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Re: Diva Chaos

Volume 59

Nora: Welcome to Diva Chaos, we're one week away from Bad Blood where Mickie James will defend her World Title against Maryse! But tonight Mickie teams with Hamada to face Maryse and Natalya!

"Angel On My Shoulder" plays as Velvet Sky makes her way out on to the stage with her International Title around her waist.

Nora: Here comes the International Champion, and Kelly Kelly's personal assistant, Velvet Sky! What will she have to say after being laid out by the Hardcore Champion, Cheerleader Melissa last week!

Sky steps into the ring, flaunting herself as she taunts the fans and then demands a mic

Sky: For months I said that I was a main eventer, that I deserved the spotlight, and when I captured the International Title I proved to the world that I was right! I'm am the most beautiful and most talented woman to ever step into the ring! But not only that, I am the right hand woman of the world's greatest boss, our General Manager Kelly Kelly. Which means I am the second most powerful woman in wrestling! I have more power then Christy Hemme, I have more power then Mickie James, and I have more power Cheerleader Melissa! Melissa needs to learn that she is do what I tell her, if I ask Melissa to jump she does it, if I ask her to attack Christy Hemme then she is supposed to do! But what did she do, she bashed a steel chair over my head like some type of animal! But you are an animal, your a little pest, and Melissa I plan on exterminating you! First I'm going to make sure that I take that Hardcore Title away that you worked so hard for, away from you! That's why even though I can't stand the sight of that ugly, freak Roxxi, I know she is tough enough to get the job done and why she will be you later tonight! Melissa you need to learn how to be a good little bitch and...

"Walk Idiot Walk" plays as Christy makes her way out to a huge ovation and chases Sky out of the ring.

Christy: Velvet Sky! You've been ducking me for weeks! I deserve a rematch for my International Title! I don't care what you do to me! I don't care who you put me in the ring with, Melissa, Sara Del Rey, Awesome Kong, I don't care! Because no one will stop me from eventually getting my hands on you and getting my title back! The only way you can stop this, is if you give me my rematch...tonight!

Sky: Christy weren't you just listening, I'm the one with the power around here not you! I'm not ducking you Christy, the reason I haven't faced you, is because you don't deserve to face me! I haven't been punishing you, I've given you opportunties, but you've failed! I'll tell you what though, if you want a shot, you'll get it! All you have to do is beat Gail Kim! If you can beat Gail Kim, then I will defend my International Title against you at Bad Blood. But if you lose tonight, you will never get a shot as long as I am champion! Oh and by the way your match is next!

Nora: Christy Hemme Vs Gail Kim, if Christy wins she'll get her rematch, and it's next!

With Velvet Sky watching Gail and Christy circle around the ring and lock up and Gail takes Christy down with an armdrag, Gail holds on the arm as Christy gets to her feet but Gail grabs Christy by her hair and throws her back down to the mat while holding on to the arm. Christy gets up and escapes with a hip toss, Gail gets to her feet and goes for a closeline but Christy ducks it and rolls Gail up in school girl and gets a two count. An upset Gail lunges after Christy but Christy dodges and then hits Gail with a dropkick. Gail backs into the corner and Christy takes hero out with a monkey flip! Christy makes a cover but gets a two. Christy picks Gail up and sends her into the ropes but Gail comes back with a spinning wheel kick! Gail grabs Christy by the hair and unloads with hard right hands as Sky looks on with approval. Gail picks Christy up and delivers a backbreaker! Gail drives her knee into Christy's back and then pulls back on the jaw of Christy, Christy screams in pain as Gail smirks. Gail releases the hold and then stomps on the back of Christy. Gail picks Christy up and throws her into the corner and then connects with a hard charging closeline. Gail throws Christy down and climbs to the top rope, Christy gets to her feet and Gail comes off with a missile dropkick that connects! Gail with the cover but only gets two. Gail picks Christy up but Christy fights back with a series of right hands, Gail rakes the eyes of Christy and goes for a closeline but Chirsty ducks it, Gail then turns around and gets a kick to the midsection and then a ddt! Sky yells for Gail to get up as both ladies stumble to their feet, Christy catches Gail with a closeline and then another. Christy picks Gail up but Gail delivers a knee to the midsection. Gail goes for a bodyslam but Christy slides over the shoulder of Gail Kim and then grabs her and hits a reverse twist of fate! Christy makes a cover but gets a two count. Sky gets worried and puts her IN Title on the apron and then hops on the apron and gets the attention of both the offical and Christy. Both yell at Sky to get down as Gail rolls over and grabs the IN title. Gail prepares to hit Christy with the title, but sliding into the ring, out of nowhere is Eve Torres with a steel chair! Eve spins Gail around and smashes her with a chair! Eve rolls out of the ring as Christy drill Sky with a forearm knocking her off the apron! Christy climbs the middle rope and comes off with the FFG and it connects! Christy hooks the leg and gets the win! Eve enters the ring and raises Christy's arm as Sky throws a tantrum on the outside.

