mercury, still holding Hardy up, turns around to see what has happened ... AND HARDY SLIPS FORWARD AND HITS THE TWIST OF FATE!

The crowd goes nuts as MNM roll from the ring, with Melina gathering up their remains while hardy, holding his head, receives a microphone.

Matt Hardy: MNM ...

The crowd pops as Hardy breathes heavily.

Matt Hardy: Let that preview of what’s to come this Sunday, because just like we’ve done these past few months, me and Shannon ... we’re gonna’ embarrass you one ... more ... time!

Nice pop.

Matt Hardy: And we will become, the NEW WWE, Tag, Team, Champions, because no matter what you do, like our heart, and our passion, we will, not, die!


The crowd cheers as Hardy drops the mic and hugs Moore, before the two make the classic signal that shows that they want the gold.

Michael Cole: Oh my, a message sent right there from Matt Hardy & Shannon Moore, direct to MNM! Not only did Hardy & Moore look impressive in defeating The Mexicools, an already established team here on Friday Night SmackDown!, but they have also beat MNM at their own game, laying out the tag champs after they attempted to attack their challengers for this Sunday night!

Tazz: This thing has just kicked up a notch, Cole. I’m not gonna’ deny that Hardy & Moore were impressive, because really, they were, but they’re gonna’ have a tough time tryin’ to top my buddies MNM at No Way Out, no matter how high they’re flyin’ right now.

We see who are possibly the next tag team champions standing in the ring once more, before heading out to a break.

*Commercial Break*


We start off the video package by seeing Kid Kash defeated Juventud for the Cruiserweight Championship at Armageddon by hitting him with the Dead Level. A tired Kash is then shown holding the belt up following the victory.

Cut away to the January 20th SmackDown!, where Kid Kash is backstage with Josh Matthews.

Josh Matthews: Kid Kash, tonight we find out who your challenger for the Cruiserweight Championship will be at the Royal Rumble. Going into the match between former champions Juventud and Jamie Noble, do you have any preferences to who you want to win?

Kid Kash: I’ll give it to both Noble and Juventud, they’re world class cruiserweights. Jamie Noble’s one of the toughest sons of bitches not just in the WWE, but in the whole world, and Juventud, well he was the best cruiserweight around these parts ... until I got here that is. So while I’ll watch the match, you better believe I ain’t scared of either of these men. All they’re doin’ by winnin’ is sealin’ their fate at the Rumble.

Cut forward to the match between Juventud and Jamie Noble, with Juventud picking up the win thanks to the Juvi Driver and becoming number one contender to the gold. Kash then climbs into the ring and shakes hands with Juvi ... BEFORE SMASHING HIM OVER THE HEAD WITH A TITLE ... AND THEN KICKS HIM SQUARE IN THE TEMPLE AND DRILLS JUVENTUD’S HEAD DOWN INTO THE TITLE WITH THE DEAD LEVEL! Kash smiles and raises the gold, standing over the body of Juventud as agents and medics rush from the back.

Now on the January 27th SmackDown!, we see Kid Kash walk into the office of SmackDown! General Manager, Theodore Long, smirking away.

Theodore Long: I’d wipe that grin of mah’ face right now if I were you.

Realising that’s probably a good idea, Kash does just that.

Theodore Long: Now I’m sure you know why you’re here, so there’s no real reason to beat ‘round the bush. Last week, your actions were unacceptable. As a champion you are a leader of the locker-room, and last week, your actions were nothin’ short of despicable. For a week now, I’ve wracked mah’ brain, thinkin’ just how I should punish you. I considered strippin’ you of your Cruiserweight Title, but then I went back on that. I considered SUSPENDIN’ you, but that wouldn’t be fair on the rest of the cruiserweights; you’re the champ, after all, and after what you did, not only do they wanna’ get their hands on your belt, but they also wanna’ get their hands on YOU. And y’know, Kash, that’s exactly where I got my idea from. I’m gonna’ lay this down for ya’, Kash: I ain’t gonna’ punish you. At least not directly. Y’see, the way I see things is that you’re now an outcast, and any time you’re jumped from behind, any time you’re attacked, I’m not responsible; you are. Now as far as the Royal Rumble goes, Juventud will not be fit to compete ...

Kid Kash: (Smugly) Which means, no defence for me, right? Good to see ya’, Teddy, but that’s all I needed to hear. I’ll see ya’ ‘round ...

Theodore Long: Not so fast, champ. I said I wasn’t gonna’ directly gonna’ punish you, but your match at the Rumble – that’s right, you will be in action – well, you’re gonna’ get punished ... just not by me.


Theodore Long: Instead, I’m gonna’ leave it up to the cruiserweights of SmackDown! to do the punishin’, because at the Royal Rumble, you, Kid Kash, will be defendin’ your Cruiserweight Championship ... against ALL the cruiserweights of SmackDown! in a Cruiserweight Open!

We cut forward to the Cruiserweight Open at the Rumble, with Kid Kash getting beaten down by all of the other cruiserweights. However, when we cut to the end of the match we see him rush into the ring following Super Crazy hitting Scotty 2 Hotty with the Moonsault and steal his pin, picking up the win.

We’re now at last week’s SmackDown!, with Kash standing in the ring.

Kid Kash: Y’see, these past few months, Teddy Long, he’s made it his mission to get this here Cruiserweight Title away, from my gorgeous waist. Why did he do that? Why did Teddy Long feel the want, the need to screw over ‘The Notorious K.I.D’?

Kash pauses, getting a more intense look on his face.

Kid Kash: ‘Cause I took out ... the trash. Juventud ...


Kid Kash: Juventud may be y’all, “golden boy”, Teddy. He may y’all “role model”. But what he is not is deserving of shot, at my Cruiserweight Title!


Kid Kash: I already beat him, I already beat him to win this damn title! He doesn’t deserve a rematch with me. An’ yet, that’s what you let him have. That’s what you handed ta’ him ... on a silver platter. So I did what was right ... I took out ... the trash.


Kid Kash: Now, y’all here tonight may think it’s ‘cause I’m scared of Juventud, but lemme’ tell ya’, ‘The Notorious K.I.D’ is scared of no man. Ever since I removed Juventud from this brand, I have had ta’ defend this title against ALL a’ the cruiserweights, and I have WON every damn time. I have proved that I am what I’ve been sayin’ all along, and that is the greatest cruiserweight on this brand.

Small pause to some heat.

Kid Kash: So y’know what ... I’m ready to do it all again tonight. Bring out ... my next victim.

We see quick scenes of Kash defeating Scotty, before kicking him from the ring.

Kid Kash: Y’see ... this ... this is just another win ... another successful title defence ... for the K.I.D. I told y’all I’d do it ... I told y’all I’d beat ‘em all, and I’ve done it yet again. There ain’t nobody who can stop me!

Heat for this as Kash smirks.

Kid Kash: So y’know what? I think ...


The crowd gives a very nice pop, as the music of the ever popular stable starts up, but nobody comes out.

Kid Kash: Come on Super Crazy! Come on Psichosis! I already beat the two a’ you, and I have no problem doin’ it again!

Kash has a look of complete and utter confidence as he looks up at the ramp, prepared to take on whichever of The Mexicools appears ... until the former champion, the man Kash has been ducking, Juventud slowly makes his way out, a look of pure, unadulterated hatred on his face ... and a look of shock now on Kash’s. Juventud shakes his head, then points at Kash in the ring ... BEFORE CHARGING DOWN THE RAMP! JUVENTUD WANTS KASH RIGHT NOW ... BUT KASH ESCAPES FROM THE RING, ROLLING AWAY TO SAFETY JUST AS JUVENTUD SLIDES IN! The crowd boos as the cowardly Kash backs up the ramp, title in hand, while Juvi points at him from the ring, telling him that his time is coming.


Michael Cole: Juventud! Juventud is back, and Kid Kash is running scared!

Tazz: And the champ’s hightailin’ it, Cole.

Michael Cole: He’s going to have to face up to Juventud one day, and by the look of things, that day might be coming sooner than Kash would like it to.

We then see Juventud standing in the ring, with Kash backing up the ramp looking worried, as the video package ends.


We’re now backstage where we see SmackDown! General Manager, Theodore Long seated backstage, sorting through the stuff on his desk. Thankfully, we only have to see a few seconds of this, before a knock on the door is heard.

Theodore Long: Come in.

Long goes back to moving papers and the like, before looking up to see the Cruiserweight Champion, Kid Kash standing next to him. Kash, wearing jeans and a white singlet with the title slung over his shoulder, looks in no mood to muck around tonight.

Kid Kash: Well?

Theodore Long: Well what?

Kid Kash: What are you gonna’ do ‘bout it?

Theodore Long: Do about what? I’m not followin’ ya’ here.

Kid Kash: Do about what? Did you not see last week? That ... that THUG Juventud, he tried ta’ attack me. He tried to lay his hands on this. He tried to lay his hands on the Cruiserweight Champion of the World!

Theodore Long: Yeah, I saw it. I’m not sure what you want me to do about it though. Juventud is your problem, he ain’t mine.

Kid Kash: My problem? MY problem? When I did the right thing and I made sure that took that common street thug out, removin’ him from the Cruiserweight Title picture that he had no right ta’ be in, do ya’ know what you did ta’ me?

Theodore Long: I have an idea.

Kid Kash: Ya’ punished me! You made me put my Cruiserweight Title on the line against not just one cruiserweight, not just two cruiserweights, hell, not even three cruiserweights. You made me defend my title, the title I won when I beat that thug for the first time, against ALL of the cruiserweights. You’re just lucky I’m as talented as I am, ‘cause any normal cruiserweight, and of them, includin’ Juventud, and you woulda’ had a new champion. You woulda’ lost your most valuable investment, ‘cause you know that I, Kid Kash, am money.

Theodore Long: So what you’re sayin’ is you want me to punish Juventud?

