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Re: WWE: The Platinum Era

Muchos gracias for the review, Wolfmeister. A few things I’d like to say are that I wasn’t a huge fan of the JBL promo myself, as the concept didn’t come off as nice in practice as I wanted it to. I also noticed it seemed very similar to the Kennedy promo when I was formatting it, but by then I didn’t really want to overhaul the whole first part of the promo, so I let it be. The typos that you pointed out really disappointed me. Mistake I’m not really happy with, as I should be noticing them. Have proof-read RAW a few times now, so hopefully nothing has slipped under the radar this time. As far as Boogeyman goes, don’t expect to see him too much once he’s done with Albright. Not at all a fan of the guy, and have been using him mainly as a foil to break Albright in. With all of that said, I was very happy to see you enjoyed the show, as I really enjoyed writing it. I think things are starting to pick up here, because shows are coming more naturally than ever. Hoping that’s a good sign.

Anyway, a few news & notes here, but if anyone is willing to give SmackDown! feedback, it is of course still welcome.


News & Notes

~ Following last night’s SmackDown! many have been surprised by the route that WWE have gone in relation to the JBL/Undertaker feud. Originally the two men had been slated to feud up until WrestleMania, as it was thought JBL could carry the feud for two months on the microphone while allowing Undertaker to work his normal style of not having to show up to work every week. However, with JBL now facing ‘Taker at No Way Out, it is thought that both men will have different opponents for WrestleMania. It is thought at this stage that JBL will now go on to WrestleMania to face a younger star, possibly Matt Hardy who he has feuded with on and off for the past four months, while Undertaker may be slated to go on to face either Chris Benoit or Booker T.

~ On the theme of JBL, it was surprising to see that on SmackDown!, we saw a return of The Basham Brothers as not just a team, but also part of JBL’s Cabinet. It seems that this was only a one night only deal, since both of the profiles of The Basham Brothers are now situated on the RAW roster page on wwe.com. It is said that this will lead to some sort of storyline involving JBL, and possibly him finding new members for his Cabinet. Whether they are on the current roster or on the developmental roster is unknown.

~ Another interesting thing to note coming off last night’s SmackDown! is the third match between Mark Henry and Batista being made for No Way Out. With Randy Orton set to challenge the winner, it is thought that Batista will be a lock to win at No Way Out, although it is interesting how strong the SmackDown! writers have made Mark Henry look, perhaps meaning that Henry will be a major part of the SmackDown! roster for quite some time to come.

~ While it has not yet been signed for No Way Out, Rey Mysterio vs. Mr. Kennedy looks a sure bet to be part of the card. Kennedy has been on a roll since returning, getting plenty of mic time and beating opposition such as Chris Benoit on last week’s show. This, along with Kennedy getting to feud with Mysterio, suggest that the SmackDown! writers a very high on Kennedy, and that he has a big future ahead of him.

~ In a final note on SmackDown!, it seems like the return of Juventud occurred a bit earlier than planned. Originally slated for a WrestleMania return and match, Juventud came out and did an interview with the Mexican media last week, practically blowing the cover on his injured storyline. WWE, feeling cornered, called Juventud and rushed him in to make his return, setting up his early rematch with Kid Kash. This seems to be a major blow to the cruiserweight division, as Kash has beaten everyone else in the division, and Juventud doesn’t look able to sell a match alone, meaning the situation for the cruiserweights at WrestleMania is up in the air.

~ On the RAW side of things, there are heavy rumours that tonight we will finally find out just who was the mystery attacker that injured Kurt Angle. Despite Edge and John Cena being the favourites for the role, it seems like it could well be someone in a midcard role, possibly setting up a big WrestleMania match with Angle, leaving Edge and Cena to settle their differences at WrestleMania.

~ Also on RAW, it seems as if RAW General Manager Eric Bischoff is entering some sort of storyline. The past few weeks we have seen Bischoff been getting more and more stressed, thanks mainly to problems with Cena, Edge & Angle. Where this is headed is unknown, but it is thought that it could lead to a program, perhaps following WrestleMania.

RAW preview in a few days.

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