*Cut To Commercial*

Backstage Eve Torres is walking when So Cal Val

Val: For the second week in a row, you've gotten the better of Gail Kim. How does it feel after all the tourment that Gail put you through?

Eve: It feels great Val! Gail Kim has been bullying people, people she called "eye candy" people like Christy and Lauren and me! Well I'm not going to let myself be bullied anymore! I'm not going to play the roll as the damnsel in distress! I'm going to bring the fight to anyone who thinks they can push people around! That's why I'm issuing a challenge to Gail Kim to face me at Bad Blood! This is for more then just me, this is for Christy, Lauren, all the other women thats been told their just a preety face, and this is for Stephanie Mcmahon the woman who Gail Kim cost her her job! I will fight on behalf off all of these women and I hope they watch me kick your ass at Bad Blood!

Eve walks off as Lauren looks on.

Melina Perez is standing in the ring with a mic in her hand.

Melina: I brought Mercedes Martinez into Diva Chaos, because like all of you, I recognized her power! I thought she could use that to protect me from all the harassing paparazzi and all of the jealous women in the back, but no! Martinez for all the power, has no brains! She is a complete screw up! I brought her into this company and it will be my pleasure to run her out of this company at Bad Blood. After the beating I give her, she will be to embarassed to ever show her face again! But for the past week all I've heard is but did you see her beat Awesome Kong? Wasn't she so impressive? The answer is...no! Because you see anything Mercedes can do, I can do better! That's why I'm issuing a challenge to that overgrown beast, Awesome Kong, right now!

The beats of Awesome Kong music hits as she looks furious as she stomps down the rampway

Nora: Does Melina have a death wish, challenging Awesome Kong?

Melina stares down Kong and Kong lunges after Melina, but Melina delivers a series of rapid kicks the leg, Kong swings with a wild right but Melina ducks it and fires off a series of forearms. Melina runs off the ropes but Kong catches her and grabs her by the throat! Kong lifts Melina up in the air and drops her with a gorilla press slam. Kong picks Melina up and delivers a knee to the midsection, Kong grabs Melina by her arms and delivers an implant buster! Kong makes the cover but only gets a two count. Kong continues to dominate Melina with her power and drops Melina with a sidewalk slam. Kong climbs to the second rope and comes off with a splash but Melina moves out of the way! Melina gets to her feet and delivers a low dropkick to Kong. Melina hits Kong with a series of right hands. Melina runs off the ropes but gets caught with a spinning backfist! Kong makes the cover but only gets two. Awesome Kong picks Melina up and irish whips her into the corner.Awesome Kong comes charging in but Melina moves out of the way and Kong runs into the turnbuckles, Melina quickly climbs to the 2nd rope and grabs Kong by the hair and comes off the 2nd rope with a facebuster! Melina makes the cover and gets the three count.

