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Re: WWE: The Platinum Era

February 13th, 2006 | Greensboro Coliseum; Greensboro, North Carolina

No pyro, no replay, no montage to open the show tonight ... no, instead we’re in the parking lot, where we see a long, black stretch limousine pull up beside the camera. The windows tinted, the first person we see is the chauffeur, who opens his door and climbs from the car, walking down to the next door, the camera following, before opening it ... to reveal MR. MCMAHON, who climbs out of the limousine.

The crowd gives a TON of heat as McMahon looks around with a smile on his face as only he can, readjusting his suit as he does so. Satisfied with what he sees, Vince walks through the parking lot towards the door ... AND COMES FACE TO FACE WITH KURT ANGLE! The crowd gives a huge pop as the two men go nose to nose, the intensity between the two being off the charts. After a good few frosty seconds, McMahon finally smiles, then walks on past Angle, leaving the camera to zoom out ... to reveal Angle holding a steel pipe in his right hand, and a steel chair set up behind him. Breathing heavily, Angle sits back down, as we cut away from the backstage area now.

And we now get the traditional RAW opening featuring the montage of the top RAW superstars and the theme song in the background. Following what usually begins the show, we cut to ringside to see an array of pyro exploding at the top of the stage. The crowd, of course, are excited, and they show this as we pan around the arena by making as much noise as possible as they hold their signs up, most of which are in support of John Cena, Kurt Angle or RVD. After seeing the inhabitants of the Greensboro Coliseum we settle down at ringside to now see our announce team of Joey Styles, Jerry Lawler & Jonathan Coachman.

Joey Styles: It is just over two months from WrestleMania 22, and we are live here in front of this raucous crowd in the Greensboro Coliseum in Greensboro, North Carolina here for Monday Night RAW. I’m Joey Styles, joined at ringside by my colleagues Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler & ‘The Coach’ Jonathan Coachman, and tonight it’s safe to say that all of us, both here and at home, are in for a treat, isn’t that right, ‘King’?

Jerry Lawler: Oh that is exactly right, Joey, because tonight we finally get to see the match that has been almost three quarters of a year in the making. Tonight there is no more running for Carlito, he can’t hide behind his buddy Chris Masters any longer, because tonight he has to face the music. It’s Carlito and the man who he put on the sidelines for an extra six months with a knee injury, ‘Mr. Monday Night’ Rob Van Dam, one on one here tonight!

Jonathan Coachman: And I for one, ‘King’, cannot wait to see Carlito prove all of you wrong when he goes out there and he beats that extreme wannabe RVD, one two three in the middle of that very ring. You say ‘Lito has been runnin’ from Van Dam? Trust me, babyboy, Carlito has been waiting for this moment just as long as, no, for LONGER than Rob Van Dam, and tonight he finally gets to prove that he is indeed the better man.

Joey Styles: The actions of Carlito that we’ve been seeing for months now beg to differ, ‘Coach’, but I digress, because there’s more to look forward to. As we just saw, for the first time in two weeks, the boss, the owner of World Wrestling Entertainment, Mr. McMahon is in the building. The past few weeks following the Royal Rumble Triple H has been after Mr. McMahon, claiming, and some would say justifiably so, that Mr. McMahon cost Triple H his shot at the WWE Title at WrestleMania 22 after Triple H tried to help Mr. McMahon out.

Jerry Lawler: And don’t forget about Shawn Michaels. Ever since he told Vince that he has been leaving in the past and that he should move on from the Bret Hart situation, Mr. McMahon has been on a mission to humiliate Shawn to the point where he’ll snap and revert back to the old Shawn Michaels who agreed with what Mr. McMahon did that fateful night in Montreal!

Jonathan Coachman: Gentlemen, if either of those two men are smart, which until the last few weeks, I thought Triple H was, they’ll know to keep their hands off the boss and let him take care of whatever business he wants to take care of with them tonight. That is, if Triple H and Shawn Michaels know what’s good for them, of course.

Joey Styles: Another man who seems to think he has business to take care of here tonight is Kurt Angle. At the Royal Rumble Kurt Angle, just before entering the Rumble match itself, was jumped from behind and attacked. Angle, despite being injured, went on to be the last man to be eliminated by the winner of the Royal Rumble, SmackDown!’s Randy Orton. However, since then Angle has been seething, feeling that if it wasn’t for him being jumped from behind he would be going to WrestleMania. Angle has since pointed the finger of blame at either the WWE Champion, Edge, or the man who for the past two weeks he has Angle Slammed at the end of the night, John Cena. As we have already seen, tonight Angle is waiting at the entrance of the arena with a steel pipe, and this cannot be good news for Edge or Cena.

Jonathan Coachman: Kurt Angle is another man who I used to respect, Joe, who I used to think had the brains to be the best here on RAW. But these past few months, Kurt has gone crazy, and now ... now he wants to attack our WWE Champion, a man who represents this brand with the utmost prestige, with a steel pipe? That’s nothing short of barbaric, and I hope that somehow, in someway, Kurt gets what’s comin’ to him.

The commentators fall silent for a moment, as we wait.


Once again, the music of the old tandem fills the arena, but once again the only man to step out from the back is Charlie Haas. Getting a nice pop for his troubles, Haas acknowledges the fans and bounces up and down a little at the top of the ramp in a new white and blue jacket, which goes with his matching white and blue tights, before walking down the ramp. Like always, Haas is all business, his eyes focussed as he climbs up into the ring and readies himself for battle.

Joey Styles: Ever since making his return to Monday Night RAW, Charlie Haas has been trying to help his old partner Shelton Benjamin at every turn, saving him from beatings and offering him a friend to confide in during Benjamin’s slump in singles competition. Benjamin, however, has wanted nothing to do with Haas, and despite them teaming for the second straight week to take on The Redneck Wrecking Crew, it appears Benjamin wants to appear separate to Haas.

Jonathan Coachman: Of course he does, Joe. Shelton Benjamin is a real man, a real athlete, and he doesn’t want to associate himself with a whiny, neurotic, little girl like Charlie Haas. Benjamin is all about takin’ care of business, and if Haas is gonna’ get in the way of that, old friends or not, Shelton should do what’s right for himself and leave Haas behind.

Jerry Lawler: ‘Coach’, did you just call Charlie Haas whiny and neurotic? The man may have some sympathy inside him for Benjamin, but he is all business when he steps in the ring. If you disagree with that, then I think you should take a look in his eyes right now.

Jonathan Coachman: Take a look in his eyes so I can do what, ‘King’? Look into his soul? I’m sorry, but the ‘Coach’ is a man, and he doesn’t get himself involved with any of that.

Lilian Garcia: The following contest is a tag team match, and it is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Dallas, Texas, weighing 243 lbs, Charlie Haas!


The crowd gives a decent pop as Shelton Benjamin walks out onto the stage in his black and red tights, and walks right down the ramp, thinking it best to not acknowledge the fans. Benjamin, much like Haas, appears to be all business, climbing up into the ring with a look of intent on his face, not even pretending to notice his tag team partner standing in the very same ring as him.

Joey Styles: I don’t know why he wouldn’t want to be associated with Charlie Haas, but tonight is a big night for Shelton Benjamin. Last week he was not the to get the fall in the match – Charlie Haas did, and if Benjamin wants to prove that he’s better than Haas, then he’s going to have to do it here tonight.

Jonathan Coachman: Shelton doesn’t have to prove a thing, Joe. He already knows he’s better than Haas, I already know he’s better than Haas, and deep down, you and ‘King’ both know that when it comes down to it, Shelton Benjamin is better than Charlie Haas.

Jerry Lawler: Well Shelton and Charlie should both want to worry about their opponents here tonight, and not just each other. They’re up against The Redneck Wrecking Crew, who are former World Tag Team Champions in their own right, so if they think this is going to be a walk in the park they’ve got another thing coming.

Lilian Garcia: His partner, from Orangeburg, South Carolina, weighing 248 lbs, Shelton Benjamin!


The crowd now gives some decent heat as The Redneck Wrecking Crew walks out onto the stage and throw their arms up in the air, Murdoch already talking trash to the fans. Walking down the ramp full of vim and vigour, the two talented rednecks are ready for action tonight, and they show that as they throw their jackets down before entering the ring.

Jonathan Coachman: ‘King’, that’s gotta’ be the smartest thing you’ve ever said. Cade & Murdoch are two of the toughest sons of guns that you’ll ever see, and they will prove it by punchin’ you right in the mouth if you even try to disagree with ‘em. I love it.

Joey Styles: Well tonight they’re going to want to focus that aggression, because this is a match they asked for. After having problems with both Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin over the past months, Cade & Murdoch requested to their buddy, our “esteemed” General Manager, Eric Bischoff that they face Haas & Benjamin in tag action, despite Benjamin wanting nothing to do with Haas ... and they came up short last week. They got themselves a rematch this week, but they’re going to have to take advantage of it, because they may just be out of shots otherwise.

Lilian Garcia: Their opponents, weighing a combined weight of 502 lbs, the team of Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch, The Redneck Wrecking Crew!