Kid Kash: Exactly.

Theodore Long: Well I’m not gonna’ do that, and I’ll tell ya’ why. When you attacked Juventud over a month ago, you did it unprovoked. Now I don’t care if ya’ think that he wasn’t worthy of a shot at your title, because you don’t run this show; I do. Juventud, other the other hand, was just lookin’ for some revenge, which quite frankly, I, along with the SmackDown! audience, AND, the board of directors, wouldn’t mind seein’ him get a chance at that. So, here is what I’m gonna’ do.

Slight pause from Long.

Theodore Long: I am gonna’ give Juventud his chance at revenge in TWO NIGHTS ... at No Way Out, because you, Kid Kash, will defend your title against Juventud!


Theodore Long: But ... that’s not all. Y’see, tonight, Juventud’s got a match, so to guarantee that we don’t get a repeat of las’ time, if you put your hands on Juventud before your match this Sunday, I will STRIP you of your Cruiserweight Title.

Big pop.

Theodore Long: And to make sure this goes down the right way, if you get counted out or disqualified this Sunday, you will FORFEIT your Cruiserweight Champion to Juventud!

Another big pop, as Kash looks shocked.

Theodore Long: Kid Kash, this Sunday, there will be no ... way ... out.

We see Long smiling, then cut back to ringside.


The crowd gives a very nice reaction as ‘The Dominator’ Bobby Lashley marches out onto the stage and sets off his pyro. The smile not on his face this week, Lashley instead scorns at no one in particular, instead quickly walking down the ramp, jumping up onto the apron and receiving a microphone once he climbs into the ring.

Michael Cole: Bobby Lashley has been a superstar on the rise here on Friday Night SmackDown!. Since his debut last September he has taken this brand by storm, epitomised by his performance at the Royal Rumble, where he eliminated more superstars than anyone else this year, including the gargantuan World Tag Team Champions from RAW, Kane & the Big Show, in a matter mere of seconds.

Tazz: But the one thorn in Lashley’s side has been ‘The Fighting Irishman’ Finlay, an’ he one upped Lashley again last week.

Michael Cole: One upped? Finlay attacked Lashley from behind, before his match had even began, mind you, with that damn shillelagh, leaving him to be carried away in the hands of backstage staff.

Lashley is now standing in the middle of the ring with a microphone, ready to speak.

Bobby Lashley: Y’know, it’s been awhile now that I’ve been here on SmackDown!. Almost half a year. And in that time, I’d like to think that most of the guys in the back have been pretty cool with me. Guys like Matt Hardy, Rey Mysterio, Paul London & Brian Kendrick, they’ve welcomed me here to SmackDown! with open arms. In fact, the rest of the locker-room has too, and they’ve made me feel really welcome here. Like this is my home, where I belong now.

Small pause from Lashley.

Bobby Lashley: That is, except for this one guy.

A fair amount of heat from the crowd who know who Lashley is referring to.

Bobby Lashley: This one guy ... he’s gone out of his way to bully me. To make himself seem tough. To pick on the new guy. This one guy ... he says he’s been out for a fight, but whenever we come face to face ... MAN ... TO ... MAN ... he chickens out. He backs away. I’m gonna’ keep this short and sweet ...


Bobby Lashley: Finlay!


Bobby Lashley: Get your ass out here and let’s settle this like men!

Lashley drops the mic and starts to storm around the ring, waiting for his foe.



The man himself Finlay walks out with that gap-toothed smile on his face, NOT holding his shillelagh for a change. Instead, he looks at Lashley, who is ready for action in the ring, then stops and turns behind him ... as The Bluebloods emerge from behind the curtain.

Michael Cole: Oh no. That damn Finlay has done it again, pulling the numbers advantage, and of course The Bluebloods, just like last week, are up to help him in his dirty work. Get out, Bobby, get out while you still can

The crowd boos as the three foreigners advance down the ramp, then begin to circle the ring. Lashley, not heeding the advice of Michael Cole, stays in the ring in his fighting stance, eyes darting between the three men who look ready to pounce. The three men on the outside look at one another, smirks on their face ... BEFORE REGAL MAKES THE FIRST MOVE, SLIDING HALF INTO THE RING ... AND LASHLEY CHARGES ... BUT REGAL DARTS BACK OUT AND BURCHILL TRIES TO STRIKE LASHLEY FROM BEHIND WITH A SNEAK ATTACK ... BUT LASHLEY TURNS AND KNOCKS HIM DOWN WITH A HUGE RIGHT!

The crowd erupts as Regal now slides into the ring, and he too runs into a big right hand from Lashley. Fired up, Lashley nails the rising Burchill with numerous rights, backing him up into the ropes, before sending him off with an Irish whip and scoring with a back body drop on the rebound! Regal too climbs back to his feet, with Lashley kicking him in the midsection, then backing him up into the corner and RAMMING his shoulder into the midsection of Regal, driving the air out of his lungs time after time.

Not yet content with what he’s done, Lashley pulls Regal out of the corner by the hair, then lifts him up for a suplex ... AND CONTINUES TO HOLD HIM UP WITH ONE ARM ... BUT FINLAY SUDDENLYS COMES FROM BEHIND LASHLEY AND CLIPS HIM WITH A CHOP BLOCK TO THE KNEE HE ASSAULTED LAST WEEK! The crowd boos as Lashley falls in a heap, Regal landing on his feet though, allowing The Bluebloods & Finlay to now go right after the injured wheel of the monster rookie to some tremendous heat from the crowd.

Smiling, Finlay backs away for a bit, directing traffic as The Bluebloods continue the beatdown ... when the crowd suddenly starts to cheer ... and Paul London & Brian Kendrick slide into the ring. The Bluebloods immediately go after the duo, looking for a clothesline, but the duo duck under them, then hit the ropes and come back with a headscissors takedown each, taking down the team of The Bluebloods. Finlay, though, is still up, and he attempts a sneak attack, only for London & Kendrick to kick him in the midsection ... THEN GRAB HIM AROUND THE HEAD AND THROW HIM INTO THE BLUEBLOODS AS THEY PICK THEMSELVES UP, SENDING THE THREE VILLAINS OUT TO THE FLOOR!

The crowd goes wild as Lashley gets back to his feet and the three faces stand tall, a look of mutual respect on their faces.


More cheers now come, as the SmackDown! General Manager, Theodore Long makes his way out to the top of the ramp, microphone already in hand.

Theodore Long: Playas, it seems that we’ve got ourselves a little problem out here, so rest assured that I am here to fix it. Now, these past few weeks, the six of you, in different combinations, have had some problems with each other, and believe me, I’ve noticed. So, what I’m gonna’ do is schedule a match for you at No Way Out!


Theodore Long: It’ll be The Bluebloods & Finlay takin’ on the team of Paul London, Brian Kendrick ... and Bobby Lashley!

Big pop.

Theodore Long: But that’s not all, because right here tonight, these people here in Norfolk, Virginia, they’re gonna’ get themselves a preview of that right here tonight when The Bluebloods take on Paul London & Brian Kendrick!

Another strong cheer.

Theodore Long: And that match? It’s gonna’ happen right now. Get me a referee!

Long waits for a moment, before a referee rushes out and heads to the ring, while the two lots of three men look at each other and maybe talk a bit of strategy.

Michael Cole: Folks don’t go anywhere. The Bluebloods vs. Paul London & Brian Kendrick ... it’s next!

*Commercial Break*

Back from the break and we’re ready for action with the two teams in position, Finlay and Lashley still at ringside.

Match Two ~ Tag Team Match: The Bluebloods w/ Finlay vs. Paul London & Brian Kendrick w/ Bobby Lashley

It’s the two Pauls starting us off here, and they provide us with some good early action, as Burchill, despite being big, is able to keep up with London momentarily, until London then takes the edge and he & Kendrick begin to tag in and out frequently, using their teamwork to keep Burchill on the defensive. Despite his youth, Burchill is able to show some smarts, escaping from the predicament he finds himself in with a jawbreaker to London, then tagging in his mentor Regal, who despite a flurry of strikes from London, is able to take control of the match for The Bluebloods thanks to his smarts as he holds onto the ropes instead of rebounding back off them, leaving London to dropkick air, before he runs across and kicks London square in the head. This sets the tone for the old school, smashmouth style of The Bluebloods, which has London reeling for several moments until he fights out of an attempted Regal Stretch attempt, kicking him off and getting to the ropes. Regal, however, is able to tag Burchill in, and the younger Pommy runs into the ring and drops an elbow across the back of London, then goes for a vertical suplex ... but London slips out and lands behind Burchill.

London then runs back at the ropes and looks to bounce off them ... but Finlay looks to trip him ... only for London to avoid it! London looks down at Finlay and mouths of, leading to Burchill charging in at London ... AND RECEIVING THE DROPSAULT! The two men are down, slowly recuperating as they crawl towards their respective corners ... and make the tags! Regal climbs into the ring full of energy, ready for an exchange in fists, but Kendrick outthinks him, jumping up onto the top rope and knock him down with a springboard forearm! Regal gets back up having not expected the blow, full of shock, then receives a wild flurry of forearms and gets whipped into the corner, where he receives a running dropkick right to the jaw! Regal is only jelly legs here, staggering around the ring as Kendrick climbs up to the second rope ... then jumps off with a double foot stomp right to the back of Regal, sending him down! Kendrick is full of energy as he turns around ... AND GETS HIS HEAD KICKED OFF BY A BIG BOOT FROM BURCHILL! Burchill snarls at the crowd, then turns ... SUPERKICK FROM LONDON, SENDING BURCHILL TUMBLING THROUGH THE ROPES TO THE FLOOR!

