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Re: WWE: The Platinum Era

Impressed with the level of detail in summing up last weeks events, especially since it’s been a while since I remember reading the show. Surprised we’re getting the Batista/Henry rematch tonight, tbh, as I would’ve pegged that as a main event for No Way Out, with no other challengers on the horizon (bar Orton of course; but that’s WrestleMania )

Opening up with ‘The Open Mic’ seems as good as any way to kick start proceedings. I’ve already said before how much I love the name, and the concept is fantastic too, giving Kennedy a vehicle to do what he does best - toot his own horn. I’d like to think that the spotlight was simply left on Kennedy for the promo. Not sure why, but I just pictured the promo in the darkness, simply with the spotlight shining down, so again, hopefully that’s how it was intended. If it wasn’t … don’t ruin my imagination, just allow me to believe it was that way.

You portray the arrogance of Kennedy beautifully, with the cocky sumbitch seemingly in love with the sound of his own voice, just building the fans up, all simply to inform them it’s edition two of the Open Mic. From his grandstanding it’s clear he’s not just in love with his voice … but himself in general.

Mr. Kennedy: Now i know what you’re thinking ... you people, here in Atlanta ...

Cheap pop.

Mr. Kennedy: You’re not worthy. You’re not worthy of me, and you’re not worthy of this new concept.

And cheap heat.
Great line. Simply put, I truly believe that Kennedy has got the fans in the palm of his hands here. It doesn’t feel forced in any way shape or form imo. With his delivery and the manner in which the promo has been deliberately paced, I sense the fans would be hanging on every word - like myself.

Pleased that you’re running the Kennedy/Mysterio angle, as I hoped you would, coming off the back of the first ‘Open Mic’, when they had their run in. I absolutely loved Kennedys spin on why Rey is referred to as the ‘Human Highlight Reel’ - clever, and effective in raising an issue between them. Or at least, an issue for Kennedy to be angry about. Wasn’t so keen on the term ‘vanilla midget’ being used - and used rather excessively. For me, it’s a little too ‘insider’ for my liking, and doesn’t have a place on the air on television. For a flippant comment, not so bad. But if it’s going to be a regular occurrence for Kennedy to use the term during the angle - not so good, imo.

Surprised it was Benoit to cut Kennedy short. Nice, quick war of words, with Benoit doing a good job of reminding Kennedy that it’s more about the size of the fight in the dog, rather than the size of the dog in the fight. Strong match up to put together this evening, and should compliment the expected wild brawl main event.

One or two grammatical oversights, such as the term ‘grass ceiling’ and ‘It ruined spoiled my night. It ruined my night.’ Where I assume the first ‘ruined’ wasn’t meant to be included. But unfortunately, we’re all only human, and slight errors like those are easily missed. Overall, that was a terrific opening promo. Nothing groundbreaking, or overly newsworthy. But, terrifically written, and a pleasure to read through.

Impressive description for the opening match, with Nitro more than holding his own in singles competition with Hardy. Always expected Matt to win, simply because it helps as a bridge to get Matt and Shannon Moore in tandem, given their issues with MNM recently, and get them a shot at the tag belts down the road (which I called a few weeks back I think ). I know quite a few people don’t really rate Moore - and tbh, I’m not a great lover of the guy myself, though I don’t dislike him - but this situation serves nicely into helping give the MF’er some credibility, and puts two guys together that actually have a reason and history to form an alliance.

Surprised that you’re playing the Punk VP now, this close to WrestleMania. Will be hard for him to make much of an impact before the big show.

Long wants to see Orton, eh?? Should lead to some interesting developments.

Nice show of heelish goodness from everyone’s favourite Irishman. Good to see Finlay bring the fight to Lashley, punishing the big rookie. This was a good mid card feud back in the day, and I see no reason why it wont work in this thread. It should help both men rise in the eyes of the fans, much like it did for them in the real world at the same time. With Finlay putting Lashley out, it helps put London and Kendrick at a disadvantage immediately, which helps make them look more sympathetic, and in turn makes the heel side look even more dastardly.

Great showing from the plucky tag team, fighting the odds against three bigger opponents. Surprised you went for a sneaky win in the end, as I assumed the attack on Lashley to make it a 3 on 2 match would be the ‘out’ for the up and coming tag team. Must say though, the build up of Finlay has been wonderful thus far, portraying the veteran impressively as an equal opportunities bully.

The promo to deliver the tag team title match at No Way Out worked nicely, and it also helped to remind the audience that Theodore Long is waiting for Orton to come and see him. That tag title match should be a tremendous undercard match up on the PPV.

Argh. You tease, you. Wonder who it is that’s come to meet JBL???