*Cut To Commercial*

Melissa and Roxxi meet face to face in the center of the ring and quickly come to blows! Both exchange hard rights and left, Roxxi gets the upperhand and unloads with rights and backs Melissa into the ropes. Roxxi charges with a closeline but Melissa back body drops her over the top rope and to the floor. Melissa steps out onto the apron and comes off with a flying closeline that takes out Roxxi. Melissa grabs a trashcan lid and smashes Roxxi over the head with it! Melissa looks under the ring and pulls out some chairs, a trashcan, and other weapons and slides them into the ring. Roxxi crawls under the ring and Melissa drags her out but Roxxi shoots a fire extinguisher off in Melissa's face! Roxxi grabs a kendo stick and smashes Melissa in the midsection with it, then a shot to the back, Melissa drops to her knees and Roxxi blasts her in the back of the head with it! Roxxi grabs a trashcan and smashes Melissa over the head with it and then makes the cover but only gets two. Roxxi picks Melissa up and delivers a suplex on the steel rampway! Roxxi goes for another cover but only gets two. Roxxi picks Melissa up and irish whips her into the ring apron! Roxxi unloads with a series of chops but Melissa decks Roxxi with a forearm and then smashes Roxxi's face into the apron! Melissa rolls Roxxi back in and goes after her. Melissa delivers a back suplex on a trashcan, Melissa rolls Roxxi over and delivers the curb stomp! Melissa makes the cover but only gets two. Melissa picks up a steel chair and charges but Roxxi counters with a spinebuster! Roxxi makes cover and gets another two count. Roxxi picks Melissa up and hits the barbie crusher! Roxxi makes the cover and gets two but Melissa puts her foot on the bottom rope! Roxxi climbs to the top rope but Melissa shakes the ropes and crotches Roxxi up on the top rope. Melissa superplexes Roxxi off the top rope onto a steel chair! Melissa picks Roxxi up and goes for the kudo driver, but Roxxi lands on her feet. Roxxi delivers a kick and then runs off the ropes but Melissa catches Roxxi on her shoulders and delivers an air raid crash on a chair! Melissa hooks the leg and gets the three! Melissa celebrates with her Hardcore Title and then helps Roxxi to her feet and raises her arm in a show of respect. Melissa looks satisfied after ruining Sky's plan yet again.

Backstage The Canadian Connection is standing in Kelly Kelly's office

Kelly: Two of you had a shot at history, you had a shot to take the World Title away from Mickie James, and you failed, you denied yourself from making history. Why was that because you three could not work together! Now at Bad Blood, one of you have a chance to make history, and that one woman is Maryse! Maryse, you have the chance to defeat Mickie James for the World Title, you have a chance to make history, a chance to give this company a champion it can be proud of of! Now as for you two, it's up to you to make sure without a shadow of a doubt that Maryse leaves Bad Blood as champion! You see individually you all are flawed, but together you three can be the most unstoppable force in wrestling! That is the key, you must be one the same page and work together! If Maryse fails at Bad Blood, not only will it be the end of the Canadian Connection, I promise you, it will be the end of your careers! You will not fail me for a third time and get away with it!

Maryse: You have nothing to be worried about, there is noway Mickie James can beat me!

Kelly: I'm not worried...but you should be!

Maryse walks off with Trish and Natalya as Kelly stares on

*Cut To Commercial*

ODB is standing in the ring with a microphone

ODB: I don't know why Velvet Sky picked Roxxi to try and take the Hardcore Title away from Melissa! There is only one woman that is tough enough to take the gold away from Melissa and that's me! I'm the toughest bitch in this company! I'll fight anyone, anywhere, and kick their ass! That's why I'm issuing a challenge to anyone back there and once I'm done kicking your ass, I want Velvet Sky or Kelly Kelly to come out here and give me a shot at the Hardcore Title!

ODB stands in the ring and the music of Sara Del Rey hits

Nora: When will people learn around here, not to issue an open challenge to anyone?

