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Re: General Gaming Discussion

Originally Posted by WCW Rules View Post
Is that the unofficial fan translation of SD3 I keep hearing about?
Yes, but the fan translation is excellent. One of the best I've read.

Originally Posted by Bradley View Post
Am I seemingly the only one who can't get in to RPGs? I was indifferent to Oblivion and I seem to be a little hesitant and 'scared off' by the seemingly huge amount to track and do in the Final Fantasy games. The only RPG {if you can call it that} I have played is Pokemon. I know Rules hooked me up with some great tips for the FF games but what are other people's opinions on good FF games, examples of easy to pick up RPG's and {although this is already being discussed} good RPG's in general.
Well, there are different sub-genres of RPGs. For a traditional RPG, I'd recommend FF X. Don't be scared of FF games. All are fairly linear and you can do back tracking and side quests if you wish. FF X is one of the more linear ones.

If you don't want a traditional JRPG, I'd recommend Dragon Age: Origins. Its excellent and very similar to the most acclaimed Western RPGs like Fallout 1/2, Baldur's Gate 1/2, Diablo 1/2, and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

Originally Posted by Bradley View Post
Also, as I am just spraying ideas all over the place and going off on a huge ramble, is FF13 a good place to start for a relative RPG newbie?
Nope, as mentioned before, FF X. Or even FF 7 if you enjoy older games and aren't bothered by outdated graphics.

Originally Posted by Bradley View Post
Just one final thing, did anyone play Abe's Exxodus on PS1? A classic little gem that seems underappreciated. One of the most atmospheric games ever with good, if at times childish, humour and a game with general warmth and fantastic craftmanship that has great replay value.
Loved it.

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