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Re: WWE 2008: Bringin' the Pain!!

March 31st, 2008
Live from Amway Arena in Orlando Florida

A Video Package Recaps Wrestlemania from start to finish, CM Punk winning the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, Randy Orton punting John Cena then hitting the RKO to Triple H to retain his title, Floyd Mayweather knocking out Big Show with the brass knuckles, then Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels’ 5-Star classic where at the end Shawn Michael made the decision to win the match and end the career of the Nature Boy, and finally Edge pushing Undertaker to the limit but Taker kept the streak in tact and becoming new World Heavyweight Champion.

**Wanna Be Loved**
Raw Opening Video Plays

Jim Ross: Welcome to Monday Night Raw, just one night after a historic, Wrestlemania 24, and tonight, “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair who’s career ended last night will make his final address to the WWE Universe tonight.

Jerry Lawler: Everyone has to call it a career someday and tonight it is Flair’s night to say good-bye but the show must go on and tonight we will also decide the new Number One Contender for the WWE Championship when we have an eight man battle royal to decide who will face Randy Orton for the WWE Champion at Backlash.

**Burn in My Light**

Randy Orton walks out wearing jeans and an Orton T-Shirt holding his WWE Championship over his shoulder to massive heat.

J.R.: Speaking of the Devil

Orton picks up a mic and holds his title up the crowd.

Orton: I did it.

Massive Heat

Orton: You all said there was no way I could ever beat both John Cena and Triple H in the same night, in the same match, but you were all wrong! I punted Triple H in the skull and I pinned John Cena in the center of the ring last night at Wrestlemania and I am still the WWE Champion.


Orton: I faced who you people call the best in the world and I beat them. All the people that said I couldn’t pin John Cena when it counted, were wrong. All the people that said I’d never be better then Triple H where wrong!


Orton: Last night was just another example of me proving myself the best in this business. No one on this show can beat me. For instance let’s look at the Battle Royale later this evening.. In that battle royale there are men like John Cena and Triple H….

Big Pop for Cena and the Game

Orton: Men who I beat last night, if those two were going to beat me they would’ve done it already! They’ve been trying to take me down for seven months but I’m still here. Shawn Michaels…

Another Big Pop

Orton: Remember Survivor Series when I beat him, I do. Do you people actually think the next time will be any different if he wins? Let me promise you, it won’t. Now let me move onto men like JBL, Mr. Kennedy, and Carlito.

Orton sucks” chants break Orton

Orton: Shut your mouths, if I sucked I wouldn’t still be WWE Champion. Guys like JBL, Mr. Kennedy, and Carlito haven’t even stepped up to challenge me. I am a dominating force here on Raw and no one on his show is on the same level as me. Raw is my show! No one here has beat me and no one on this show will. So let them have their little Battle royale tonight, it doesn’t matter who wins because at Backlash I will leave W-W-E Champion.

**The Fire Burns**

A huge pop as the Straight Edge Superstar fresh off of ECW CM Punk comes out holding his Money in the Bank Briefcase case he won last night at Wrestlemania. Orton does not look happy as Punk enters the ring dressed to Wrestle. He picks up a mic.

Orton: What the hell are you doing here.

Punk: Well Randy you see, this Sunday ECW was unfortunately disbanded and because of this I am now a member of Monday Night Raw!

Big Pop

Punk: And Randy I was backstage and I heard you saying things about how you plan on reigning with your WWE Championship forever and how no one on Raw has been able to beat you these last seven months and to be honest Randy I just wanted to say you are right.

Orton looks confused at Punk

Punk: Randy no one on Raw has been able to beat you these past few months, no matter what they’ve tried you snuck around and did whatever it takes to retain your championship. But here’s the thing Randy you’re so focused on Battle Royale opponents you forgot about someone, someone who if they want a WWE Championship match, they don’t have to wait until Backlash.

“Punk” chants break out. As Punk holds out his briefcase

Punk: Randy, if I want a WWE Championship all I have to do is call for ref and tell him I want a match. Randy you won’t hold onto that title forever, you will hold onto that title as long as I want you to.

Orton looks mad as he begins to speak.

Orton: Shut up! You don’t matter here on Raw!! The only reason you are even here is because that wasteland known as ECW was finally shut down, All the trash from that show should’ve been fired not rewarded for their terrible show being cancelled.


Orton: Punk you don’t deserve to be in the same ring as me, let alone come down to my ring and talk as if you are a champion and now my level.


Punk: You don’t seem to get what this briefcase means do you Randy? I am on your level, this Money in the Bank Contract is like having the WWE Championship, everyone who cashes in this briefcase becomes a World Champion in the WWE. Randy, I could end your title reign right now if I wanted to do.


Orton: Then why don’t you?

Orton stares at Punk

Punk: Because Randy, even though right now I could hit you over the head with this briefcase ask for a ref and pin, I like to do things the right way, that’s why I don’t drink and I don’t smoke. That’s why I don’t do drug, but tonight Randy I want to beat you fair and square before I take that title from you and that’s why I’ve talked to William Regal and arranged a match between you and myself for tonight’s main event.

Orton looks pissed at Punk.

Punk: Then Randy after I put you to sleep, I’m going to cash this in, and you’re going to lose your WWE Championship without even knowing it. Randy you as well consider tonight your last night as WWE Champion.

“The Fire Burns” hits and Punks exits in the ring as Orton stands in the ring pissed off.

[Commercial Break]

A Video Package promoting the Wrestlemania repay is shown

[Cut Backstage]

We appear backstage where Triple H is warming up for the Battle Royale as “The Animal” Batista from Friday Night Smackdown approaches.

Triple H: Dave, what are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be on Smackdown? I know, you’re here to brag about winning Battle of the Brands aren’t you?

Batista is about to respond, but Hunter cuts him off

Triple H: It’s ok, I never liked that fat Samoan anyway

Both men begin to laugh, in character, no offense meant to anyone

Batista: Actually I’m not here about battle of the brands, I’m here for Ric. I wanna be here when he says good-bye later tonight, I’m gonna go out to the ring with him and Hunter I want you to be there too.

Triple H nods

Batista: You’re gonna be there right? For Ric.

Triple H: Look Dave, I love Ric, I love everything he’s done for me personally, for this business he’s great. But I have a Battle Royale to win first, I want to be WWE Champion again and tonight I have a chance to earn that shot tonight. If everything goes well, me, you and Ric can celebrate the end of Ric’s career and my win, Evolution style.

Batista nods

Triple H: Dave, right now, I’m focused on getting my title match, if I can be there for Ric later tonight, I will, but if I can’t, I won’t.

Batista: I get it, it’s all about you.

Triple H looks kind of pissed off as “The Animal” walks away as another one of Triple H’s buddies, walks up, that man being the man the ended the career of Ric Flair. Shawn Michaels.

Michaels: What’s up with him.