Match #1 ~ Tag Team Match: Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin vs. The Redneck Wrecking Crew

Plenty of talent right here in the ring, so much like last week, the four men get a chance to put on a nice opener. The Crew, hungry due to their loss to Haas & Benjamin last week, come out full of fire, getting Haas on the back foot from the beginning with their basic, yet epic, offense. Haas though, is equal to the task, which he shows when he ducks under a double clothesline attempt from The Crew, then nails both men with a clothesline at the same time, one on each side. Looking to continue the momentum for his team, Haas throws Murdoch from the ring and lifts the legal man, Cade, back to his feet so he can drag him across to the corner and tag in Shelton Benjamin. Haas looks at Benjamin as he slowly climbs through the ropes, then whips Cade off across into the vacant corner, before motioning for Shelton to come towards him for a double team move ... but Shelton ignores him, walking across instead to sock Cade right in the jaw! Benjamin continues to smash Cade in the jaw time and time again, unloading all of his frustrations out on him, while Haas just stands in the ring behind Benjamin, looking on in shock until the referee moves him on. Benjamin keeps this offense going for a short while, ignoring the outstretched hand of Haas a few times, which inevitably proves to be his problem, as Cade hits a jawbreaker to a turning Benjamin, forcing him to stagger back before Case charges in and clotheslines him over the top rope.

Cade then distracts the referee as Murdoch goes on the attack on the outside, putting The Redneck Wrecking Crew firmly in control of the match. The two, unlike Haas & Benjamin, are able to work like a well oiled machine, in what may prove to be the crucial factor in the match. It certainly works in their favour for quite some time, as they suppress the athletic Benjamin for several minutes, unrelenting in their ability to not let him breathe. Benjamin, at times, gets a glimpse of a comeback, but The Crew’s ability to manipulate the referee seems to save them every time. Finally, Benjamin is able to launch a comeback when Murdoch hits a scoop slam, then taunts the fans for a moment before heading up to the top rope and coming down with a double axe handle attempt ... ONLY FOR BENJAMIN TO PUNCH HIM IN THE MIDSECTION, SENDING MURDOCH FLIPPING OVER ONTO HIS BACK! The crowd claps as both men crawl to their respective corners, with Murdoch making the tag to Cade ... AND BENJAMIN TURNING HIS BACK ON HAAS ... ONLY TO GET HIS HEAD TAKEN OFF WITH A HUGE LARIAT FROM CADE! Thinking he has the match won, Cade makes the cover ... but Benjamin just kicks out at two. Cade can’t believe it as he motions to Murdoch on the apron for the tag, before the two again look to work together, sending Benjamin off with an Irish whip ... AND AS BENJAMIN HITS THE ROPES CHARLIE HAAS MAKES THE BLIND TAG!

The Crew, not knowing what has taken place, send Benjamin over with a double back body drop on the rebound ... BUT THEN TURN AROUND INTO A CROSSBODY BLOCK OFF THE TOP ROPE FROM HAAS THAT TAKES BOTH MEN DOWN! Haas gets up full of fire, and boy does he show it, rocking both members of The Crew down with right hands, sending them down each and every time they climb back up to their feet. Changing things up, Haas scoops Cade up and slams him down, then kicks a rising Murdoch in the midsection ... and snaps off a suplex ... sending Murdoch right down on top of Cade! The crowd cheers as Murdoch starts to struggle back up to his feet, allowing Haas to grab him by the hair and throws him from the ring, before turning to see a rising Cade ... GRABBING HIM FROM BEHIND FOR THE GERMAN SUPLEX ... BUT CADE QUICKLY STRIKES WITH AN ELBOW! Haas lets go of Cade, clearly in pain, turning back to Cade before getting kicked in the midsection ... AND BEING POSITIONED FOR THE SIT OUT SPINEBUSTER ... BUT HAAS TRIPS CADE UP WITH A DROP TOE HOLD ... AND LOCKS IN THE HAAS OF PAIN! The crowd goes wild as Haas leans right back ... AND CADE TAPS OUT!

Winners: Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin via submission @ 7:52


Lilian Garcia:
Here are your winners via submission, Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin!

Haas gets right back up to his feet and has his hand raised by the referee in victory, having defeated Cade & Murdoch for the second straight week.

Joey Styles: Charlie Haas has done it again! Despite Shelton Benjamin doing all that he can to NOT work together with Charlie Haas, Haas’ determination has come through again this week, as for the second straight week he puts on a heck of a performance and manages to win the match for his team against former World Tag Team Champions, The Redneck Wrecking Crew.

Jonathan Coachman: I’ll admit, Haas was impressive, but if he thinks he won this match by himself, he couldn’t be more wrong. Shelton Benjamin spent the majority of the match in the ring for his team, and he took the brunt of the offense from Cade & Murdoch. What Haas did was come in and pick up the crumbs, and while he was good at that, he needs to do a lot more if he wants to be better than my man Shelton.

Haas is proud of his victory, as shown by him raising his hand now without the referee ... before he turns to come face to face with Shelton Benjamin! The two look at each other, tension clearly there as they both breathe heavily ...

... ONLY TO BE BLINDSIDED BY THE BASHAM BROTHERS! Monday Night RAW’s newest team take Haas & Benjamin down and stomp away on them to a decent amount of heat from the crowd, showing their aggression. After this assault, the dastardly duo communicate for a moment, before kicking Benjamin from the ring as they turn their attention back to Haas, with Doug lifting Haas up and grabbing him around the neck ... BEFORE DANNY CHARGES FORWARDS AND THE BASHAM BROTHERS NAIL THE BALL AND GAG!

Following their assault on the former tag team, The Basham Brothers raise their hands in victory, drawing heat from the crowd.

Joey Styles: It was just three nights ago on Friday Night SmackDown! that we saw Doug Basham fired and sent over here to Monday Night RAW, and immediately, these two men have made an impact, going right after the artists formerly known as The World’s Greatest Tag Team!

Jerry Lawler: They saw an opportunity, and they took it alright. I mean, Haas & Benjamin were just sitting ducks, and The Basham Brothers have learnt from the best to take advantage of those situations from JBL over there on Friday nights.

Jonathan Coachman: What a coup for RAW. You talk about Haas & Benjamin as The World’s Greatest Tag Team, but these two men aren’t too far off. Former two time WWE Tag Team Champions and members of JBL’s Cabinet – that’s enough for me to be VERY excited to see these two men here on Monday Night RAW.

We now cut from that scene to see RAW General Manager, Eric Bischoff seated behind his desk. Bischoff seems to have been left alone for the first time tonight as he sighs, seemingly in relief, before picking up some paperwork and beginning to shuffle through it ... when he hears a knock at the door. Clearly annoyed, Bischoff’s face twitches, though he says nothing, perhaps hoping that whoever it is will go away ... but no such luck as a knock is again heard.

Eric Bischoff: (Clearly agitated) I’m a little busy, so whoever it is, I am SURE that you can wait ‘til a little later!

Bischoff waits for a moment, hearing no knock, prompting him to go back to his papers. Having read through a sheet for a moment, he reaches for a pen on his desk, which seems to have moved, as he can’t feel it. Becoming even more agitated, Bischoff throws his hand around the desk wildly, looking for the pen ... until he goes off the desk ... and grabs a man’s leg by their grey suit pants. Bischoff instantly knows he’s in trouble here as he looks up ... and sure enough, Mr. McMahon can be seen, holding a pen up.

Mr. McMahon: Looking for this?

Eric Bischoff: Mr. McMahon! I, uh, I wasn’t expecting you just yet.

Mr. McMahon: I’m not sure when you were expecting me, Eric, but let me assure you that when I get here, I expect a proper welcome. I mean, really, Eric, is this how you manage the superstars here on RAW? No wonder I keep hearing rumours of unrest. This simply ... isn’t, good enough, okay Eric?

Eric Bischoff: Okay ... okay, I hear you, Mr. McMahon, but you’ve got to understand that ...

Mr. McMahon: First Kurt Angle, and now this. Eric, you’ve got to learn to manage your superstars. Take me for example ... later tonight, I’m going to go out to that ring, and I’m going to address both Triple H, AND Shawn Michaels about the situation that has unfolded over the past few months, and when I do that, I will COMMAND their respect, because that’s type of boss that I AM, and that’s the type of boss I EXPECT you to be.

Eric Bischoff: Right, I got ya’, and believe me, I am working to ... wait ... what did you say about Kurt Angle?

Mr. McMahon: You mean you haven’t seen him?

Bischoff shakes his head.

Mr. McMahon: Good God, Eric, I expect you to at least have some sort of control over here.

Bischoff gulps.

Mr. McMahon: It seems that Mr. Angle – a man who over the past few weeks seems to have defied you many times, even coming in the arena and Angle Slamming John Cena when banned from the area last week – has anointed himself ... the welcoming committee, here, of Monday Night RAW by the parking lot, along with his friends ... a steel pipe, and a steel chair.

Eric Bischoff: Are ... are you serious?

Mr. McMahon: Eric, I thought you knew by now ... I’m ALWAYS ... serious.

Once again, Bischoff gulps, looking around nervously.

Eric Bischoff: I hate to leave you here, but I’ve gotta’ ... gotta’ go take care of this. I’ll see you later tonight.

Bischoff now gets up and rushes from his office, leaving Mr. McMahon to look on as we cut away to a commercial break.

*Commercial Break*

We return from the break back by the entrance to the arena, where Kurt Angle is sat on the steel chair still, holding his steel pipe and looking out into the parking lot with a look of steely intent. The crowd buzzes, but Angle remains still, not moving a muscle, instead just continuing to stare out stoically. The crowd continues to buzz ... before degenerating into heat as RAW General Manager, Eric Bischoff walks into view, staring at Angle almost in disbelief.

Eric Bischoff: Kurt, what in the HELL do you think you’re doing?

Bischoff is clearly pissed off, but Angle is taking absolutely no notice of him.

Eric Bischoff: Listen, Kurt ...

Bischoff stops and waits to see if Angle moves. He doesn’t.

Eric Bischoff: Kurt, I know ...

Again, Kurt doesn’t bite.

Eric Bischoff: KURT!

This time Kurt looks up, still emotionless.

Eric Bischoff: Kurt, listen to me ... you CANNOT do this. You can’t just ...