There is no way Scotty is going to be taking the title from Kash here. Just no way, no how. Impressive pre-match promo from Kash too, reminding the fans of his recent actions, and adding in explanations for taking out Juvi. No surprise that Kash made fairly quick work of Scotty - this one was all about what went down afterward. Glad to see Juvi back, and the reaction of fear from Kash helps put Juvi over too.

Much like Legend has, you’ve done an impressive job of making the CW division a focal point of the show, and you have both positioned Kid Kash (rightfully) as the centrepiece. Whether you can succeed in making Juvi as good a foil for him as Legend has done with Noble though, remains to be seen. Either way, the fact you’re putting plenty of spotlight on the division speaks volumes. If Juvi can prove to be a great adversary for Kash - the division will be flying. I’d imagine we’ll see Kash vs. Juvi at No Way Out to fill the card out, and it ought to be a great addition to the show.

Nice set up for JBL’s in ring segment, with the red carpet, podium etc. Felt a little samey to Kennedy at stages early on, with the talk on the ‘once in a lifetime event’ they were about to witness, and not being worthy of it. You quickly got back on form though, and I particularly enjoyed JBL’s comments on never apologising, or making mistakes. Felt very ‘JBL’ .

Wasn’t overly into the apology, and the examples of Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan. Not that it didn’t feel like something JBL would say - I just didn’t get an awful lot of enjoyment out of it. Taker appearing was a cert to happen … but I fully expected him to get his revenge here. So, to see Taker getting laid out for a second week running … and bloodied for a second week running too was surprising.

Uh, please allow Brent Albright to rip The Boogeymans arms off. Pronto. Get that freak off my screen … and especially when he’s sharing the ring with the likes of JBL and Taker. I assume it was Danny and Doug in the limo?? Beatdown worked well, but all in all, I do hope that the JBL / Taker angle is a short lived one. Wouldn’t be all that keen in seeing these two tear it up at WrestleMania, as at this stage in time, the feud wasn’t exactly fresh. Saying that, there doesn’t appear to be many other avenues for either man at this point (although you‘ve got Benoit wasting time with Washed up Booker T … Benoit vs. Taker smells like ratings to me if you can find a way to make it happen )… and a match between JBL and Taker match wouldn’t exactly suck, even if it wasn’t hotly anticipated.

… Or maybe not?? Taker and JBL at No Way Out could well mean it will be a filler angle … or the match could be used as a vehicle to bridge the angle over to WM, possibly in a gimmick match of sorts. (Casket?) Again, I’ll reiterate my earlier point - have Albright rip Boogeymans arm off please. Both of them even. I admire you continuing to use Boogeyman … but no one will think less of you if you rid us of him quickly.

Nice move from Orton. Making himself seem superior to the GM, and turning the tables. I like that attitude.

A great contest between Kennedy and Benoit, with nothing being held back - evidenced by Benoit breaking out the Suicide ( ) Dive on TV - a barely hyped TV match at that. Very hard hitting contest, which surprised me, as I expected a more mat based affair, to contrast from the likely knock down, drag out brawl we’ll see in the main event later. Finish didn’t surprise me, as I suspect it’ll be a while before Kennedy suffers a loss … and it helps set up the continuation of Booker T vs. Benoit for the U.S Title.

Great run in from Mysterio - even showing a bit of personality to use Kennedys microphone - and we get another match announced for the PPV (which is shaping up pretty nicely I might add ) and I suspect we’ll see Rey & Benoit team up next week to face two of OJ, Booker and Kennedy, prior to the event.

Straight from one match to the main event. Fair enough.

Mark Henry using the Pounce = WIN~!! Nice addition to his lumbering offence, and a move he could make look super duper. As expected, we got an all out war, and as I’ve stated before, you deserve credit for sticking with this angle, whereas others would’ve dropped Henry like a stone, and replaced him with someone more appealing like Benoit or Taker. And it’s paid off. I’m actually quite into this feud between two bulls, and you deserve A LOT of credit for pulling it off. We’re at a point with these two where the audience is anticipating them to beat the shit outta each other at every single point.

Surprised by the seemingly intentional DQ. Hopefully Dave explains he was caught up in the moment - or simply allowed his emotions to get the better of him, as it seemed like he got himself DQ’ed on purpose here. Announcement from Theodore was nicely delivered, as the streetfight stipulation was necessary to bring closure to the ring, and it gives Orton a big role at the PPV. There is no way Batista is dropping the belt, so it’s likely Orton will call it down the middle, but I’m sure Orton will do something to kick start the WrestleMania feud at No Way Out.

The show was clearly centred on building No Way Out - and simply put, it delivered. No Way Out has taken considerable shape, and with Benoit vs. Booker likely to be added next week, along with the likely officially announcement of Rey vs. Kennedy, and a possible 6 Man Tag that was due on this show - or a one on one between Lashley and Finlay - the PPV is going to be a great show to look out for on the road to WrestleMania. This thread is beginning to feel like, in time, it could be special.
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