Del Rey makes her way down the ramp but ODB doesn't look intimidated as Del Rey steps into the ring.

ODB stares down Del Rey and smacks her chest, ODB takes a swig from her flask and then spits it in the face of Del Rey! An enranged Del Rey comes in with a big swing but ODB ducks it and then unloads with some hard rights and then a kick. ODB runs off the ropes but Del Rey catches ODB with a big boot to the chest. Del Rey picks ODB off the mat and holds her by the throat as she delivers a series of headbutts! Del Rey lifts ODB up in the air and slams her down to the mat. Del Rey picks ODB up and hits the royal butterfly and scores the pinfall!

Backstage So Cal Val is with Torrie Wilson

Val: Torrie your moments away from facing Layla, however at Bad Blood you will be facing your former best friend Michelle Mccool, this time in a submission match. Now what do you have to say to the people who think your an underdog in this match.

Torrie: Everyone though I was the underdog going into Guilty Pleasure and I beat Michelle Mccool in the middle of the ring. As much I thrive on being the underdog, i'm not the one with something to prove. I've beaten Michelle Mccool, it's Michelle who hasn't beaten me! She can pick any stipulation she wants extreme rules, submission match, but it doesn't matter. Because I have one thing Michelle doesn't...heart. My heart beats stronger every moment I'm in that ring and that's why I won at Guilty Pleasure, and that's why I will win at Bad Blood! I've never been much for being a "technical" wrestler, that's why I've been training with one of the best women submission wrestlers ever!

Val: If you don't mind me asking, who?

Torrie smiles real big and then walks away with Val looking confused.

*Cut To Commercial*

With Michelle in Layla's corner watching, Torrie and Layla circle around the ring. Michelle Mccool jumps up on the apron and distracts Torrie, allowing Layla to hit her from behind. Layla pounds on Torrie and throws her down to the mat. Layla follows up with a series of stomps and then picks Torrie up and throws her into the corner. Layla delivers a series of kicks to the midsection and then throws her across the ring by her hair. Layla makes a cover but Torrie kicks out at 2. Layla puts Torrie throat first over the bottom rope and then stands on her back and chokes Torrie out. Torrie tries to get to her feet and Layla delivers a running kick to the ribs. Layla picks Torrie up but gets a Torrie fights back with a series of right hands and then another. But Layla catches Torrie with a kick to the midsection, Layla goes for another kick but Torrie catches her foot. Torrie kicks Layla's back leg out from underneath her, Torrie holds on to Layla's right foot and turns Layla over and locks in an ankle lock! Layla screams as Torrie twists on her ankle, Torrie grapevines the leg as Layla screams and then taps out to Torrie!

Nora: Layla was dominating the match and out of nowhere, Torrie turned the tide and made her tap! If I was Michelle Mccool I would be a little bit more worried, as that so called "technical" advantage she had, might of just been thrown out the window.

Michelle stares down Torrie from the outside and Torrie invites her into the ring. Michelle steps into the ring and tackles Torrie and tries to go for the heel hook but Torrie kicks her away. Torrie gets to her feet and Michelle charges her but Torrie takes her down with a drop toe hold and locks Michelle in an ankle lock! Torrie twists on the ankle as Michelle screams but from behind Layla attacks Torrie and drops her with a neckbreaker! Layla and Michelle beat down on Torrie and Michelle picks Torrie up and hits the faithbreaker! Michelle pounds on Torrie and orders Layla to the outside, Layla rolls out of the ring grabs a chair. Layla slides back in and hands the chair to Michelle who wraps it around Torrie's ankle!

Nora: Michelle is trying to make sure Torrie doesn't make it to bad blood!

Suddenly Lisa Marie Varon comes running down to the ring. Michelle bails out as Layla turns around and gets met with a superkick! Layla rolls out of the ring as Varon stares down Mccool.

Nora: That must who Torrie was talking about. Lisa Marie Varon a mix martial artist, has been teaching Torrie submission moves. With Varon in her corner, Torrie might just make Michelle tap out at Bad Blood!