Angle, clearly not interested in what Bischoff has to say, has turned his focus back to the entrance.

Eric Bischoff: KURT!

Angle continues to look straight away, beginning to shake with rage.

Kurt Angle: When Edge or Cena show up ... I’m gonna’ shove ... this damn pipe ... right up their ass.

Angle now looks up at Bischoff, a crazed look in his eye, leaving Bischoff to look concerned, perhaps even for his own safety.

We now cut away elsewhere to see Maria standing by backstage in the interview area.

Maria: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, Gregory Helms!

The crowd gives some nice heat as Gregory Helms steps into view, wearing his usual ensemble of a jacket and beanie to go with his tights, as he is prepared for action.

Maria: Gregory, last week you beat Shawn Michaels in the biggest win of your career, but some people have said that the finish may have soured what would have been a big win for your career. Your thoughts?

Gregory Helms: Maria, did you see the match last week? Did you see what I DID to Shawn Michaels? Because if you did, you would have seen that last week, Shawn Michaels ... he showed why he has been a man who has been synonymous with the wrestling business ... he showed why it is that he is considered not just one of the greatest of this generation, but the greatest of all-time. Shawn Michaels put on MAYBE his best performance in YEARS ... BUT ... but I proved that I was just that ... much ... better.

Helms smirks a little.

Gregory Helms: Y’see, ultimately, everything I said last week ... I proved ALL ... of it right. I proved that it was time, that Shawn Michaels let it go ... I proved that the fans, that they were waitin’ for someone new to come along ... Shane McMahon ... he proved what I said, that everyone, whether they’re the guys in the back of the ones who do the hard work, the McMahons in Stamford, Connecticut, EVERYONE, they are all SICK ... of Shawn Michaels.

Helms pauses for a moment, taking it all in.

Gregory Helms: But most importantly ... more importantly than everything else, I proved, beyond a shadow, of a doubt, that I, Gregory Helms, am the leader of the new generation.

Big heat for this.

Gregory Helms: Can you hear ‘em? Can you hear ‘em, Maria? It’s just like last week – they ADORE me! And do ya’ know why? Do ya’ know why they adore me? Because unlike Shawn Michaels ... unlike the majority of the RAW roster, I give these people what they want, what they NEED. I give them inspiration. I give them someone to look up to, someone to aspire to be like, someone who they ALL ... want ... to be.


Gregory Helms: Quite simply put, I provide hope for these people ... and that hope became a reality last week when I beat Shawn Michaels, one ... two ... three, in the centre of that ring. I showed just why it is that I am ... their HERO.

Helms pauses, prompting Maria to speak again.

Maria: Well up next you have a match against Viscera. What are your thoughts on facing a much bigger opponent?

Gregory Helms: Maria, it doesn’t matter how big, nor how small they are, because in the end, they all fall before ‘Your Hero’, Gregory Helms. Viscera, he may be big, he may be 500 pounds, but tonight, he falls too. Maria, for Viscera ... and for all of my fans ... it’s time.

Helms smiles and walks from view, leaving us to cut back to ringside.


The crowd gives a decent pop as Viscera struts out onto the stage and jives his way down the ring, nodding in recognition to the fans. Probably happy to be on RAW (two weeks in a row~!), Big Vis takes it all in from the fans on his way to and into the ring.

Joey Styles: In most cases Big Vis would be considered the favourite, but tonight he’s up against a man who has been on a role. Big Vis may be 500 lbs, he may be one of the most hard hitting guys on the RAW roster, but Gregory Helms has been on a role of late, in the past month making it to the final four superstars in the Royal Rumble match in what was a tremendous effort, before defeating ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels last week, albeit in dubious circumstances.

Jonathan Coachman: Dubious circumstances? What match were you watchin’, Joe? Because what I saw last week was a man on a mission, proving that he belongs in the main event here on RAW, and that all of these people appreciate that.

Jerry Lawler: Appreciate that? The crowd hates the guy, ‘Coach’, regardless of how talented he may be.

Lilian Garcia: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Harlem, New York, weighing 487 lbs, Viscera!



It is indeed time, as Gregory Helms marches out onto the stage, the spotlight on him, before raising his hand as the beat of the song kicks in. Helms continues to nod his head and raise his hand as he walks down the ramp, taking in the “cheers” of the crowd, before climbing into the ring and whipping his jacket through on his way to pose to the crowd in the corner.

Joey Styles: None of us are disputing the ability of this man, ‘Coach’; it is there for us all to see. But his attitude, and the way in which he conducts himself in general is far from impressive, and even you have to admit that, ‘Coach’.

Jonathan Coachman: Why, because he’s got a little confidence? A little swagger? Helms may be confident, but he can back it up in the ring, which means that his confidence is justified. That’s more than I can say about the two of you and your commentating.

Lilian Garcia: His opponent, from Raleigh, North Carolina, weighing 215 lbs, Gregory Helms!

Match Two ~ Singles Match: Viscera vs. Gregory Helms

A whole lot of talent on one side of the ring, a whole lot of fat on the other. You do the math. Despite a bit of a struggle early in which Viscera is able to push Helms away, Helms is able to overcome it, targeting the knee of Viscera and looking to wear the big man down. Viscera, though, is tough, and even manages to get to the ropes when locked in the Indian deathlock, prompting Helms to look for the Shining Wizard when Vis started to get up ... BUT VISCERA SPRINGS INTO ACTION WITH A SPINNING HEEL KICK! The athleticism of Viscera is there for all to see right there and then, leading to a comeback in which he wins an exchange of strikes with Helms, before whipping him off to the ropes and hitting a sidewalk slam. Viscera then follows up, gyrating over the body of Helms, and hitting him with the highly disturbing Visagra. Viscera then smiles as Helms, a look of pure disgust on his face, heads to the corner to pick himself up ... AND VISCERA CHARGES IN FOR A CORNER SPLASH ... BUT HELMS DODGES AND RUNS OFF TO THE ROPES, LEAVING VIS TO CRASH INTO THE TURNBUCKLE! Vis staggers back in pain, turning to see Helms leaping at him for a crossbody ... SO HE CATCHES HELMS AND GOES FOR THE SAMOAN DROP ... HELMS SLIPS OUT AND KICKS HIM IN THE BACK OF THE KNEE ... NIGHTMARE ON HELMS STREET! A moment of measuring Viscera and a Shining Wizard later and Helms picks up yet another victory.

Winner: Gregory Helms via pinfall @ 3:56


Lilian Garcia:
Here is your winner, Gregory Helms!

The crowd gives pretty good heat as Helms gets back to his feet and raises his hand in the air, basking in the reaction from the crowd.

Joey Styles: Helms impressive yet again here, picking up a good win over Viscera. He may be cocky, he may be arrogant and he may be damn near delusional, but when it comes down to it, he’s talented.

Jonathan Coachman: That’s what I’ve been tellin’ you all along, Joe. Just you wait – at one time or another, there is gonna’ be gold in this man’s future.

Jerry Lawler: As much as it pains me to say this, as long as he keeps his ego in check, you may just be right there, ‘Coach’.

We now cut away from ringside to once again be in the parking lot, where we see a four wheel drive pulling up in the arena, once again next to the camera. The crowd buzzes with anticipation, as the door opens ... and out steps Triple H! The crowd goes crazy as Tripper swings his bag over his shoulder and walks towards the entrance, stopping to smile at the sight of a black limousine that he is, knowing what it means, before going on to enter the arena ...

... And coming face to face with Kurt Angle! Much like Mr. McMahon earlier the night, the two stare at one another for a moment, before Triple H sneers and moves on, while we cut away to a break.

*Commercial Break*

We come back from the break to see the Women’s Champion, Trish Stratus in casual clothes by the catering tables, Women’s Title slung over her shoulder. The crowd of course cheers, watching on as Stratus takes a moment to survey the table when suddenly a second woman walks into view, a similar build and look to Trish, with light brown hair and a visitor’s pass around her neck.

???: Hey Trish!

Trish Stratus: Oh, hey Rebecca! How’ve ya’ been? Hadn’t seen you here tonight yet? Did you forget that I’m the one who gets you that pass every time we’re here in Greensboro.

Rebecca: Haha, how could I forget you, Trish? I’ve just been busy ... there’s some cute boys back here. That Chris Masters ...

Masters is pimpin’.

Trish Stratus: Ugh, you have to be kidding me.

Rebecca: Oh, come on. He’s not THAT bad.

The two smile for a moment, happy to see each other.

Rebecca: Soooo, Women’s Champ, eh? You’ve had that belt for awhile now. What’s it been – thirteen months?

Trish Stratus: Yeah, thirteen months ... not that I’m counting.

Rebecca: Oh yeah. Seems to have gotten you a few new fans. That Mickie James, she seems to like you.

Trish Stratus: Oh yeah, Mickie’s ... Mickie’s ...


Trish turns around ... to see Mickie James standing behind her, looking as excited as ever.

Mickie James: So who’s your friend?

Trish Stratus: Oh, Mickie, this is ...

Mickie James: (At Rebecca) Hey, I'm Mickie ... what'd you say your name was?

Rebecca: It's ...

Mickie James: (Back with Trish now) So did you hear, you’ve got a Women’s Title match against Victoria next week?

Trish Stratus: Yeah, I heard about that.

Mickie James: Listen, I just wanna’ let you know that last week ... it was my fault, and I’m really, really sorry, and that I’m gonna’ make it up to you, because that’s what a friend does.

Trish Stratus: Really, Mickie, it’s okay ... accidents ... happen.

Mickie James: I know, but still, I think I’ve been a really bad friend lately which is why I went to Mr. Bischoff and I convinced him that tonight I should go one on one with Victoria so that I can beat her tonight and really dent her confidence before her match with you next week. How good is that?