Triple H: I don’t know, I think he’s still having trouble with Ric retiring. By the way that match was crazy last night.

Michaels: You’re telling me, I really didn’t want to do it, I love Ric to death but that’s the way he wanted to go, so I guess I did what I have to, really makes you think about your own career.

Triple H: Yea it does, it really does, it also makes every title opportunity seem that much more important, just like the one we have tonight.

Michaels: Oh yes it does and I can not wait to get another shot at the WWE Championship at Backlash.

Triple H: Whoa, Whoa, hold it there a second, Shawn, I love you to death but I’m winning that title match at Backlash.

Michaels: I guess we’ll find out in the ring won’t we.

Triple H: I guess we will, I’ll see you out there

They shake hands and walk in separate directions.

[Cut to Ringside]

Jim Ross: The Game and HBK will be two the eight men competing in the eight man battle royale to determine the top contender for Randy Orton’s WWE Championship at Backlash.

Jerry Lawler: Don’t get ahead of yourself J.R. it may not be Randy Orton’s WWE Champion to lose at Backlash, Orton will face Mr. Money in the Bank CM Punk in a non-title match tonight and if Punk wins, Punk has promised to cash in and pin Orton one more time and become WWE Champion.

J.R.: Then finally tonight, a legend, the best ever, “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair, will say good-bye for the final, and his final farewell address will be tonight.

**Break the Walls Down**

The Intercontinental Champion “Y2J” Chris Jericho comes out to a huge pop dressed to wrestle as Lillian announces this tag team match.


Fresh off of ECW now a member of Monday Night Raw, the Jamaican Sensation Kofi Kingston storms down to the ring playing the crowd really well.

J.R.: That man you see entering the ring right now may be unfamiliar to you, but soon you’ll realize what you were missing out on, Kofi Kingston is a hot young prospect from ECW.

Lawler: This is man is insanely talented and steals the show everytime he gets into the ring and will be a pleasure to have here on Raw.

J.R.: And tonight on his first night, Kingston has the honor of tagging with the Intercontinental Champion, Chris Jericho.

Kingston and Jericho do a high five type thing in the ring as they look over to the tron.

**Generator B**

“The Ripper” Paul Burchill comes out to some solid heat, accompanied as always by his sister, Katie Lea, he gives both me in the ring the stare down and Jericho whispers something to Kofi.

**Aint No Stoppin Me**

The Gold Standard Shelton Benjamin from ECW makes his way out as he is also now on Raw, Benjamin gets some solid heat.

J.R.: Here is another phenomenal athlete we’ve acquired from the now dispended ECW, “The Gold Standard” Shelton Benjamin.

Lawler: Of course Benjamin is an amazing talent but Benjamin is also very cocky and sometimes let his head get in the way of his success.

The Bell rings, Benjamin and Jericho start out in the ring.

Match 1:
Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho & Kofi Kingston vs. Shelton Benjamin & Paul Burchill w/Katie Lea Burchill

Regular match start with Shelton and Jericho circling each other. Shelton ducks a clothesline attempt from Jericho and grabs him with a body lock from behind. JR mentions Benjamin’s amateur background. Benjamin gives him team the early momentum by planting Y2J with a German suplex. Jericho stands up grabbing the back of head but Shelton quickly jumps at him and whips the Intercontinental Champion off the ropes, Shelton throws Jericho with an arm drag. Jericho is trying to stand up but Shelton once again establishes his dominance in the match by grabbing Jericho’s leg for a leg drag, Benjamin makes a cover but Jericho quickly kicks out, Benjamin shoots himself off the ropes and drops the now standing Jericho with a shoulder block. Jericho stands back up and Shelton slaps him, Jericho fits back with a kick finally getting in his first bit of offense in the match. Jericho lands a kick with the other leg, the champ throws Shelton off the ropes, “The Gold Standard” comes back at Jericho, Y2J throws Shelton down with an arm drag. Jericho gets back to his feet and times Shelton, Shelton stands up and he is met with a Standing Enziguri kick! Jericho covers 1……….2….Shelton turns his shoulder up.

Jericho gets up and tags in Kofi, the high-flyer makes his way into the Raw ring for the first time, Shelton stands up and Kofi quickly jumps into a flying forearm that drops Shelton to a huge pop. Shelton gets up and Kofi rocks him with a drop kick. Shelton falls back off the ropes, Kofi goes for another kick, Shelton catches the kick but Kofi uses the other leg to kick Shelton in the head. Kofi covers. 1……….2…Shelton gets the shoulder up again. Kofi gets up and claps his hands together the crowd begins to get louder, Kofi sets up for the Trouble in Paradise! Kofi goes midair but Shelton ducks under!!, Kofi lands awkwardly on his knee. Shelton quickly chop-blocks Kofi’s leg. Both men are down on the mat. Shelton manages to jump into his corner and get the tag into Burchill! Kofi tries to get over to Jericho but Burchill quickly grabs Kofi’s leg and begins to twist on it. Burchill tries to put Kofi into an ankle lock but Kofi kicks him off, Kofi again goes for Jericho, but Burchill is too quick as he drops Kofi with a clothesline.

Burchill puts Kofi in a headlock, “The Ripper” wrenches on the Raw newcomers neck Burchill yells at the ref to ask Kofi, Kofi doesn’t tap. Kofi manages to twist up and regain his base, Kofi starts to tee away at Burchill’s midsection with punches. Kofi lands a kick to the side of Burchill’s head to completely break away from his opponent. Kofi jumps at Burchill for a jumping elbow but Burchill reverses it into a drop toehold. Burchill stands up and tags in Shelton. Shelton enters the ring with a smirk on his face, he grabs Kofi for a suplex Which he hits. Kofi gets up, and Shelton drops him with a standing drop kick. Shelton suplexes Kofi down again. Shelton makes the cover 1………..2…….Kofi kicks out. Shelton begins to stomp down on Kofi. Kofi is laying on his back in pain. Shelton begins to kick at Kofi’s bad leg. Shelton grabs the leg and puts it in an inverted leg lock. Kofi screams in pain, he begins to inch over to the ropes. Shelton pulls the hold on tighter, Kofi screams in pain but finally gets a hold of the bottom rope. Kofi stands up grabbing his leg, Shelton quickly grabs onto the Jamaican sensation and whips him off the ropes, Shelton grabs Kofi’s arm and tries for a clothesline but Kofi ducks under. Kofi comes back and hits Shelton with a spinning corkscrew elbow! Shetlon falls down but so does Kofi on his bad leg!

Both men have landed on the wrong side of the ring, Shelton can’t get to Burchill without going through Kofi nor can Kofi get to Jericho without going through Shelton, both men slowly get up to their feet. Both men have there backs turned to each other, Kofi turns around into TROUBLE IN PARADISE just as Shelton jumps up for PAYDIRT!! MID-AIR COLLISION.