Varon helps Torrie up and they stare down Michelle and Layla as they back up the ramp.

*Cut To Commercial*

Lane and Beth lock up in the middle of the ring and Beth pushes Lane down and then flexes trying to intimdate Lane. Ashley gets back up and locks up again with Beth but again gets shoved down. Ashley locks up again but this time surprises Beth with a go behind and rolls her up in a school girl but Beth kicks out. Beth gets to her feet and goes for a closeline but Ashley ducks it and then rolls Beth up again for a two count. Ashley catches Beth with an arm drag. Beth gets to her feet and Ashley dropkicks her through the ropes. Beth smacks the ring apron in frustration as Ashley smiles. Beth enters the ring and delivers a knee to Ashley and then delivers a clubbing blow to the back. Beth irish whips Lane into the corner, and charges in with her shoulder down and drives it into the midsection of Lane. Beth follows up with a devestating back elbow to the face. Beth launches Lane out of the corner with a hip toss. Ashley stumbles back up and Beth runs her over with a massive closeline. Beth picks Ashley up and hoists up in the air by her throat and then throws her down to the mat hard. Beth delivers a hard kick to the back and then makes the cover but only gets two. Beth picks Lane up and delivers a backbreaker and then locks Lane in a camel clutch! Lane screams in pain as Beth pulls back on Lane's jaw. Beth releases the hold and picks Ashley up and sends her into the ropes, Lane bounces back and surprises Beth with a cross body! Lane follows up with a swinging neckbreaker! Beth gets to her feet and gets a kneebuster from Lane and then another neckbreaker! Lane makes the cover but only gets two. Lane runs off the ropes and goes for a yazuka kick but Beth moves out of the way! Beth grabs Ashley and hoists her up for a glam slam, but Ashley counters and rolls Beth up but Beth kicks out at 2! Beth goes for a closeline, but Lane ducks it! Beth turns around and Lane drops her with a reverse STO! Lane makes the cover and gets the three!

Nora: Another huge win for Ashley Lane! Each match Lane seems to be getting better and better.

Ashley Lane is celebrating in the ring when Velvet Sky comes out on to the stage.

Sky: Ashley! Allow me to be the first one to congratulate you on another huge win. It made me realize something, something I should of known all along! You're the one! Your the woman I need to take the Hardcore Title away from Cheerleader Melissa! That's why I talked to Kelly and we're giving you your big break. At Bad Blood it will be Cheerleader Melissa defending the Hardcore Title against Ashley Lane! I know you won't let me down.

Sky blows a kiss at Lane and walks away. Lane looks confused but then begins to celebrate.

Nora: I don't think Lane cares about this Melissa and Sky drama but she's get a huge opportunity here, that Lane has earned. What a match it will be at Bad Blood!

Backstage The Bella Twins are walking towards the ring

Nora: Up next the Bella Twins get their first shot at the Tag Team Titles, Bellas Vs The Pink Ladies next!

Suddenly the Bellas are attacked from behind by Rain and Jetta as Lacey gives orders!

Nora: What the hell is this about!

The Bellas try to fight back but our overpowered by Rain and Jetta. Lacey then hits Brie from behind and drills her with an implant ddt on the cement! Rain and Jetta then set Nikki up and hit a double team kamakazi! The Bellas are motionless as officals and agents come to run the IHWC away.

Nora: Why would they do this? The Bella Twins are out!

Doctors come in as the IHWC leave celebrating.

*Cut To Commercial*

Lacey, Rain, and Jetta are in the ring

Nora: Hopefully they will give us an answer on why they just attacked The Bella Twins!

Lacey: I told everyone that it didn't care who the number one contenders were, that the International Home Wrecking Crew deserve a tag title match! Seeing as the Bella Sluts are in no condition to compete, it looks like The Pink Ladies need an opponent! So we are offically challening The Pink Ladies for the Tag Team Titles tonight!