Trish Stratus: That’s ... great, Mickie.

Mickie James: Yeah, so anyway, I’m gonna’ go finish getting ready for my match.

Trish Stratus: Alright, I’ll see you later.

Trish goes back to talk to Rebecca, only to be once again cut off.

Mickie James: Oh, and Trish, since we’re super close and since I’m wrestling Victoria tonight, I thought it would might be a good idea if you came to ringside with me tonight so that you can support me and scout Victoria.

Trish Stratus: Y'know, that sounds like a good idea, Mickie. I’ll see you there, hun.

Again, Trish goes to turn back to Rebecca.

Mickie James: But Trish, dontcha wanna’ help me get ready for my big match?

Trish looks at Mickie, then looks back towards Rebecca who she was talking to before.

Rebecca: It’s okay ... we can catch up later.

Trish Stratus: Um, okay, well, I guess I’ll see you later then. Bye.

Trish & Mickie walk off, leaving Rebecca to stand there, looking at them go.

We’re not there for too long, as we now cut off elsewhere to see Todd Grisham standing by in the interview area.

Todd Grisham: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, Carlito!

Carlito steps into view to a fair amount of heat, tossing his apple up and down, with Chris Masters behind him looking very happy. Pimpin’.

Todd Grisham: Carlito, in tonight’s main event you go one on one with a man who many feel that, after you injured him and put him on the sidelines seven months ago, that you’ve been dodging. Your thoughts?

Carlito: ‘Ju know, Josh ...

Todd Grisham: Erm ... that’s Todd. Todd Grisham.

Carlito: Whatever, Tony. As I was saying, usually, Carlito, he would be mad if people were sayin’ that he has been runnin’ from Rob Van Dam. Usually, he would yell at ‘dem. But not tonight. No, tonight, Carlito will not be mad, Carlito will not yell at people, because tonight ... tonight is a great night for Carlito.

Pause from Carlito.

Carlito: ‘Ju see, seven months ago, when Carlito crushed RVD’s knee, and put RVD through pain that even he, a man who prided himself on using weapons like some sort of crazed animal in Extremely Crappy Wrestling, had never felt before. Carlito did something to RVD that had never been done before, and ‘dat was not just hurt him physically, but also emotionally. ‘Ju look at RVD, and do ‘ju see? Do ‘ju see a man who looks worried, concerned, or even caring about anything? No. But when Carlito took RVD’s ACL, and he snapped it in half ...

Carlito smirks and tosses his apple up and down.

Carlito: When Carlito did ‘dat, ‘den RVD showed some emotion. ‘Den ... he showed pain. ‘Den ... he showed anguish. And ‘den ... ‘den he showed weakness. When Carlito looks into ‘jour eyes, Rob, he doesn’t see a man ‘dat is bulletproof, ‘dat has never felt true pain. He sees a man ‘dat is scared ... ‘dat is scared of Carlito and what Carlito is gonna’ do to him. ‘Dat fear ... it’s never been ‘dere before ... an’ Carlito is gonna’ take that fear, Carlito is gonna’ take ‘dat emotional pain, and he is gonna’ increase it tenfold when Carlito hurts you physically again here tonight.

A sneer from ‘Lito.

Carlito: ‘Ju know, Carlito’s been hearing a lotta’ talk about how RVD has been waiting for ‘dis moment for so long. About how it’s all RVD has been waiting for, ever since Carlito injured him seven months ago. But do ‘ju know what? Carlito has been waiting for ‘dat moment even longer. Seven months ago, when Carlito first hurt your knee, Rob? He did ‘dat for a reason. Carlito did ‘dat, because he wanted to prove a point, and make a statement.


Carlito: When ‘ju arrived here on RAW, Rob, the very next week after Carlito did, and ‘ju called ‘jurself ‘Mr. Monday Night’ ... Rob, ‘dat a fire under Carlito’s ass. Because ‘ju see, what ‘ju were doing was spitting in Carlito’s face. Here ‘jou are, Rob Van Dam, a man who has been in ‘da wrestling business for over fifteen long years ... and yet ‘ju’re no better off ‘den when ‘ju first begun. And yet, ‘ju wanna’ take up time on Carlito’s show. ‘Ju want to get ‘jur face out ‘dere, even though you have no chance of breaking ‘da glass ceiling? ‘Das not cool. So what Carlito did was he made a statement. He said ‘dat unless ‘ju’re here to make a difference, ‘den you get out of Carlito’s way, and stop trying to hog ‘da limelight ‘dat ‘ju’re never gonna’ truly get anyway.

Good heat for this.

Carlito: Seven months ago, Carlito made a conscious decision, and ‘dat was to make a statement and get ahead to where Carlito should be. And when Carlito decided ‘dat, he also decided ‘dat he should take RVD ... out. Now las’ time, Carlito didn’t quite do ‘dat. But ‘dis time ... ‘dis time, RVD, ‘ju’re vulnerable ... ‘ju’re hurt ... and Carlito ... Carlito’s is gonna’ take advantage of ‘dat and EMBARRASS ‘ju so badly ‘dat ‘ju will never wanna’ step foot in a WWE ring ever again.

Carlito smirks, again tossing his apple up and down.

Carlito: And ‘dat ... ‘das cool.

Carlito now smiles and heads from view, following by ‘The Masterpiece’ as we cut back to ringside to see Lilian Garcia and The Heart Throbs already in the ring.

Lilian Garcia: The following contest is a tag team match, and it is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, Romeo & Antonio, The Heart Throbs!



The crowd gives a very nice pop as the twin tower World Tag Team Champions, Kane & Big Show walk down the ramp briskly, titles slung over their shoulder, ready to make a statement. The duo climb up into the ring, over the top rope of course, where Kane sets off his pyro, causing The Heart Throbs to shit themselves, if they hadn’t already.

Joey Styles: Carlito with some bold words there, folks, but right here are two men who had been embarrassed two weeks ago, and both last week when they cost Ric Flair & Chavo Guerrero a match against Edge & John Cena, and this week when they face The Heart Throbs, look to reassert their dominance over the tag division, ahead of their titles defence next week against the aforementioned Flair & Chavito.

Jerry Lawler: And look at The Heart Throbs! They’re the unfortunate team that has to face these two angry giants, and I’m not sure any team in the back envies them for that.

Lilian Garcia: Their opponents, weighing a combined weight of 818 lbs, they are the World Tag Team Champions, Kane & the Big Show!

Match Three ~ Tag Team Match: The Heart Throbs vs. World Tag Team Champions Kane & Big Show

I’d love to tell you that The Heart Throbs got some offense in. But they didn’t. They got absolutely squashed, and rightfully so. Match ends when Kane & Big Show Double Chokeslam Romeo, and Kane gets the pin. No story here, other than the complete and utter dominance of the World Tag Team Champions.

Winners: Kane & Big Show via pinfall @ 2:23


Lilian Garcia:
Here are your winners, the World Tag Team Champions, Kane & the Big Show!

Kane gets right back up to his feet and is handed his gold by Big Show, who also has his. Rather than celebrate the win though, the two get back to their feet and look around the arena, perhaps expecting to be sneak attacked by ‘The Dirtiest Player in the Game’, and a man who loves to lie, cheat and steal. The two continue to look around for a moment, before finally they catch sight of the Intercontinental Champion, Ric Flair & Chavo Guerrero standing at the top of the ramp, looking down at them.

Joey Styles: A dominant, as expected performance from Kane & Big Show, but there are the men who they’ll be facing with the World Tag Team Titles on the line next week here on Monday Night RAW.

Jerry Lawler: And I, for one, cannot wait for that. Ric Flair & Chavo Guerrero, lifelong friends, challenging two the two titans of the RAW roster, who, since teaming up, have been unstoppable as World Tag Team Champions.

Jonathan Coachman: There ain’t no doubt about it, that match is sure to be a treat, but if ya’ ask me, we got some bigger a better things to look forward to here tonight.

With that we see none other than Mr. McMahon walking down a corridor backstage, perhaps headed to ringside.

Joey Styles: That’s right, ‘Coach’, as up next we get the much anticipated explanation from Mr. McMahon. Why did he do what he did to Triple H, why has he been dodging him, and what will he do about his problems both with Triple H, and Shawn Michaels? Find out next!

*Commercial Break*

We initially return to the break, not in the arena, but backstage where we see Kurt Angle, still seated, still clutching the steel pipe, and his eyes still full of malice.

We now cut back to ringside.


The crowd erupts into a MASSIVE mixed reaction, mostly boos, as the owner of World Wrestling Entertainment, Mr. McMahon swaggers his way out onto the stage as only Mr. McMahon can. Taking a moment to look around at the crowd, McMahon affords himself a smile, before walking down the ramp in exuberant fashion.

Joey Styles: There he is, the owner of the WWE, Mr. McMahon, and he has promised to deal with his problems with Triple H and Shawn Michaels here tonight. We know that Mr. McMahon’s way of dealing with problems aren’t quite what you’d call the normal way, so we have no idea what we can expect from the boss here tonight.

Jonathan Coachman: Joe, that’s a blatant lie, and you know it. What we can expect from Mr. McMahon is greatness, because that’s what he shows each and every time he graces us here on RAW. And if you watched SmackDown!, you woulda’ heard about that from the mouth of another man that we ALL respect, in JBL.

Jerry Lawler: That was something JBL said, ‘Coach’, but you’re almost saying that as if it’s a good thing.

Mr. McMahon is now in the ring, and he holds a microphone up, prepared to speak.

Mr. McMahon: Y’know, these past few weeks, I’ve been hearing a lot of rumours, and before I get down to business, I’d like to take some time to address them.

A small pause from McMahon.

