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Re: Survivor Mafia III: Heroes vs. Villains

Night 4

Lostfap was wandering in the woods on his own. Talk about being stupid (Lawls level right there imo). He was killed (by possibly 2 people/factions? you never know).

Spoiler for Lostfap's role:
Congratulations, you are Eliza Orlins, Dying to Die, Individually Aligned.You win when you are the last one standing.

Eliza ... oh man, what a loner. Well she isnít actually, but she always seemed to be on the outs in Survivor: Micronesia, so therefore, youíre on your own in this game.

You are the Jester. Although Eliza was fighting to the end, everything she did in Survivor: Micronesia screamed ďvote me outĒ, and therefore, go get yourself lynched. Get lynched and you will win (the game will continue but you will be a co-winner because I donít want the game to end on Day 1).

Helpful suggestion: Donít make it obvious you are trying to get yourself lynched, because people are very aware of the Jester role and will spot it immediately (and therefore they will ensure that you are Night Killed instead).

And in other places, the Villains were out and about doing what they do. Mr.Styles was the unlucky victim this time.

Spoiler for Mr.Styles' role:
Congratulations, you are Cirie Fields, Ultimate Strategist, Heroes Aligned. You win the game when all threats to the Heroes have been eliminated.

In Cirieís first two seasons, she made it to the Final 4 and the Final 3 respectively, but never the Final Tribal Council. Her amazing strategic and social skills turned her into a huge threat by the time she arrived for her third game, which led to an early departure.

You are the Investigator. Each Night, you can PM me the name of someone who you wish to investigate. You will receive this personís character name and alignment, which makes you a powerful player in this game.

Well that was somewhat of a victory, but the Mafia was still standing at good numbers, and the Heroes can't afford another No Lynch or to send off one of their own.

It is now Day 5. With 10 alive, it takes 6 for majority.

I need a replacement for RKO920 btw. And if MetalX doesn't get active, I'll let THH have his spot back.

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