Nora: This what it's all about, they nearly eneded the Bellas careers over a shot at the Tag Titles! How despicable!

The Pink Ladies come out to a huge ovation and hold the titles high in the air.

Madison: We never back from a fight or a challenge, we've faced and beaten everyone who has tried to take these belts from us! If you wanted a shot, all you had to do is ask to begin with! So you got it! But let's not wait...let's do this right now!

Madison and Jessie head down to the ring as offical comes down to start the match

Nora: The Pink Ladies weren't prepared to take on Rain and Jetta but they aren't going to refuse any challenge! What a match this should be!

Madison starts the match off with Rain and catches Rain with a bodyslam and then a closeline. Madison fires off a series of quick forearms and then backs Rain off into the ropes and irish whips her across the ring and hits a back body drop. Madison goes for the cover but only gets a one count. Rain stumbles to her feet and Madison delivers a big boot to the face. Rain rolls over and makes the tag to Jetta! Jetta enters the ring and refuses to face off with Madison and forces Madison to tag in Jessie Mckay. Mckay enters the ring and locks up with Jetta and Jetta takes her down with a hip toss. Jetta does the sprinkler in celebration but gets a dropkick from Jessie Mckay. Mckay hits a series of foreamrs and then goes for an irish whip but its countered and Jessie hits the ropes but takes Jetta down with a spinning head scissors. Jessie goes to pick Jetta up but gets a rake to the eyes from Jetta, Jetta then follows up with a back suplex. Jetta stomps on Jessie and then sends her into the corner and delivers a series of shoulders to the midsection. Jetta tags in Rain, who enters the ring. Rain delivers a series of back elbows to the side of the face of Jessie and then follows up with a snap suplex. Rain places Jessie throat first over the middle rope and drives her knee into the back and chokes out Mckay. The ref forces back and Lacey grabs Mckay from the outside and pulls her down over the middle rope and chokes out Mckay. Rain continues to work over Mckay and delivers a backbreaker and gets a two count. Rain goes for a suplex but Mckay flips over the shoulder of Rain, Mckay spins her around and hits a ddt! Mckay goes to make the tag to Madison, but Jetta runs into the ring and knocks Madison off the apron before Mckay can make the tag! Rain then drags Mckay away and pounds away on Jessie. Rain picks Mckay up and hits a reverse ddt but only gets a two again. Rain pounds on Jessie in frustration, Rain goes to irish whip Jessie into the ropes but Jessie counters and sends Rain into the ropes, Rain bounces back and Jessie catches her with a school girl cruch kick to the face! Jessie rolls over and makes a cover on Rain and gets a two but Lacey put Rain's right foot on the bottom rope. Madison has enough of Lacey and jumps off the apron and chases Lacey around the ring but runs into Jetta who takes Madison down with a closeline on the outside. Jetta pounds on Madison but Madison fights back with a series of forearm shots and then takes her down with a closeline. Madison grabs Jetta on the outside and prepares for a powerbomb! From behind comes Lacey with a steel chair but Madison turns aground and boots the chair back in Lacey's face! Madison grabs Lacey and sets to chokeslam her through an announce table! However, out of nowhere comes Trish Stratus and she blasts Madison in the back of the knee with a lead pipe! Madison drops to the floor and clutches her knee and Trish smashes Madison in her knee two more times with the lead pipe, unseen by the offical. Trish quickly runs through the crowd as Madison grimaces in pain. In the ring Jessie Mckay comes off the top rope with a high cross body on Rain and it connects, Jessie makes the cover and gets a 2 count. Jessie runs off the ropes but Jetta grabs her foot from the outside, Jessie dropkicks Jetta through the bottom rope! From behind Rain pounds Jessie on the back and then puts Jessie up her in shoulders in a electric chair drop, Rain grabs Jessie's arms and then drops her with the acid rain! The referee counts 1..2..3 and Rain and Jetta steal the Tag Team Titles!

