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Re: MSN Smiley Mafia

Day 2

Stone Cold Sxe had been very dodgy. He's been asking sketchy questions and not making sense. People were unsure what was up. Hmm what could be done? Well the town decided they'd lynch him.

'But I'm Mr Lawls' he protested, the guy who runs the game. Surely mr lawls would be in the game? Well yeah, he was.

'I'm a fucking bomb, idiots' he protested, I'll kill the guy who hammers me.

They didn't believe him and lynched him. Everyone covered their ears as McQueen hammered him.


...nah j/k.

Postage laughed and went up and saw his idendity.

'Well I guess Mr. lawls was mafia..'

'Um, guys, he was innocent' Cm Dealer said showing them the truth.

Stone Cold Sxe was lynched he was :
- Innocent Aligned - Cheating Lifesaver

As the town walked away mad at Stone Cold Sxe for not telling the truth people were talking. A crowd had gathered and everyone was doing of Stone Cold Sxe as he was dying.

The Ace did a very good impression...he kept it going untill everyone had gotten tired and told him to stop. Suddenly they noticed there was a knife sticking from his chest though. Oh shit.

The Ace had been killed he was:
- Innocent Aligned Sick Bodyguard

Night had fallen with TWO innocents dead, one at the hands of their own rope..the other at the knife of a mysterious man.

Send in your night actions within 24 hours to me and Mr Lawls.
Updating first post now.
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