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Friday Night Explosion Results

JR: Welcome everybody to the sold out Pepsi Center here in Denver, Colarado and my god King do we have a show tonight?

King: You bet JR the Pepsi Center is in for a treat tonight!

JR: I personally cannot wait for the main event, 6 man tag when Razor Ramon, Diesel and Rhyno take on Edge, Tatanka and Raven.

King: Yeah and dont forget Chavo Guerrero, Blitzkrieg, CM Punk and Paul London all have a chance to face Rey Mysterio at Revolution of Retribution as they got booked in a Fatal-4-way tonight!

JR: Its gonna be a rowdy night with a rowdy crowd here in Denver, Colarado and we are kicking things off with the Hardcore title on the line.

Match 1: Singles Match for the Hardcore Tilte
Participants: Tommy Dreamer (c) vs Perry Saturn

Huge cheer for Tommy Dreamer and no reaction for Perry Saturn. Dreamer had brought a whole metal trash can full of weapons. There was the bin itself and its lid, a kendo stick, frying pan, stop and road signs, a tree branch and a 2x4 with barbed wire!
Saturn went to meet Dreamer but Dreamer smacked Saturn with the bin lid and threw everything into the ring. Dreamer whacked Saturn with the lid again and got a 2 count. Dreamer stomped away then put the trash can in the corner and whipped Saturn hard into it. Saturn stumbled out holding his back and Dreamer went for the DDT, but Saturn countered into a northen lights suplex for 2. Dreamer was down as Saturn picked up the kendo stick and cracked it across Dreamers back. Saturn covered but again Dreamer kicked out. Saturn goes for the DVD but Dreamer counters and DDT's Saturn on the bin lid! Dreamer almost got the 3 count. ECW chants going around now. Saturn is busted wide open. Dreamer sends Saturn to the outside and grabs a road sign. Dreamer repeatedly cracks it over Saturns head until Saturn goes down. Dreamer covers but Saturn kicks out again. Dreamer looks in shock at the ref. Dreamer then turns back to Saturn who gives Dreamer a low blow and then whips him into the steps. Both men are down.
Whats this? Hardcore Holly has disguised himself as a popcorn vender and cracks his tray on Saturn and pins him for three. Holly gets up to celebrate but Tony Mamaluke chops down his ankle and puts the Sicilian Crab on Holly, who has no choice but to tap out. Mamaluke gets up and jumps for joy and scrambles to the back, where his limo is wating for him. He goes to tell the driver to get the hell out of here but his driver isnt there. Then from out of no-where his limo driver rams Mamalukes head through the window of the limo and pins him to become the Hardcore champ. The limo driver cannot believe it and runs away from Tommy Dreamer who has found the driver backstage. The driver runs through the corridors but from no-where in the shadows jumps Cactus Jack with a chair and whacks it on the limo driver. 1-2-3 and Cactus Jack wins the title. Cactus turns around and New Jack hits him with a wine bottle. Cactus is pinned and cannot kick out, New Jack gets the title. New Jack then gets caught by Hardcore Holly who Alabamaslams New Jack through the snacks table and Hardcore wins the Hardcore title. Holly then hops in his car and he's out of here!

Match Time: 7m 51s
WINNER: Hardcore Holly eventually

JR : What an absolutley unbelievable way to kick things of King, more title changes then a first draft novel!

King: You're right Ross, all these men trying to take advantage of the 24/7 rule, and its working like a charm.


Roger Walker is now standing by with Razor Ramon, Diesel and Rhyno.

Roger- Guys its been a week now, how are the injuries, are you 100%?

Razor- What the hell are you talking about Roger, are...are.. are you on crack Rog?, are you on crack because thats the type of question a crackhead would ask! Hell no we aint 100% after the brtual assaults we got last week, i love to lye to everyone here and say that yes we are feeling great and the injuries are fully healed but they aint and after tonight, those 3 punks are gonna have some injuries of their own

Roger- Well actually you guys look really bad from this angle, how badly are you hurt?

Diesel snatches mic from Roger

Diesel- Shut the hell up Roger, go cower in the corner. Now as for Tatanka, Raven and ESPECIALLY Edge you boys better get ready for the ass whipping of your lifetime because when the Outsiders and the Manbeast enter through the curtain, thousands of fans will go nuts, when we walk down that ramp, you will get butterflies in your stomache, and when we get in the ring we will punish you!

Razor, Diesel and Rhyno walk off.

JR: Well King I cant wait to see that match, did you see the intensity on those 3 mens faces?

King: Yes I did JR, now I think that Edge, Tatanka and Raven may have some trouble with those 3.

