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Re: WWE: The Platinum Era

Raw Review:

Since this is my first time reviewing and the fact I’m not caught up on some storylines, as of late some things might be a bit fuzzy to me, so I won’t understand them, but I’m sure they all serve a purpose.

Opening: Mr. McMahon arriving of course is a great way to open up Raw. Angle with the steel pipe I had no idea what that was all about until it was mentioned in commentary, so thanks a lot of clearing that up. Anyway Angle/Edge/Cena makes for good TV (or in this case reading) and with WM approaching, this can be one hell of a storyline.

Haas/Benjamin vs. Cade/Murdock: Solid opening match, with Haas gaining the pinfall over Benjamin for the second week in a row. Sure Benjamin is now pretty pissed, off but now the Basham’s get involved. This is good in my book, a solid way to hold off on a Benjamin/Haas feud which I believe you will possibly be waiting to book for WM.

Bischoff/Vince: The boss will always be bigger than the GM. Anyway Bischoff, has to get his brand together. Not knowing what Angle is up too, is a huge mistake on his part. I don’t know if this is only a minor hiccup or this once again is another thing to pile on to firing the Raw GM, but Vince made Eric look bad.

Bischoff/Angle: Short and sweet. Angle right now is psychotic, and I love this type of Angle. People have praised him in this thread and so do I. Short promo but got the job done.

Helms Promo and Match: Now we move onto Helms, who seems to be getting pushed as of late. He beat Michaels last week? Wow, I have no idea what you have planned for him (possibly early MITB winner) is the only thing I can forsee right now since Edge/Angle/Cena are all over the title right now. It was a great promo up to the Hero part. It matches up with his Hurricane gimmick, but honestly considering Helms has that new generation/cocky angle/gimmick to him now, I think staying away from the word hero, would be my only advice. Anyway the match was nice and quick, and once again Helms continues his roll, as of late. Defeats a legend in Michaels last week, this week takes on Viscera who weighs 500 pounds and defeats him rather quickly, maybe too quickly? Either way big things for Helms.

Trish/Mickie: Ah crazy fan Mickie James, personally my favorite gimmick, for Mickie James. I love her back and forth with Rebecca (or lack thereof) completely asking her a question then cutting her off, and focusing herself back on Trish, I love it. Anyway thirteen months for Trish pretty impressive, anyway Mickie/Victoria later tonight with Trish at ringside great booking.

Carlito Interview: Accent on Carlito was good… maybe a bit overdone. The promo started off slow, with Carlito’s first few lines sounding like he was a child. I won’t get mad or yell at people, was kind of weak, to me but when he attacked the character of RVD, calling ECW “Extremely Crappy Wrestling” and saying he wanted RVD out for longer and stuff was all good. With that the promo picked up towards the middle and the end, which redeemed it’s childish beginning.

Big Show/Kane vs. The Heart Throbs: Uhm yeah basic squash match. These two as tag team champions are dangerous. Ric Flair and Chavo trying to take down the champs to me makes the Raw roster for tag teams look weak. Your really don’t have a better team than that? I see Kane and Show keeping the titles for a while.

Mr. McMahon/HHH: Y’Know, Y’see Now, three times in a row to start off a new sentence maybe try to switch that up. Anyway golden promo mainly based around the ego of the boss. While we don’t get answers about Michaels, I’m glad we get a bit something about Triple H. All those things are simply true to me. The Game coming out no surprise at all, and his promo was amazing. I can’t really remember what Triple H was like with the WCW Invasion since I stopped watching wrestling at that point, but it is clear to me, that HHH will be an amazing character for the next couple of months. Michaels coming in and hitting a little music on Vince is awesome. DX is Back but I am sure hell will be brought against them, next week.

RVD Promo: Eh, I was in-different about this. It had plenty of emotion, but honestly I liked the Carlito promo a lot, better and I guess that is why I really didn’t care much for the RVD promo. I do like the use of the glass ceiling, and such because RVD to this point in your BTB, hasn’t broke it yet, so it was good. Other than that I just was blah, about the promo. However I’m still pumped up for the match.

Mickie vs. Victoria: Diva matches I usually hate to read, but this angle you have is great. With the ending result how things went down its all good. Nine minutes is a huge stretch to me six maybe seven tops. I understand they are probably the best woman wrestlers on the roster but a bit too long still. So Mickie hits into the ref that bumped into Trish and Victoria has momentum for her match with Trish next week. All good booking.

Main Event: I’m not going to lie at first I was a bit angry with RVD winning. Why didn’t Masters get involved, I found that a bit strange? Anyway with RVD winning I felt the feud was done, and RVD got his revenge but the ending was perfect. I don’t know what is going on with RVD. Not celebrating at all and such. As Coach said “Carlito won the war” I really see this feud continuing with RVD not celebrating, IMO.

Angle: Cena’s charcter so good, in this case I really liked it. Kind of angry we didn’t get to see Cena v. Angle because of Edge but it was smart and either way the brawl that pursued was amazing. Anyway I think you kind of over did it, with what seemed to be an army, a huge army of security against only three guys, but I understand you want that hatred effect that all three men have for each other, especially the way this angle has been developing the past couple of weeks. With that said Bischoff, once again can’t control his roster and even gets hit. Great wait to end Raw, with Bischoff saying the inmates will run the asylum. I have no idea what you have planned but can’t wait to see.

Overall: Well, you have a new reader in me. I really enjoyed the storylines as we are on the Road to Wrestlemania. Anyway three storylines that have intrigued me are the Edge/Cena/Angle, Trish with crazy Mickie, and HHH/Michaels vs. McMahon. The show was really good, and I’m interested to see what more you do with someone like Helms. Anyway only two problems I had was the way Carlito started his promo off. Like I said a bit childish at first but strong after that. Nine minute divas match I’m not a huge fan of either, but other than those minor things I really can’t complain. Good work man.

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