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Re: Be the Booker Showcase Thread

We go to the back for the last time of the night, as we see John Cena standing with Todd Grisham. Grisham asks what John’s thoughts are as he is about to go into a war with four former world champions all for the NAW Championship. Cena answers as usual, saying how he isn’t worried about anything, and how he is the true champ. Grisham is about to ask another question until Cena cuts him off, and tells the four other men if they want some to come get some.

We go to a video package of the past four weeks to recap the events leading to this match. We see the qualifying matches, the announcement, and the superstars.

NAW Championship | Five Man Challenge
Edge versus John Cena versus Brock Lesnar versus Randy Orton versus Chris Jericho

The bell rings, as all five men give each other the look. Tentatively thinking about who to attack, eventually, the ice is broken as Randy Orton threatens Cena causing him to square up facing Orton, but from behind, Edge gives Cena a boot to the knees making him buckle down, as Rated RKO stomp away on the Chain Gang Commander. The two kick Cena out of the ring, and follow him outside, as its just Chris Jericho, and Brock Lesnar in the ring. The fans begin to realize the amazing confrontation as they begin to applaud, Jericho points at the crowd then at Lesnar with a huge smirk. Lesnar looks on ruthlessly, as he beats his chest. The fireworks are about to begin, the two turn away, and both run to the ropes behind them. Lesnar, with size advantage, is just as fast as the slender Y2J. They rebound off the ropes, and Jericho sees his head coming off so he ducks on oncoming clothesline. Lesnar uses sheer strength to stop right when he passes Jericho, and Jericho tries to hit him with a spinning heel kick, but Lesnar catches him. Jericho boot is being held up, while his other foot, and hands are on the mat. Jericho rolls forward, and causes Lesnar to roll downwards too. Jericho doesn’t hesitate to capitalize on Brock’s position, as he mounts him, and begins to hammer away. Lesnar catches his forearm by Jericho’s fourth punch, as he pushes Y2J off, and gets up to his feet. Now the two hammer away at each other until Jericho snaps on a side headlock. Lesnar does some classic wrestling, as he overpowers Y2J, and pushes him running into the ropes. Jericho bounces off, as Lesnar sets up for probably a spine buster, to bad we never find out as Jericho slid under, and in between Brock’s legs. Brock surprised by this turns around, and gets kicked in the face as he tries to pick Y2J up. Jericho gets up now, and flaunts some HBK tributes by jumping off the ropes with a forearm smash.

The camera goes outside as Cena is being double teamed. Orton, and Edge take turns giving him uppercuts as he is against the fan barricade. The screen divides into two showing Orton Irish Whip Cena face first into the turnbuckle post, and Edge driving Cena’s kidneys into the ring apron. Edge sets up for a suplex onto the steel steps, but calls for Randy’s help. Randy locks in the front-face lock as well, as they measure for the double suplex onto the steel steps. They try lifting, but Cena resists. They try again, but Cena kicks Edge in the gut, and nails Randy with an upper cut. John Cena grabs Randy by the neck, and throws him into the fan barricade, right before running, and delivering Edge face first to the floor with his one handed face buster. John Cena gets up to see the Viper leaning against the fan barricade, facing the fans. He turns around as Cena sends him over with a clothesline into the fan zone. The action is getting hot, as the fans slap Orton on the back, and Cena taunts his arch nemesis from ringside. John Cena looks into the ring as Chris Jericho is running rounds with Lesnar, kicking a mud hole in him while he’s at the corner. Cena slides in the ring, and stalks Y2J from behind. Taunting the crowd, “adjusting their attitudes”. Y2J turns around and see’s Cena. Y2J runs at him for a forearm attack, but Cena hits him with a punch to the gut. Jericho holds his gut, and staggers past Cena, as Cena sets up for his finisher. Jericho turns around to get hoisted up in the air by John Cena in a fireman’s carry. John Cena tries locking in Jericho, as he tries squirming off of his shoulder. Cena eventually gets him under control, but unexpectedly, and amazingly, Edge rolls into the ring, runs to the ropes in front of Cena, bounces off, and spears Cena into the depths of hell. Cena drops Y2J, and falls back, as Edge roars in victory. Edge climbs over Y2J, and hooks the leg, 1...2... Randy Orton breaks the count!