Both men fall hard to the ground expect this time they can get to their partners if they can get up. Both men slowly get up to their feet, Shelton vaults himself over to Paul Burchill and makes the tag, Kofi is limping in to Jericho, Burchill storms at Kofi but Kofi does a jumping limp to tag in Jericho! Jericho runs at Burchill and drops him with a shoulder block, Burchill gets up and Jericho shoots himself off the ropes. He grabs the back of Burchill’s head for a bulldog. Jericho quickly makes the cover 1……...2…kick out from Burchill. Burchill stands up and Jericho meets him with a series of kicks, Jericho whips Burchill off the ropes but Burchill drops Jericho with a shoulder block. Burchill puts Y2J in a quick headlock. Jericho almost immediately powers out. The Intercontinental Champion grabs onto Burchill’s arm, Jericho walks up to the top rope and goes for a Tornado DDT, but Burchill quickly throws Jericho away, Y2J lands flat on his ass in the center of the ring. Burchill comes at the champ but Jericho uses his quickness to jump into a standing enziguri kick!, Burchill falls down to the mat, Jericho thinks about a cover but inside grabs Burchill’s legs and begins to twist them for the Walls of Jericho to a massive, massive pop.

Burchill fights for his life, but Jericho looks in the walls, dead in the center of the ring. Kofi is on the apron not moving because of the pain in his leg, Shelton is just pulling himself up. It appears Burchill has no place to go. Katie Lea whispers something in Shelton’s ear as Burchill screams in pain. Katie gets up on the apron and begins to yell at the ref!! The goes over and tells her to get down, Jericho pulls the walls up into the LION TAMER and Burchill has no choice but to tap, but the ref can’t see it because he is still being distracted by Katie Lea! Shelton runs into the ring and gives Jericho a big boot the face forcing him to drop Burchill free of the Lion Tamer. Burchill falls to the ground, Shelton scrambles back to the corner as the ref turns around. Y2J looks for Kofi to tag in but he doesn’t appear to be back in ring shape with his leg. Burchill inches over to the corner and tags in Shelton. Jericho is on his knees catching his breath. The Intercontinental Champion stands up and turns around as he meets Shelton Benjamin who jumps in the air and hits Paydirt!! Cover by the Gold Standard!! 1………..2……….3!! Shelton Benjamin just pinned the Intercontinental Champion.

Winners: Shelton Benjamin and Paul Burchill via pinfall (7:29)

“Aint No Stoppin Me” hits as Shelton and Burchill raise each others and Katie Lea’s arms going down the ramp. Shelton smirks all the way down knowing he’s just made a big statement. Back in the ring, Jericho sits there with a look of frustration, Kofi limps into the center of the ring with a similar look his face.

[Commercial Break]

[Video Package]

Voice: I am e' modern dei warria'

Voice: I dominated every where I've been around de'world.

Voice: Me' name is Drew McIntrye and I am de' future of dis' company.

Voice: And I'm coming to Monde' Night Raw, very soon.

[Cut Backstage]

We appear in the interview area where Todd Grisham is standing by

Grisham: My guest joining me at this time, John Cena!!!

Huge pop from within the arena as Cena is shown standing next to Todd Grisham.

Grisham: Now John last night at Wrestlemania Triple H hit you with the pedigree knocking out you but it was Randy Orton who pinned you after he punted Triple H in the skull. Is there anything you’d like to say regarding that match.

Cena: What do you want me to say Todd? Last night at Wrestlemania I got beaten. I let Triple H hit the pedigree and I let wasn't there to stop Randy Orton. Todd Grisham last night I was beat. Randy Orton finally did it. He finally got what he wanted, he finally pinned me 1.....2.....3. All I can say is Randy wrestled a damn near perfect match.

Heat for saying such nice things about Orton

Cena: This is the first time I’ve ever lost at Wrestlemania and too be honest, I’ve winning at Wrestlemania is the best feeling someone can ever feel well losing is ten times that but worse. Some people don’t bounce back from it. I’ve seen guys lose at Wrestlemania and not be seen for months, even years. Hell last night I thought about being that guy. Losing sucks

“Cena” chants in the arena

Cena: But guess, what I woke up this morning with a call from William Regal on my phone, I almost didn’t answer it, I really didn’t. I’m sure as hell glad I did because that’s when I found out that tonight I’d have a chance to redeem my lost. Tonight there is a Battle Royale where the winner gets a Championship match against Randy Orton at Backlash.

The crowd continues to cheer .

Cena: That’s when I realized I couldn’t sit around and cry about getting pinned by Randy Orton on the biggest stage there is. NOPE!! Tonight I have one more shot to take back what I never lost!! I’m not going to complain about how Randy Orton has held my title for seven months without beating me one-on-one but I’m not looking back. From here on out I’m looking forward!!


Cena: Tonight is a new beginning for me!! This story begins with me winning a Battle Royale tonight and I’m not going to spoil the end but I have a feeling it has something to do with me winning back the WWE Championship at Backlash!

Pop as we fade back to the ring

[Cut to Ringside]

Jim Ross: John Cena is as serious as ever but he does appear in good shape for tonight which is surprising after he got kicked in the head last night by the Viper Randy Orton.

Lawler: Cena will need to be focused, the Battle Royale tonight is loaded, if you he isn’t focused or he will lose a shot at the WWE Championship.


The Women’s Champion Beth Phoenix comes out to a ton of heat.

Lawler: J.R. we joke about women being the dominant species but our Women’s Champion Beth Phoenix really is as dominant as they come.

J.R.: If course Beth did score the pin for her team last night at Wrestlemania when “The Glamamazon”” and Melina defeated Ashley and Maria

Lawler: At this point I think Beth may be down right unstoppable


Mickie James runs out to a huge pop

J.R.: That being said about the Glamazon someone who won’t be scared is Mickie James.

Lawler: I’m a little worried J.R.

J.R.: Why is that?

Lawler: Because I don’t want Beth to mess up Mickie James’ pretty face.

Match 2 l Non Title Match

Women’s Champion Beth Phoenix vs. Mickie James

Decent Diva’s match, Beth dominated early, the announcers played off her character as the most dominating Diva in the WWE. Beth controls with clotheslines and stomps. Mickie got back in the match though after she reversed a standing vertical suplex into a school girl. Beth kicked out but Mickie used the opportunity to spark a series of kicks and clotheslines giving the fan favorite control of the match. Mickie did a few more jumping elbows and kicks. Mickie decided to take a risk and go up to the top rope, Mickie went for a jumping head scissor but Beth reversed into a sick powerbomb. Beth got a long two count but somehow Mickie rolled onto her shoulder. Beth controlled the match from here with a series of sick clotheslines. Beth wheres Mickie down but sticking her foot over the former Women’s Champion’s throat. Mickie falls out of the corner and Beth hits a running body splash! Mickie falls forward and Beth drills her with a mega big boot. Beth covered for a very long two count. Mickie gets up and eats a big clothesline from the champ. Beth stomps on and slaps Mickie around for a while. Beth picks up Mickie for the Glam Slam but Mickie reverses it! Mickie sits on Beth’s legs for the roll up cover!! 1…………2…………3!!! Mickie James pins the Champion.

