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Friday Night Explosion Results

The crowd was going nuts for the debut of Explosion from the Staples Centre in Los Angeles, California. 18952 had bought tickets to see Explosion.

We were introduced to our announcers who happened to be none other then JR and the King. They got a standing ovation from the crowd.

Tonight Diesel was up against Edge, the man who controversially speared Diesel to eliminate him from the Gauntlet in Miami. Also Chavo and Blitzkrieg would see who the better cruiserweight is in a one on one matchup. Razor Ramon was looking for payback on Tatanka and a partner of Tatanka's choosing and Paul Heyman said find a partner. Razor chose Rhyno. Also the main event was the 4 corners tag team title matchup between Dudleyz,DX,Hardyz and Maven & Christian. But up first it was going to be 4 vs 4 tag.

JR: Im pumped for this matchup King, 4 on 4 its gonna be a slobberknocker.

King: Yeah JR team Psicosis will get the win in the end because they have the better superstars.

JR: I dunno King team Holly has a mix of everything, we'll just have to watch and find out.

Match 1: 4 vs 4 Tag Team
Participants: Hardcore Holly, Tony Mamaluke, Ron Waterman & Juventud Guerrera vs Psicosis, Charlie Haas, Akio and Low-Ki.

Notes: Hardcore Holly's music hit and the crowd errupted for team Holly. Complete opposite for team Psicosis.
Waterman started things off with Akio. Akio tried to push Waterman into the corner but Waterman over powered Akio and powerslammed him hard. Waterman then stomps away and tags in Mamaluke. Mamaluke instantly works on the back with a camel clutch. Then delivers a backbreaker followed by a stretch across the knee. Akio refuses to tap. Mamaluke whips Akio to the ropes and nails a couple of arm drags before going into an armbar. Mamaluke then drags Akio to the corner and holds open Akio's gut as Holly is tagged in to a huge cheer. Holly beats the hell out of Akio and nails a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for two. Holly then tags in Juventud who gives Akio a wheelbarrow suplex followed by a roll up for two. Juventud goes for a hurricanrana but Akio counters into a powerbomb. Akio tags in Low-Ki who goes to work on Juventud in the corner with kicks and chops.
Low-Ki puts Juventud on the top rope and gives him a superplex. Low-Ki covers for a long two. Tag made to Charlie Haas. Haas puts the sleeper on Juventud and Juventud fights back with elbows. Haas then dropkicks Juventud down and then distracts the ref as Psicosis clotheslines Juventud down. Haas then puts the sleeper on Juventud again who's been isolated for quite some time. The crowd clap Juventud on as he battles back to his knees and delivers a back suplex on Haas. Both men go down.
Juventud tags in Waterman who cleans house on everyone. Then he is overun but Holly and Mamaluke help out Waterman. Holly knocked Low-Ki to the outside and whipped him towards the steps but Low-Ki countered and Holly crashed shoulder first through the steps. Mamaluke now tried to fight off Low-Ki and Akio but couldnt do it. Juventud went for Psicosis but Psicosis moved and Juventud went over the top. Waterman grabbed Psicosis and gives him the Aquadriver but Low-Ki comes in and nails the Kicrusher 99 on Waterman and got the 3 count.

Match Time: 10m 32s
WINNERS: Psicosis, Charlie Haas, Akio & Low-Ki


Roger Walker enters DX2000's locker room to interview Road Dogg and Syxx but there was no-one there. On his way out Roger bumped into Maven who then bragged about himself and Christian becoming the new tag team champs.

A video is shown of how Chavo and Blitzkrieg came to be opponents tonight.

Match 2: Singles Match
Participants: Chavo Guerrero vs Blitzkrieg.

Chavo gets a huge pop as he charges towards Blitzkrieg and the match gets underway. Both men trade rights and chops before Chavo pokes Blitzkrieg in the eyes to the delight of the crowd. Chavo chops away then whips Blitzkrieg hard to the buckle. Blitzkrieg comes back but Chavo rolls him up for 3!
Blitzkrieg cannot believe it and throws a tantrum as Chavo celibrates with the fans.

Match Time: 2m 9s
WINNER: Chavo Guerrero

JR: I cant believe it, Chavo Guerrero beat Blitzkrieg in just over 2 minutes!

King: Yeah well Chavo got lucky because next time he shouldnt cheat to win.

