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Re: WWE: The Platinum Era

Have to be honest, I’m a bit out of the loop with Raw at the moment. Hopefully I’ll get back on track here.

Kurt Angle is quite obviously pissed off. And rightly so. Last time I checked in, he was assaulted before the Rumble match, which surely is what ultimately cost him victory. Having him wait for (I assume) Edge to arrive gives us something to keep us in suspense for the evening.

Van Dam vs. Carlito seems like a big match on free TV, considering the hype surrounding it being over six months in the making. With that kind of build up, I’m almost surprised this wasn’t carried over to WrestleMania, but I guess there are differing plans for both guys when it comes to the big dance.

The one argument I’d put up with what Lawler says here;

Jerry Lawler: Mr. McMahon has been on a mission to humiliate Shawn to the point where he’ll snap and revert back to the old Shawn Michaels who agreed with what Mr. McMahon did that fateful night in Montreal!
Is that Shawn Michaels of ‘06 didn’t disagree with what McMahon did in Montreal. In fact, I think he may have said he’d do it again. He simply believed it was time to move on from the past.

Seems like you could be heading towards a DX reunion?? I’ll be interested to see how that develops, and the commentary on Angle helped me clear up who he’s waiting for, thanks

I’m keen to see where this estranged reunion between Haas and Benjamin is leading. Right now, it would appear Benjamin isn’t warming to the idea of teaming with Haas again, and as long as that’s the case, it would appear this is a short lived comeback for the WGTT, before splintering, and feuding once again. However, if he soon begins to warm to his old friend, they will likely take the tag division by storm on Raw. Haas looked incredible here, and by the sounds of things on commentary, it was the case last week too, with Shelton doing his best to cost the team any sort of success.

Aftermath sets up an intriguing curveball, with the recently reunited Bashams taking out TAFKATWGTT. I’d imagine this allows Haas and Benjamin a few more weeks to team, whether Shelton likes it or not, but whichever path you choose to take with TWGTT in the end; whether it be with Benjamin finally coming around to the benefits of reforming, or a turn on Haas, or even to continue the pair as a team, but with Shelton unhappy with the set up, is likely to work out terrifically in the long run.

Excellent little piece of dialogue between The Bisch and Vince. Vince very much came off as ‘The Boss’, giving Eric plenty of abuse for failing to control the roster, with the example of Kurt Angle lying in wait outside proving perfect evidence. Not sure whether or not to read much into it, as it did seem like Vince has had to put up with some not so positive reviews for the GM. I guess we’ll see in time…

I was into the maniacal side of Angles character here, completely ignoring the pleas of Bischoff to see sense … right up until …

Kurt Angle: When Edge or Cena show up ... I’m gonna’ shove ... this damn pipe ... right up their ass.
Just seemed overly homo-erotic, and killed the tension for me

Is Bischoff just going to leave him there??

Calling it now; Gregory Helms; Mister Money in the Bank. Let’s back that prediction up; a helluva showing in the Rumble (final four, right?), and now, a win over HBK. Personally, I don’t see the appeal in Helms for a massive push, but all credit to you for making the effort to make someone else a top name amongst the usual suspects. And imo, there is no doubt that is exactly where Helms is headed.

Not sure what to make of his attitude, as it diverted from confidence and cockiness and onto delusion toward the end, playing himself up as a hero, and who the fans all want to see. A win over the worlds largest love machine is a foregone conclusion.

Visagra?? Is that the dry humping?? Not something I’d suggest should happen to a guy you’re looking to put over as a serious threat on Raw, especially on his way up. Not so bad if it‘s someone that‘s already established in the upper reaches of the show, but Helms needs to look as strong as possible for the foreseeable future. Something I’d expect to see a joke of a jobber be on the receiving end of. If Visagra isn’t what I assumed it was … ignore that last paragraph

Mickie James: (At Rebecca) Hey, I'm Mickie ... what'd you say your name was?

Rebecca: It's ...

Mickie James: (Back with Trish now) So did you hear, you’ve got a Women’s Title match against Victoria next week?
Tremendous. Loved that little bit of complete disrespect for Trish’ actual friend. I have no qualms with the psycho stalker route you’re going with Mickie, although I’m expecting you to put some sort of twist on the angle, which I expect will kick into high gear next week after Victoria challenges Trish for the belt.

Nice interview from Carlito to add further hype to the main event, and reveals the motivation for CCC tonight, which helps give us more to invest in, rather than just a revenge mission for RVD.

The only surprise in this one for me, was that the Heart Throbs lasted as long as two minutes against the champs. Don’t quite get where you’re going with Flair & Chavo as a team, but they cant be anything more than a stop gap, with grander plans in mind for both in the long run outside of tagging. Just doesn’t seem like a good fit - not even as an odd couple team.

Been anticipating this. The curious Triple H / Shawn Michaels / Mr. McMahon triangle has me all kinds of confused, as the signs are pointing toward a DX reunion, yet at the Rumble, The Game was in the pocket of Vince (albeit for a price), so I was hotly anticipating this promo from the beginning of the show.

