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Re: MSN Smiley Mafia

With 26 alive it takes 14 to lynch.

ALSO you have the option of electing a MAYOR. What this does is unknown though, it may benefit or hinder the player who recieves the power.

Player list:

1.Rising- Indy Serial Killer
2.Nov- Innocent Aligned SANE cop
3.Stone Cold 4life
5.Alcoholic= Mafia Roleblocker
6.NafFan - Mafia Mason
7.DH Claus- Innocent Aligned Restricted Vig
8.Wesson- Innocent Rolecop
10.CM Dealer- Mafia Mason
11.HellFire8899- Innocent Aligned um is he with that dude cop
12. STONE COLD SXE 2- Mafia Aligned Daykiller/fucker upper
13.The Ace - Innocent Aligned Sick Bodyguard
[14.Certs- Mafia Limited Watcher
15.Stone Cold sXe- Innocent Aligned Cheating Lifesaver
17.Mr.Styles- Innocent aligned 1 shot role remover
18.Heat- Mafia Fake Inventor
19.dan_marino -Innocent Vengeful
20.TKOK = McQueen Mafia Cloner
21.Richie= Dan Marino 2
23.WESSON 2- Innocent Aligned Weak Tracker
25. THE ACE 2
26 DHITLER 2 - Day Bodyguard

Day 1 End- Dan Marino Killed
VengeKill - Wesson Venge'd
Night 1 Heat an Certs Killed
Day 2 Stone Cold Sxe lynched and The Ace killed.
Night 2 Dh claus and Nov killed
Day 3 Cm Dealer killed
Night 3 McQueen killed.
Day 4 Naffan Lynched.
Night 4 - Alcoholic Killed
Mid Day 5 - Rising Killed
Day 5 - Stone COld Sxe killed
[URL"http://www.wrestlingforum.com/8207867-post396.html"] Night 5[/URL] DH killed
Day 6 - Wesson Killed
Night 6 - Hellfire and mr styles killed

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