Full of energy, London jumps up and down, then dashes across to the opposite ropes and bounces back towards Burchill ... THEN NAILS HIM WITH A CRAZY SUICIDE DIVE! The crowd goes wild as both men are down on the outside, with Kendrick and Regal pulling themselves up on the inside. Surprisingly, the first man back to his feet is Kendrick ... ALTHOUGH HE IS DISTRACTED AS FINLAY CLIMBS UP ONTO THE APRON ... ONLY FOR HIM TO BE PULLED DOWN BY LASHLEY AND THROWN INTO THE STEEL STEPS! The crowd give a big pop as Kendrick looks on at the chaos ... AND REGAL SUDDENLY GRABS HIM AND THROWS HIM OVERHEAD FOR A HALF NELSON SUPLEX ... BUT KENDRICK LANDS ON HIS FEET ... AND, MUCH LIKE HIS PARTNER, CHANNELS HIS MENTOR AND HITS A SUPERKICK! Regal is out on his feet, allowing Kendrick to grab him around the head ... THEN RUN TO THE CORNER AND HIT SLICED BREAD #2. The crowd cheers as Kendrick makes the cover ... and gets the three!

Winners: Paul London & Brian Kendrick via pinfall @ 7:43


Tony Chimel:
Here are your winners, Paul London & Brian Kendrick!

The crowd cheers as London & Kendrick celebrate in the ring, soon joined by Lashley, as the trio look down at their opponents for this Sunday, who regather on the outside, signalling their intent for No Way Out.

Michael Cole: London & Kendrick pick up a big victory ahead of their match this Sunday, and partner, that has gotta’ give them and Lashley some momentum heading into this Sunday.

Tazz: Oh, most definitely, Cole, but this Sunday is gonna’ be a bit different when Finlay and all of his experience and skill is involved, especially with all the added chaos of an extra two men in the ring.

London, Kendrick & Lashley continue to celebrate in the ring, as we now cut backstage to see Kristal Marshall in the interview area.

Kristal Marshall: Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Kennedy!

Big time heat as Mr. Kennedy walks into view.

Kristal Marshall: Mr. Kennedy, obviously this past week has been big for you with a win last week over Chris Benoit, but what everyone wants to know is will you accept the challenge of Rey Mysterio for a match at No Way Out this Sunday?

Kennedy just looks at Kristal for a moment, chewing his gum, almost in frustration, before motioning for her to move on by shooing her away, taking the microphone from her as he does so.

Mr. Kennedy: Rey ... Mysterio. You think you’re sooooo clever, dontcha Rey? Huh, dontcha? Well lemme’ tell ya’ somethin’ Rey ... you’re not. Last week, you thought you’d come you, and you’d make me look bad. You thought that you would embarrass me, Rey. But ya’ know? Ya’ couldn’t have been more wrong, because all you did, Rey, all you did was prove ... me ... right.

Kennedy takes a small pause.

Mr. Kennedy: I want ya’ to think back, Rey. Think back to last week. Think back ... to The Open Mic. What did I say about you? Somethin’ about you bein’ ... ‘The Human Highlight Reel’? And why was it I said you were called that? Was it because you’re entertaining? No. Was it because you’re exciting? No. Was it because you’re high-flying? No. Because you steal the show? Bingo. You can’t help, but STEAL ... the show, can ya’ Rey? Ya’ can’t, and last week, you proved that all over again.

Heat from the crowd.

Mr. Kennedy: Last week, Rey ... last week, you had NO business bein’ out there. As much as you don’t wanna’ believe it, Rey, last week wasn’t about you. Last week wasn’t about the hard luck story, who STOLE my first show to come out and cry about his little problems. Last week wasn’t about you at all, Rey. It was about ME. Last Friday night was about me, the fastest rising star on Friday nights, and I did everything, and I mean everything to make sure that you, not even YOU ... could ruin it. But I guess nothing’s quite Mysterio proof, now is it?

KK smirks.

Mr. Kennedy: Guess not. What can I say, Rey? Ya’ got me last week. You challenged me to a match at No Way Out. And I’ve gotta’ ask, Rey. Did ya’ see me last week, Rey? Did ya’? I don’t think ya’ did, because if ya’ did, you’d have known that I was un – freakin’ – stoppable. I took Chris Benoit, a man, who while not big, is STILL, bigger than you, and was STILL, big enough to win a World ... Heavyweight ... Title. So y’know what? Chalk another one up to Kennedy and his victories over world champions. And while you’re at it, chalk another stupid mistake up to Mysterio, because that’s exactly what last week was. I mean honestly, Rey, honest to God, what in the hell were you thinkin’? Do you think you can beat me? Your buddy Chris Benoit, he couldn’t beat me, and he’s a former world champion for crying out loud. You?

A sneer from KK.

Mr. Kennedy: You’re nothing, Rey. You’re out of your league. So yeah, I accept. You and me, Rey, at No Way Out.

Pop from the crowd.

Mr. Kennedy: But let me assure you, Rey, this Sunday, you’ll see that you can’t run with the big boys. While the winner, and future World Heavyweight Champion will be MMMIIISSSTTTEEERRR KEN – NAH – DAY!

Kennedy pauses, eyes shut, taking it all in.

Mr. Kennedy: KEN - NAH - DAY!

Kennedy smiles, then walks from view, as we head off to a commercial break.

*Commercial Break*

We come back from the break at ringside, where Sharmell is shown already in the ring.

Sharmell: Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce to you, the future of the wrestling business, Orlando Jordan, and the former five time WCW Champion, and the current reigning and defending United States Champion ... BOOOOOOOOKER T!



The crowd gives some damn fine heat as none other than our esteemed United States Champion, Booker T walks out, flaked by his protégé, Orlando Jordan. Dressed as finely as ever in a nice suit, Booker’s ensemble is completed by the US Title slung over his shoulder, which glistens in the light as he walks down the ramp and climbs up into the ring, his accomplice in tow.

Michael Cole: There you have it, folks. This Sunday at No Way Out, it’ll be Mr. Kennedy and Rey Mysterio, one on one in a match that has become very personal. And last week, even this man, our “esteemed” United States Champion Booker T got involved in the situation last week when he cost Chris Benoit a match against Mr. Kennedy.

Tazz: Cost Benoit the match? Listen, Cole, I’ll give credit where credit’s due and Benoit put on a heck of a performance last week, but Booker didn’t cost him anything. Kennedy was at the top of his game, an’ Booker or not, he was gonna’ beat Benoit.

Booker stands in the ring, Sharmell and Jordan surrounding him.

Booker T: Thank you. Thank you.

Big heat from the crowd.

Booker T: Ta’night ... is a great night. Y’know, usually, I come out here each an’ every week, before you, my loyal followers, an’ I have somethin’ to be unhappy ‘bout. Somethin’ I need ta’ get off muh’ chest. Whether it was Teddy Long sprayin’ his hatorade on me and tryin’ ta’ deny me MUH’ United States Title, or Matt Hardy injurin’ me, and renderin’ me useless, on ‘dese here crutches, usually, ‘dere’s someone out ‘dere, JEALOUS about all ‘dat I got. Muh’ title ... muh’ protégé ... and muh’ beautiful wife. I got it all, and jealously, yeah, ‘dat’s just natural to come for a person of muh’ standin’. But ‘dis week ... that’s just not happenin’, dawg. Naw, instead, I’m out here in pleasant circumstances.

Booker pauses, laughing a little to himself.

Booker T: Y’know what? Let’s get on wit’ ‘dis. Why don’t I just show y’all what I’m talkin’ ‘bout? Monkeys in the back ... roll, muh’ footage.


KENNEDY CLOTHESLINE ... BENOIT DUCKS ... GERMAN SUPLEX! Benoit isn’t done though, hoisting Kennedy back up ... SECOND GERMAN SUPLEX ... AND THEN A RELEASE THIRD! The crowd cheers as Benoit sluggishly gets back to his feet, then motions that it’s time to finish the match, before heading across to the corner and climbing up to the top rope ... ORLANDO JORDAN CLIMBS UP ONTO THE APRON ... AND BEHIND THE REFEREE’S BACK BOOKER T SLAMS HIS CRUTCH INTO THE HEAD OF BENOIT! Benoit is out of it on the top rope as Booker & Jordan both climb down, with Kennedy rising, unsure of what has happened (not that he really cares), before he triggers into action, headed for the corner then climbing up with Benoit ... AND LIFTING HIM UP ONTO HIS SHOULDERS ... GREEN BAY PLUNGE CONNECTS! The crowd gives some solid heat as Kennedy makes the cover ... and gets the three.

Winner: Mr. Kennedy via pinfall @ 11:52


Kennedy gets back to his feet and has his hand raised by the referee, his other hand pointed at Tony Chimel, telling him to not say a word. Meanwhile, Kennedy’s very own microphone descends upon him, allowing him to make his own announcement.


We come back live where we see Booker and co laughing in the ring.

Booker T: Did ya’ see ‘dat? Benoit, he up top ... then BAM, right to the back of the head! Oh man ... oh man, now ‘dat ... that’s somethin’ to be happy ‘bout. ‘Dat’s quality TV right there, ‘dat’s what ‘dat is. Did y’all enjoy ‘dat?

The crowd boos as Sharmell & Jordan clap, cheesy smiles on their face.

Booker T: But not only was ‘dat quality TV ... not only, was ‘dat a riot, but what ‘dat was ... was a message. ‘Dat was a message from me ... ta’ Chris Benoit.

The crowd pops at the mention of Benoit, shocking Booker.

Booker T: Oh you like him? You people like Chris Benoit? You, muh’ loyal followers, like muh’ enemy, muh’ nemesis ... Chris Benoit?

Big cry of yes.

Booker T: Chris Benoit ain’t nothin’ but a PUNKASS BITCH!

Oooo, big heat.

