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Re: Survivor Mafia III: Heroes vs. Villains

Night 2

“Great Call”

The Villains were out in about in their villainous ways looking for a poor soul to kill. Unfortunately for arguable the best player in NFL history to never have won a Super Bowl, dan_marino, they were after him.

Dan_marino: I don’t mean any harm, spare me!

???: errm no, die bitch.

The Mafia tied him to a tree and looked ready to spear him, and of course, kill him, but at the last second, a hero arrived to save the day by fending off all of the Mafia and untying dan_marino from the tree.

In other areas of the island, more killing was about to take place (or not?). Poor CM Dealer was hanging out near the raspberry bush when he heard some ruffling in the leaves.

Susie Dealer: Hello?

There was no response, so naturally, he assumed his mind was playing tricks on him.

Not a great call.

Before he knew it, he was clubbed in the back of the head and his life had ended in a matter of seconds.

Spoiler for CM Dealer’s role:
Congratulations, you are Sandra Diaz-Twine, Good Gone Wrong, Heroes Aligned. You win the game when all threats to the Heroes have been eliminated.

Sandra was somewhat heroic in her first season, yet somehow, was put on the Villains tribe in the latest edition of Survivor. Sadly, that’s going to come back to bite you.

You are the Miller. You appear guilty to investigations because you’ve been turned into a villainous character even though you never were to begin with. Lmao @ you then.

Sadly, another innocent had fallen.

And with that, the Mafia remained intact, which means only one things – the Heroes need to get their affairs in order, and they need to do it quickly if they want any hope of winning this game (cross your fingers I put a spy in this game ;D).

It is now Day 3. Day 3 has NOT begun. I will inform you when it has.
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