Edge looks at Orton upset, and begins to yell at him. Randy Orton shakes his head, as he gets up to his feet yelling back. The two now begin to shove each other, as the crowd boos the two. Brock Lesnar finishes recovering, and runs at the tandem. The two use some amazing team work, and duck Brock’s forearms. Then at the same time, they grab Brock’s arms from behind, and pull him to the floor, and on his back. The two immediately begin to kick Brock, and stomp on him, double teaming the master of the F-5. Edge picks Brock up, and locks him at his side with a overhead headlock in DDT position. Edge points at Randy, and smiles, as he goes for the Edge-ecution, but Lesnar shows his strength as he picks Edge up, and hit’s a back body drop. Randy Orton see’s Lesnar with a chance of retaliation, but kills it with a shot to his knees, downing Lesnar, then he doubles over, and locks Lesnar in with one of the famous rest locks. While Randy Orton keeps the beast tamed with a rest hold, Edge gets back up, and slaps a restrained Lesnar in the face a couple of times. Edge tells Orton they’re going to neuter the bull, as he rolls outside, and goes to the infamous time keeper’s table, where he shoves our beautiful female announcer to the floor, and picks up the chair. Edge folds it up, and starts for the ring until Chris Jericho attacks him with forearms to the face. Chris Jericho seems to have a surge of energy, as he grabs Edge by the hair & pants, and throws him into the steel steps shoulder first. The steps break into two, as the crowd cheers Y2J on. Chris Jericho tells the commentators to make sure the announcer is okay, and gets back to work on his former partner. Jericho picks up the chair Edge dropped, and considers sliding in the ring, but instead changes his mind after shoving the chair in. Jericho grabs Edge, and sets him up on the barricade as he delivers knife edge chops to the heart of the Rated R Superstar. Jericho begins to taunt Edge, as he pulls him off only to slam him face first into the post. Edge is getting beat, as Jericho sets him up for what seems to be a Codebreaker. Instead, Edge turns around, and pokes Y2J straight in the eyes. Edge in a deadly motion, grabs Jericho by the hair, tucks him in a side headlock, and delivers an Edge-ecution onto the bottom half of the stairs!

In the ring, John Cena pulled Orton off of Lesnar, and began to beat on his arch nemesis. Pounding the former WWE Champion with lefts, and rights, each as hard as the last one. Cena picks Orton up, and tosses him towards the ropes. Orton bounces off into a flying shoulder from the Doctor of Thuganomics! The crowd pops, as Cena sets up for another Attitude Adjustment, this time, he’s delivering the package, as he hoists up Orton, and delivers the F-U! Edge slides in a little too late, but still inflicts damage regardless as he picks up the chair, and delivers a bone shattering shot to the back of the only rapper in the ring. Cena falls to his knees, and right next to Orton, as the crowd boos. Edge see’s the two downed wrestlers, and see’s Jericho climbing the apron, he delivers a spear-like shoulder knocking Jericho off the apron and back into the barricade! Edge checks the ring, and see’s something missing. Edge flips when he notices its Lesnar, who is behind him, ready for war. Edge turns around, and is hammered down by Lesnar, who showers with lefts. Lesnar backs Edge onto the ropes, and then grabs him by the neck, and literally throws him into the corner. Lesnar delivers stomach turning kicks, as he uses the top rope for leverage. Lesnar yells out to the crowd as he lifts Edge up onto the top turnbuckle as if he weighs nothing. Lesnar climbs the second turnbuckle, and starts hammering onto Edge’s forehead for good measure. The human tank, Lesnar, gets ready for the Super-plex, which coming from him, means big trouble for Edge. Lesnar sets up for the move, but Orton saves Edge’s ass, and nails Lesnar with the chair right in the kidneys! Brock Lesnar stays on the second turnbuckle, holding onto Edge. The crowd goes pretty wild with heat, as Orton is damaged goods, as he drops the chair out of his lack of strength. Orton eventually, (very slowly) reaches up, and grabs Lesnar’s trunks. He begins to pull downwards, but Brock as aforementioned is holding onto Edge, whom his holding onto the top rope. Chris Jericho rolls into the ring, and hops into the action fast. He turns Orton around, and throws him over the ropes, then works on Lesnar. Jericho delivers a low blow on Brock Lesnar, which sets Brock up for a easy, and ugly power bomb from the Lionhearted Warrior.

