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Re: Shocker Presents: TNA 2010 - The Revolution

anuary 17, 2010 | TNA Genesis
The Impact! Zone | Orlando, Florida

Genesis Card:

7) TNA World Heavyweight Championship
AJ Styles vs. Kurt Angle
- I see the title staying on AJ tbh. Maybe a heel turn like irl.

6) Kevin Nash & Scott Hall vs. The Motor City Machine Guns
- I'd actually like for The Band to win... the whole Hogan's choice would fit perfectly after a win by them tbh.

1) X Division Championship
Amazing Red vs. Suicide
- Wild guess here.

5) Desmond Wolfe vs. Jeff Hardy
- While many would disagree I see it as a way to put Wolfe over more. And maybe a Homicide/Jeff feud like TNA were hinting for on 1/4.

4) TNA World Tag Team Championships
British Invasion vs. Hernandez & Matt Morgan
- Brit Invasion ftw, although I'm not British. Anyways, wild guess as well, although I'd like a Matt Morgan heel turn.

2) TNA Global Championship
Eric Young vs. D’Angelo Dinero
- The Pope needs a well built-up push, rather than a feud with AJ :P. Wild guess as well, although I'd be happy if he won.

3) If Bobby Lashley Loses, He Must Leave TNA
Bobby Lashley vs. Robert Roode
- Just for the sake of it, I see him actually winning, maybe by The Bisch screwing him out of leaving TNA. :P Oh the storyline could build if he kept his spot in TNA. Haha.

Bonus Questions:

1. Predict the match order

2. Who has been signed by TNA and will debut at Genesis?
-Eeerh, Anderson maybe, seeing your awesome sig showcasing your love for him. :P Maybe Randy Savage, just a wild guess.

3. Will any of the match participants and/or stipulations change?
-The World Title Match will change to No DQ and/or Falls Count Anywhere.

4. How many titles will change hands?

5. The Band said that they want Hulk Hogan's decision at Genesis as to whether he is joining them. Will he?
-Seeing as how everybody is saying no, I say yes. I'd like to see how that'd go tbh. :P

6. What match will there be on the pre-show?
-Something to do with Jeff's little "buddy" Shannon Moore.

Good card, Shocker, which I'm proud of you for building in one show. Vintage TNA for ya. Looking forward to reading the PPV, which I know that it'll be a really great read. Anyways, good luck with this! And on a little side-note, we should see a Shocker Vs Power Battle of the TNA BTB's.

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