Nora: It took Rain, Jetta, Lacey, Trish Stratus and a lead pipe to beat The Pink Ladies! This is bogus! Why the hell did Trish attack Madison?

Lacey grabs both tag titles and hugs them and then slides into the ring and hands the belts to Rain and Jetta and the three celebrate together. On the outside Jessie checks on Madison Eagles who clutches at her knee and tries to get up.

Nora: I hope the IHWC are proud, they jump the Bella Twins to get into this match and then they steal the tag titles! This makes me sick!

Lacey, Rain, and Jetta taunt the fans as they head up the ramp and hold the titles in the air. Referees try to help Madison up but she pushes them away and begins to walk on her own as the fans cheer.

Backstage So Cal Val find Trish Stratus

Val: Trish, why did you attack Madison Eagles and cost The Pink Ladies the Tag Team Titles?

Trish: Do you know how many of these young girls try to make a name for themselves off my legacy? Madison Eagles thought pinning me last week would launch her into superstardom? Well I got news for her, she will never be in my league! She is a fluke, she doesn't deserve to be a champion and I proved it.

Suddenly Madison comes limping towards Trish as officals try to hold her back.

Madison: Bitch! I'm going to kill you!

Trish: Just try it! I dare you hit me!

Refs and agents hold Madison back as Trish taunts her.

Madison: Bad Blood! Me and you at Bad Blood one-on-one!

Trish: You want to swim with the big fish! You're on! I'll see you at Bad Blood!

Officals and agents carry Madison away as Trish smirks.

*Cut To Ringside*

Nora: Bad Blood is shaping up to be one of the biggest shows in Diva Chaos history!

Nora: Just announced Madison Eagles will take on Trish Stratus one-on-one! Will the Aussie Punisher score the biggest win of her career, or will Trish show Madison why she is a legend.

Nora: Also just announced the brand new World Tag Team Champions Rain and Jetta will defend the titles against the women they just jumped to get into the match, The Bella Twins. Will the IHWC hold on to their gold or will the Bellas come up big in their first title shot?

Nora: Melina brought Mercedes to Diva Chaos to protect her, now Mercedes want to destroy her. Who will come out victorious?

Nora: Gail Kim has brought out a side of Eve Torres none of us knew she had. Can Eve get revenge for all the women who have been bullied by Gail Kim or will Gail continue to rid Diva Chaos of all "eye candy" women?

Nora: Christy Hemme finally gets her rematch for the International Title. Can Christy put an end to Velvet Sky's ego trip or will Sky continue to get her way?

Nora: Ashley Lane is the chosen one by Sky and Kelly to take away Melissa's Hardcore Title? Is she the one or is she going to be the latest woman to fall to the champion?

Nora: Michelle thought she had the advantage going into her submission match but with Lisa Marie Varon teaching Torrie will Michelle be embarassed once again?

Nora: Finally the big one Mickie James will defend the World Title against Maryse! Can the Canadian Connection get on the same page and allow Maryse to walk out as champ or will Mickie overcome the odds again and put an end to The Canadian Connection once and for all?