Winner: Mickie James via pinfall (4:58)

J.R.: Oh my Gawd, Mickie James has just upset the Women’s Champion!

Lawler: And her pretty face is still really pretty.

J.R.: That too King

Mickie James walks down the ramp high fiving the fans as Beth looks at her from the ring incredibly pissed off.

[Commercial Break]

Smackdown Preview
Clips of The Undertaker defeating Edge at Wrestlemania
Voiceover: The Deadman has done it again, now tune in this Friday as the now 16-0 Undertaker returns to Smackdown as the World Heavyweight Champion.

[Cut Backstage]

We appear in the interview area where Todd Grisham is standing by…

Grisham: My guest joining me at this time Mr…

???: Hold up, I do the introductions

Mr. Kennedy appears in the picture and takes Todd Grisham’s mic.

Kennedy: Todd Grisham’s guest joining him at this time hails from Green Bay, Wisconsin, weighing 245 pounds, MISTER KENENDDDDYYYY!!!!!!!!!!

Heat from inside the arena.

Kennedy: Tonight is celebration for the one called Mister Kennedy, A so-called Legend named Ric Flair will say good-bye to the WWE and Mister Kennedy is happy to now that he was a major part in ending the much overrated career of the Nature Boy.

Mega Heat from inside the arena.

Kennedy: Sure the history books will say Shawn Michaels ended the career of Nature Boy Ric Flair, but what everyone truly knows is all Shawn Michaels did was stick the nail in the coffin that was already built, put in the ground and slightly closed by yours truly Mr. Kennedy.


Kennedy: So despite his lost in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match last night at Wrestlemania Mister Kennedy is celebrating knowing that all his hard work finally paid off as Ric Flair will say good-bye tonight and knowing that tonight he will be competing in a Battle Royale that he will win, giving him a chance at the WWE Championship come Backlash.


Kennedy: Do not boo me, you all know tonight we will celebrate because tonight will belong to MISTER KENNE-

Kennedy stops and turns to see Triple H staring at him.

Kennedy: Can I help you?

Triple H: Ken, can I call you Ken?

Kennedy: No I go by the name Mister

Triple H: I don’t care I’m going to call you Ken

Kennedy (or Ken) looks a little pissed.

Triple H: Now Ken I’ve always known you’ve had an ego but this is outrageous. You actually think you did more to the career for Ric Flair then Shawn Michaels did.

Kennedy: I don’t think Hunter, I know. Shawn Michaels was only able to end Ric Flair’s career because of all the work in put in for months and months to were down Ric Flair. I tore down the building Shawn Michaels simply knocked off the last story and took the credit. But I don’t want to talk to you about Ric Flair, I want to talk to you about what I am going to do you in the Battle Royale tonight.

Triple H: What you are going to do to me? More like what I’m going to do you and everyone one else in that ring. Ken, tonight I’m getting another shot at the WWE Championship and if it means throwing you over the top rope, all the better.

Triple H walks away and for once Kennedy is speechless.

[Cut to Ringside]

Jim Ross: Can you believe Mr. Kennedy we always knew he had a major ego but he honestly thinks he did more to retire Ric Flair than Shawn Michaels.

Lawler: Kennedy’s ego is for some reason over the top tonight. But he will need to be confident in the battle royale tonight to be the seven other superstars who want that title match at Backlash.

J.R.: And of course Kennedy’s ego problem is based around thinking he retired Ric Flair who will say good-bye tonight.

Lawler: Ric will be truly missed and his ring will never be the same without him in it from week-to-week.

J.R.: But the show must go on and tonight in the main event, The WWE Champion Randy Orton will face Mr. Money in the Bank, CM Punk. Punk promised that if he beats Randy Orton he will cash in his Money in the Bank Briefcase and become the new WWE Champion. Just one night after he won the Money in the Bank Ladder Match at Wrestlemania 24.

**Sexy Boy**

Shawn Michaels comes out to a nice pop, Lillian announces the Battle Royale. Shawn jumps up onto the turnbuckles and singles the belt around his waste playing the crowd well.

J.R: There is the man that truly ended Ric Flair’s career, The Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels

Lawler: Shawn said earlier beating Ric the way he did made him realize his career may be coming to an end soon too and that he needs to take advantage of every opportunity he gets. Tonight he has a chance to earn a WWE Championship match.


Carlito comes out to some solid heat no real comments of worth from the announcers

**Slow Chemical**

Kane comes out to a solid pop as the pyro steams up at the top of the ramp, HBK and Carlito both look down with intrigue

J.R.: Of course here is the biggest addition to Raw from the ECW Roster, the final ECW Champion. The Big Red Monster, Kane!!

Lawler: Kane beat Chavo Guerrero in just seven seconds to become the finale ECW Champion now though he wants a shot to become the new WWE Champion at Backlash


JBL comes out to a ton of heat, the limo pulls out at again he gets the stare from all three men. J.R. and the King comment on how JBL beat Finlay in a Belfast Brawl at Mania.

**Crank it Up**

The Big Show comes out to a little pop-to-no reaction at all, it’s hard to tell. Everyone in the ring looks at Big Show, and for some reason Kane gives him a more intense stare then normal.

J.R.: Last night at Wrestlemania the Big Show was defeated by the best boxer in the world, Floyd Mayweather. .

Lawler: Show was definitely embarrassed to lose to someone so much smaller then him but that’s just how it worked out for the World’s Largest Athlete winning this and challenging Randy Orton would definitely give Show some much needed redemption.

**Turn Up the Trouble**

Mr. Kennedy comes out to big after his promo earlier in the evening

J.R.: There is the afore mentioned Mr. Kennendy

The ring clears out, as Kennedy step in and the spotlight is on him

Kennedy: I know all you of know who I am, but just a reminder that I do hale from Green Bay, Wisconsin weighing 245 pounds, the man majorly responsible for the retiring of the Nature Boy Ric Flair….

Major Heat for that one, HBK shakes his head at ringside


**It’s Time to Play the Game**

Triple H comes out cutting off Kennedy’s entrance, Kennedy turns out and looks very angry at the Game who comes through and does his normal entrance

J.R.: There is the game who we saw earlier took exception to Kennedy saying he ended the career of Ric Flair but that being the Game is focused on winning the WWE Championship after he came up just short last night at Wrestlemania..

Lawler: I myself consider “The Game” the favorite tonight, if his head’s on straight he’s damn near unstoppable.