An alignment change seems to be going on, as Jericho is getting popped now by the crowd. Jericho loves it, but stays serious as he grabs Edge by the neck, and tosses some rights at him. Jericho climbs the turnbuckles all the way to no mans land, where he sets up for a gutsy maneuver, the bounce off the ropes hurricanranna! Jericho contests the idea, but it seems that everything’s going to fall down, as John Cena slides into the ring, and hits Y2J in the back. Y2J shares a seat with Edge, as he slowly turns into Cena who is on the second turnbuckle now, but his intentions are clear to be the spot of the night. Cena starts setting Edge up on Jericho, so now the two are in a very awkward postion, as Edge looks like he’s hugging Y2J from behind. Cena pulls the two onto his shoulders at the same time as the crowd just erupts. “CENA” chants blur out, as the Champ is about to possibly become the Champ, like literally. John Cena, makes a huge spot in NAW history as he delivers an F-U from the second turnbuckle to not one, but two people! The crowd goes wild as Cena looks to have lost a lot from the maneuver himself. Cena breathes heavily as he crawls over to Y2J. This seems to be the longest crawl ever, as eventually Cena gets an arm over Chris to get the 1...2...!

NO! ZOMFG, the crowd is mad, as Jericho kicks out! Cena slowly rises his head in shock, as more people begin to boo, and cheer all at the same time. John Cena reaches for the ropes to help get up, as he is too surprised to have any sudden movements. Cena walks over to the fallen Edge, as he teases for the Five Knuckle Shuffle. He tells Edge he cant be seen, and runs to the ropes, he bounces off only to get tripped by Randy Orton, who stood outside. Cena falls on his face, as Orton drags him outside. Randy Orton crotches him from behind, and slides into the ring where Edge is trying to push himself up, but just cant, and Chris Jericho is stirring very slowly. Randy Orton sees Brock Lesnar getting up, as he quickly downs him with a punt to the head! The crowd grows menacing now, as Randy Orton’s attack on Lesnar continues, but he has an ace up his sleeve as he climbs out after Lesnar who rolled outside. Randy Orton walks over towards the steel stairs that are still together, as he kicks the top half off. Then, laying there on the bottom half is a burlap sack. The contents of this bag must be diabolical as Randy Orton looks on with a sinister smile. Randy Orton reaches in the bag, as the front row fans yell curses at him. Orton pulls out a pair of handcuffs, as he turns back to Lesnar. He grabs Lesnar by the neck, and starts hitting him with the handcuffs in the forehead just for some good measure. Orton grabs Lesnar’s forearm, and locks it into the first handcuff, as Lesnar is still unconscious. Randy Orton makes being evil look way to easy, as he snaps on the other cuff onto the bottom rope of the ring! Trapping Lesnar for possibly the rest of the match! Lesnar begins to realize what is going on, as he starts manically pulling away, but not going nowhere, as Randy Orton keeps a safe distance from him.