Match 3: Tag Team Matchup
Participants: Razor Ramon & Rhyno vs Tatanka & Raven

Razor and Rhyno recieve huge pops. Tatanka is booed and so is Raven when he is introduced as the mystery partner.
Very basic and fairly boring matchup had nothing until the last couple of minutes which is were i take you now.
Rhyno has been isolated for some time and Raven charges at Rhyno but Rhyno gives Raven a rolling spinebuster. Both men are down
Razor gets tagged to a huge pop and kicks the crap out of Tatanka and Raven. He throws raven over the ropes and catches Tatanka in a fallaway slam. Cover for 2. Razor picks up Tatanka and slams him to the mat. He signals for the Razors Edge but Raven hits Razor with a chair and gets disqualified. Rhyno comes in and looks for the GORE! but Raven sidesteps and cracks him with the chair. Tatanka and Raven hammer away until eventually security and referees break up the brawl. Razor and Rhyno are stretchered out of the arena and loaded into an ambulance.

Match Time: 9m 36s
WINNERS: Razor Ramon & Rhyno via DQ

The crowd are in a shocked silence but errupt when Diesels music hits. Diesel gets halfway to the ring when edge comes from behind with a singapore cane and hammers the crap out of Diesel then put the Edgecator on him for close to a minute before again security and referees break things up. The match never got started much to the dissapiontment of the fans. Diesel is then loaded into another ambulance as it speeds away towards the hospital where Rhyno and Razor were taken a couple of minutes ago.

JR: I cannot believe the nerve of Edge, Tatanka and Raven. What a hayness, dastardly assault I hope they get whats coming to them one of these days!

King: Are you kidding Ross? Diesel, Razor and Rhyno got what they all deserved, the ass kicking of their lives!

Now we were backstage and Perry Saturn had a kendo stick and was looking for Tommy Dreamer. But when he rounded the corner into Dreamers locker room Dreamer was already down and out. The referee said he got pinned by AJ Styles! Saturn rushed to AJ's locker room but AJ had already left the building.

JR: Well the Hardcore title is doing its usual 24/7 rule damage.

King: Yeah JR and AJ Styles is our new Hardcore champ.

JR: Coming up next we got our main event, 4 corners tag teag title match.

Match 4: 4 Corners Match for the Tag Team Tiltes.
Participants: Road Dogg & Syxx Pac vs Hardy Boyz vs Dudley Boyz vs Maven & Christian.

Road Dogg and D-Von started things out. They lock up in the cnter of the ring and Dogg pushes D-Von to DX's corner. He then hammers away on D-Von then tags in Syxx. Syxx gives D-Von a couple of kicks then whips D-Von to the ropes and hits a japanese armdrag. Syxx then attacks the arm with an armbar, then drops his knees onto the arm. D-Von gets up and puts Syxx in an armbar of his own. Syxx is whipped into the ropes but Jeff Hardy grabs Syxx and tags himself in. Jeff gets a knee in the gut and is put in the sleeper.
Jeff looks out but fights back up to a vertical base and behind the ref's back gives D-Von a low blow. D-Von needs a tag. Jeff tags in Mavena nd Bubba was tagged in by D-Von. Bubba cleans house on EVERYONE. Bubba sideslams Maven, clotheslines Dogg, sends Christian to the buckle and splashes him, gives Syxx a flapjack and a back body drop on Jeff. Matt comes from behind but Bubba gives him that jab and elbow combo. Bubba is then attacked by Maven and Christian and knocked outside.
The brawl spills out everywhere. Matt gets whipped into the barricade. Bubba fights off Maven and Christian the gets back in the ring and recieves a Twist of Fate. Maven then gives Jeff Hardy his double knee falling backbreaker. D-Von then nails a Saving Grace on Maven. Christian gives D-Von the Unprettier. Christian and Maven are poised to become new chmaps if Chrisrian can get a cover.
Then Billy Gunns music hits and the crowd goes wild. Christian stared up at the ramp in shock, but Razor didnt come down. From no-where Matt Hardy rolls up Christian and scores the 3!

Match Time: 11m 57s
WINNERS: Hardy Boyz

JR: What an unbelievable night King

King: Your telling me JR i cant wait for Friday Explosion

JR: We have new Tag Team and Hardcore champs tonight, Im Jim Ross alongside the King and we'll see you on Friday for Explosion.

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