**My Time is Now**

John Cena comes out to a mega pop, all seven of the other superstars stare as he storms into the ring, throwing his hat out into the crowd.

J.R.: Here is the fan favorite, it’s about hustle, it’s about loyality, it’s about respect for John Cena. But above all it’s about regaining the WWE Championship he never lost. .

Lawler: Tonight is another chance for John Cena to get back on top, I’m excited J.R.

Match 3 l Battle Royale l Number One Cotnedership for WWE Championship at Backlash
Shawn Michaels vs. Carlito vs. Kane vs. JBL vs. Big Show vs. Mr. Kennedy vs. Triple H vs. John Cena

Standard beginning to a Battle Royale all eight men waiting to for the match to start, Big Show draws first blood as quickly drops Triple H with a shoulder, JBL, Cena and Carlito all go at Show but are all dropped by some form of a clothesline or shoulder block, after Show turned around following the clothesline to Carlito, he eats a Sweet Chin Music from HBK!!! HBK goes to pick Show and throw him over the top rope, but Kane hits a running big boat to HBK. Who will win? Find out after the break.

Commercial Break

We return zoomed in with JBL and Carlito trying to work together to throw Cena over, but Cena kicks JBL back, Carlito tries to clothesline Cena over the top rope but Cena ducks him and tries to throw Carlito over but Carlito catches himself on the apron. Cena tries for a punch but Lito blocks it, Carlito goes for a Springboard, Missile drop kick to Cena which he hits. Carlito turns arounds looking cocky, until Kane grabs him by the throat…Kane picks up the former IC Champ from the Caribbean and just plain throws him over the top rope!!
Carlito Eliminated @ 2:17 by Kane

Carlito looks pissed off but we get back into the ring where Kennedy is stomping away at HBK with kicks in the corner. Kennedy tries to throw him over but HBK slaps Kennedy and sends them back, HBK jumps up the middle rope and hits the double axe-handle to Kennedy. HBK turns around and eats a Clothesline from Hell from JBL!!!!!! JBL turns picks up HBK but before he can Triple H hits him with the running knee. Triple H turns around though and Kennedy gives the game a series of shots. Kennedy tries to whip Triple H at the ropes hoping he will go over but Triple H comes back at the cocky Kennedy, Kennedy is prepared though, he drops Triple H with a back drop. As Kennedy begins to stomp on The Game. Big Show powers John Cena into the corner. Show five stars Cena across the chest. Cena falls into the center of the ring and Show drops him with a big boot.

HBK is up now and he lands a big slap to the chest of Big Show. Show drops down to HBK’s level and HBK punches him in the face a few times but Show battles back with a huge chop to HBK’s chest. Michaels falls to the ground grabbing his chest, Big Show tries to whip him over the top rope. HBK holds onto and lands on the apron, Show goes over to end Michaels’ chances at become WWE Champion but John Cena comes in from behind and picks Show up on his shoulders, he goes to throw The World’s Largest Athlete over and Shawn grabs onto Show helps Cena! Big Show is eliminated
Big Show Eliminated @ 5:13 by John Cena and Shawn Michaels

Big Show leaves the ring embarrassed again being the second person eliminated, Cena and Michaels shake hands as they both turn around are grabbed by Kane! DOUBLE CHOKESLAM both me fall to the ground. JBL grabs Kane and tries to throw him over the top rope to no avail, Kane pushes the self made Millionaire away. Meanwhile Kennedy continues to dominate Triple H. The Game is on his knees and Kennedy is loving, Kennedy walks around taunting the Game with little kicks and slap. Triple H tries to stand up as Kennedy goes for a slap, The Game gets up and rocks Kennedy back into the ropes with a facebuster!! Kennedy falls into the ropes and Triple H comes and quickly clotheslines him over the top rope!!!!
Mr. Kennedy Eliminated @ 6:04 by Triple H

Kennedy falls to the floor in a screaming fit. Kennedy goes over to the announce table and yells into Jerry Lawler’s mic, “He cheated”. Back in the ring Triple H turns his attention to JBL who he begins to tee off on with punches. Meanwhile Kane drives his foot over the throat of John Cena in the corner of the ring. Triple H sends JBL off the ropes when he comes back the Game hits him with a Spinebuster!! Triple H turns around and does the normal flex thing he does but as he turns out to the crowd Kennedy is on the apron with a chair!! Kennedy hits Triple H over the head with it!! JBL runs in behind Triple H and tosses him over the top rope with a little help from Kennedy and the chair.
Triple H Eliminated @ 6:58 by JBL

Triple H is on the floor and he is pissed off as Kennedy runs up the ramp as fast as he can. Back in the ring we are down to four. It’s just Cena, Michaels, Kane, and JBL. The tension is mounting. Cena is chilling in the corner selling/recovering. Michaels is up and he lands a viscous chop across the chest of Kane. HBK goes for a kick but Kane catches it, HBK in credibly does a jumping kick to Kane’s head sending the Big Red Monster to the ground. JBL comes up on HBK from behind and begins to hit him with some punches to the back of the head. JBL quickly hits HBK with a neckbreaker. JBL looks up and John Cena meets him with a running shoulder tackle!! JBL gets up and Cena throws him with a backdrop. Kane gets up and Cena comes at him with punches, Kane falls back into the ropes. JBL gets up and goes for Cena but Cena moves out of the way, JBL clotheslines the Big Red Monster instead sending him over the top rope.
Kane Eliminated @ 8:03 by JBL

JBL turns around with a smirk on his face until Cena grabs him and throws him over the top rope!!!
JBL Eliminated @ 8:11 by John Cena

We are down to two, Cena turns around looks in the eyes of Shawn Michaels. Both men desperately want a chance at becoming WWE Champion, both men are fan favorites, former tag team champions stare at each other, just like they did at Wrestlemania 23, just like they did in London. Cena and Michaels clinch up and HBK gets Cena in a headlock, side leg sweep puts Cena on his back still in the headlock. HBK holds Cena inplace for a bit but Cena powers up to his feet and breaks free. Cena and HBK look at each other for a second until Cena punches HBK in the face, HBK falls back but Cena hits Cena with a wicked chop across the chest of Cena. Cena bounces back with another a punch to HBK’s face, HBK grabs his jaw but then lands another chop to Cena’s chest. HBK wastes no time and grabs Cena for an inverted atomic drop! Cena falls back off the ropes, HBK goes for another chop but Cena reverses it, Cena picks HBK and hits a powerslam to the ShowStopper. HBK is down and Cena looks up the crowd puts his hand, he gives HBK the “You Can’t See Me” he goes off the ropes for the Five Knuckle Shuffle, but HBK Rolls out of the way!! Cena falls to the ground and HBK grabs him and hits a DDT!! Cena is down grabbing his neck, HBK looks to the top rope. The Showstopper goes up, the crowd begins to chant “This is Awesome” the one called Mr. Wrestlemania goes down and hits the Elbow Drop to Cena. Cena comes up grabbing his chest, HBK runs to the corner of the ring, HBK begins to stomp the crowd begins to count this can only mean one thing.. Sweet Chine Music? Cena struggles up to this feet, HBK goes it SWEET CHIN MUSIC….