Mr. McMahon: Y’see, even when I’m not here on RAW, I’d like to think that my presence ... it’s still felt around here. Because ultimately, my presence ... it never leaves here. I may not be on Monday Night RAW one week or another, but believe me, I still have eyes, and I still have ears here willing to tell me everything that they see and hear. And what they’ve been telling me ... well, it hasn’t exactly been good, I’ll say that much.


Mr. McMahon: Y’see, it seems that the RAW roster ... it seems that they think that I’m SCARED of Triple H and Shawn Michaels.

Big pop.

Mr. McMahon: Now obviously, as I’m sure you all know, these rumours ... these persistent ... UNRELENTING, rumours ... simply put ... they’re NOT true. But if they come up again, the perpetrators ... the spreaders of these rumours ... they WILL ... be punished, and mark my words ... I know, who you are.

McMahon stares into the camera for a moment, driving his intensity home.

Mr. McMahon: Now, I’m sure that all of you people here tonight, like the superstars in the back, I’m sure that ALL of you are wondering just why it is that I have been away these past few weeks. I’m sure all of you, that you want some sort of explanation out of me. Let me make this ... perfectly clear ... you people ... you don’t DESERVE an explanation ... and that’s exactly why you won’t ... be getting one.

McMahon smirks, as the crowd gives some pretty damn intense heat.

Mr. McMahon: Now that I’ve got that out of the way, it’s time to move onto the REAL issue that is at hand here, and that is Shawn Michaels ... and Triple H.

Big pop.

Mr. McMahon: Y’see, it seems like the two of them ... that they have some sort of chip on their shoulder ... like somehow, in some way, I may have ... offended them. So what I’m out here to do is to address that right now. In fact, no, let me correct that ... I’m not out here to address their issues ... I’m out here to address ... Triple H, because y’see, there was some sort of mix up at the front offices back in Stamford, Connecticut, and it seems that Shawn Michaels is NOT here in Greensboro tonight.

Big heat.

Mr. McMahon: And I have to say, that in a way, I envy him.

Even bigger cheap heat.

Mr. McMahon: As I was saying, from my understanding of the situation, it seems that ever since the Royal Rumble, Triple H has had some kind of ... problem with me. Like he’s holding some kind of vendetta against me. In fact, it’s almost as if Triple H thinks ... I owe him something. Now, as I said before, I’m out here to address this issue, so that is exactly what I’m going to do right now, so Triple H, if you’re in the back, I want you to listen up, and listen up real good, because this may come as a shock to you.

McMahon pauses.

Mr. McMahon: Triple H ... just like these people here earlier tonight ... I owe you ... absolutely ... NOTHING. Let me ... let me make that clear Triple H ... ... ... NOTHING.

Big heat.

Mr. McMahon: But why? Why is it that I owe you nothing? Is it ... is it because I think of you as being on the same level as all of these people? No ... that’s not it ... that’s not it, at all. Triple H, I owe you nothing because I MADE you.


Mr. McMahon: I mean, let’s talk some facts here, Triple H. Let’s talk some cold ... hard ... facts. Without Mr. McMahon, there would be no ‘Cerebral Assassin’. Without Mr. McMahon, there would be no ‘Game’. Without Mr. McMahon – and I think this is your newest one – there would be no ‘King of Kings’. Without ... Vincent ... Kennedy ... McMahon ... there would be NO ... Triple H. Without me, you’re just another meaningless face in the crowd. Another ... another CURTAIN JERKER. Hunter ... without me ... without ... Mr. ... McMahon ... you’re nothing.

Big time heat.

Mr. McMahon: Which is why I will be doing nothing ... NOTHING ... to appease you. Nothing ... to make you feel better. Nothing ... just ... like you would be ... without me.

More massive heat.

Mr. McMahon: Triple H ... I am ... your maker. I am ... your creator. And I am ... your downfall ... because if you cross me ONE ... MORE TIME ... I guarantee that everything I made you ... I’ll take it all away ... with the click ... of a finger.

Vince raises his hand and goes to click when suddenly ...


The crowd ERUPTS as the infamous music hits, leading to Triple H marching out onto the stage and down the ramp, looking deadly serious. Dressed in a jeans, a Triple H merchandise t-shirt and a denim jacket, Triple H is dressed the part of a badass, and he certainly exudes the part as he climbs up into the ring and receives a microphone.

Triple H: Did I hear you right? Did I REALLY hear you right? Did you just call yourself my “creator”? My ... “maker”? Did you, or did you not just say that that you were ... my “downfall”?

Triple H looks away for a moment, before swinging back at Vince, full of animosity.


Mr. McMahon: I’m Vincent Kennedy Mc ...

Triple H: Shut your damn mouth, because I don’t give a DAMN who you are!

Big pop.

Triple H: Because you may be my boss ... you may be the law around here ... but what you’re NOT is the man who created me. You are NOT the be all and end all of me. You are NOT my downfall. And you certainly ... ARE NOT ... my maker!

Another big pop for the scary intensity of ‘The Game’.

Mr. McMahon: Listen to me, Triple H ...

Triple H: No, you listen to me, Vince, because I am SICK AND TIRED of you thinking you can get away with whatever you want, whenever you want. You may be the boss, you may be the man in charge around here, but I’ll be DAMNED if you’re going to treat me like a footnote in the WWE if it weren’t for you. You know DAMN WELL that it wasn’t you that made me, you know damn well that you’re not my maker, and you know damn well that I got where I am today because I worked my ass off for it!

Pop as Vince looks away from Triple H, not wanting to be intimidated.

Triple H: I have worked every second of every minute of every hour of every day of every month OF EVERY YEAR that I have been here to make myself the BEST, and that’s exactly what I am! I am the cornerstone of this show – I am the diamond in the rough here on Monday Night RAW. You look at guys like John Cena, Edge and Kurt Angle, and sure, they’re good ... heck, they’re great even, but when it comes down to it, when you look at those facts that you were speaking of, they have done NOTHING ... nothing ... compared to me. They haven’t won the titles I’ve won ... they haven’t sold the merch I’ve sold ... and they haven’t shown up and been the man each and every damn week like I have, because when it comes down to it, they haven’t done what I’ve done, they haven’t done all of the hours like I have so that I can become that ... damn ... good.

Mixed reaction for this.

Triple H: You say you owe me nothing? You think that I’ve done you nothing? Let me ask you something ... before the Royal Rumble, when was the last time I did a favour for someone? When was the last time I went out of MY way ... to help someone else. Let’s forget the fact that I sell Pay Per Views, merchandise and DVDs for you. Let’s forget the fact that I’ve made you more money than you can count. Let’s forget, that for you, and your company, I’ve shed blood ... sweat ... and tears just so you can get a few extra bucks. Tell me, outside of all of that money I made you, before you ... when was the last time I tried to do something that in no way benefited me?

Triple H waits, but Vince says nothing.

Triple H: You can’t, can you? For the first time in years, I gave someone, I gave YOU MY word, Vince. You looked me in the eye, you gave ME YOUR word, then I turned and you stabbed me right ... in the back.

Triple H looks right at Vince, full of intensity.

Triple H: So y’know what I say? No more. No more Mr. Nice Guy. No more of the guy that you’ve seen for the past four years. You want attitude out of your employees? You want people to go back to what they used to be? Good, because I guarantee you that you are going to RUE the day that you brought the old Triple H, the Triple H that invaded WCW, the Triple H that did anything to get what he wanted ... the Triple H that had ... ATTITUDE!

BIG pop.

Triple H: And Vince ... if you’re not down with that, I’ve got two words for ya’ ...

Triple H leans in close, while the crowd suddenly start to buzz. But why?

Triple H: Turn around.


The crowd are going absolutely wild as Shawn looks around the arena, before looking down at Vince with disgust ... AND GIVING HIM THE OLD CROTCHCHOP!


The crowd goes wild as Shawn & Tripper now look at one another in the ring ... BEFORE SMILING AND HUGGING! DX ARE BACK!

Joey Styles: OH MY GOD! Shawn Michaels has just ... has just kicked Mr. McMahon’s teeth down his throat! And it looks like DX is back! Triple H said Mr. McMahon would regret bringing back the attitude of the old Triple H, the Triple H from his DX days, the Triple H that invaded WCW on live national television, but what Triple H didn’t say was that he was bringing an old friend with him!

Jonathan Coachman: This is just ... disgusting.

Jerry Lawler: You have to wonder what the consequences will be next week, but it seems like Triple H and Shawn are doing no such thing.

Jonathan Coachman: Well they should be, ‘King’, and be sure, there WILL be consequences. Mr. McMahon ain’t gonna’ take this lying down.

He’s currently lying down, ‘Coach’, and that’s exactly what we see as we cut away to the commercial break.

*Commercial Break*

We return from the break by the entrance to see Kurt Angle again, sitting, waiting.

We now cut away backstage to the interview area where Todd Grisham stands by.

Todd Grisham: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, he is ‘Mr. Monday Night’, Rob Van Dam!

The crowd gives a HUGE pop as Rob Van Dam steps into view, looking rather stoic compared to normal.

Todd Grisham: Rob, tonight you get your long anticipated match with Carlito after a seven month wait. Your thoughts?

Rob Van Dam: Y’know Todd, you’re right. You are exactly right. This match, I’ve been anticipating it for a long, long time. Seven months to be exact. Seven, long, hard months. And for those seven months, I’ve been thinkin’. I’ve been thinkin’ how great it would be, for me, to come back, and make an impact. Y’know, I heard what Carlito said, and he’s right. In fifteen, long years in this industry, I haven’t made the impact that I’ve been lookin’ to. I haven’t had my moment. I haven’t broken that glass ceiling. And for seven months ... I’ve been thinkin’ about it. I’ve been thinkin’ about finally doin’ it.