Booker T: Y’see, I used ta’ be like you people. I used to like Chris Benoit ... I used to RESPECT Chris Benoit. But y’know what? Respect is a two way street, dawg, and Chris Benoit, he ain’t never shown any respect to no one. Y’see, Chris Benoit, he used to be muh’ friend. He used to be muh’ best friend, but I could never trust him, I could never take him on his word. Back when he was United States Champion he used ta’ tell me “Book, man, I’ll get you a title shot. Book, you’re next in line. Book, I can’t wait ta’ defend muh’ title against you.” But y’know what? He never did. He never gave me anything. Not a title shot, not a straight up answer and not even respect! Chris Benoit, he played me like a sucka’! But fast forward ta’ today, and you tell me who the sucka’ is now.


Booker T: I used to trust Benoit. I used ta’ think that we were friends. But when muh’ wife, when she wisened me up, when she helped me see through ‘dat sucka’, I finally got what I want. When I ditched Benoit like the little punkass ‘dat he is, I finally got what I deserved. I finally got muh’ United, States, Title.

Booker smiles and holds his title up in the air, drawing some significant heat.

Booker T: But Chris Benoit, he jus’ can’t leave it at ‘dat. He kept on comin’ at me. He kept on tryin’ ta’ take muh’ United States Title! And y’know what? He even managed to do ‘dat, at least for a little while thanks to our biased General Manager, Teddy Long when he stripped me of muh’ title. But despite ‘dat, despite a best of seven series, despite muh’ groin BEIN’ TORN IN TWO, DESPITE ALL O’ ‘DAT, I have once again proved that I am the better man! I have proved once again that Chris Benoit ain’t nothin’ compared to me. An’ I have proved, once again, that ‘dis here ... ‘dis is MUH title!


Booker T: After all o’ ‘dat, after all the chances ‘dat his punkass has had, two weeks ago, Chris Benoit came out, and he said he wanted ANOTHER, ANOTHER shot, at muh’ United States Title! Well y’know what, Benoit? No more.

Booker pauses to some heat.

Booker T: ‘Das righ’ ... no more. I’ve had enough ... I’m givin’ you ... the Benoit treatment. You had your chance. You had it time and time again. You had it more times than I can count. You di’nt wanna’ give me a shot when you were the champ? When we were supposed ta’ be friends? Y’know, ‘das fine. You think you’re the only one ‘dat can pull ‘dat? Naw man, ‘cause two can play at ‘dat game. So here it goes.

Booker pauses for a moment.

Booker T: I, Booker T, am officially announcin’, ‘dat from this day forth, Chris Benoit, after all o’ his chances, won’t be ever, EVER, gettin’ another shot at me, and muh’ United States Championship!

Big heat.

Booker T: Now can you dig ‘dat, su ...


The crowd gives a big pop as Chris Benoit makes his way out onto the stage, microphone already in hand. Benoit walks down to the ring swiftly, not wasting any time, but before he can even get to the ring we hear the sounds of shouting from the ring.


The music cuts out as Booker stares at Benoit, eyes bulging from their sockets.

Booker T: What the HELL do you want?

Chris Benoit: I want what I think everyone else in this arena wants, and that is for you to shut, the hell, up!

Big pop, causing Booker to look shocked.

Chris Benoit: Seriously, Booker we get it. You’re the champ, you’re the man, and you won’t defend the title against me. We get it. I get it. I understand, Book ... you’re scared.

HUGE pop.

Booker T: WHAT?

Chris Benoit: Face it, Booker, you could never beat me. I mean, how did you win that title in the first place? Did you beat me, or did you have Randy Orton and your little lackey who’s standin’ right there behind you do all the work? Huh Booker? Huh?

Sharmell snatches the microphone from Booker, getting right in Benoit’s face.

Sharmell: Listen, Benoit, you had better show my man some respect, or you might just find yourself where you did last time ya’ with Book.

Chris Benoit: Your man? A real man does his own bidding. He doesn’t hide behind Randy Orton, he doesn’t hide behind Orlando Jordan, and he certainly doesn’t hide behind his wife who is more manly than he’ll ever be!

Another big pop, leaving Sharmell to now look horrified.

Chris Benoit: Booker isn’t a man ... in fact, he’s more like ... a sucka’.

Booker has been tipped over the edge now, as he grabs the mic back.


Chris Benoit: You wanna’ try me? Fine. You an’ me for the United States Title at No, Way, Out!


Booker T: Is ‘dat some kinda’ joke? Did you not hear me? You ain’t never gettin’ another shot at me an’ muh’ title. Not here tonight, not tomorrow, not at No Way Out, not ever! An’ even if I wanted to, even if I wanted to embarrass you one more time, I can’t? You blind? I’m still incapacitated from what yo’ lil’ buddy Matt Hardy did ta’ me back in December!

Chris Benoit: I hear you, so y’know what ... how about somethin’ a little different? I’m not challengin’ you to a match at No Way Out now Booker ... I’m challengin’ ... you ... Orlando, Jordan.

Jordan, standing behind Booker, looks quite surprised.

Chris Benoit: What was it last year? You tapped out to me three times in under thirty seconds? Why don’t you step up and prove to me, to Booker, that you belong here on Friday nights? Prove yourself Orlando ... if you beat me ... I’ll never challenge Booker T for the United States Title again.

Small heat.

Chris Benoit: But if I win ... I’m next in line for a shot at the United States Title.

Jordan snatches the mic away from Booker eagerly.

Orlando Jordan: YOU’RE ON!

BOOKER CAN’T BELIEVE IT! He looks at Jordan, his mouth wide open, his eyes bulging, as Benoit just smiles.


The crowd cheers, as Benoit now exits the ring, leaving Booker to question Jordan about what in the hell he was thinking, to which OJ simply responds with that he’s got it, as we cut off to an ad break.

*Commercial Break*

We return from the break to see Josh Matthews standing by.

Josh Matthews: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guests at this time, ‘The Hired Gun’ Brent Albright and John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield!

Big heat as The Cabinet steps into view, JBL taking prime position next to Matthews.

Josh Matthews: JBL, coming up shortly you and Brent Albright face the team of The Boogeyman, and the man that you face this Sunday, The Undertaker. I’ve gotta’ ask, going into two matches in three days with The Undertaker, how worried are you?

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Worried? Josh, my boy, I do not get worried. Look at me. Look at me! What do you see?

Josh Matthews: Uh ... I dunno’.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Berrrr, wrong, the answer you were lookin’ for is success ... success. I have succeeded in every single thing that I have done in my life. Self-made millionaire, media mogul, the LONGEST reigning WWE Champion in the HISTORY of Friday Night SmackDown! ... the list ... goes on. And these past two weeks, haha, these past two weeks have just been further proof of that. How many people do y’see take out The Undertaker? How many people do y’see take him out? How many do y’see leavin’ the so-called “Phenom” layin’ in a POOL of his own blood? The answer? Not many. But then tell me ... how many men ... have done it two weeks ... in a row?

Heat as JBL smirks.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: They call The Undertaker, they call him the “conscience of the WWE”. And for fifteen plus years, he has been exactly that, takin’ on all comers and weedin’ out all those who didn’t belong. But then ... then he met me.

Pause to heat again.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: The fact of the matter is, I have done to The Undertaker what no man has done to him before. I’ve taken him out of his comfort zone. Normally, he’s the one playin’ the mind games. Normally, he’s the one who has his opponent backpedallin’. But not this time. No, this time, he’s the one on the back foot. This time he’s the one sufferin’ at the hands of mind games. This time he’s facin’ J ... B ... L.

More heat as JBL radiates confidence.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: The Undertaker ... he may be a ‘Phenom’ ... he may be ... ’The Deadman’, but what he is not is everything that I am. I am the ‘Wall Street Warrior’, a media mogul, a self-made millionaire, the greatest success story in the history of this great country, a true ... ‘American ... HEEEERROOO’. The Undertaker has NEVER met anyone like me ... he has NEVER been through someone that stepped right through the fire and came out no different to when he first stepped in. He may be the lord of the underworld, he may have the devil in his palm, but I am what I say am, and that is a ‘Wrestling Gawd’.

Heat as JBL cocks his head, taking the moment in.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Tonight, haha, tonight me and Brent Albright are gonna’ prove just how worried The Undertaker and that worm eatin’ freak The Boogeyman should be. Gentlemen, you can think of tonight as a little preview of what’s to come this Sunday, because I guarantee, I GUARAN – DAMN – TEE, that both tonight, AND this Sunday, The Cabinet, will stand tall.

Layfield gives a little smirk before walking from view, followed by Jillian & Brent Albright, leaving us to cut back to ringside.


The crowd gives some decent heat as the ever arrogant Cruiserweight Champion, Kid Kash comes out, dressed much like he was when we saw him earlier. Kash walks down the ramp like a man on a mission as he makes his way quickly around ringside to join Michael Cole & Tazz at ringside.

Michael Cole: Well we are now being joined here at ringside by the Cruiserweight Champion, Kid Kash. Welcome, champ.

Kid Kash: ...

Michael Cole: Okay then.


The crowd gives a lukewarm reaction, neither really positive, nor negative, as a former Cruiserweight Champion in Jamie Noble walks down the ramp, not paying attention to the fans, instead looking all business. When ‘The Pitbull’ makes it to the ring he decides to acknowledge the fans, climbing up onto the middle rope and raising his hands ahead of his match.

Michael Cole: Kid Kash, two weeks ago this man Jamie Noble had a great match with you where he almost captured your Cruiserweight Title. Since that match, has your respect gone up for Jamie Noble, and do you think he could be a future threat to your title, should you retain this Sunday?

Kid Kash: ...

Tazz: Come on, Cole. The champ’s tryin’ to concentrate. Cut him some slack.

Tony Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Hanover, West Virginia, weighing 202 lbs, Jamie Noble!