NOOOOO!!!! CENA DUCKS UNDER IT. HBK turns around and Cena picks up HBK for the FU!! Cena tries to power HBK over the top rope but HBK holds on, Cena keeps fighting, HBK won’t let go, Cena gets him over, JOHN CENA HAS THROWN SHAWN MICHAELS OVER THE TOP ROPE!! John Cena is going to Backlash with a shot at the WWE Championship.
Shawn Michaels Eliminated @ 11:14 by John Cena

Winner: John Cena

Cena falls in the ring on his knees and celebrates knowing at Backlash he will get one more shot at Randy Orton and the WWE Championship. Cena stands in the ring as the crowd pops massively. Cena looks at HBK who shakes his head. But most important at Backlash it’ll be Cena vs. Orton, one more time.

Jim Ross: What a match.

Lawler: I can’t imagine a better ending to that Battle Royale then two warriors, two fan favorites battling it out for a shot at Backlash.

J.R.: Coming into tonight all we knew about Backlash was that it would be Raw only, no Smackdown, it would be Raw’s show to rule and now we know the main event, it will be John Cena once again challenging Randy Orton looking to reclaim the WWE Championship he never lost.

Lawler: I can’t wait.

[Commercial Break]

Clips of Ric Flair’s final Match vs. Shawn Michaels are show, Wrestlemania replay is advertised

[Cut Backstage]

We return to see one half of the World Tag Team Champions, Cody Rhodes walking through the hall casually dressed holding his tag titles when he is approached by Paul London and Brian Kendrick.

Rhodes: What’s up boys.

Rhodes shakes hands with both London and Kendrick

Kendrick: Well you see Cody, we were actually thinking that we have a match with the Redneck Wrecking Crew tonight and to be honest we know we’re gonna win.

London: But what we don’t know is who is going to be the next challengers for you and Bob Holly’s tag team Championships, at least not yet.

Kendrick: We’re pretty confident that after we beat Cade and Murdoch tonight William Regal will make the right decision and name us the number one contenders for your titles.

London: So we’re just here to put you on notice t hat even though we’re friends, Cody we’re going to take the titles from you and Holly, whether you like it or not.

Rhodes: Ok, I respect that you had the nerve to tell me that, I like you guys, you’re my friends but lets be honest, you haven’t beat me and Bob Holly yet, you’re aren’t gonna do it all.

Kendrick: You wanna bet on that Cody?

Rhodes: You know what I’m done talking, me and Holly are gonna be at ringside tonight to watch you guys’ match with the Redneck Wrecking Crew, impress me.

Rhodes walks away, Kendrick and London look at each other.

[Cut to Ringside]

Lawler: London and Kendrick seem confident….

**Redneck Trucker Music**

Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch come out to some solid heat the Redneck Wrecking Crew makes their way to the ring.

**Hey You**

Brian Kendrick and Paul London ruin to a big pop, London hive fives the fans and Kendrick pumps the crowd up.

**Out to Kill**

The Tag Team Champions Cody Rhodes and Hardcore Holly come out and make their way down to the ring, they look at both teams and sit next to J.R. on commentary.

Jim Ross: We are being joined by the World Tag Team Champions, Cody Rhodes and Hardcore Holly.

Lawler: Cody, Bob you know a lot about both of these teams, you’ve beat The Redneck Wrecking Crew in the past to win those tag titles you hold over your shoulder.

Rhodes: Yes we have, J.R. Both of these teams are talented teams we’ve battled both of them before, that’s why we are the tag team champions.

Holly: That being said we respect both of these teams and their talents and tonight we are getting a closer look considering we will probably be defending our tiles against them again at some point.

Rhodes: Holly hit it right on the head, we’re going to have to face these teams again down the road and we want to know what we’re in for. That said, we’re going to win when we do face them.

Match 4l Tag Team Match
Redneck Wrecking Crew vs. Paul London & Brian Kendrick

The heel take control early as Murdoch powers Kendrick down and keeps him in a headlock. The heels would control the match early as the Redneck Wrecking Crew over powered Kendrick. Kendrick battled back as he got a slap in on Cade to regain some offense. After a few chops rattled Cade back, Kendrick made the tag to his good friend Paul London. Cade tagged in Murdoch. London is on the apron and he planned on going for a springboard move until Murdoch charged over and knocked him off. London gets back to his feet outside the ring but Murdoch followed him out and banged Paul’s head against the apron. Murdoch tries to get more offense in on the outside but London reverses it and whips him into the steel steps. London gets back into the ring, Murdoch continues to catch his breath, London attempts to get off the ropes but as he shot off, Cade grabs London and hit an inverted neck breaker using the ropes. London falls into the center of the ring grabbing his neck. On the other side of the ring we see Kendrick fighting with Murdoch as the ref tries to regain control Cade stomps on London, as the ref tries to break that up. Kendrick manages to grab Cade and hit the Sliced Bread No. 2! Meanwhile the ref tries to push Cade away from London, London gets and Kendrick yells at him to hit the spash, Cade backs onto the apron and Kendrcik runs over and hits a jumping elbow to the Cowboy sending him off the apron. London struggles up to the stop rope but still manages to hit a beautiful 450 splash!! Cover onto Murdoch 1………..2……….3!!!

Winner: Paul London and Brian Kendrick via pinfall (5:28)

“Hey You” blasts as Kendrick and London exits the ring with their arms held high. Kendrick looks over at the champs and signals for the belt, Rhodes gets up and says “We’ll see” Rhodes, Holly, Kendrick and London have a little friendly back and fourth until things get unfriendly when Murdoch and Cade clock The Hooliganz from behind! Cade whips Kendrick down against the announce desk. Rhodes gets up and takes a shot with a belt at Murdoch, Murdoch goes down, Cade whips London into Holly and throws them both over the announce desk. Rhodes though grabs Cade from behind and hits Cross Rhodes!!! “Out to Kill” plays as Rhodes helps up Holly as they leave the scheme looking to be in control in the tag title picture.

[Commercial Break]

Video package featuring the Triple Threat match from last night is shown, Buy the Wrestlemania replay you get it.

[Cut Backstage]

We appear in William Regal’s office as the Women’s Champion Beth Phoenix walks in.

Beth: You asked to see me, Mister Regal.

Regal: While yes darling I did, now earlier tonight you were defeated by Mickie James-

Beth: Mister Regal, I know you’re disappointed that the top Diva on Raw was defeated by some second rate trash like Mickie James, I assure you it won’t happen again.

