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Re: Survivor Mafia III: Heroes vs. Villains

Night 1

“An Obvious Choice?”

Peih-Gee was very happy with how Tribal Council had gone, but unfortunately for the others, she had more items on her agenda.

A poor soul was chilling out in the woods. Peih-Gee approached whoever it was with her lead pipe firm in her right hand. As she raised it silently, hoping for a devastating kill, she suddenly noticed that someone had knocked the pipe out of her hand, and after she grabbed it, her prey had escaped (ownt).

“Damnit!” she remarked.

In other parts of the jungle, Mr. Lawls was enjoying some tea when he heard some ruffling in the woods.

“Hello?” he asked timidly.

But before he knew it, he had been stabbed to death by a spear

Spoiler for Mr. Lawls' role:
Congratulations, you are Peih-Gee Law, Potential Serial Killer, Individually Aligned.You win when you are the last one standing.

Peih-Gee was a strategic player, but was left in an alliance that was in the minority, and eventually, was left to take on the other alliance on her own (she was all intense and I was like whoa). She was also the Serial Killer in Survivor Mafia I, so it’s fitting she has this role.

There are two people in this game who have the title “Potential Serial Killer”, and as you can see, one of them is you. The other is Shii-Ann Huang (Duke). However, you cannot become Serial Killer until Shii-Ann dies, but she is also trying to get you dead to become Serial Killer.

If Shii-Ann does die and you become the Serial Killer, you will be able to kill someone each Night by PMing me stating who you are killing.

The Heroes were, of course, quite happy at this outcome. But a scream from a familiar snickering voice ended the enjoyment, as not long after, the Heroes came across a body bag that had a dead body inside. The dead body was Wesson, but unfortunately, he was inaccessible.

Spoiler for Wesson's role:
Congratulations, you are Candice Woodcock, Heroes Aligned.

On a Night that started on a high note, it ended in misery as Wesson had sadly hit the books, but the Heroes knew they needed good rest to stay alive and outlast the Villains.

It is now Day 2. With 17 alive, it takes 9 for a lynch.

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