The crowd now gives a pretty nice pop as Juventud rides out onto the stage atop a Juan Deere. The charismatic Mexicool rides down the ramp, talking to the audience as he does so, before doing half a lap around the ring and stopping in front of the announce table to stare down his opponent for this Sunday, Kid Kash. The two share the heated exchange for a moment, before Juventud climbs up into the ring and climbs up onto the turnbuckle to look down at Kash.

Michael Cole: Champ, there’s your challenger, and he’s getting right up ...

Kid Kash: Y’know what, Cole? How ‘bout you shut your goddamn mouth. I know that’s the man that’s gonna’ be challengin’ me this Sunday, but that don’t mean a thing, ‘cause this Sunday, I’m gonna’ show you that I am the greatest cruiserweight of all-time. You got that? Any more questions or comments you wanna’ make? No? Good.

Tony Chimel: His opponent, from Mexico City, Mexico, weighing 170 lbs, Juventud!

Match Three ~ Singles Match: Jamie Noble vs. Juventud

With this being his only match since returning before his title match this Sunday, this is a chance for Juventud to prove himself as ready just two days out from his shot. The match doesn’t start as Kash would want it to though, as he is distracted by Kash at ringside, allowing the aggressive Noble a window to attack which he of course takes, instantly hammering away on Juvi with a barrage of rights. Juventud looks to fight back in the early stages, hitting some arm drags, but Noble presses his advantage and keeps it rolling on with his tenacity, targeting the head and neck of the recently concussed ‘Juice’. Despite being very groggy, Juventud escapes an attempt at the Dragon Clutch, getting to the ropes, before stopping the charging Noble with a boot to the face when in the corner. In an attempt to make the best of his opportunity, Juventud charges from the corner at Noble ... and gets hit with a scoop powerslam ... for a two count! Noble looks up at the referee with a look of desperation, before getting back to his feet ... AND GOING FOR THE TIGER DRIVER ... BACKDROP FROM JUVENTUD ... NOBLE IS RIGHT BACK UP ... AND HE TURNS RIGHT INTO A SPRINGBOARD DROPKICK TO THE JAW FROM JUVI!

The crowd cheers Juvi on as he struggles back to his feet, then takes Noble back down by ducking a right from him and coming back off the ropes with a running hurricanrana. A disorientated Noble climbs back to his feet, turning to Juvi again to again be taken down as the Mexicool jumps up and nails a headscissors takedown. Noble gets up, still dazed from being sent head over heels twice in a row ... and walks right into a spinning heel kick from ‘The Juice’ for a two count. Juvi, looking to follow right up, instantly lifts Noble back up to his feet, then whips him into the corner and charges in after him ... just to score a boot to the jaw for his troubles! Juvi staggers back and Noble looks to take advantage, charging out at his foe to attempt a clothesline ... Juvi ducks and lifts Noble up in a back suplex position ... then sits out with a wheelbarrow facebuster! The crowd pops as Juvi again makes the cover ... and again only gets two!

Juventud gets back to his feet, glancing at the referee to make sure it was just a two count, before heading across to the corner ... but Juventud is distracted as he climbs up to the top rope by an angry Cruiserweight Champion, who hurls abuse his way ... allowing Noble to get back to his feet and rush towards Juvi, catching him with a right hand. Juventud is dazed and confused following the blow, allowing Noble to climb up the ropes to join Juventud ... AND HOOK HIM UP FOR A SUPERPLEX ... BUT JUVENTUD HOLDS ON ... THEN HITS A FEW SHOTS TO THE MIDSECTION AND THROWS HIM DOWN TO THE MAT! The crowd pops as Juvi looks around ... THEN GOES FOR THE 450 SPLASH ... BUT NOBLE GETS HIS KNEES UP AND JUVENTUD LANDS RIGHT ON TOP OF THEM! Juventud sprawls around in pain, clutching at his midsection ... WHEN HE IS HOISTED UP ONTO THE SHOULDERS OF NOBLE ... DOUBLE KNEE GUTBUSTER! Juventud is double over in extreme pain as Noble hits the ropes ... BIG BOOT ... JUVENTUD LIFTS HIS HEAD OUT OF THE WAY ... NOBLE TURNS ... JUVI DRIVER! The crowd pops as Juventud looks around, then heads up top ... looks at Kash ... AND HITS THE 450 SPLASH FOR THE THREE COUNT!

Winner: Juventud via pinfall @ 4:59


Tony Chimel:
Here is your winner, Juventud!

The crowd pops as Juvi gets back to his feet and has his hand raised in the air, looking directly at Kid Kash at ringside as he does so.

Michael Cole: Juventud picks up a huge win over Jamie Noble, and he is rolling into No Way Out, where he will finally get his rematch against Kid Kash for the Cruiserweight Title!

Tazz: An’ Kash don’t look too happy. He woulda’ came here tonight hopin’ that Juventud wasn’t gonna’ make it to No Way Out, but instead Juventud has got some serious momentum goin’ into this Sunday.

Michael Cole: Kid Kash vs. Juventud for the Cruiserweight Title – it finally happens this Sunday at No Way Out!

We see Juvi smiling once more and signalling for the title, before we cut away backstage to see Kristal Marshall standing by.

Kristal Marshall: Ladies and gentlemen, Rey Mysterio!

The crowd gives a BIG pop as Rey Mysterio steps into view, adjusting his mask.

Kristal Marshall: Well Rey, earlier tonight Mr. Kennedy accepted your challenge for a match at No Way Out. Your thoughts?

Rey Mysterio: To tell you the truth, Kristal, I’m surprised. Surprised and happy. Y’see, Mr. Kennedy, yeah, he’s tough. He’s tough when you’ve got your back turned. He’s tough when you’re not lookin’. He’s tough when he KNOWS that he can’t lose. So for him to accept my challenge? Yeah, I’m surprised. I’m surprised that he would accept knowing full well that he’ll be face to face with me. That there won’t be any running. That there won’t be any hiding. Just two men in the ring, not talkin’ trash, not bragging about how big they, but showing how tough they are.

Nice pop.

Rey Mysterio: Lately, Mr. Kennedy has done a lot of talking. He’s said that he’s bigger than me, and y’know, that’s true. I’m not denyin’ that. But to say that that ... that it makes him better than me? Nah, I’m not gonna’ stand for that.

Another good pop as Mysterio pauses.

Rey Mysterio: For weeks, I’ve been tellin’ Mr. Kennedy that it’s not the size of the man that matters, but instead it’s the size of the heart. But Kennedy, he hasn’t listened. So this Sunday, I’ve got no choice, but to show him. When me an’ Mr. Kennedy step into the ring this Sunday, it’s not just about winning for me. It’s not just about beating Mr. Kennedy, but it’s about proving a point to him. He says that I don’t belong in the ring with the heavyweights? That I don’t belong? You think that’s somethin’ new to me, don’t you?

Mysterio chuckles and readjusts his mask.

Rey Mysterio: I have been hearin’ that, my whole life. Everyone, everyone has told me that. My own uncle said to me that I was too small. He said “Rey-Rey, you’re not big enough. They’re just gonna’ throw you ‘round, Rey-Rey. They’re just gonna’ hurt you.” And do y’know what I did? I proved him wrong. I worked, and I clawed my way in the ring, until he finally admitted that I had made it. That my size didn’t matter.

Another slight pause.

Rey Mysterio: Mr. Kennedy ... I respect you. I respect what you can do in the ring. But I also respected my uncle a whole lot more than I respect you, and I did everything I humanly could in my power to prove him wrong. So now you have to ask yourself, just what is it that I am willing to do to you to prove you wrong? At what lengths will I stop? At which point will I relent? But y’know what ... the answer to that ... is nothing. I will stop at nothing to prove my point to you. I will never relent. I will never admit defeat ... to you, because my heart, it won’t allow me to.

Rey looks set to leave, when Kristal asks him one more question.

Kristal Marshall: Oh, and Rey, I was wondering what your thoughts were on Mr. Kennedy's comments on you stealing his spotlight.

Mysterio smiles.

Rey Mysterio: Mr. Kennedy ... prepare for the spotlight to be stolen once again, this Sunday.

And with that Mysterio walks from the scene as we head off to a break.

*Commercial Break*

We return from the break, again in the interview area, this time with Josh Matthews standing by.

Josh Matthews: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guests at this time, they are the WWE Tag Team Champions, MNM!

The crowd gives some very nice heat as the WWE Tag Team Champions, MNM step into view.

Josh Matthews: MNM, in just two nights you defend the WWE Tag Team Titles against Matt Hardy & Shannon Moore, and it seems that all of the momentum is against you. Your thoughts about this headed into this big match?

Melina: Our thoughts? OUR THOUGHTS? We think ... no, we know, that we are sick to death of those ... those cretins, Matt Hardy and ... ugh ... Shannon Moore, thinking that they ... that they can beat my boys. They didn’t even belong in the same ring as Mercury & Nitro!


Melina: Not only are Mercury & Nitro obviously socially above those two country hicks, but they are also a far better tag team. They are three time WWE Tag Team Champions for a reason, and that reason is because they are the it team on the scene, the greatest tag team not just now, but to ever hit Friday nights. They have taken this show by storm, and at the end of every night, they’re the team that everyone is talking about for all of the right reason. But tell me, how many times have those two bumpkins Matt Hardy & Shannon Moore held the WWE Tag Team Titles together? How many times have they won the gold?

Josh Matthews: Uhhh, zero?

Melina: Exactly, and that is because they are losers, and we, MNM ... are winners. So Matt ... Shannon, you can take all of that potential that you’re “supposed” to have, you can take all of that “momentum” that you have, you can take all of that belief that you have, and you can shove it, because this Sunday, we are going to embarrass [/I]you[/I] and retain our WWE Tag Team Championships.


Melina: So enjoy your run while it lasts boys, because this Sunday, when we’re partying up our victory with Paris and J’Lo, you’re gonna’ be at home crying, wallowing in self-pity, with only the knowledge that you got the privilege of stepping in the ring with MNM being able to comfort you.

