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Re: Survivor Mafia III: Heroes vs. Villains

Day 1

"Truth or Lies?"

Surprisingly, instead of random lynches all over the place, the town was divided between just two people Ė Mr. Lawls and Duke.

Mr. Lawls: Duke is the Serial Killer. Heís Shii Ann, go lynch his ass.

Lostfap: Ok.

Nov: Iím hesitant.

Duke: Guys heís lying Iím a Day Vig.

Someone: Then use it on Lawls.

Duke: (realizes he doesnít have a Day kill) ... oh nvm, Iím actually some serial killer (possible Lawls is too). But w/e.

And so in the end, Duke was lynched.

Spoiler for Dukeís role:
Congratulations, you are Shii-Ann Huang, Potential Serial Killer, Individually Aligned. You win when you are the last one standing.

Shii-Ann was seemingly on the outs in both seasons she participated in, yet somehow, got arrogant. She was also the Serial Killer in Survivor Mafia II.

There are two people in this game who have the title ďPotential Serial KillerĒ, and as you can see, one of them is you. The other is Peih-Gee Law (*****). However, you cannot become Serial Killer until Peih-Gee dies, but she is also trying to get you dead to become Serial Killer.

If Peih-Gee does die and you become the Serial Killer, you will be able to kill someone each Night by PMing me stating who you are killing.

It is now Night 1. You have 22 hours to submit your role. Please let me know if you arenít using your role.

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