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Re: Survivor Mafia III: Heroes vs. Villains

Night 3

As usual, people were gonna die .

Lostfap was enjoying a stroll in the park when all of a sudden, he was viciously attacked by the Villains and died.

Spoiler for Lostfap's role:
Congratulations, you are Rupert Boneham, Potential Stalker, Heroes Aligned. You win the game when all threats to the Heroes have been eliminated.

Imo Rupert isnt that great of a player, but he made it to the Final 4 once. Hes a hippie though and always comes across as a creeper in my books.

You are the Tracker. Every Night, you can PM me the name of one person in the game. You will receive a PM at the end of Night saying who this person targeted that Night (if they did target anyone).

So sad.

In other parts of the island, there was going to be another unfortunate death. But in the way of randomness, Stone Cold sXe ended up dead.

Spoiler for Stone Cold sXe's role:
Congratulations, you are Parvati Shallow, Resident Slut, Villains Aligned. You win the game when all threats to the Villains have been eliminated.

Parvati has always possessed one quality in her three seasons of Survivor flirtation. However, this was her downside in her first game, which led to her emerging as a more cut-throat player in her second season, which eventually led to her walking away with the coveted million dollar check.

You are the Prostitute. Each Night, you can PM me with the name of one player who you wish to flirt with that Night. This will lead to their role not working that Night.

On one Night during the game, you can choose to go all the way and sleep with the person you are roleblocking (hot lesbian action?). This will cause them to not only be roleblocked, but to also be silenced the next Day phase.

You have the right to communicate with these players as they are your fellow Mafia members.

Stone Cold sXe

Fake Claim: Jenna Morasca, Playboy Superstar, Heroes Aligned.

It is now Day 4. With 12 alive, it takes 7 for a lynch. You have 19 hours to do so.

@Lostfap, if you wanna replace, let me know. Would be appreciated.
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