Regal: Funny you mention that because—

???: You wanted to see me Mister Regal?

Mickie James walks into the picture.

Regal: Yes I did sweetheart, now Beth since you just said that you wouldn’t let Miss James beat you ever again you should have no problem facing her again in four weeks at the Raw Exclusive Backlash Pay-Per-View with your Women’s Championship on the line.

Mr. Regal, what’s the point of making this match? We all know I’m going to beat her and for some reason these people don’t want to see her pretty little face get hurt.

Mickie: Are you going to beat me just like you did tonight? Because I think I won.

Oh you think you’re funny now, don’t yet, Mister Regal I changed my mind, this match is going to happen and I’m going to wipe that pretty little smile off your face.

Beth stares at Mickie as she walks out

[Cut Backstage]

We appear outside Triple H’s Locker room where Todd Grisham is standing by

Todd Grisham: My guest joining me at this time “The Game” Triple H.

Triple H is shown to a huge pop

Grisham: Now Triple H earlier tonight after you Eliminated Mr. Kennedy in the Number One Contenders Battle Royale, Kennedy hit you with a chair allowing JBL to throw you over the top rope. Is there anything you would like to say to Mr. Kennedy?

Triple H: Damn well there is, Ken you just didn’t know where to stop did you, making fun of Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair, I can tolerate that, making fun of me, I can tolerate that, taunting me in the center of the ring for seven minutes, you’re pushing thing, but costing me at shot at the WWE Championship, that’s where I draw the line.

“Triple H” chants start in the arena

Triple H: Mr. Kennedy you want to mess with me? You wanted my attention? You’ve got it, it’s game on and it’s going to start tonight!

Big Pop

Triple H: Either you come and face me like a man get what’s coming to ya’ or I’ll come and find you. And either way Ken, you’re going to have to ask yourself one thing, Are you Ready?

A huge pop for the DX reference. Triple H turns to see Batista next to him

Batista: Hunter, I know you’re busy man, I know you’ve had a rough night, but I talked to Ric earlier and he wants us to introduce him tonight for the farewell speech, it’ll be Evolution again just like the gold ole’ days.

Triple H: Dave, I’d love to introduce Ric tonight, I really would, but I’m busy, I’ve got to deal with Kennedy, tell Ric I’m sorry, he’ll understand.

Batista: I bet he will, he’ll understand that you are just as selfish as ever, it’s Hunter first and it always will be, I get it.

Batista pats Triple H on the arm and walks away. The King of Kings looks rollay pissed.

[Cut to Ringside]

Jim Ross: All things don’t appear to be well between the all of the former members of Evolution but tonight they must do what we, the WWE Universe all have to do and that’s say good bye to their leader Ric Flair, Ric Flair says farewell tonight.

Lawler: Ric is truly the best this industry has ever seen and we’re all sad to see him go but tonight that’s what we must do.


The WWE Champion Randy Orton walks out to a lot of heat.

Jim Ross: There another former member of Evolution the WWE Champion, Randy Orton.

Lawler: Orton may have to come to grips with the fact that this could be his final match as champion considering that tonight he will face Mr. Money in the Bank CM Punk and if Punk wins, Punk has promised to cash in his Money in the Bank Briefcase and become WWE Champion.

J.R.: It’s Orton vs. Punk and it’s next

[Commercial Break]

A video package showing highlights from Ric Flair’s career is shown

**The Fire Burns**

Mr. Money in the Bank comes out to a nice pop, CM Punk holds his briefcase in the air as he walks into the ring. Orton and Punk do a little stare down

Main Event l Non-Title Match
WWE Champion Randy Orton vs. Mr. Money in the Bank CM Punk

The match begins like a normal Orton match, Orton quickly putting Punk in a headlock. Punk actually powered out by picking Orton up for a sideslam. Orton gets back to his feet but is met by the quick kicks of the Straight Edge Superstar. Orton falls down to the mat, he goes to sit up but Punk hits a running kick to Orton there. Quick cover by Mr. Money in the Bank 1…………..2……no Orton kicks out. Punk puts Orton in a body triangle and holds him in place with it. Punk tees away at Orton with elbows to the side of his neck. Punk lets go and grabs Orton for a suplex. Orton goes down and grabs his back as the WWE Champion stands up and Punk goes for another Mauy Thai kick to Orton’s head but the Legend Killer ducks under! Orton goes off the ropes and comes back to hit Punk with a swinging neck-breaker. Orton covers 1………2..Punk kicks out. Punk stands up and Orton whips him into the ropes, Orton runs off the ropes and hits a drop kick to Punk sending him over the top rope. Orton rolls out of the ring, Orton gives Punk one of his trademark uppercuts. Orton hits Punk’s head onto the security wall a couple of times. Orton grabs Mr. Money in the Bank and throws him back into the ring. Cover from the champ 1………2….Punk gets the shoulder up.

Orton looks frustrated but he stands Punk up and picks him up for a standing vertical suplex. Orton holds Punk in the air for a bout ten seconds before planting him onto the mat. Another quick cover from Orton but it’s followed by another kick out. Orton looks at the ref in frustration. Orton begins to pound the mat, he’s setting up for it, Orton jumps for the RKO, Punk backs away causing Orton to land awkwardly, Punk picks Orton up for the GTS!! Orton quickly grabs at Punk and gets down from Punks shoulders and reverses the movie into the headlock backbreaker!! Punk stumbles back into the ropes and Orton charges at him for a sick clothesline sending Punk down hard to the floor again. This time Orton is relentless as he goes out to the floor. Orton grabs Punk and hits his head down onto the security wall, Orton continues the assault as he whips Punk shoulder first into the steel steps. Punk rolls on the ground grabbing his shoulder but Orton doesn’t seem to care as he stomps on it again. The ref counts to five as Punk tries to get up but Orton quickly puts him in an inverted arm lock. Orton lets ago as the ref counts seven and he returns to the ring, we get an 8 as Punk makes his way to his knees. Nine….Punk jumps back into the ring still grabbing that shoulder.

Right as Punk enters the ring. Orton grabs him and this a Single Armed DDT!!! Punk scrams in pain as he grabs his shoulder. Orton covers pressing down on the injured shoulder but Punk once again kicks out. Orton begins to apply a shoulder lock to Punk. Punk actually reverses it and throws Orton down with an arm drag. Punk grabs Orton and whips him into the turnbuckles. Punk charges at him and hits a crazy running knee. The Legend Killer falls down into the center of the ring in pain, could Punk pull this off? Punk goes for Orton, head kick, NO Orton ducks under Punk’s leg. Punk turns around, Orton sets up he’s looking for the R KO!! Punk pushes him down!! Orton lands on his back, Punk makes a reverse jackknife cover!! 1………….2……………3!!! Mr. Money in the Bank has beat the WWE Champion!!