RVD pauses, taking a moment to think.

Rob Van Dam: My first chance came at the Royal Rumble. My big return, my first night in the spotlight following my layoff. I’ll admit, yeah, I was a little rusty. But I went into the match thinkin’ that it was time to shake things up, time to make an impact, time to break ... that glass ceiling. And y’know, despite me doin’ my best, despite me doin’ everything I could to make that impact, to break the glass ceiling ... I came up short ... my head bounced ... back off that ceiling.

RVD smiles a wry smile.

Rob Van Dam: So here we are ... tonight. And I get my chance to do the other thing that I’ve been thinkin’ about for seven months. And I’m gonna’ go ahead and let you in on somethin’, Carlito, it’s not fear. It’s not me bein’ scared. It’s not my “emotional scarring”, because as much as I know you’re gonna’ hate hearin’ this, but I just don’t sweat you, dude. I’m not scared of you. So nah, I haven’t been thinkin’ about the pain that I’ve gone through. I’ve been thinkin’ about the pain that I’m gonna put you through.

Little pause from RVD.

Rob Van Dam: You wanna’ talk about my days in ECW? Alright, fine, I’ll admit that even in ECW, yeah, I didn’t get that hurt. But my opponents? That’s a whole other story. Sure, I can’t get “extreme” tonight. I’m not gonna’ go out there and get myself DQ’ed. But rest assured. These past seven months of thinkin’ of these ways I’m gonna yurt you. To make you squeal. To make you scream. To put you through all of the pain that you put me through, and the same. And my impact? My impact is gonna’ be made with each and every move I hit you with. Because at the end of the night, I guarantee you’ll be seein’ stars, but the star that these people will see will be the one standin’ in victory ... R ... V ... D!

Big pop from the crowd as RVD nods and walks from view, allowing us to cut to ringside.


The crowd gives a very respectable pop as Mickie James bounces out onto the stage, full of energy, before stopping and looking back with a smile spread across her face as Women’s Champion, Trish Stratus walks out after her, looking perhaps slightly agitated. Excited as all hell, Mickie gushes over Stratus for a moment, before bouncing on down to the ring, mini-skirt flying everywhere, and climbing up into the ring to play to the fans.

Joey Styles: As we learnt earlier tonight, next week it’ll be Trish Stratus, defending her Women’s Title against her long-time rival, Victoria, but right here and now, Trish’s friend – and I use the term perhaps a bit loosely – Mickie James will be going one on one with the vixen herself.

Jerry Lawler: Usually I’m excited to see Trish, but I can’t get excited if she’s not excited to be out here! Come, Trish; cheer up!

Joey Styles: Well ‘King’, she didn’t exactly look too enthused to be out here with Mickie, as she HAD planned on spending time with her friends backstage. It seems that Mickie had other plans.

Jonathan Coachman: And so she should. Trish Stratus is at work right now, wrestling is her job, so she should be spending time concentrating on that, not thinking about what she’s going to do with her other friends backstage.

Lilian Garcia: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Richmond, Virginia, Mickie James!


The crowd now gives some decent heat as Victoria walks out onto the stage, being accompanied by the beautiful yet useless Candice Michelle. Ignoring the fans, the two beauties walk down to the ring rather quickly and instantly get in the face of Mickie & Trish.

Joey Styles: This woman Victoria has been one of the top divas here on RAW ever since she arrived here four years ago, and since has been the perennial rival of the woman she faces next week, Trish Stratus. Tonight will be a big warm-up for her though, as tonight she faces Mickie, who has almost emulated Stratus’ moveset, even going as far as to copy both the Chick Kick, and the Stratusfaction!

Jerry Lawler: Well, y'know what they say, Joey – imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I just can’t work out if Mickie is trying to flatter Stratus, or if she is just plain crazy though.

Jonathan Coachman: She may be a little crazy, ‘King’, but Trish is just leadin’ Mickie along. Either way, Victoria is gonna’ prove here tonight why, next week, she will become the new Women’s Champion.

Lilian Garcia: Her opponent, from Los Angeles, California, Victoria!

Match Four ~ Singles Match: Mickie James w/ Women’s Champion Trish Stratus vs. Victoria w/ Candice Michelle

Two of the three divas with talent on the RAW roster are involved in this contest, and as such, we’re treated with a rare longer divas match. The two initially test each other out with a bit of mat wrestling, jostling around, before Mickie turns the match up a little bit, using the arm drag time and time again to gain an advantage over Vickie, ala Trish Stratus. Mickie, however, goes for one too many of Trish’s moves when, after a short period of dominance, she looks for a Thesz press on Victoria following an Irish whip, only for Victoria to hang onto the ropes, leaving James to land on her knees, before kicking her square in the head! Following the resultant two count, Vickie is all over Mickie, dominating her with her superior power to make a point of beginning to focus on the back of Mickie, looking at Trish while doing so, sending a message that she may just target Trish’s back that kept her out of action for multiple months the last year. Mickie, though, looks to make a comeback, following Victoria transitioning a pendulum backbreaker into a backbreaker submission hold by hammering away on her with some wildly swinging fists.

Vickie, no longer able to hold Mickie down, lets her up, however, when both women turn to face one another the vixen scores with a big time clothesline. Getting back up, Victoria looks almost as if Mickie’s will to fight ignored her ... PROMPTING HER TO LIFT MICKIE UP AND GO FOR THE WIDOW’S PEAK ... BUT MICKIE SLIPS THROUGH HER GRASP AND LANDS ON HER FEET, THEN BOUNCES OFF THE ROPES AND TAKES VICKIE DOWN WITH A JUMPING FOREARM SMASH! The crowd cheers as both women struggle back to their feet, Victoria looking to score instantly with a big right, only for Mickie to show her pluck by ducking, then unloading with a lighting series of right forearms, rocking Victoria back all of the way into the ropes. Wanting to keep her momentum going, Mickie goes for an Irish whip, only for Victoria to reverse it ... but Mickie scores with a running Thesz press and goes to town on the face of her foe with more lightning strikes.

Following the referee’s count of four, both women get back to their feet, with Mickie again looking for an Irish whip, only for Victoria to again prove to be too powerful, sending Mickie into the corner. Victoria, though, is unable to capitalise, as when she charges into the corner she gets caught with a boot from Mickie, before being pulled in by the legs of Mickie and taken over with a Mickiecanrana! Disorientated, Victoria staggers back to her feet ... right into a neckbreaker from Mickie for a two count! Getting back to her feet, Mickie signals for the end, before waiting as Vickie gets up ... THEN GOING FOR THE CHICK KICK ... BUT VICKIE DUCKS ... SPINNING SIDEWALK SLAM! Much like she used the move to counter the Chick Kick against Trish, Victoria lays Mickie out, then goes for the cover ... but can only get two! The frustration of Victoria is clear as she thought she had the match won, before she regathers herself and tells Trish to watch carefully ... AS FOR THE SECOND TIME SHE GOES FOR THE WIDOW’S PEAK ... BUT MICKIE SLIPS THROUGH INTO A SUNSET FLIP ... TWO COUNT!

Both women launch back up to their feet, Mickie instantly scoring with a kick to the midsection ... AND SHE SETS UP FOR STRATUSFACTION ... BUT CANDICE CLIMBS UP ON THE APRON, CREATING A DISTRACTION! The referee, though, deals with Trish, who has also climbed up onto the apron. Vickie, meanwhile, finally throws Mickie overhead with a back suplex like move, only for Mickie to land on her feet ... THEN STUMBLE BACK INTO THE REFEREE WHO GOES INTO STRATUS AND SENDS HER CRASHING DOWN TO THE FLOOR! Thinking quick, Victoria instantly kicks Mickie in the midsection ... AND CONNECTS WITH THE WIDOW’S PEAK! Victoria makes the cover, gaining the three count from the groggy referee.

Winner: Victoria by pinfall @ 9:57


Lilian Garcia:
Here is your winner, Victoria!

Victoria instantly gets her hand raised by the referee, although she is quick to look to ringside, a sick smile crossing her face. After dropping down and rolling from the ring, Victoria snatches the Women’s Title from ringside and throws it into the ring, then grabs an out of it looking Trish and rolling her back in. With that same sick smile still on her face, Victoria bends over and picks up Trish ... THEN DELIVERS THE WIDOW’S PEAK TO HER! The crowd gives some big time heat as Victoria gets back to her feet, then grabs the Women’s Title and lifts it into the air, perhaps giving us a preview for next week.

Joey Styles: Victoria with a double message here to Trish Stratus tonight. First she defeated Trish’s friend, Mickie, sending a message of her focus on Stratus’ bad back in the process, but then she laid Trish out with the Widow’s Peak, perhaps in what could be a preview for next week.

Jerry Lawler: And what about another mix-up between Mickie James and Trish? Trish keeps allowing these things to happen, saying that accidents happen, but surely enough has to be enough.

Jonathan Coachman: Hey, hey, Trish put herself in that position, and as far as I’m concerned, she deserves what she got for trying to involve herself in a match that she had no business sticking her Canadian nose in.

Joey Styles: Didn’t you say before that Trish should’ve been planning on being out here all along? And what about Candice getting herself involved in the match?

Jonathan Coachman: Joe, you’re both hearin’, and seein’ things. I guess that’s what ECW will do to ya’, though.

We cut away backstage now, to see Rob Van Dam walking down a corridor.

Jerry Lawler: Well another man from the original ECW is this man, Rob Van Dam, and he’ll be looking for vengeance against the man who took him out seven months ago in Carlito ... next!

*Commercial Break*

We return from the break to be at ringside.


