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Re: Being the booker


Great way to start off Raw, with WGTT announcing they want the title shot now. AND THEY WIN! Fantastic, glad to see that MY favorite tag team has the gold once again, but now on Raw.

Shawn Michaels and Luther Reigns? That is interesting, but I still dont think the duo can take down the Deadman.

A-Train and Rhyno now a tag team? Did not see that coming but seems like a solid tag team.

Kane vs Eugene? Whoa.

Rey Mysterio wins the Hardcore title! Thats fantastic and he is in one of the main event for Backlash! Hope this push continues.

Orton beats Sting cleanly. Continuing the buildup to Orton turning face. I smell a Batista vs Orton fued down the road.

All in all, fantastic recap. 9.5 /10


Well I was right on Chris Jericho being the special ref, nice stipulation tho.

AMW getting a spot for the tag title match, thats great to see.

Triple H getting a title shot down the road if he doesnt attack KURT ANGLE. Hmm, no mention to The Rock? Am I reading between the lines here?

Nice way to get Paul Heyman to hype up Brock Lesnar.

Beniot over Holly? I just hope this doesnt turn out like when Beniot was a mid carder on the real Smackdown.

Nice sit-down interview with The Rock to hype up the main event.

This week Goldberg leaves Tazz in a heap. This could be a great fued in development with the end not coming until Judgement Day.

Hmm Chavo seems a little afraid of Paul London..

Bradshaw finally turns heel. Poor Farooq. I Suspect Bradshaw coming out next week and calling himself J-B-L.

Amazing brawl between Stone Cold and Brock Lesnar. I like how they battle through the superstars. Street Fight!! That will be huge. I already cant wait until Judgement Day.

I was right! Triple H used Bret Hart's fumbling words and attacked The Rock! I smell Chris Jericho vs The Rock vs Kurt Angle vs Triple H at Judgement day.

Amazing Smackdown man! I loved it. 9.5/10

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