Randy Orton walks around the ring, and slides in through another side. In the ring, Jericho is pulling himself up, as John Cena comes back into the ring. This match is now a fatal four way, as Edge rushes Cena only to clothesline a whole bunch of air, and get nailed by back body drop! Cena is on fire, as he turns around, and meets Chris Jericho with a tremendous clothesline of his own into the turnbuckles. Jericho stumbles out of the corner, and is planted on the mat with a running one handed bulldog, a signature move these two foes share. John Cena now, realizes that both Edge, and Y2J are parallel on the mat, and Cena goes for the double Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena does his usual theatrics before running to his left side, and rebounding off the ropes, only to run across the ring, and bounce off the opposite ropes as well. This time, Cena nails the move, and the crowd erupts! John Cena put the hammer down on both nails, as he bounces up ecstatic. Not knowing what to do with himself, and overwhelmed with possibilities. Randy Orton slides into the ring now, as he tightens a pair of brass knuckles on his fist, as he measures John Cena’s cranium. John Cena, with a sixth sense, turns around, and ducks a huge haymaker from Randy Orton, and hoists him up into the air again! Cena looks to make it twice tonight, as he’s going to rearrange Randy Orton’s vertebrate’s with an F-U/Attitude Adjustment. John Cena slams Orton onto the mat with the second F-U of the night!

Orton bounces off the mat due to the tremendous impact, and rolls over on his back. John Cena just has the championship destined for him it seems, as he picks Orton’s leg up by the ankle, and sets up for the STF-U! He locks in the maneuver on Orton, as the crowd goes wild! Randy Orton shrieks in pain, as he is about to crack, but Brock Lesnar is able to reach Cena’s boot, as he pulls Cena off of Orton to interfere with the hold. Cena turns around, and see’s Lesnar’s predicament, and instead of taking it to the former UFC fighter, he drags Orton away from the ropes, and locks in the STF-U once again, but while this was occurring, Lesnar inadvertently gave Y2J a huge window of opportunity, as he picked Edge’s legs up, and locked in his own devastating hold, the Walls of Jericho! Now, two submission holds are being pulled as both superstars are clueless of each others presence, and only have their eyes on the prize waiting outside. Randy Orton shakes as he is about to tap, and Edge pulls his hairs, redder than a tomato. The camera zooms into Orton’s face, as he is about to tapout. He lifts his hand ready to slam the mat, and just as it is coming down, the bell rings early, as Cena lets out a huge breath of exhaustion, and rolls off of Randy Orton. Though the outcome of the match seems to be misunderstood, as John Cena’s arm isn’t raised by a referee, nor is he helped by a referee. All the attention is around one man, and that is the winner of the match, Chris Jericho. The commentators are just as confused, as the announcer gets on the microphone, and makes the call.

Result: Chris Jericho wins via submission

“Break the Walls” by Fozzy hit’s the speakers, as some fans cheer, others boo, and John Cena is speechless. Chris Jericho is awarded the NAW Championship, as he hugs it with all the energy he has left. Chris Jericho climbs the turnbuckles, and poses as he restrains the water works. He climbs down, and passes the very upset Brock Lesnar, and goes up the ramp, wobbly on his feet, and on cloud nine as he victorious. Its madness, as fans begin to leave, and the commentators argue about who really won. The confetti falls from the roof truly making it a night to remember for the NAW Champion, Chris Jericho, as he exits to the back, leaving John Cena in complete shock, Lesnar still cuffed to the ring, and Rated RKO hurt outside the ring. The pay per view ends marking the beginning of NAW.[/FONT]

Not Removing Until ….

· Randy Orton &/Or John Cena move to Smackdown!

· Drew ‘Crowd Killer’ McIntyre drops the Intercontinental Championship.

· Undertaker runs a program with Chris Jericho;

· CM Punk & Randy Orton both recapture a world championship!

· The Miz gets pushed to the Main Event.

· Kofi Kingston’s Jamaican-ness is dropped completely!

· I buy ‘The Adventures of Bobby Ray’ Album.

· I find out what really happens on LOST

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