Winner: CM Punk via pinfall (10:47)

After the match CM Punk has his arm raised in the center of the ring, Orton is massively pissed. Orton screams at the ref, Punk stands on the turnbuckle holding up his briefcase. Orton grabs Punk throws him down to the mat to massive heat. Orton stands on top of Punk and begins to punch him from the mount. Orton gets up and pounds the mat again. Punk struggles to his feet and Orton goes for the RKO!! Punk dodges him and picks him on his shoulders, Go To Sleep!!!!!! Orton is out cold on the mat, Punk yells at the ref to get in the ring as he looks for his Money in the Bank Briefcase. Punk is gonna’ cash in!!

Punk still can’t find his case, he turns around to see JBL!!! JBL is holding the case!! The self-made Millionaire hits Punk over the head with the briefcase!! JBL drops the briefcase on Punk’s chest and exits looking mighty proud of himself, but the question is, why’d JBL do it? JBL sticks his arms up at the top ramp looking very pleased knowing CM Punk is not a World Champion.

[Cut Backstage]

Ric Flair walking through a half way to a massive pop

J.R.: We don’t know why JBL just did what he did but I’m sure we’ll find out next week but coming up next Ric Flair says Goodbye

[Commercial Break]

A Ric Flair video package is shown

No Commentary just silence in Orlando

**I Walk Alone**

Batista comes out to a big pop as “Flair” chants fill the arena Batista walks into the ring with a mic

Batista: Ladies and Gentlemen tonight is a sad night in the history for professional Wrestling, tonight for Ric Flair will say farewell as a result of his career threatening match last night with Shawn Michaels. For the final time, the legend, the WWE Hall of Famer, my personal hero, "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair.

**Also sprach Zarathustra**

Ric Flair comes out to a massive, massive pop possibly top five in the history of the WWE, Flair slowly walks to the ring, one last time. Flair walks into the ring and hugs Batista. Batista hands his mic to The Legend.


Massive Pop for possibly the final woo.

Flair: Over twenty years I’ve doing this, every week coming out here and putting on show all you people in the WWE Universe, all the people that watched WCW, NWA, Raw, Smackdown, no matter where I was you people followed and decided to watch Ric Flair!! And for that I thank you.

Flair chants fill the building in Orlando as well they should

Flair: When I decide I was going to take on any challenge and put my career on the line that’s what I thought I’d miss the most coming out here and yelling “WOOOOOOOOOO”.

Thank you Ric” chants break out

Flair: You know I’ve done it all in this business, I’m an sixty-teen time World Champion, I’ve faced everyone, all the imaginable greats, I’ve faced them all. Hulk Hogan, Triple H, Sting and finally, Shawn Michaels

Countering “HBK” and “Flair” chants begin

Flair: Yep, Shawn Michaels, the Heartbreak Kid., the man who I had in my head as the one who would end my career if I couldn’t beat them. Mr. Kennedy, MVP, who cares I knew I could beat dem! They’re nothing, Shawn Michaels though, Shawn Michaels is something, Shawn Michaels those at Wrestlemania, he sure is something

More mega pops “Thank you Ric” chants break out

Flair: I’ve won sixteen-worlds titles, I used to be the best there was, guys like me not being the best, it’s hard, its hard for use to deal with that’s why we have to face the best and feel like we are da’ best. I felt like if I couldn’t beat Shawn Michaels I didn’t deserve to be here anymore. That’s fine. I lost end of story.

More Thank you chants

Flair: I aint got no problems going the way I am, I lost to the best and that’s fine.

More “We Love You” Chants

Flair: Now I want to thank Shawn Michaels for keeping his promise to me, he smelled blood and he finished me, I know some people may have a problem with that but I sure as hell don’t.. He did what I wanted him to do, and for that Shawn Michaels I thank you.

“Ric” chants as Flair tears up.

Flair: No one said being in the business was easy, my only regret my whole career wasn’t cheating to win several titles, it wasn’t being the “Dirtiest Player in the Game” It wasn’t boosting Triple H’s ego to places I’ve never seen it go, it was turning my back to friends for my own benefit. It was not spending enough time with my family.

Tears flow down Flair’s face.

Flair: I spend Christmases making other people’s kids happy, not my own. It hurts me to see my kids get arrested but that’s one of the pluses of retiring I can finally be a dad.

“Ric" chants take over the building Flair cries as Batista puts his arm around his shoulder.

Flair: There is so much I’d like to say, so many people I want to thank, it’s so hard to walk away from this shit ya’ know.

That’ll probably get bleeped but it’s a farewell speech who cares.

Flair: I guess the last thing I have to say is to the kids, everyone who tells you, you can’t do what you love, everyone who tells you that your dreams are stupid. They’re wrong!! I’ve been doing what I loved for twenty years and wouldn’t trade it in for anything!! Even more time with my actual family because you guys, my extended family, made this all worth it.

Flair begins to sob in the ring as he hugs Batista.

Flair: Thank you all for everything, it’s been a great run, I won’t be away forever, I’ll still be around, just because I’m not wrestling it doesn’t mean I can’t make an impact, thank you all goodnight, I love you guys. WOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

A crying Flair hugs Batista who appears to be crying behind his sunglasses

**It’s Time to Play the Game**

Triple H comes out to a huge pop. “The Game” enters the ring from up the ramp holding a mic

Triple H: Ric, earlier tonight I said it was going to be about Mr. Kennedy and I said I was going to find him, I was actually going to come out here and call him out right now.

Flair and Batista just look at Triple H

Triple H: But I changed my mind Ric, tonight is your night.

Flair tears up and Triple H gives him a hug in the center of the ring. Triple H begins to tear up.

Triple H:Tonight isn’t about me or Mr. Kennedy, Ken can wait until next week. Ric tonight I just wanted to say, I love you and I want to thank you for everything you’ve done for me.

Triple H hugs the Nature Boy as “Time to Play the Game” hits.

Triple H: What the hell turn that off!! It’s not for me, put Ric’s music on…

Flair cuts him off

Flair: NOO!!!! Hunter, Dave I aint just sayin this, the best years of my life were teaching you guys the ropes, making you better. And when I’m gone people are you going to have to remember me, through what you two. So I think there is a more fitting music to play right now.

Flair points at the tron

**Line in the Sand**

A huge pop as Evolution hugs and raises each other

[End of Show]
Quick Results
Shelton Benjamin & Paul Burchill def. Chris Jericho & Kofi Kingston
Mickie James def. Beth Phoenix
John Cena won a Battle Royale
The Hooliganz def. The Redneck Wrecking Crew
CM Punk def. Randy Orton

Confirmed for Backlash
Date: Sunday May 4th, 2008
Location: Baltimore, Maryland

WWE Championship Match
Randy Orton (c) vs. John Cena

Women's Championship Match
Beth Phoenix (c) vs. Mickie James

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