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Re: General Gaming Discussion

Originally Posted by Nov View Post
I've come to the conclusion this is going to drastically lower the amount of new threads posted in this section. Still a good idea though you should probably get rid of the Retro Gaming Discussion thread.

Oh and anyone know if Secret of Mana is worth $60 (AU) off Ebay. Seems like a lot of money for a SNES game.

Edit: Before answering that question take into consideration that I'm a storyline and characters kind of guy and the only RPG's i've really spent a lot of hours on and loved are Final Fantasies. The newer Final Fantasies, so the older graphics could be a problem.
Do you have a Wii? Its on the Virtual Console for $8 (USD). Its been released in all regions so I assume you'd be able to get it.

Otherwise, I'd say just emulate it. It doesn't have much of either of the two you like. Story is thin, but it keeps the pace and the game going, and the characters are basically "You have 3 people in your party, they have a life, but who cares... what matters is that you can fuck shit up with them."

Gameplay rules. As mentioned before, Seiken Densetsu 3 is much better and easily one of the best RPGs ever. It also has a better story and nine (if I remember correctly) playable characters with their own story. If you ever played Saga Frontier, think that in terms of structure.

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