Match 2: Fatal-4-Way for Lightweight title Number 1 Contendership
Participants: Chavo Guerrero vs Paul London vs CM Punk vs Blitzkrieg

As Punk and London stood in the ring, Chavo came out to a huge pop. He had his left elbow bandaged after what Blitzkrieg had done to Chavo at the Live Event from the Continental Airlines Arena. Chavo stood in the ring and when Blitzkriegs music hit he charged up the ramp to meet him, but Blitzkrieg didnt show up. London and Punk went at it in the ring. Chavo kept waiting for Blitzkrieg when from the crowd Blitzkrieg jumped the barricade and assaulted Chavo, working on his left elbow. Blitzkrieg then suplexed Chavo on the ramp before putting him in an armringer. Punk went for a pin on London but London kicked out in the ring. Blitzkrieg then pulled a saftey sign off the barricade and smacked Chavo over the head with it. Blitzkrieg smirked at the damage he was doing to Chavo. Blitzkrieg then ran to the ring and hit both London and Punk with the sign, but when he pinned them they both kicked out. Blitzkrieg signaled for the tumbleweed on Punk but London pushed Blitzkrieg off the top rope and into the barricade. Punk then rolled London up from behind but London kicked out. Punk whipped London to the ropes and nailed a spinning wheel kick on London. Punk covered again only to get 2. Blitzkrieg got to his feet and went to go back in the ring but Chavo was up and he pulled Blitzkrieg out and DDT'd him on the floor. Then Chavo looked under the ring and brought out a table, much to the crowds delight. London and Punk smacked into each other and both of them went down. Chavo then grabbed the trash can lid from earlier and pummeled Blitzkrieg with it. He placed Blitzkrieg on the table then went under the ring again and this time pulled out a ladder! Another huge cheer from the crowd. Blitzkrieg got up and Chavo whacked him with the bin lid again. Chavo set up the ladder on the inside of the ring near the ropes. He climbed it to the top and jumped off the ladder with a Frogsplash that drove Blitzkrieg through the table! Both men down and huge ECW and HOLY SHIT chants echoing throughout the arena. Lodnon climbed the ladder and did a moonsault onto Punk. Punk was down and London signaled for the 450 splash! He got up but Punk was playing possum and Punk ran up and kicked London on the head. London fell into the ring and then Punk nailed a guillitine leg drop and pinned London but somehow London kicked out. Punk picked London up and suplexed him then signaled for the tumbleweed! He connects and the ref counts 1-2-3! CM Punk will face Rey Mysterio at Revolution of Retribution!

Match Time: 11m 11s

JR: What an absolutley unbelievable matchup King, I hope Chavo and Blitzkrieg are OK.

King: I'll agree with you on that JR, Chavo brought the crowd alive with that Frogsplash off the ladder.

JR: A match of the year contender there folks!

Video package of the rivalry between the 6 man tag is shown

Match 3: 6 Man Tag
Participants: Razor Ramon, Diesel & Rhyno vs Edge, Tatanka & Raven

Huge pops when the Wolfpac music is played and all three men come out. The crowd are going absolutley nuts, the noise is defening. Edge, Tatanka and Raven look so tense and I dont blame them. All of a sudden the Wolfpac runs down to the ring and things get under way.
Wolfpac cleans house and gets another huge cheers from the crowd.
Rhyno will start with Raven. Both men lock it up and Rhyno uses his strenght and shoves Raven down. Rhyno flexes and the crowd goes nuts again. raven charges at Rhyno and Rhyno gives him a spinning spinebuster. Rhyno tags in Razor. Crowd goes nuts again. Razor socks Raven repeatedly then gives him the fallaway slam. Big razor chants going around as Razor gives raven a spinning right hand and down he goes. Razor then motions to tag in Diesel. The crowd goes wild. Tag is made.
Diesel comes in and gives raven elbows, forearms, knees and the a big boot and Raven flops to the canvas as cant get up. Diesel signals for the jacknife but Raven scurries out and tags in Tatanka. Diesel gives Tatanka a sideslam and then motions to Edge that he's next. Diesel throws Raven out and then pummels Tatanka before tagging Razor back in. Tatanka tries to back off but Razor has none of it and socks Tatanka down. Razor whips him off the ropes and gives Tatanka a back body drop. Tatanka crawls away and wants to tag out but Razor drags him back to his corner and hammers away. Rhyno gets the tag and GORES! Tatanka into next week. Edge then spears Rhyno illegally. Diesel then gives Edge the Jacknife. Raven superkicks down Big Daddy Cool then Razor throws Raven out and does the Razors Edge on Tatanka. Razor then attacks Raven on the outside as Rhyno pins Tatanka 1-2-3!

Match Time: 9m 37s
WINNERS: Razor Ramon, Diesel & Rhyno

JR: Well theres your result King, a one team ass kicking

King: Yeah I cant wait for Full Throttle on Saturday!

JR: Neither can I. Im Jim Ross alongside the King we'll catch you on Saturday for Full Throttle!

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