Good job of Vince easing into the main topic of why he’s here, and the cheap heat was executed to perfection too, commenting that he envied HBK for missing the nights show.

Like I said with Smackdown and the term ‘vanilla midget’, I’m not a fan of the term ‘curtain jerker’ for much the same reasons. Having said that, I think curtain jerker has been used previously on TV, so maybe I should cut some slack there. Still, coming from a voice of authority, it doesn’t sit right with me.

Triple H channelling the spirit of The Rock?? Rightfully, The Game OWNS Vince, getting the fans onside, but some of his dialogue rambled a little, and could’ve done with being broken up a little better. Even jumping in with cheers and boos for the mention of Cena etc would’ve done the trick.

Really enjoyed the end of the promo too, with Triple H using Vinces own words against him, telling him he would do what he wanted, and bring back his old attitude … which just so happened to have dire consequences for McMahon!!

The DX reunion appears to be complete, even if it does seem a little quick, given their battle during the Rumble match, but still, I’m rather intrigued to see how you handle DX in 2006, as the real life reunion fell pretty flat for me. If you can keep away from shilling merchandise, and Laurel & Hardy esque comedy skits, you’ve got a good chance of making it work.

Not a brilliant promo, but pretty darn good, and sets up a money angle toward WrestleMania, with DX (seemingly) back in tune to face the McMahons??

Good to see you give RVD an interview too, adding further hype for the main event, which, thinking about it, is a good - possibly even necessary - idea, as it’s a main event between two guys that havent been showcased as main eventers too often, but have the chance to make the impression tonight. Very strong promo from RVD, who personally, I find hard to nail down, given his laid back demeanour, when trying to deliver a serious promo. But, you nailed it here, shifting from laid back to serious nicely, and the final few lines really hit the mark, in the final chance for build up in the main event.

Good write up for the Micke/Vickie contest, and the description of Mickie using a good bit of Trish’ own offence was a nice touch to keep the obsession angle in the forefront. The finish was able to add another crease to the ongoing problems between Trish and Mickie, as Mickie screwed things up, allowing Victoria to grab the win. A little surprised we didn’t see any of Mickie trying to help Trish up or anything, although I guess we can put that down to wanting to focus on Victoria standing tall ahead of next week, with a beat down on Trish and the visual of holding the belt.

A little surprised by the way the match started, as I expected to see RVD come out all guns blazing, and tear it up with a brawl. Saying that, I liked the cat and mouse story in the opening stages too, and eventually, it did lead to a hammering from RVD anyway. Glad you eventually let RVD show off his awesome ability, and the transition to get Carlito into control was rather creative to say the least, whilst also playing into the history of the feud, with Carlito homing in on the knee.

The short lived comeback for RVD came at the right time, and the eventual lead in to a period of back and forth with the further knee problems served nicely not to undersell the long period of work on the knee, coupled with the previous injury. The interference of Masters was also well timed, and at that point, I expected that distraction to lead to a Carlito win, and an ‘out’ for RVD, but that wasn’t to be.

Got a laugh out of Carlito using the thumb taunt, and, as it always seems to be … it was the kiss of death for the Puerto Rican. Great counter of Van Dam to the Backcracker, which allowed him to rid Masters from the scene, and set up the finish, and a deserved victory, to finally gain revenge on Carlito. Strong main event.

The reaction of Van Dam is what stumped me though. Having waited all that time to gain revenge … why no celebration?? Further knee problems?? Does he want to really destroy Carlito?? Puzzled as to where it’s leading, but very much looking forward to find out.

Kurt Angle must be freezing out in the cold this long . Seems like Edge has been hiding out all night long too.

For as little as it was, Angles opening promo in the ring was SUPERB. Captured the manic Olympian to a tee. As for Cena … where the heck was he all night if he was backstage?? Seemed a bit odd that this is the first and only time we saw him all night long. Liked the ‘to the point’ dialogue between Kurt and Cena, with no time wasted in getting right to the point. Then just as we get pumped for an old fashioned brawl … well …

It wouldn’t be like Edge to attack from behind. Didn’t do the champ much good though, with Angle desperate to get his hands on him. Wild, mass brawl, with the three rivals beating the snot out of each other - and anything else that moves too - with security taking a battering for getting in the way.

Loved the fact that even Bischoff wasn’t able to get the three men to stop. The shot from Edge (couldn’t tell if it was accidental or not) may just have tipped Easy E over the edge, and the vague cliffhanger at the end was great, and will undoubtedly lead to mass speculation over the next seven days. My prediction is some kind of twist on the Pick Your Poison concept, where Edge, Cena and Angle take turns to pick an opponent for each other (Helms over Cena or Angle, anyone??) … or it could be something completely different. A brilliant hook though to get us tuning in next week to find out.

Overall, a solid show, although we could do with more mentions of WrestleMania, even if it is still seven weeks away. The WM moments could even help or have some jobbers talk about aiming for a spot in MITB, but there needs to be more focus on WM imo. The build toward (what I assume will be) a triple threat for the title is also shaping up very nicely, and by the time we get to an announcement, it wont feel like a forced three way feud, it'll actually feel right.
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