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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

I wrote a review for EVOLVE 1: Ibushi vs. Richards on another board so I'm going to copy and paste it on here (Sorry if it looks weird, I wrote the reviews as I was watching it and I skipped two of the matches too)

Kyle O'Reily vs. Bobby Fish

This wasn't a bad match but it was like the definition of a typical indy match. It had pointless flashy stuff, head drops, fighting spirit, stiff strikes but no ring psychology or story or anything. I dunno if I like the idea of a fed without gimmicks, like good wrestling is fun to watch but it's harder to get into it and care about people with no story or gimmicks. Kyle O'Reily definitely has a lot of potential but he's not a good wrestler yet, maybe in a few years especially if he learns stuff from Davey Richards.


Chuck Taylor vs. Cheech

This match suuuucked. At least the first match had good wrestling, this was so boring. As much as I hate Chuck Taylor this is one time I actually wanted to see his antics or at least show SOME personality but he didn't do anything here. He didn't even act like a heel or anything even though he's supposed to be one. There was one cool spot where Cheech did like a 619 type thing with the turnbuckle but yeah, this match sucked. One thing I like about EVOLVE is that most of the matches are short so at least none of it drags on and on


Ricochet vs. Arik Cannon

This was my favorite match so far, it was just a short spotfest but it was a good one. I like Ricochet a lot, he's cute and even though he's a total spot monkey he's a good spot monkey. I can't stand people who try to do all of these crazy spots but they're too sloppy and not good enough to them so it just looks bad. But everything Ricochet did looked smooth and natural and he had a lot of unique spots I've never seen before. It was like Speed vs. Power in this match even though Arik Cannon is kinda fast for a fat guy. Anyway this was a good match


Darkcity Fight Club vs. Aeroform

This match wasn't good. In my other post I mentioned how I hate spot monkeys who try to do all of this crazy stuff that they're not good enough to do so it just ends up looking sloppy well that perfectly describes Aerform, I hate them. But it was fun watching the Dark City Fight Club kick their asses, lol. And they definitely should have announced it was tornado tag rules, all of the fans were more interested with yelling at the ref than what was going on in the match and that made this match even worse.


Brad Allen vs. Silas Young

This match was SO bad, I couldn't take it any more. Why is the biggest person on the roster flipping around awkwardly like an idiot?? His high flying stuff didn't even look good, he just looked like an idiot. And their gimmicks are so lame. When Brad Allen tried to do a moonsault off the top rope to the outside and injured himself I couldn't take it any more and turned it off.


TJP vs. Sawa

This match was really good, my favorite part about it is that I've never seen a match like this before, it was so original. It reminded me of the first time I saw Dragon Gate, I dunno it's hard to describe it's like really fast paced but realistic MMA style. All of the submissions and counters were so crazy, I dunno why but the style just seemed realistic but super exciting at the same time. TJP is so good, I can't believe I've never seen him before. And another thing I like is how short the matches are, like nothing drags on.


Team Frightning vs. Akuma's Army

CHIKARA is already crappy enough normally but this was even worse. Maybe in their little cartoon world ghosts and ants and stuff make sense but on an EVOLVE show where everything is presented as realistic like an MMA show seeing these idiots run around doing obviously choreographed crappy lucha libre was so out of place. I haaate Frightmare, I always hear people praising him and I just can't even believe it, he was beyond horrible in this match and like 75% of the match was him in the ring so I couldn't stand this crappy match. And sorry I know no one wants to admit it but Mike Quackenbush isn't good any more, I can't remember the last time I saw him do a good job. Maybe he used to be good but not any more


Kota Ibushi vs. Davey Richards

Personally I loved this match but I know a lot of people who would hate it. If you hate indy strong style kinda stuff then you'll definitely hate this match but I like that style so I enjoyed it but even I could tell that there was some stuff they were doing that wasn't "good" wrestling. Like Davey Richards spent the whole match working Kota Ibushi's arm and then near the end of the match Kota was doing kip ups and back flips using his arms and stuff so if little things like that bother you I wouldn't recommend this match. But if you just like seeing two wrestlers go crazy then you'll love this match. It had a lot of crazy spots and a ton of stiff hits, I think I know what kinda style they were trying to do but TJP and Sawa did the style way better than they did but this was still a good match. Even though some of it was so typical indy I liked how intense and fast paced it was, maybe the selling and ring psychology wasn't perfect but it was a good match.


Oh and I can't believe I didn't mention this before because it was driving me crazy the whole show but I hate how both wrestlers come out to the same song! I hope they changed that for the second show. Anyways just like I thought this was definitely a two match show, everything else besides TJP vs. Sawa and the main event was horrible to average so I wouldn't reccomend this DVD. If you see the two good matches somewhere I would watch them but the rest isn't really worth it unless you love boring indy wrestlers stiff each other with no reason or emotion behind it. This was their first show so maybe they'll fix the problems, they just REALLY need more personality because just watching two Joe Nobodies wrestle gets really boring no matter how "good" the wrestling is. The best match of the night was TJP vs. Sawa, I'm bringing that star rating up to 4 stars the more I think about it. Soo I hope this review helps everyone! These are the final star ratings for the show

Kyle O'Reily vs. Bobby Fish - **
Chuck Taylor vs. Cheech - *
Ricochet vs. Arik Cannon - ***
Dark City Fight Club vs. Aerform - *3/4
Brad Allen vs. Silas Young - DUD
TJP vs. Sawa - ****
Team Frightning vs. Akuma's Army - *1/4
Davey Richards vs. Kota Ibushi - ***3/4

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