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Re: AMRocky25 Presents: WWE - The Future

Smackdown Review

Jericho and Edge/Long Promo: I would have liked to see more big words out of Jericho tbh, but oh well. Edge gets owned at the end with Long saying if he gets involved later tonight, we see him suspended which is not good, but a nice little way to get the Revolution (mainly Jericho and Edge) even more angry.

Revoltuion Conflicts: Well, Iíll sum up the match and the promo. If anyone was going to turn in the Revolution I would have to say Benjamin is the best option. Umaga or Khali as a face doesnít work, and Ziggler as a face would be difficult to do. Anyway very surprised by the early tension bc the team formed only a few weeks ago. Match was a nice little way to end and the actions after was perfect to for Benjaminís character caught in the middle. As for the promo Iím surprised no Edge or Jericho to try and split these two up. Anyway we will see how this develops.

Melina winning is fine, but whatís in store for McCool and Melina now considering now other Diva has really been built up. Guess we will find out next week (or whenever the next SD! is up).

Edge/Jericho/Mysterio: It was a good back and forth with Jericho and Edge trying to convince Mysterio to call a good match if he is picked. Of course they donít get what they wanted. I didnít like the toying comment with Edge after Mysterio leaves. Just seemed a bit out of place, I feel Edge and Jericho would both have more emotion they seemed to clam, especially since they have three possibly guest refs that hate them.

Priceless/Cryme Tyme: I like the cheap win and I do like Priceless winning. I donít know who will be against them at Cyber Sunday but they needed as much momentum as they could get.

Revolution: Ah, finally we get Edge and Jericho with the rest of the troops. Talk about the second half of the promo with Ziggler talking to the leaders, I like it. Now I do see a bit of light for Ziggler to turn face. In which case if Edge and Jericho turn on him for being a snitch which is highly unlikely but a good angle. Anyway letís see after Cyber Sunday they handle the situation.

Mike Knox vs. Curt Hawkins: Well I think this really should have been earlier in the card, especially someone who is not very established like Curt Hawkins. Anyway it was a good match, Hawkins picking up the win, a bit of a surprise but fine. I do remember he had a match with Edge so letís see what happens, and how you use him.

Main Event: Really no surprise here as Jericho received his punishment. Anyway I kind of have an idea for the Cyber Sunday match, but I wonít disclose that. Anyway Iím just glad Jericho was competitive that is all that really matters.

Overall: Good show few tense mistakes (forgot to add some Ėingís or Ėed at the end of your words) which is fine, a mistake I make too. Revolution against everyone else is a sweet angle. I hope you keep Benjamin around. Anyway Cyber Sunday is your next show and I canít wait to read it. Good show and good luck with your PPV.

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