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MSN Smiley Mafia

Welcome to MSN Smiley Mafia. In Smileytown the smileys were all hanging around eating food. They ate b/c there wasn't a lot else to do. However there was an evil force around. We call them the mafia. However who knows what the fuck else was here. The only thing that was known is that a game was underway. Would you like to play a game? Well you've signed up now so you fucking better.



1) Don't quote any communcation you recieve from me or Mr Lawls. Paraphrase it.
2) This game will have role name and alignment revealed on death.
3) If anything in your pm overrides these rules then your pm is to be followed.
4) No communication about the game outside of this thread unless your PM says so. if someone contacts you, tell me. I'll 1) Modkill them and 2) try to get them banned from the next game at the very least. As well as that they'll be banned from all my games in the future.
5)Don't piss me off ;D
6) This game is complicated. Your role PM will mostly tell the truth, I make no promises about how fucked up everything else will be. Seriously, read some of my other games, it's not going to be simple.
7) Have fun and play to win
8) To show you've read the rules post your favourite fruit in your first post (in4 no one reads these)

Day 1 begins. Please stand by. (Don't post, I want the second one too, tbh)
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