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Re: Diva Chaos

Diva Chaos Top 10:Volume 59

So Long...
The Bella Twins- They were robbed of their big opportunity after a sneak by the IHWC, however they have a chance for revenge and to capture the tag titles at bad blood!
Others Earning Votes
Christy Hemme- Chirsty finally got back on the winning track after defeating Gail Kim and now has her sights set on recpaturing the IN title.
Hamada- Hamada got the win for her team after pinning Natalya in the main event
Melina- Melina picked up an impressive win over Awesome Kong as she heads into face her former bodygaurd Mercedes at Bad Blood.

Volume 60: Bad Blood

Women's World Title
Champion Mickie James Vs Maryse
When The Canadian Connection was formed, it was with two goals, to prepare Natalya and Maryse to be the future of women's wrestling, and to take the World Title away from Mickie James. However after opportunity turned to failure, after Mickie James with stood challenges from both Natalya and her former mentor Trish Stratus, tension quickly began to build within the Connection. On Volume 57 with tensions at their peak Maryse defeated Trish to become the #1 contender for the World Title. However it was that victory that brought The Canadian Connection back together and focused on destroying Mickie and capturing the World Title. Mickie has been set on exposing how fragile the partnership is between the Canadians and if she is able to overcome the odds and defeat Maryse, it would be a fatal blow to the Canadian Connection as they have promise to disband if they can not capture the gold at Bad Blood. The hopes of the Canadian's all depend on Maryse, however Mickie has proved time and time again that she can overcome the odds. Who will leave as the World Champion?

Submission Match
Michelle Mccool Vs Torrie Wilson
At Guilty Pleasure, Torrie got a measure of revenge against her former best friend, showing great heart, Torrie upset Michelle in an extreme rules match! However Michelle was not one to taking losing graciously. Michelle has attack Torrie on numerous occasions and said the only way the beatings will stop is if Torrie begs Michelle to stop. That's why Michelle issued a challenge to Torrie to face her in a submission match at Bad Blood. It seemed like the type of match Michelle would have the advantage in, however it's been discovered that Torrie has been training with submission expert, Lisa Marie Varon! Suddenly Torrie doesn't seem to helpless and might pull off two in a row against Mccool! Or will Michelle avenge her loss from Guilty Pleasure?

Hardcore Title
Ashley Lane Vs Champion: Cheerleader Melissa
Both Melissa and Ashley Lane have a lot of common, they are beloved by the fans and both have been on a major winning streak, however the main difference is Melissa is the Hardcore Champion. Melissa defeated Daffney at Guilty Pleasure to capture that title, but after the GM's personal assistant Velvet Sky slapped Melissa across the face, Melissa laid Sky out with a steel chair! Now Sky is determined to take the gold off of Melissa which is no easy task. However, Sky has chosen a worthy opponent, for a reason Sky has been obsessed with the progression of Ashley Lane and thinks she is the one to take the title from Melissa. Lane might be confused by the attention that Sky has been giving her, but Lane has been waiting for her opportunity to capture singles gold and this is her big break! Can Lane end the reigh of Melissa or will Melissa dissapoint Velvet Sky again?

International Title
Champion: Velvet Sky Vs Christy Hemme
Since Velvet Sky defeated Christy Hemme at Guilty Pleasure for the International Title, many feel Sky has been ducking Hemme. However after Hemme defeated Gail Kim on Volume 59 she earned her rematch at Bad Blood. Can Sky hold on to her title and prove that her victory at Guilty Pleasure was no fluke or will Christy become the first ever 2 time IN Champion?

Gail Kim Vs Eve
When a masked woman threw a fireball into the face of Stephanie Mcmahon at Gold Rush, costing her position as GM, Eve Torres made it her mission to find out the idenity of the masked woman. Eve and the rest of the world was shocked when the woman was revealed to be none other then Gail Kim. Since that revelation, Gail has been on a mission to rid Diva Chaos of all the "eye candy" women, who prevented her from breaking through to the top of the company. Gail has been relentless, however this mean streak of Gail Kim, has brought out a side of Eve Torres we've never seen before. Eve is looking to prove she is more they just "eye candy" and refuses to be bullied by Gail Kim or anyone else. Eve is looking to prove a point and gain revenge for herself, Stephanie, and the rest of locker room against Gail. Does Eve have it in her to beat Gail Kim or will Gail add another victim to her fastly growing list.

Madison Eagles Vs Trish Stratus
Madison Eagles was one half of one of the greatest tag teams of all time, The Pink Ladies, and one half of the Tag Team Champions. On Volume 58, Madison retained her tag titles after pinning the legendary Trish Stratus in tag action. On Volume 59, Trish got involved in the tag title match, blasting Madison in the knee with a lead pipe, costing Madison and her partner the Tag Titles. Trish said she was tired of the younger stars trying to make a name for themselves by using her legacy. However at Bad Blood that's what Madison will look to do. Madison will face Trish one-on-one in the biggest match of her career. Will Madison make a household name for herself or will she fall victim to Trish's experince and end up in obscurity?

World Tag Team Titles
Champions: Rain and Jetta Vs The Bella Twins
The Bellas finally made a name for themselves in tag action after a series of wins over the Canadian Ninjas and were in line for a tag team title shot. However on their way to the ring they were laid out by the IHWC. Who stole the opportunity from the Bellas and cashed in for themselves and captured the titles. Now earning the titles is more then just buissness for the Bellas, this is about revenge. Can Brie and Nikki prove to the world that they have what it takes to be champions or will the IHWC be to much for any team, especially the Bellas to overcome?

Melina Perez Vs Mercedes Martinez
Melina brought Mercedes into big her bodygaurd, but after failing to protect her, Melina fired her. Mercedes didn't take getting the pink slip to well and laid Melina out. Now they will face off at Bad Blood with Martinez looking to make a name on her own in Diva Chaos and Melina looking to prove that doesn't need anyone to protect her. Who will walk out victorious?

Predictions Template

Women's World Title
Champion Mickie James Vs Maryse

Submission Match
Torrie Wilson Vs Michelle Mccool

Hardcore Title
Champion: Cheerleader Melissa Vs Ashley Lane

International Title
Champion: Velvet Sky Vs Christy Hemme

Gail Kim Vs Eve

Madison Eagles Vs Trish Stratus

Tag Team Titles
Champions Rain and Jetta Vs Bella Twins

Melina Vs Mercedes Martinez


1)Which match will open the show?

2)Which match will be the main event?

3)Will any titles change hands, if so which one and to who?

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