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Re: WWE: The Platinum Era

Nige's Raw Feedback

If I ever needed a recap, it was here. Oh well, it was a sit up and take notice start to the show. When you get anyone arriving in a limo at the top of the show, let alone Vince, you know something's going down. Creating that intrigue from the get go was clever booking. I've not seen much of this thread recently, but I can't wait to find out what he has to say. Also adding Angle in to it was sensible to kill two birds with one stone.

The intro from the super sized announce team was good and helped me catch up. It was very detailed and helped sell the Carlito/RVD match in a big way. Without knowing what happened before, I know all I need to now. With WrestleMania so close, I was a bit surprised you didn't hold off on putting the match on the card. They're probably better off in Money in the Bank anyway. I'm not familar with the HBK/Vince/HHH situation, and you said Michaels told Vince he was 'leaving' in the past as far as Bret goes. Was that supposed to be 'living in the past'? Careful now!

I was a bit disappointed we didn't see Vince come out as that's what I expected from the way you started the show. Anyways, great opener, written well with a great story tied in too. What more can you want? The body language of both Haas & Benjamin was described brilliantly from start to finish, and the booking of the match with Haas doing it all on his own was also very good. I'd have liked Benjamin to bow down to Charlie's greatness at the bell, but the awkward glances were the right way to go. I obviously didn't expect The Boring Basham Brothers to jump them. I feel there was enough of a story with Benjamin & Haas and The Rednecks, but Doug & Danny can add to it. Time will tell though.

Now we get Vince though. I always wondered what paperwork GM's do, but having Bischoff agitated certainly put his character in to an ideal mood for the confrontation with Vince. Vince was written well and his character was great, laying down the law to Bischoff but not too much. Pushing the GM to do a better job is always interesting as you know he has to step up and do something. Let's see what he does, and mentioning Vince's plans to address the crowd later gives us another reason to stick around.

Wow, Angle & Bischoff both mean business. There's no better than Kurt Angle when he's in a bad mood, and he certainly was here. His body language was also written well, as was Bischoff's increased frustration. I'd have thought Angle would've shouted his line about shoving the pipe up Edge & Cena's ass though. Otherwise, solid promo and still we await Angle's blow up. You do know how to keep your viewers hooked in.

Great promo from Helms and an ideal situation for him to talk up his victory over Shawn Michaels. It was great too, real arrogance shining through to put himself over as the new star, and by beating Michaels, you gave him the ideal launch pad. Personally, I loved how he deliberately mistook the crowd's reaction in saying they loved him. Great job all round here.

Helms was always going to beat Viscera, it was just a job of whether he could do it clean. It's an impressive victory for him even though Mabel is a jobber, but when someone as small as Helms beats him, it's still a big scalp. It was realistic too with the moves he used at the end, and the Helms push continues well.

Selling Triple H's arrival helps get us geared up for whatever Vince has to say, and maybe more. Again adding Angle in to the mix keeps us aware of his bad intentions. Simple and effective booking.

Reading the Mickie/Trish promo made me remember how great their feud was. You're going to have your work cut it out to match it, but this was good I have to say. Mickie was written really well. She was so in your face it was creepy, and Trish handled it well. The booking of the title match, Mickie taking on Victoria this week and having Trish join her out there was all very good and put together well.

Man you like your promos don't you. I guess it's okay when you write them as well as you do. Carlito was in great character, just as he was when he was at his best. His attitude was on the money, dialled up maybe but it was fine. I thought maybe it went on a little too long, but with it being such a big match, it's understandable really to sell it that little bit more than any run of the mill match. This did a good job of hyping the match and making Carlito look like a right prick. It was great!

The Heart Throbs, god they sucked, and they got exactly what they deserved for sucking at the hands of Show & Kane. No surprises obviously, and the champions get to look dominating as they should. Flair & Chavo's presence was the talking point, and they seem like an odd combination at first reading. I'm interested to learn a bit more about them for sure.

Another glimpse of Angle. It's pushing overkill now a bit.

The Vince/Triple H promo was pretty good, and it certainly got better as it went along. I thought Vince's part went round in circles at bit (similar maybe to Carlito earlier), but Triple H made up for that. With Vince's actions and accusations, it was always going to bring out the aggression and bluntless from Triple H. You wrote him perfectly, and the ending of it was just awesome. I didn't see it coming at all, and to be honest, I was expecting a pedigree. The "turn around" and super kick was a lot better way to end it. Reading through it though, I was confused as to why some words were emphasised in italics and some in capitals. Most of the ones in caps didn't seem to warrant a raised voice and should maybe have been italics too.

Angle again? He's been shown enough now, and he's been there so long, he should really have a newspaper with him.

RVD's interview was great, and I loved that it had a kind of shoot feeling to it with RVD talking openly about his failure to reach the glass ceiling. It was honest and I think that's why it worked so well. The hype for his match with Carlito has been great all night.

Victoria walks out onto the stage, being accompanied by the beautiful yet useless Candice Michelle.

Honestly, that's awesome. I love the bluntness in your writing at times.The match itself was equally brilliant. It's rare for any women's match, title or non-title to get ten minutes on pay-per-view, let alone TV. Mickie looked good, and more importantly, it was booked so well with the title match in mind next week. Victoria had to win really going in to it, and where some would say Mickie needs to win early in her career, she did well enough in the match without winning. It didn't harm in her any way and the right diva won. Taking it further in having Victoria send Trish a statement ahead of their title match was sensible too. It's all Mickie's fault, and I wonder if Trish will point that out to her next week.

Wow wee! I wasn't expecting the RVD/Carlito match to be quite so long, but I'm glad it was. I was instantly drawn in to it when he missed the roundhouse kick and hit the ringpost. I was intrigued as to what finish you would go with as with the build tonight, it could've carried on. With that said, having the match now so close to Mania with all the build up seemed to rule that out. Seeing RVD fight through the pain pointed at a victory for him, and rightfully so.

At least we see something else from Angle, but telling us he's going to the ring means we have to come back after the break. Has Lita just got Edge in trouble? We'll find out any minute.

Action time! Little grammar slip from Angle "get our here". It was an awesome end to the show with Edge striking like a coward as always. The brawl was great, so physical, and security getting battered made it look better too when Bischoff called for more.I thought that he was going to drop a bombshell with the pressure on him from Vince, so the ending was kind of a surprise. I wonder what his thinking is for that, but the inmates running the asylum next week is going to be crazy, a must see for sure.

Man, I was impressed big time. There's nothing apart from the over use of the shots of Angle in the back that I thought was bad. The quality of the matches, the promos and the booking of both was amazing. You've got a permanent reader from now on, and in time for WrestleMania too! Great job.

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