Melina now gives Josh the evil eye, before walking from view, being followed by her boys.


The crowd gives some very nice heat as the sound of a bell rings throughout the arena, and out from the side of the stage emerges a white limousine with the emblem of JBL emblazoned upon the side of it. Sure enough, once the limo stops and the chauffeur climbs from the front and opens the door, The Cabinet step out, Jillian & Albright first, with JBL following, making himself the centre of attention as his accomplices look on at him. The trio walk down the rest of the ramp and climb up into the ring, with JBL raises his hands and smirking arrogantly.

Michael Cole: We are just two days away from No Way Out where these two men will be finally meeting their fate as Brent Albright meets The Boogeyman, and JBL faces The Undertaker in one on one matches. Tazz, I’ve got to ask, with their one on one matches this Sunday, what are JBL and Brent Albright going to look to do tonight against the same opponents in tag team action?

Tazz: They’ve gotta’ look to make an impact, plain an’ simple. This Sunday, goin’ in, they’re facin’ two monsters, two men who no one else on SmackDown! wants to wrestle, so if they’re gonna’ have a chance, they’re goin’ to have to make an impact here tonight.

Tony Chimel: The following contest is a tag team match scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, weighing a combined weight of 550 lbs, the team of John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield & Brent Albright, The Cabinet!


The crowd gives a respectable pop as red smoke begins to protrude throughout the arena, leading into The Boogeyman emerging from it, shaking uncontrollably, clock and stick in hand. Boogey makes his way down to the end of the ramp, then turns back and waits for his partner.

Michael Cole: The Boogeyman has had problems with The Cabinet for the longest of times, dating back three months ago when he and JBL crossed paths for the first time. In two days he goes one on one with Brent Albright, who as of late has taken his attention, but tonight he teams with The Undertaker in what could be the biggest match of his career.

Tazz: I’ll tell ya’ this, Cole. I sure as heck wouldn’t wanna be either JBL or Albright. Havin’ this freak across from the ring, that’s one thing, but when he’s teamin’ The Undertaker, that’s a whole ‘nother story.

Tony Chimel: Their opponents, first, from the Bottomless Pit, weighing 265 lbs, The Boogeyman!




The crowd now gives a MASSIVE pop as smoke starts to cover the red smog, and out from the back steps The Undertaker. ‘The Phenom’ walks to the ring at his usual slow pace, before joining The Boogeyman at ringside as the two paranormal men climb into the ring together.

Michael Cole: ‘The Phenom’ of SmackDown!, The Undertaker made his return to Friday nights for the first time in 2006 to in-ring action two weeks go, only to find himself on the end of a bloody beatdown at the hands of JBL. The dose was repeated last week from JBL and his Cabinet, and now the question has to be asked, just how bad does The Undertaker want to get his hands on JBL?

Tazz: As JBL said earlier tonight, no one has ever done what he’s done to ‘Taker over the past few weeks, so I would think that ‘Taker is chompin’ at the bit to get JBL. JBL has gotta’ be smart about this.

Tony Chimel: His partner, from Death Valley, weighing 295 lbs, The Undertaker!

Match Four ~ Tag Team Match: The Cabinet w/ Jillian Hall vs. The Boogeyman & The Undertaker

The Undertaker is keen to start this match, ready to face JBL after weeks of assaults; however, JBL will have no part of it and sends the youngster Albright in there to face the veteran from Death Valley. Despite the gulf in experience between the two Albright shows no fear, going face to face with ‘The Deadman’ before they engage in a lockup. ‘Taker, obviously her bigger and more powerful man, forces Albright back into the corner and actually looks to give a clean break ... BUT ALRIGHT SLAPS HIM RIGHT ACROSS THE FACE! ‘Taker takes a moment to register what happens, shocked at the attitude of Albright, before going for a right ... BUT ALRIGHT DUCKS HIS WAY OUT OF THE CORNER, TURNS ‘TAKER AROUND AND GOES FOR A SERIES OF RIGHTS OF HIS OWN! Albright will not back down, instead staggering ‘Taker, before dashing back off to the ropes ... AND COMING RIGHT BACK INTO A BIG BOOT THAT SENDS HIM DOWN!

‘Taker is mad now as he picks Albright up and throws him into the corner, before UNLEASHING with a series of rights, throwing fists perhaps harder than ever before. Albright is reeling as ‘Taker continues his onslaught, rocking him for a few more moments with strikes, before hitting old school for a two count and tagging in The Boogeyman. Boogey comes in and immediately does all that he can do – hit Albright with right hands, backing him into the ropes, before whipping Albright off into the ropes – allowing JBL to make a blind tag as Albright rebounds back – then knocking Albright down with a clothesline. Boogeyman looks out to the crowd following the move, getting quite a reception, before bending down to pick Albright up ... and getting booted square in the head by JBL!

Boogey falls awkwardly from this blow, leading to a beatdown at the hands of JBL & Albright for a short period of time (mainly because Boogeyman selling for too long isn’t a good thing). Throughout this time The Boogeyman shows glimpses of making a comeback, hitting sporadic blows, before he is finally able to launch a comeback by escaping from a sleeper hold from JBL, then blocking being rammed headfirst into the turnbuckle, following a kick to the midsection, and throwing JBL down into it headfirst! JBL staggers back, clearly dazed from the shot ... and Boogey runs through him with a clothesline! Both men are down and begin to crawl to their respective corners ... with Boogey making the tag first and bring Undertaker into the ring!

JBL, meanwhile, is almost there ... BUT UNDERTAKER RUNS ACROSS AND KNOCKS BRENT ALBRIGHT FROM THE APRON WITH A BIG RIGHT ... THEN TURNS TO STARE DOWN THE MAN WHO HAS LEFT HIM IN A BLOODY MESS FOR TWO STRAIGHT WEEKS! JBL quickly gets back up from a seated position ... AND GETS SENT RIGHT BACK DOWN WITH A RIGHT ... THEN A SECOND ... THEN A THIRD TIME! Undertaker is on fire as he pushes JBL back into the ropes, then goes for an Irish whip, which JBL reverses, before ducking a JBL clothesline attempt on the rebound ... AND HITTING A FLYING CLOTHESLINE ON THE SECOND REBOUND! The crowd pops as ‘Taker gets back to his feet and lifts Layfield up, whipping him into the corner ... then charging back into the corner and squashing JBL with a corner clothesline! ‘Taker, though, isn’t done, backing away ... then squashing him again!

JBL is clearly in pain as he staggers from the corner, right into the clutches of The Undertaker who scoops up JBL ... THEN DROPS HIM ACROSS TO THE TOP TURNBUCKLE WITH SNAKE EYES ... AND COMES BACK TO TAKE JBL’S HEAD OFF WITH A BIG BOOT ON THE REBOUND! ‘Taker, thinking he’s got the job done, makes the cover ... but Brent Albright breaks it up at two with a last ditch effort elbow. Albright then picks ‘Taker up and hammers away on him with right hands, before looking to throw him from the ring ... only for ‘Taker to reverse the momentum and throw Albright up and over the top rope to the floor! ‘The Phenom’ now turns back to Layfield and sees him struggling to his feet ... PROMPTING HIM TO RAISE HIS HAND IN THE AIR AND MOTION FOR THE CHOKESLAM!

Slowly but surely, JBL gets to his feet and turns to face The Undertaker ... AND HE GETS GRABBED BY THE THROAT ... CHOKESLAM ... NO, JBL LANDS BEHIND HIS FOE AND BACKS INTO THE ROPES ... ‘TAKER TURNS ... CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL ... DUCKED ... CHOKESLAM! JBL is down, and ‘Taker gets right back to his feet, motioning for the end ... WHEN JILLIAN HALL CLIMBS UP ON THE APRON! ‘Taker stares at her for a moment ... WHEN SHE IS SUDDENLY TAKEN DOWN FROM THE APRON BY THE BOOGEYMAN! The Undertaker turns and sees JBL standing groggily on his feet ... SO HE SCOOPS HIM UP FOR THE TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER ... BUT JBL LANDS BEHIND ‘TAKER AND AGAIN BACKS INTO THE ROPES ... CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL CONNECTS! The crowd are in shock as JBL makes the cover ... Boogeyman slides into the ring ... but not soon enough!

Winners: The Cabinet via pinfall @ 8:38


Tony Chimel:
Here are your winners, The Cabinet!

JBL quickly slides from the ring and joins Brent Albright at ringside, who is holding Jillian up, with the trio celebrating the victory with wide grins all over the place.

Michael Cole: JBL’s done it! He has pinned The Undertaker! Two nights away from their match at No Way Out, and he has pinned The Undertaker! By hook or crook, JBL has picked up a win, and that has got to build his confidence going into this Sunday.

Tazz: That’s a big win for JBL, ain’t no doubt about it. He’s got all the momentum in the world goin’ into this Sunday, so if he’s ever gonna’ beat The Undertaker, this Sunday is his chance to do it.

We see the elated Cabinet one more time before cutting to a break.

*Commercial Break*


We return from the break to see a vignette, which is accompanied by the sound of ‘This Fire Burns’ by Killswitch Engage. We see images of a mystery man performing some of his in-ring moves (running knee/bulldog combo, urange/anaconda vise combo and the GTS, along with some big kicks).

???: It’s time for a new breed of wrestler.

The moves continue.

???: A breed of competitors. A breed that realises that things like luck, are for losers.

We now cut away to see a close-up of the man’s arms, which are covered by tattoos.

???: A breed of competitor which understand just what wrestling is all about – and that is the art ... of battle.

The left bicep is featured.

???: I don’t drink.

The right bicep.

???: I don’t smoke.

The man is now shown holding up his knuckles, which spell out the words ‘DRUG FREE’.

???: And I don’t do drugs.

His stomach is now shown.

