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Re: WWE: The Platinum Era

Like I said to Wolfy in his thread, apologies if this review is a little rusty. I'm out of practice, as they say. I would've had it up sooner, but it is how it is.

Anywho, on with the show, and pretty good way to open it if you want to get on my good side. I seem to remember you saying a while back that you didn't rate Kennedy, but that might have just been when he had been released and you were possibly jumping on the hate bandwagon () I don't know why, but something about this promo suggested to me that you do rate KK. No way do invest this much in a guy if you see nothing in him. You won't find me having Jeff Hardy cutting a lengthy promo to open a show, that's all I'll say.

I really like the idea of the 'Open Mic'. I thought The Mic Suite that I came up with was good, but you've easily bested that. Damn you () It makes for intriguing editions each time Kennedy hosts it, as we don't know who his guests going to be, and it also gives him the chance to further his feud(s), as his rival of the time would obviously keep coming out to get him some.

You obviously put a lot of time into and effort into this promo though, and it really paid off. Probably the best one you've written so far. People were going nuts over that Kurt Angle one you did a few weeks back, but I'd say you've topped it with this one. Only thing that really let it down was the arrival of Benoit. He never could talk for shit, and he just sounds so wooden and stilted alongside Kennedy's fluid linguistics. I would've preferred it if Benoit had just come out and pie-faced Kennedy or something, y'know? Physically provoke him enough to accept his challenge for a match later on. Just a small gripe though, so not to worry.

Looks like Kennedy's list of world champions he's defeated will be growing by 1 tonight. Like Wolfy said, I like this feud with Mysterio you've given to Kennedy, as it gives him the chance to go over some credible without getting ridiculous early on. Don't turn Rey into a jobber though; he's probably the best wrestler the 'E have got. He'll make Kennedy and anyone you write him in a programme with look like a million bucks in the ring.

I'm glad you had Nitro look moderately impressive in his singles outing against Hardy, and I'm relieved you didn't let Matt completely shit on the tag team division by taking out both of the champs on his own. As for Shannon Moore ... well, I'm not really his biggest fan. The guy can go in the ring, that's for certain, and he's a handy guy to have around, but as for going after the tag team titles with Hardy? It doesn't do it for me. You have a shortage of tag teams, so it's understandable I guess, but I wouldn't keep Matt bogged down in this team for too long if I were you.

Bringing the Punkster in even earlier than me I see? But can you top my debut? [/ego] Put him over The Undertaker clean and we'll talk

Along with the Hardy/MNM angle, I've noticed you're running a few too many storylines that the 'E were at this time: Booker/Benoit, JBL/Boogeyman, and Finlay/Lashley etc. I know you've put your own, unique spin on them, but I'd like to see you move away as quickly as possible.

Saying all that, Finlay's pre-match was perfectly done. Furthers his feud with Lashley, makes the Irishman look like the ruthless bastard he is, and sets up a thrilling handicap tag match. Honestly, if there's any way you can, push Finlay to the moon. He's a fucking God inside the ring.

Since you got Lashley out of the match, having five guys the calibre of Regal, Burchill, Finlay, London, and Kendrick in the ring together is a mouth watering prospect. The 'E really did waste The Blue Bloods as a team; I guess there's just no love for old school any more. Well, you and I have certainly changed that. Really good match that puts L&K over despite coming out on the losing side of things. They're billed as an exciting, plucky young tag team, and this was a great showcase for them. Finlay picks up the pin though in his usual cheap fashion. You're booking him really well so far. MITB plz.

Hardy and Moore get a title shot after one post-match brawl? Seem rushed to me, but you need the teams I guess.

Kid Kash OWNS and I'm glad someone else finally sees it. Another great promo from him in this thread - he's been getting them every week pretty much, which is great, as that's how you get a guy over, you keep having him cut promos. Easy win over Scotty for Double K, but things heat up after the bell with Juventud making his return. Looks like we'll be getting our one-on-one rematch between these two at No Way Out, which should be awesome. Just don't have Kash drop the belt ... forever.

I actually quite enjoyed the JBL promo, even if nobody else (including yourself) seemed to. No, I don't think you should waste too much time on guys like JBL and 'Taker, as they tend to eat into the spotlight of other, younger, more deserving guys ... and, boy, can JBL waffle on. It's his character I know, but good god he took a long time getting to a simple apology. It was a nice set up, as it initially made JBL look like a coward, before quickly flipping it on its head and making him look like an absolute bastard. However, my focus on the brawl afterwards wasn't on JBL at all ... it was on Brent Albright. Big step up for Brent getting to go at it with The Deadman, and he came out it looking great. He beat up 'Taker and he finally got to drop that piece of crap The Boogeyman on his head. Hopefully he beats Boogey in 30 seconds at No Way Out.

Also, next time we're both on MSN, I need to check something with you to do with Albright, so make sure you're Aussie ass is out of bed.

Uh, I don't think you needed to post the entire segment again

Great match up between Kennedy and Benoit that furthers two angles in the long run. I'm not sure why, but I actually rather like Orlando Jordan being Booker T. Obviously is smack of the usual, "They're black so they must team up" thing that seems to go on in wrestling, but I always quite like Orlando, so it'll be interesting to see where you go with this.

Mysterio really owned Kennedy after the bell too, and it looks as though their match at No Way Out is all but official. Like I said earlier, Rey can make anyone look good in the ring, and KK should be no different.

No surprise to see the main event end the way it did, but it does get across the hatred between the two men, as they just want to beat the shit out of each other. Surprised at the choice of street fight for No Way Out, as I would've thought the usual Steel Cage stip would've worked better (with it being No Way Out and all), as Teddy could've used it to lock these two dangerous beasts away.

LOVED the ending with the announcement of Orton as the special guest referee. I was really wondering what TLK would be doing at the PPV, but you've killed two birds with thhis stone: firstly, Randy has something to do that is relevant to his WrestleMania match; and secondly, it adds a new, exciting dimension to a potentially slow, turgid and lacklustre main event. I'd be amazed if Orton didn't bump like a mad man during the match too, as both Henry and 'Tista will 'accidentally' nail him at some point I'm sure. How on earth Randy will remain impartial when it comes to Big Dave is beyond me. You've really got me into this now. Like I said, a great, great job booking-wise.

Ah, how sweet it is to see another booker emerge who puts on consistently entertaining and well written shows. You're a breath of fresh air, BkB. Two good promos and a handful of good TV matches makes this a show well worth checking out. I'll say it again, from a bookers perspective you've nailed the main event with the inclusion of Orton as the referee. I just loved it. With you on this kind of form ... I can't wait for Raw.
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