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Full Throttle Taped Results

The fireworks go off and the crowd roars in the SuperDome, New Orleans, Luoisiana. We had 21954 fans crammed inside and what a show it would be with 3 big matches. Y2J would defend his International Championship against
Rob Van Dam. Also the Hardcore title would be on the line when AJ Styles takes on Perry Saturn. And the main event was 5 on 5 tag team action, plus we would get a medical update on Razor Ramon, Rhyno and Diesel after they were assaulted 2 nights ago.

Roger Walker was standing by with Edge, Tatanka and Raven backstage.


Roger- Guys why did you do what you did on Friday, i mean it was completley out of hand.

Tatanka- Well Rog, you see as the King said they got what was coming to them.

Edge- Yes Diesel ruined my chance at the title by UNFAIRLY Jacknifing me!
You here me Diesel? YOU SCREWED ME!

Raven- Rhyno you think your this really Hardcore superstar after your time with ECW and the fact that the fans have grown to like you. But i invented ECW single handedly, you were just another fish in a small pond.

The trio walked off as we crossed back to the ring were Perry Saturn made his way down the ring to challenge the Phenomanal AJ Styles for the Hardcore title. AJ's music hit and the crowd went crazy.

Match 1: Singles Match for the Hardcore Title
Participants: AJ Styles vs Perry Saturn

AJ walked down with a kendo stick in hand. Saturn charged up the ramp to meet him but AJ drove the kendo stick into Saturns ribs, then cracked it over Saturns back and covered him for 2. AJ whipped Saturn into the barricade the elevated Saturn over the shoulder onto the floor below. AJ then got a trash can and hit Saturn with it. AJ pinned Saturn 1-2-3! AJ didnt celebrate for long as Tommy Dreamer, disguised as a popcorn vendor whacked AJ with the tray and became Hardcore champ. Then from under the ring Maven lept out with a frying pan and hit Dreamer in the back of the head. Maven got the 3 and ran up the ramp but Rhyno appeared from no-where and GORED! Maven and got 3. Rhyno still had his ribs taped up as he ran into his car and drove off.

Match Time: 2m 31s

We are now taken backstage to Hardcore Holly's locker room were he is being interviewed by Roger Walker about who he has picked in his team for tonight. Holly said that he got Ron "H20" Waterman, Juventud Guerrera and D-Lo Brown, but could not find a 5th man. Roger said he had better hurry up because his match was after the International title matchup.

Match 2: Singles match for the WIWA International Championship
Participants: Rob Van Dam vs Y2J Chris Jericho

The crowd were confused as of who to go for. RVD and Y2J chants kept cancelling each other out. RVD and Y2J shook hands much to the crowds appreciation. Both men locked up in the center of the ring. Neither man could get an advantage on the other. RVD went for a kick to the gut but Y2J caught it and tripped RVD down and went for the Walls of Jericho. RVD fought out and rolled away. Close call there for RVD.
Both men locked up again but RVD whipped Y2J to the ropes and Y2J sent RVD down with a shoulder block. Jericho pinned RVD for 2. Jericho picked up RVD and RVD fires back with right hands then a spinning heel kick. he then signals for the 5 Star frog splash but Y2J rolls out of the ring. RVD charges at Y2J but Y2J elevates him onto the spannish anouncers table were he clubs away at RVD's chest. Y2J then slams RVD's face into the table before putting him back in the ring. Jericho starts to go after RVD's legs, which is smart because RVD will not be able to use his legs as an offensive manouver.
Y2J has constantly been softening up RVD's legs for a good 5 minutes now, and you can tell its taking its toll on Mr. Pay Per View. Y2J then goes for the Walls of Jericho again but RVD counters and rolls up Y2J for 2. Y2J knows how close he came to losing right then. He goes for the Walls again but RVD uses his legs an springs Y2J out to the floor. Y2J has smacked his head hard and may be out cold. The ref utelises the 10 count. He gets up to 8 when Y2J crawls into the ring. He charges at RVD but RVD smacks him in the jaw with a spinning kick. RVD then goes to the top rope and nails the 5 Star frog splash. RVD crawls back over to Y2J and the ref counts 1........2......
What the hell is this? Ken Shamrock pulls the referee out and socks him with a right hand. Shamrock then gets in the ring and puts the Anckle Lock on RVD. RVD is screaming in pain and tapping. Y2J sees what is going on and goes for Shamrock who dodges the clothesline and give Y2J some Belly to Belly suplexes. Shamrock is snapping in the ring. 5 referees rush into the ring and Shamrock demolishes them all until 8-Ball comes from behind and starts pummeling Shamrock much to the crowds delight. 8-Ball clotheslines Shamrock to the floor and then makes sure Shamrock goes to the back. The referee disqualifies Y2J for outside interference but Y2J is still the champ. After the match RVD, Y2J and 8-Ball all shake hands and leave together.

Match Time: 12m 59s
WINNER: Y2J Chris Jericho via DQ

Now the medical update came through for Razor, Diesel and Rhyno. Rhyno had some punctured ribs, Razor a badly bruised left arm and two sprained fingers and Diesel had a cracked rib and internal bleeding.

It was now time for the main event, 5 on 5 tag.

Match 3: 5 vs 5 Tag Team Match
Participants: Hardcore Holly, Ron "H20" Waterman, Juventud Guerrera, D-Lo Brown & Scott Norton vs Psicosis, Edge, Johnny Stamboli, Buff Bagwell & La Parka.

Holly's team was still a man down as they made their way down the ramp to a fairly good pop. D-Lo was making his debut and so was Holly's 5th man. Holly's team got in the ring and the brawl began, team Psicosis was in control until music hit and it the crowd could not believe who came down, making his debut in WIWA it was the 364 pound Scott Norton. Norton instantly came in and destroyed everyone. Norton gave Parka a powerbomb, Bagwell a shoulder breaker, Edge a powerslam, Stamboli a backbreaker and Psicosis a Jackhammer and pinned Psicosis 1-2-3!
A dominant win and return for Scott Norton.

Match Time: 5m 34s
WINNERS: Hardcore Holly, Ron "H20" Waterman, Juventud Guerrera, D-Lo Brown & Scott Norton.

End of show with Paul Heyman getting Norton to sign a 3 year deal with WIWA!

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