???: I’m primed, I’m focussed and I know what I want. I am ... straight edge, and my only addiction ... is competition.

The man’s face is now shown, where we now get a close-up on his long, black hair, and a confident smile, with a snakebite piercing his lip.

???: My name is CM Punk ... and I am coming to Friday Night SmackDown!

CM Punk – Coming Soon To Friday Night SmackDown!


We’re now back at ringside, where we are of course with our commentary crew.

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Friday Night SmackDown! where we are just days out from No Way Out, the last stop on the ‘Road to WrestleMania’, and partner, what a card we have to look forward to.

Tazz: From top to bottom No Way Out is full of personal, intense matches, an’ I for one can’t wait to see it.

Michael Cole: Moments ago we of course saw JBL pinning The Undertaker. Well in two days these two men go one on one. Can The Undertaker gain revenge after two straight bloody beatdowns at the hands of ‘The Wrestling God’, or will Layfield do as he did just moments ago and defeat The Undertaker for the second time in three nights?

Tazz: If there’s any time when JBL is gonna’ beat ‘Taker, it’s gonna’ be this Sunday. He has ‘The Deadman’ shaken – he’s left him layin’ in a pool of his own blood twice, and he’s now pinned him once. This Sunday may just be JBL’s night.

Michael Cole: JBL’s ‘Hired Gun’ Brent Albright burst onto the scene when he took care of The Boogeyman for him. Now, over a month later and numerous times where Albright has got out of dodge, the two will finally be in the ring one on one. Will it be a successful one on one debut for ‘The Hired Gun’, or will The Boogeyman prove too much for him?

Tazz: The Boogeyman is one scary dude, but Brent Albright is a future star here on SmackDown!, and I wouldn’t wanna’ bet against him.

Michael Cole: The WWE Tag Team Champions put their gold on the line when they defend against long-time friends Matt Hardy & Shannon Moore. Moore & Hardy have had the number of MNM in one on one action, and now they team up against their mutual enemies. Can the friends overcome the champs and achieve their childhood dream of been tag team champions, or will the champions retain the gold?

Tazz: Moore & Hardy are great competitors, ain’t no doubt about it, but MNM are the best tag team goin’ here on Friday nights, and they’re gonna’ be damn near impossible to top.

Michael Cole: After assaulting Juventud over a month ago to get out of defending his title against him, this Sunday Kid Kash puts his title on the line against Kash, in a match where if Kash gets DQed or counted out, he will lose his title to Juventud. As Teddy Long put it, this Sunday there is no way out for Kash.

Tazz: It’s d-day for Kid Kash. If he defeats Juventud he’ll have conquered his biggest threat into the division, but if he loses he’ll have failed the ultimate test.

Michael Cole: Bobby Lashley, Paul London & Brian Kendrick team up to take on Finlay & The Bluebloods in six man tag team action. These six men have been having trouble with one another for weeks now, and now they combine into one big match.

Tazz: It’s gonna’ be chaos this Sunday, no doubt about it. You gotta’ go with Finlay & The Bluebloods here though, ‘cause you gotta’ feel that the chaos with their experience benefits them.

Michael Cole: Orlando Jordan puts not just his pride on the line, but also a shot at his mentor Booker T’s United States Title on the line when he faces Booker’s rival, Chris Benoit. If Orlando wins, Benoit will never challenge Booker for the title again, but if Benoit wins he is next in line for a title shot.

Tazz: A big day for OJ this Sunday. The guy fell to Benoit three times last year in less than thirty seconds. Can he prove to the world that he can go at it with the best? I dunno’.

Michael Cole: After weeks of saying that Rey Mysterio is too small, that he can never make it in the heavyweight division, Mr. Kennedy has to put his money where his mouth is when he goes one on one with Rey Mysterio in a match where both men have a lot to prove. Will Kennedy prove that he is indeed a future champion, or will Mysterio show that it doesn’t matter how big a man is, rather how big the size of his heart?

Tazz: This is a tough one. Kennedy has been on fire ever since arriving here on Friday nights, provin’ himself to be one of the most exciting young prospects we’ve ever seen. Mysterio, though, won’t ever be denied, and Kennedy’s gonna’ have to put on the performance of a lifetime if he wants to beat Mysterio. Personally, I think Kennedy’s got it in him, but we’ll find out this Sunday night.

Michael Cole: And finally the big one. Batista defends his World Heavyweight Title in a Street Fight against ‘The World’s Strongest Man’ Mark Henry in a Street Fight! These two have been goin’ at it for months on end, and finally they are been allowed to let loose, with special guest referee and winner of the 2006 Royal Rumble, Randy Orton is charge of proceedings.

Tazz: We heard Orton say earlier tonight that he won’t be the deciding factor, and I believe that. Mark Henry seemingly has had ‘The Animal’s’ number, and this Sunday I believe he’s finally gonna’ take the World Heavyweight Title.


The crowd now gives some very good heat as the winner of the 2006 Royal Rumble and the special guest referee for the following contest, Randy Orton steps out onto the stage. Orton arrogantly tugs at his referee shirt and walks down the ramp, the smirk on his face seemingly unmovable, his joy at being able to officiate this match shining through.

Michael Cole: Our main event is up next. Randy Orton is the special guest referee when Mr. Kennedy & Mark Henry take on Rey Mysterio & World Heavyweight Champion, Batista ... next!

We now fade away from seeing Orton standing in the ring.

*Commercial Break*

We’re back at ringside with Orton still in the ring.


The crowd gives some very nice heat as the platinum blonde Mr. Kennedy strides out onto the stage chewing his gum obnoxiously, his cockiness shining through. Kennedy strides down to the ring at a fast pace, before climbing up into it, affording a quick glance at Randy Orton as he does so, then posing as his microphone falls into his mitt.

Michael Cole: Mr. Kennedy is in with a big chance tonight to adapt to the different style of Rey Mysterio here tonight before they meet in their big match this Sunday at No Way Out. If Kennedy learns the patterns in the style of Mysterio, you’ve got to believe this Sunday is going to be made that much easier for him.

Tazz: That’s right, but you’ve also gotta’ remember that Kennedy is a professional, and he’ll have learnt everything he can about Rey Mysterio before he accepted his challenge earlier tonight. Believe me, Kennedy is ready for Mysterio.

Mr. Kennedy: Ahem. The following contest is a TAG, TEAM, MATCH, and it is scheduled for one fall with a twenty minute time limit. Introducing first and foremost, I am the fastest rising star on Friday Night SmackDown!. I hail, from GREEN, BAY ... WISCONSIN ... WEIGHING AN AMAZING 244 LBS ... MMMIIISSSTTTEEERRR KENNEDY!

Kennedy has his mandatory pause, going to the corner to pose up on the second rope.

Mr. Kennedy: KEN – NAH – DAY!


The crowd now gives some great heat as Mark Henry marches out, thumping his chest, causing beads of sweat to fly everywhere. Henry too is fast in making it to the ring, not wasting any time, eager to get his hands on Batista. Unlike Kennedy, Henry’s focus when in the ring is on Orton, as the two lock eyes for a moment.

Michael Cole: Here is the man who in just two days has a chance to become the World Heavyweight Champion and guarantee himself a spot in the main event of WrestleMania 22 against Randy Orton. Can he do some damage tonight, though, and make his job this Sunday that much easier?

Tazz: I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. No matter what goes down tonight, Cole, I firmly believe that this Sunday, Mark Henry is gonna’ become World Heavyweight Champion, because quite simply he has the mental advantage over Batista.

Tony Chimel: His partner, from Silsbee, Texas, weighing 387 lbs, he is ‘The World’s Strongest Man’, Mark Henry!


The crowd gives a very big pop as Rey Mysterio jumps up on out of the SmackDown! set, pyro flying out from under him, before making his way down to the ring, slapping hands with the fans at ringside as he does so. Looking up at his foe this Sunday, Mysterio stays at ringside and waits for his partner.

Michael Cole: This man Rey Mysterio has a lot to prove this Sunday. Ever since the beginning of his career, Rey Mysterio has been told he is too small to succeed. He has shut up the critics time and time again, but one man who won’t be silenced is Mr. Kennedy. This Sunday Mysterio finally gets the chance to silence him once and for all.

Tazz: Rey’s got a lotta’ heart, and as far as I’m concerned, the guy CAN go at the highest level in there with almost any heavyweights. Mr. Kennedy though, he looks like a standout, and he’s gonna’ be hard for Rey to beat.

Tony Chimel: Their opponents, first, from San Diego, California, weighing 175 lbs, Rey Mysterio!





The crowd now ERUPTS into a MASSIVE reaction as the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista runs out onto the stage, title gleaming in the light. The crowd cheers as Batista plays it up to the crowd on both sides of the stage, before moving back to the middle and setting off his pyro. The champ walks down the ramp, a smile on his face, before joining his friend Mysterio and sliding into the ring.

Michael Cole: Batista has stood on top of the world for eleven long months as World Heavyweight Champion, but could this be the last time we see him as World Heavyweight Champion here on Friday nights?

Tazz: Batista has been a great champ, and he has accepted all challenges, but this Sunday is a new challenge for him, and it ain’t like anything he’s faced before. There’s a good chance that by next Friday he’ll be the former World Heavyweight Champ.

Tony Chimel: His partner, from Washington D.C., weighing 295 lbs, he is the World Heavyweight Champion, ‘The Animal’ Batista!