Mickie starts it off for her team and wants Maryse but Maryse stands out on the apron taunting Mickie with Natalya between them. Natalya pushes Mickie but Mickie connects with a right forearm shot. Mickie delivers another forearm, Natalya goes for a wild swing and Mickie ducks it and hits another right and then delivers a kick. However Natalya comes back with a knee to the midsection and locks Mickie in wristlock, however Mickie escapes with a handstand and then an armdrag. Mickie runs off the ropes and delivers a low dropkick to Natalya. Mickie makes the cover and gets a 2 count. Mickie picks Natalya up and fires off another series of forearms. Mickie runs off the ropes and Maryse grabs Mickie by her hair. Mickie turns around and swings at Maryse but Maryse hops off the apron. Mickie turns around gets a devestating closeline from Natalya. Natalya picks Mickie up and delivers a backbreaker! Natayla picks Mickie up again and delivers another backbreaker! Natalya stomps on Mickie and delivers a running kick to the ribs. Natalya works over Mickie James and then puts her over shoulder and delivers a running powerslam! Natalya makes the cover but only gets two. Natalya throws Mickie into the corner and delivers a series of kicks and then makes the tag to Maryse. Maryse enters the ring and delivers a series of precise kicks to Mickie and then throws her out of the corner by her hair. Maryse delivers a running kick to the ribs of Mickie. Maryse taunts Mickie to get up and Mickie swings at Maryse, Maryse angerily grabs Mickie by her hair and throws her face down into the mat. Maryse picks Mickie up and delivers a reverse russian leg sweep and makes the cover but only gets two! Maryse waits for Mickie and goes for a french TKO but Mickie ducks it and then delivers a kick. Maryse goes for a closeline but Mickie ducks it and reaches back and delivers a neckbreaker! Mickie crawls to her corner as Maryse stumbles and tags in Natayla, as Mickie tags in Hamada! Hamada enters the ring and takes Natalya with a spinning wheel kick! Natalya gets a bigger uppercut and then a single arm ddt! Hamada points to the top rope and climbs. Hamada comes off with a moonsault and it connects! Hamada hooks the leg and gets two but Maryse breaks it up. Maryse picks Hamada up and drills her with the french kiss! Maryse stands over Hamada taunting her, but Mickie charges and takes down Maryse with a lou thesz press and unloads with right hands. Maryse pushes her off and Mickie hits Maryse with a leaping closeline. Mickie goes to irish whip Maryse into the corner but it's counterd and Mickie hits the turnbuckle pads. Maryse comes charging in but gets caught with a headscissors out of the corner by Mickie.Mickie has Maryse in her sights, Maryse stumbles to her feet and Mickie goes for a huge roundhouse but Maryse ducks and then rolls out of the ring. Maryse backs up the ramp as Mickie stares her down, from behind Natalya drills Mickie with a closeline! Natalya goes for the sharpshooter but Mickie kicks her away! Both ladies get to their feet, Natalya goes for a closeline but Mickie ducks it! Mickie connects with a roundhouse kick, Natalya stays on her feet but turns into an awaiting Hamada who takes her down with a hamada driver! Hamada hooks the leg and gets the three as Maryse stares on from the top of the rampway.

Nora: So much for The Canadian Connection being unified. Maryse just left Natalya to fight off Mickie and Hamada!

Mickie grabs the World Title and holds it in the air and points as Maryse and invites her to the ring. Maryse flips her hand at Mickie and then motions for the gold around her waist.

Nora: At Bad Blood it will be Mickie James defending the World Title against Maryse! Who will leave as the World Champion?

Mickie holds the belt in the air and points to the fans as Maryse watches on.

*End Of Show*

Quick Results

World Champion Mickie James and Hamada defeated Maryse and Natalya when Hamada pinned Natalya

World Tag Team Titles
Rain and Jetta defeated Champions The Pink Ladies to win the titles when Rain pinned Jessie Mckay

Ashley Lane defeated Beth Phoenix by pinfall

Torrie Wilson defeated Layla by submission

Sara Del Rey defeated ODB by pinfall

Hardcore Title
Champion Cheerleader Melissa defeated Roxxi by pinfall to retain the title

Melina defeated Awesome Kong by pinfall

Christy Hemme defeated Gail Kim by pinfall

Volume 60: Bad Blood

Women's World Title
Champion Mickie James Vs Maryse

Submission Match
Michelle Mccool Vs Torrie Wilson

Hardcore Title
Ashley Lane Vs Champion: Cheerleader Melissa

International Title
Champion: Velvet Sky Vs Christy Hemme

Gail Kim Vs Eve

Madison Eagles Vs Trish Stratus

World Tag Team Titles
Champions: Rain and Jetta Vs The Bella Twins

Melina Perez Vs Mercedes Martinez

I <3 ME Some M.E.
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