The crowd gives some considerable heat as the man from the Caribbean, Carlito walks out onto the stage, tossing his apple up and down confidently, followed by his buddy, ‘The Masterpiece’ Chris Masters. The cool and cocky Caribbean makes his way down to the ring with a smile on his face, thinking that tonight will be his night.

Joey Styles: This man Carlito’s heinous attack seven months ago led to RVD spending near half a year on the sidelines, nursing an injured knee. Tonight, after running from Van Dam ever since his return, Carlito finally has to face the music, and if Van Dam has his way, it certainly won’t be playing a tune that Carlito will like.

Jonathan Coachman: Didn’t you hear ‘Lito earlier tonight, Joe? He’s been waiting for this moment even longer than Van Dam has, and tonight, he’s finally get what he wanted all along, and that is taking RVD out for good, advancing his own career up the card as a result.

Jerry Lawler: Carlito might have said that, ‘Coach’, but him hiding behind Chris Masters since RVD has been back, and even bringing Masters out here with him tonight, says otherwise.

Lilian Garcia: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from San Juan, Puerto Rico, weighing 225 lbs, Carlito!


The crowd goes WILD, as everyone’s favourite superstar, ‘Mr. Monday Night’, Rob Van Dam walks out onto the stage, playing it up to the crowd, despite looking more serious tonight. Having walked halfway down the ramp, Van Dam pauses to do his classic thumb taunt, before continuing on his way down the ramp and climbing up into the ring, staring down his adversary.

Joey Styles: Carlito may have said he’s been waiting for this moment, but we know that RVD has been too, as he said earlier tonight. The man spent seven months, seven LONG months on the sidelines thanks to Carlito, and in those seven months he has imagined every possible way to punish Carlito without getting himself disqualified. Tonight, RVD gets his chance, he gets his chance for redemption against the man who wronged him back in June of last year.

Jerry Lawler: Trust me, Joey, when you’re a wrestler and it’s all you think about, when professional wrestling is your passion, and someone tries to take it away, you are going to want to do anything and everything that you can to them. RVD looks exactly like that tonight.

Jonathan Coachman: I dunno’ what wrestling was like in the 18th century, ‘King’, nor do I care, but I know that you’re not lookin’ into RVD’s eyes, because all that there is there is fear. Fear for what Carlito is gonna’ do to him here tonight.

Lilian Garcia: His opponent, from Battle Creek, Michigan, weighing 235 lbs, Rob Van Dam!

Match Five ~ Singles Match: Carlito w/ Chris Masters vs. Rob Van Dam

No mat wrestling to begin this one, as instead we get the two men coming together and staring one another down. Carlito, being the type of guy that he is, has a lot more to say as he tries to get in the head of Van Dam. That ploy, however, appears to be unexpected, as RVD just smiles ... PROMPTING CARLITO TO SLAP THE TASTE RIGHT OUT OF RVD’S MOUTH! The crowd react with a gasp, while RVD looks to the side ... BEFORE SWINGING FOR A ROUNDHOUSE KICK ... THAT CARLITO DODGES, SHITTING HIMSELF AS HE FALLS ON HIS ASS THEN BACKS UP INTO THE ROPES! That moment sets the precedent for the first few minutes of the match, with ‘Lito not wanting to get involved in any sort of a physical altercation with RVD at all.

Eventually that all comes to an end when RVD chases Carlito around ringside, then slides into the ring after him as ‘Lito bounces off the opposite ropes ... and runs into a big clothesline from Van Dam! Careful to not let him slip away, RVD is right on top of ‘Lito, kneeling down over him to rain down on him with right hands. Again, this sets the trend for the next few minutes as RVD is able to stay on top of Carlito, although not by using his usually flashy offense, instead mainly reverting to right hands, trying to drill some sense into Carlito. Some respite seems to come for ‘Lito when he gets his boot up as RVD charges at him in the corner, leaving RVD to stagger back into the ropes, but when ‘Lito charges out at him, ‘Mr. Monday Night’ is able to back body drop the Caribbean all of the way to the floor. The crowd, of course, go wild as RVD looks around, before charging across the ring at the opposite ropes and bouncing back ... BEFORE LAUNCHING HIMSELF OVER THE TOP ROPE AND DOWN ON TOP OF CARLITO WITH A HUGE SOMERSAULT PLANCHA!

RVD staggers back to his feet, proud of himself following the move, taking a bow to the audience, before rolling in and out of the ring to break the count, not content with the damage caused to Carlito on the outside. Picking Carlito up by his awesome ‘fro, RVD hooks the Puerto Rican in a front face lock and lifts him in a suplex position ... THEN DROPS HIM RIB FIRST ACROSS THE BARRIER! After nailing a few right hand shots for good measure Van Dam climbs up to the apron and plays up to the crowd, doing his classic thumb taunt ... BEFORE LAUNCHING HIMSELF AGAIN, THIS TIME WITH A BIG SPINNING LEGDROP TO THE BACK OF ‘LITO! The crowd are at a fever pitch as RVD gets up, again rolling in and out of the ring to break the count, then setting himself as Carlito crawls across the floor to pick himself up with assistance from the ring post. With ‘Lito taking his time, Chris Masters feels it’s time to make his move, sneaking up behind RVD, who is intent on watching his foe ... only for RVD to turn to see Masters and warn him off, with the referee also doing his job and telling Masters he will be booted from ringside if he tries anything. Masters just shrugs innocently, leaving RVD to turn and see Carlito groggily leaning on the ringpost ... CAUSING HIM TO SPRING INTO ACTION AS HE GOES FOR A BIG ROUNDHOUSE KICK ... BUT CARLITO DUCKS AND RVD STRIKES THE RINGPOST KNEE FIRST!

The wind has been taken out of the sails of the crowd as their hero, RVD, staggers from the ringpost ... only for ‘Lito to take him down with a chop block to the knee he just struck on the ringpost, which Joey Styles in turn points out is the same one that Carlito injured last year. Smiling, the Puerto Rican rolls RVD back into the ring and makes a cover, gaining a two count before we head out to a break.

Back from the break, and Carlito is still on top in this match as he bends the knee of RVD around the bottom rope, before setting it up across the rope, AND JUMPING DOWN WITH A BIG STOMP ACROSS IT! RVD rolls around, obviously in some significant comeback, but Carlito is almost like a (Havana) pitbull (whoever gets the reference OWNS) here tonight, not letting up for a single second as he keeps punishing the knee of RVD for the next few minutes, going for the occasional pin attempt, but seemingly just enjoying punishing Van Dam. RVD gets a few glimpses of hope, the main one coming when Carlito looks to lock in his old foe Ric Flair’s finishing move, the Figure Four Leglock, only for RVD to kick ‘Lito off with his free leg ... LEADING TO CARLITO ROLLING INTO THE RING AND JUST TAKING RVD’S LEGS OUT FROM UNDER HIM AS HE GETS UP WITH A CHOP BLOCK!

Carlito keeps the punishment coming, eventually locking in the Indian deathlock, causing RVD great pain. ‘Mr. Monday Night’ has said that tonight will be his moment though, and he looks to be damned if he is going to tap out, instead pulling himself to the ropes and causing a break. This greatly frustrates Carlito, who jerks Van Dam back up to his feet, holding his leg, taking his time to mock RVD ... AND VAN DAM SUDDENLY SWINGS FOR AN ENZUIGURI ... BUT CARLITO DUCKS ... THEN GETS KICKED RIGHT IN THE JAW BY VAN DAM ON THE SECOND TRY, SENDING HIM DOWN!

The crowd cheers as both men start to slowly struggle back to their feet, Van Dam on one wheel, and Carlito on two wobbly ones. They’re both able to sluggishly get back to their feet so that they can duke it out, with RVD coming off on top thanks to some quick forearms, allowing him to send ‘Lito off with an Irish whip, then catch him with a back body drop on the rebound! Holding his back in pain, Carlito retreats back to the corner, allowing Rob Van Dam to hobble in after him and connect with a big shoulder block to the midsection. Following up, RVD hits a few more shots, then whips ‘Lito off to the opposite corner and follows him in ... WHAM! BIG SPIN KICK TO THE JAW OF ‘LITO SENDS HIM DOWN TO HIS HANDS AND KNEES! Thinking quickly, ‘Mr. Monday Night’ goes up to the top rope and waits for Carlito to turn ... THEN GOES FOR A BIG THRUST KICK ... BUT CARLITO STEPS OUT OF THE WAY AND RVD LANDS ON HIS FEET, CAUSING HIM TO CLUTCH FOR HIS KNEE ... KNEE LIFT TO THE HEAD FROM CARLITO ... AND A CLOTHESLINE ON THE REBOUND! Sure he’s got the win, Carlito goes for the cover ... two! Van Dam’s kickout seems to frustrate the youngster, as he bickers with the referee for a moment, before signalling to the crowd that he’s going to finish the match as he waits for RVD to regain his footing.

Slowly but surely, this is what RVD does, getting up and turning right into a boot to the midsection from ‘Lito ... BUT RVD CATCHES IT ... SHAKES HIS HEAD ... WINDMILL KICK! The crowd goes wild as RVD then looks around and runs off to the ropes, before bouncing back ... ROLLING THUNDER CONNECTS! The crowd cheers as RVD makes the cover ... but he can only get two! RVD shakes his head in disappointment, before getting back to his feet and looking around ... THEN HEADING ACROSS TO THE CORNER! RVD GOES UP TOP ... BUT CHRIS MASTERS JUMPS UP ON THE APRON ... AND RVD SENDS HIM DOWN ONTO HIS BUTT WITH A THRUST KICK!