Match Five ~ Special Guest Referee: Randy Orton; Tag Team Match: Mr. Kennedy & Mark Henry vs. Rey Mysterio & World Heavyweight Champion Batista

The anticipation is high as Mark Henry and Batista stand in the ring, the legal men to begin this contest with Randy Orton standing in between them. The two men take their time to talk some trash, walking around the ring as they do so, before locking up for the first time. The two struggle for a moment, with Batista then taking the advantage and pushing Henry back into the corner, perhaps looking to strike ... but Randy Orton climbs between the two men and makes sure we get a clean break. Orton tells Batista to back off to the middle of the ring, gaining himself a stare from ‘The Animal’ before he complies and backs back into the middle of the ring. Henry slowly comes out of the corner too, leading to the two men once again locking up, with Henry this time able to get the advantage as he pushes Batista back to the corner ... and Orton again enforces a clean break! Much like Batista, Henry stares Orton down and also talks a little trash as he backs away. Henry, though, continues to talk trash ... allowing Batista to explode out of the corner and hit him with a big right!

Batista hammers away on Henry, hitting several rights, backing him up into the ropes before trying to send him off with an Irish whip ... but Henry reverses and sends Batista off ... Batista ducks under a clothesline on the rebound ... then knocks Henry down with a big jumping shoulder tackle, much to the delight of the crowd. Henry gets back to his feet as Batista recommences his onslaught of right hands, backing Henry up into the corner, allowing Batista to tag in Rey Mysterio. Mysterio comes in to a big pop from the crowd, with Batista continuing to hammer away on Henry, before turning as Mysterio charges towards Batista ... AND BATISTA THROWS HIM UP ONTO THE SHOULDERS OF HENRY! Mysterio hammers away on the skull of Henry with big right hands, throwing everything he has at the big man before flipping down and running back to the ropes as Henry staggers from the corner ... AND HENRY RUNS STRAIGHT THROUGH MYSTERIO!

The crowd boos as Henry shakes off the cobwebs, before walking across and tagging in a very eager Kennedy, who is quick to get into the ring and begin to kick away at the now cornered Mysterio. Kennedy shows no mercy, ignoring the commands of Randy Orton to lay off Mysterio ... prompting Orton to pull Kennedy away and get in his face! The two men have a heated staredown which Kennedy finally breaks by smirking and turning ... RIGHT INTO A HURRICANRANA FROM MYSTERIO, WHO COMES OFF THE SECOND ROPE! The crowd cheers as Mysterio follows Kennedy around the ring, kicking him the legs with all his might, the sound of boot to hamstring reverberating around the arena until Mysterio then hits the ropes, ducks under a clothesline from Kennedy, then comes back and nails a headscissors takedown.

Mysterio pops back up, grabbing Kennedy in a front face lock as he does so, before dragging him across to his corner and tagging Batista back in. The two friends push Kennedy back into the ropes, then send him off with a double Irish whip with Batista taking Kennedy down with a drop toe hold ... then Mysterio hitting Kennedy square in the side of the head with a low dropkick! Mysterio quickly scurries from the ring, and Batista makes the cover ... only two! Batista, however, looks prepared for that, getting up and hammering away on Kennedy with right hands as he gets back up, hitting him time and time again in the corner, until Randy Orton intervenes and pulls Batista away, much to the disgust of ‘The Animal’. Batista takes his time before turning back to see KK charging towards him ... so he kicks him in the midsection, then throws him overhead with a suplex for a two count. Batista takes a slight issue with the count, shooting Orton a look, before climbing back to his feet and kicking a rising KK in the midsection, scooping him up and slamming him down right near the corner so he can tag in Rey Mysterio ... WHO COMES IN WITH A SPRINGBOARD SPLASH ... for just a two count!

Mysterio too glances a look at Orton, before going back to pick up Mr. Kennedy ... but Mr. Kennedy rushes Mysterio back to his corner, then tags in Mark Henry! Henry comes in and instantly hammers away on Mysterio with a series of big right hands, before going to work with some kicks to the midsection as Kennedy leaves the ring. Orton, though, continues to take no rubbish, dragging Henry back from the corner which ‘The World’s Strongest Man’ takes exception to, mouthing off to Orton. He then turns back to see Mysterio staggering against the ropes, prompting Henry to charge in ... BUT MYSTERIO DUCKS DOWN AND LOWBRIDGES THE TOP ROPE, SENDING HENRY OVER TO THE OUTSIDE! Mysterio climbs back up, waiting as Henry gets back to his feet, before running off to the opposite ropes, coming back ... AND HITTING A BASEBALL SLIDE THAT STAGGERS HENRY! Mysterio isn’t done though, climbing out to the apron ... THEN RUNNING ACROSS IT AND COMING OFF WITH A SEATED SENTON THAT SENDS HENRY DOWN AT RINGSIDE! The crowd gives Mysterio a huge ovation as he gets back up, and we head off to a commercial break.

Back from the break, and Mr. Kennedy is now in the ring dominating Mysterio with a barrage of kicks in the corner as we are informed and shown of Henry manhandling Mysterio at ringside before the break. Kennedy, wanting to add insult to injury for Mysterio, gets the masked man down in the corner and rubs his boot into the face of Rey, before running off, bouncing back off the ropes and booting Mysterio clean in the head! From here KK and Henry continues to use a basic offense, punishing Mysterio with their size advantage, although not yet able to pick up the victory, as Mysterio kicks out each and every time they go for a pinfall attempt, with Orton remaining impartial.

Mysterio looks to find a window back into proceedings when KK has him locked into a surfboard stretch, with the littlest big man not willing to give in, instead fighting back to his feet, managing to go behind Kennedy and dropkick him in the back ... SENDING HIM DOWN ACROSS THE SECOND ROPE! Mysterio is too excited to make the tag, instead bouncing off the opposite ropes ... THEN COMING BACK FOR THE 619 ... BUT KENNEDY DUCKS UNDER IT ... THEN TAKES MYSTERIO’S HEAD OFF WITH A ROUNDHOUSE KICK ... FOR A TWO COUNT! Kennedy looks slightly annoyed at only getting two as he heads to the corner, taking Mysterio with him, before sitting Mysterio on the ropes and climbing up himself ... LOOKING FOR THE GREEN BAY PLUNGE! KENNEDY MOVES MYSTERIO AROUND, ATTEMPTING TO GET HIM UP ON HIS SHOULDERS ... BUT MYSTERIO FIGHTS BACK WITH A BARRAGE OF ELBOWS, THEN PUSHES KENNEDY DOWN FROM THE TOP! Kennedy gets back up, holding his back in pain ... AND HE GETS TAKEN DOWN WITH A SEATED SENTON THAT SENDS BOTH MEN HURTLING DOWN!

Both men slowly struggle to their corners, bit by bit, inch by inch getting closer ... and they make the tags! Batista and Mark Henry come charging into the ring, with Batista coming out with a flurry of right hands, sending Henry back into the ropes, before looking for an Irish whip ... but Henry reverses ... and Batista comes back with a clothesline that DOESN’T send Mark Henry down! Batista looks stunned, but he doesn’t waste much time, instead backing into the ropes again and going for another clothesline that only just staggers Mark Henry! Again, Batista goes back and hits the ropes, then runs past a dazed Mark Henry who turns ... AND GETS TAKEN DOWN WITH A JUMPING CLOTHESLINE! Batista gets back to his feet full of energy and sees Henry getting up to his feet, prompting him to bulrush Henry back to the corner and begin to drive the air out of the lungs of Henry with a shoulder thrust after shoulder thrust! The crowd is on fire as Henry backs away ... THEN CHARGES IN AND SQUASHES MARK HENRY WITH A CORNER CLOTHESLINE! ‘The Animal’ once again backs away from the corner, Henry staggering after him ... AND THEN GETTING SLAMMED ALMOST THROUGH THE MAT WITH A SPINEBUSTER!

The crowd are going crazy as Batista shakes the ropes, then turns back to Henry and sees him hanging over the second rope ... prompting Batista to tag in Rey Mysterio! Mysterio climbs into the ring, then runs off to the ropes ... ONLY FOR MR. KENNEDY TO STAND IN THE WAY! Batista complains to Randy Orton, but Orton will have none of it, telling Batista to climb out of the ring as Mysterio now sends Kennedy down with a right hand ... THEN LOOKS FOR THE 619 ON HENRY ... BUT HENRY CATCHES HIM! HENRY HOLDS MYSTERIO UP ... AND HE NAILS THE WORLD’S STRONGEST SLAM! Henry isn’t done though as he bounces off the ropes ... THE WORLD’S STRONGEST SPLASH! The crowd boos as Henry makes the cover and Orton turns to make the count, with Kennedy restraining Batista ... and we get the three!

Winners: Mark Henry & Mr. Kennedy via pinfall @ 12:12


Tony Chimel:
Here are your winners, Mr. Kennedy & Mark Henry!

The crowd now boos as Henry has his hand raised by Orton, a smile now on his face as Batista enters the ring ... and he heads right for Henry ... but Orton jumps in the way ... leading to an intense staredown between Batista and Orton.

Michael Cole: Randy Orton may have just cost Batista this match, but what happens when he is again the special guest referee this Sunday with the World Heavyweight Title on the line? Ladies and gentlemen, I implore you, tune in this Sunday to see No Way Out and see if Randy Orton CAN call the match down the line, see if Batista can retain the World Heavyweight Title, or see if Mark Henry will become the NEW World Heavyweight Champion. Good night here from Norfolk, and we hope to see you again in two days time at No Way Out.

Batista, Orton and Henry continue to stand in the ring, the animosity at an all-time high as we fade to black.



February 19th, 2006 | 1st Mariner Arena; Baltimore, Maryland

World Heavyweight Championship; Special Guest Referee – Randy Orton:
Mark Henry vs. Batista (c)

WWE Tag Team Championships:
Matt Hardy & Shannon Moore vs. MNM (c)

Cruiserweight Championship:
Juventud vs. Kid Kash (c)

Chris Benoit vs. Orlando Jordan

Mr. Kennedy vs. Rey Mysterio

Six Man Tag Team Match:
Bobby Lashley, Paul London & Brian Kendrick vs. Finlay & The Bluebloods

The Undertaker vs. John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield

The Boogeyman vs. Brent Albright


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