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Re: WWE: The Platinum Era

Muchos gracias for the reviews, gentlemen. Very happy to see so much feedback, which was possibly the most I've ever got in the thread. Looking to get things moving, with SmackDown! soon to follow.


February 17th, 2006 | Preview

This week Friday Night SmackDown! comes to you from The Scope in Norfolk, Virginia, and what everyone has been talking about all week long is the ending to last Friday night’s huge SmackDown! in which a bombshell was dropped. After months of build-up, finally, on free TV, the rematch between Mark Henry and Batista was set, with Batista’s World Heavyweight Title on the line. The impending main event gave the whole show a special feel, and when the time for the match came, the anticipation could not be any higher. Slugging it out, the two behemoths hit each other with everything but the kitchen sink – literally, as Batista would end up getting disqualified as he hit Henry with a steel chair, which despite the force it was swung with, did not floor Henry. Batista, however, did take Henry down following that, forcing security to break up the altercation. Meanwhile, SmackDown! General Manager, Theodore Long made his way out and announced that at No Way Out, the two would fight one final time, and a winner would be guaranteed as it would be a Street Fight. However, at wasn’t all, as sticking a regular referee between these man in such conditions was such a risk that Long announced that there would also be a special guest referee ... the 2006 Royal Rumble winner, Randy Orton! What affect will Orton have on proceedings this week, and will he cross paths with the two men who he would be adjudicating for this Sunday?

We do know that Batista and Henry, as well as crossing paths this Sunday, will be doing it on Friday night too, as they and another rivalry developing rivalry get entangled up when Batista & Rey Mysterio take on Mark Henry & Mr. Kennedy. Mr. Kennedy has spent the last few weeks telling Rey Mysterio that he’s too small and that he will never be a true success in the heavyweight ranks, gaining a fire out of Mysterio the likes of which we have never seen. Last week, after Mr. Kennedy defeated Chris Benoit – who had also disputed Kennedy’s claims that size does in fact matter – through shady circumstances thanks to the United States Champion, Booker T and his protégé, Orlando Jordan, Mysterio attacked Kennedy, challenging him to a match at No Way Out. We are yet to hear a response from Kennedy, and one is expected this Friday. Will he except the match with Mysterio, and how will he and ‘The World’s Strongest Man’ fare against the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista & Rey Mysterio this week?

Speaking of Booker T, this week the United States Champion has said that he will publicly address his once friend and now bitter rival Chris Benoit, and his claim to a shot at the United States Title. What will Booker have to say, following his attack, thanks mostly to his protégé Orlando Jordan, last week? And will we hear a response from Chris Benoit?

Two weeks ago we saw John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield attack The Undertaker, leaving him in a pool of his own blood for what JBL described as revenge for The undertaker eliminating him from the Royal Rumble match. Last week JBL promised to make a public apology to The Undertaker, which he did, only to again beat Undertaker down, along with Brent Albright and former members of The Cabinet in The Basham Brothers to leave Undertaker again surrounded by both his blood, as well as The Boogeyman. While JBL & Brent Albright will face The Undertaker & The Boogeyman at No Way Out respectively, following Teddy Long sending both of The Basham Brothers to Monday Night RAW, Teddy Long announced that this week The Cabinet will team up to face their opponents for No Way Out. Will The Undertaker & The Boogeyman get the revenge they oh so desperately seek, or will JBL & Brent Albright be able to continue their run of seemingly denying fate?

Last week we saw Cruiserweight Champion Kid Kash again successfully defend his title, defeating Scotty 2 Hotty. Kash, however, wasn’t done there, bragging about how he could beat any cruiserweight, only for Juventud to come out and chase Kash off. Juventud and Kash have a lot of unsettled issues following the events of last month in which Kash concussed Juventud to avoid defending his title against him; however, tonight Juventud will make his return in a match against Jamie Noble? Will Juventud be able to overcome ‘The Pitbull’ in what is sure to be a testing match, and what will happen between him and Kash?

Also last week we saw Finlay assault Bobby Lashley from behind, smashing his knee with his shillelagh. Lashley is said to have some harsh words for Finlay, while the challengers to the WWE Tag Team Titles at No Way Out, Matt Hardy & Shannon Moore are also set to be in action against Super Crazy & Psichosis. For all of this, and more, tune in to 9/8C on The CW Network.

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