Getting right up, RVD turns and sees Carlito charging at him, causing him to swing wildly for a clothesline ... BUT ‘LITO DUCKS, THEN SPRINGBOARDS OFF THE ROPES WITH A MOONSAULT BODYBLOCK! The crowd gives some heat as the athletically gifted Carlito gets back to his feet and looks around ... THEN JUST LIKE VAN DAM, HE HEADS TO THE CORNER! The crowd boos as Carlito climbs to the top rope ... DOES THE CLASSIC THUMB TAUNT ... AND GOES FOR THE FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH ... BUT RVD MOVES OUT OF THE WAY, AND ‘LITO CRASHES AND BURNS!

Again, both men are slow in their ascent back to their feet, with RVD being the first to reach a standing base ... BUT AGAIN CHRIS MASTERS DISTRACTS HIM! The two trade words on the apron as ‘Lito gets to his feet and sneaks up behind RVD ... BACKCRACKER ... BUT RVD HOLDS ONTO THE ROPES, THEN SENDS MASTERS DOWN TO THE FLOOR WITH A BIG ROUNDHOUSE KICK! Carlito struggles back to his feet, holding his back in pain ... SUPERKICK FROM RVD SENDS HIM RIGHT BACK DOWN! The crowd gives a MASSIVE pop as there are no more distractions, and finally, RVD can head up to the top ... which he does ... THEN CONNECTS WITH THE FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH! The crowd erupts as RVD hooks the leg ... and he gets the three.

Winner: Rob Van Dam via pinfall @ 13:23


Lilian Garcia:
Here is your winner, Rob Van Dam!

The crowd are over the moon as RVD gets back to his feet and has his hand raised by the referee ... but rather than looking like celebrating, RVD looks rather subdued. He looks down at Carlito, then gives a slight shake of the head, before heading out of the ring.

Joey Styles: RVD has done it! He has overcome Carlito, and he has gotten his vengeance upon the man who over half a year ago, tried to end his career!

Jonathan Coachman: But look, Joe. That isn’t a look of satisfaction on RVD’s face, and do ya’ know why? Because Carlito has broken him mentally. Sure, RVD may have won one tiny battle, but look at Van Dam. Carlito has won the war.

Jerry Lawler: I dunno’ if that’s it, ‘Coach’, but there’s definitely something wrong with RVD right there. I hope Carlito hasn’t done any more serious damage to his knee.

We cut away from a slightly dejected looking Van Dam walking up the ramp to once again be backstage, where Kurt Angle is still seated. Despite the show almost being over, Angle just sits there, looking as intense as he did when the night began. It has obviously been a long night for Angle, but he doesn’t seem to care, as he still sits there, alone ... until he hears some footsteps ... and RAW General Manager, Eric Bischoff steps into the picture. Angle, thinking he could have finally met his man, springs to his feet, only to be disappointed by the sight of Bischoff.

Eric Bischoff: Give it up, Kurt. The night’s over. You’re not going to get what you wanted here.

Angle takes a moment to take in what Bischoff is said, taking some deep breaths.

Kurt Angle: Fine ... but I’m goin’ out to the ring ... and I’m takin’ this (Holds up the steel pipe) with me!

Angle looks at Bischoff for another moment, before walking off, leaving Bischoff to sigh. As the camera zooms out though, we see a figure behind a corner on a cell phone ... it’s Lita.

Lita: You’re clear.

Lita the hangs up the phone, as we head out to a commercial break.

*Commercial Break*

We return from the break at ringside.


The crowd EXPLODES as Kurt Angle storms out onto the stage, bellowing intensely, clutching the steel pipe in his right hand.

Joey Styles: This man Kurt Angle has been waiting all night for a sign, any sign of either of John Cena or Edge, and as a last ditch attempt, he here comes out to the ring, seemingly to call out either of the two.

Jonathan Coachman: Angle has no right to lay his hands on Edge. The man is our WWE Champion, and he represents our brand with dignity and respect. If Angle were to do anything to Edge, I’m sure that Mr. Bischoff or Mr. McMahon would have no problem suspending him!

Jerry Lawler: I dunno’ about that, ‘Coach’. It seems that Bischoff doesn’t like Edge any more than he does Angle.

Not worried about anything that’s happening around him, Angle steams on down to the ring and instantly climbs up into it, receiving a microphone.

Kurt Angle: Edge, Cena!

Mixed reaction from the crowd.

Kurt Angle: If either of you are back there, if either of you have sneaked into the arena, get our here so I can KICK YOUR DAMN ASS!

Angle waits, although no answer seems forthcoming, only further angering Angle.

Kurt Angle: COME ON YOU NO GOOD SONS OF BITCHES! Do something you’ve never done before and MAN UP, before I come back there and I find you!

Kurt waits a moment later, before hearing ...


The crowd gives a HUGE mixed reaction as John Cena walks out in a Hustle, Loyalty, Respect merchandise shirt, and his usual jean shorts, a microphone in hand.

John Cena: Yo, Kurt, before anything happens, lemme' make one thing clear. You think I was sneakin' into here. I dunno' what you've been up to tonight, but I was here in this arena tonight before ANYONE, so there wasn't any need for me to sneak into anywhere. Now you wanna’ do this, ‘cause we can do this right here, right now. But how about YOU drop that your lil’ weapon you’ve got there, GROW A PAIR ... and face me like a man.

Kurt Angle: You wanna’ do it look this? Fine!

Angle throws the pipe over the top rope and to ringside as it lands with a crash.

Kurt Angle: Now get your ass down here!

John Cena: It would be my pleasure.

Cena smiles, then drops his mic with a thud and strips his shirt off (to a disturbingly big pop), before beginning to walk down the ramp ... WHEN HE IS SUDDENLY JUMPED FROM BEHIND BY THE WWE CHAMPION, EDGE! Edge knocks Cena over with a big forearm to the back, sending him tumbling down, before lifting him up by the tights AND THROWING HIM INTO THE CROWD BARRIER VIOLENTLY! The crowd begin to lambast Edge with heat ... BUT THEY SUDDENLY TURN TO CHEERS AS KURT ANGLE TURNS EDGE AROUND AND ROCKS HIM WITH A HUGE RIGHT!

Angle sends Edge down the ramp with right hand after right hand, throwing everything he’s got into each and every shot, before grabbing Edge by the hair and SLAMMING his head down into the ring apron. Not yet content, Angle starts to pull Edge around ringside by the hair again, but Edge suddenly comes out with a few elbows to the midsection, stunning Angle, before he grabs Angle around the skull and THROWS him into the crowd barrier rib first. Looking to follow up, Edge now tees off on Angle with right hand shots of his own, raining down on the skull of Angle with shot, after shot, after shot, after shot, AFTER SHOT ... AFTER SHOT! The manic Edge turns around, pulling his hair back ... AND WALKS RIGHT INTO A RIGHT HAND FROM CENA! Cena hits a few more rights, then grabs Edge by the hair and MANHANDLES him, SENDING HIM CRASHING RIGHT INTO THE STEEL STEPS!

The crowd cheers as Cena now turns back to Angle and goes for a right ... but Angle blocks, THEN HITS A SERIES OF HIS OWN, before going for a kick which Cena is able to catch and quickly throw down, leading into a BIG clothesline to Angle, sending him down onto the cold mats! Angle crawls around ringside with Cena following him, stalking him, waiting for him to get up ... and as soon as he does, BLASTING him with more right hands. The crowd is eating the brawl up ... but they then start to boo as the security team starts to make their way down the ramp. They go after Cena, looking to pull him off Angle ... BUT CENA BLASTS EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM WITH RIGHT HANDS, SENDING THEM DOWN!

Cena then turns back to Angle and gets a kick to the midsection, before being thrown into the ring with Angle following him right in and starting to stomp away on Cena as he tries to struggle up. Not content with just laying the boot in, Angle gets down into a mount position and starts to go with the right hands ... but the security now rushes the ring and pulls him from Cena ... ALLOWING EDGE TO SLIDE INTO THE RING AND GET A FREE SHOT ON ANGLE! Edge then turns back to Cena, and like Angle, gets in a mount position, raining more right hands down across Cena.

???: Hey, hey!

The camera shows the top of the ramp where we see RAW General Manager, Eric Bischoff walking out.

Eric Bischoff: What in the hell do you think you’re doing? SECURITY! GET MORE SECURITY OUT HERE!

On cue, more security rush out from the back and quickly get to the ring, pulling Edge from Cena, getting all three men into different corners of the ring, as Bischoff goes to climb up into it.

Eric Bischoff: Now I don’t know what the three of you think you’re doing, but let me makes this perfectly clear. The inmates do NOT run the asylum. Not on my show. Not on Monday Night RAW! The three of you have been giving me HELL for weeks now, and you think I’m just going to allow this? am no doormat. Eric Bischoff is NO doormat! LOOK ME IN THE EYE, ALL OF YOU!

Cena, Angle and Edge are all shown chewing at the bit, struggling to get away from their respective captors.

Eric Bischoff: The three of you are OUT OF CONTROL, and it’s about damn time that ...


The security holding Edge panic and rush forward, allowing Edge to break free AND ALSO JOIN THE FRAY, as all three men brawl in amongst a giant heap of security guards. Bischoff, who is not at all pleased about this, moves towards the brawl.


Despite the continued efforts of the security guards, the trio of superstars continue to flail about, not being held down.



Bischoff, now on the mat, clutches at his microphone.

Eric Bischoff: THAT’S IT! Fine ... you wanna’ make it like this? I’m all for it. Next week ... you get your wish ... because the inmates WILL be running the asylum.

We see the crazed look on Bischoff’s face, as he has seemingly been tipped over the edge tonight, leaving us to fade to black.



April 2, 2006 | Allstate Arena; Rosemont, Illinois


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